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The eco-park called "Forest Adventure" is located inside of the Vivero Forestal, It is a new

alternative of healthy fun that everyone can enjoy with friends and family,

If you want to enjoy the most, is importan to take away the fears, becouse this natural
environment has three different circuits (SIRQITS), one for children with a height of 2 meters. A
second for young people, with 4 meters in height and finally the circuit of adults, 6 meters high.

The promoters of Forest Adventure Chimbote have planned all the security measures for those
(DOUSE )who are encouraged to do the circuit.

Each participant is given the necessary implements such as: harness or a lifeline

In the Eco-Paque you can appreciate the nature biodiversity and the beauty of old trees, which are
more than 50 years old. That is an incredible place where nature, sport and adrenaline are
intertwined, (INTERNTWAINT)

In the Vivero Forestal there is a huge boat , which in the past was an industrial fishing boat.

The museum(MIUSEAM) "San Pedrito Pescador" is open from Tuesday(TIUSDAY) to Sunday, and
the access is very simple, you have to buy a ticket and you can take a photographic tour of the
times of glory of Chimbote, when the beach next to the Hotel Gran Chimú was a beautiful blue
sea. Most of these photographs(FOROGRAFS) date back to the 50's (FIFITIES)and 60's (SEXTIES).

Inside of the singular museum (MIUSEAM) you will also find some marine species(SPIIICIS)

Then there are small prototypes that clearly explain the industrial process, the operation of
factories and canned fish, belonging to (BILONGIN TO) the company "Austral"

So, If you don't know the history of Chimbote in the time of the fishing boom and you haven't had
a chance to see close-up black and white photos of fishing history, you can do it now.