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BYU-Idaho Toddler Lab

Midterm Peer Teacher Evaluations

Student being evaluated: XXXXXX Date: 2/22/15

Your individual performance in Toddler Lab is seen as: 2.6 = Below basick, definitely needs improvement
3 = Basic but continues to need improvement 3.4 = Proficient, you are getting it down
4 = Distinguished
Professionalism Rating Comments: She worries a lot about her children and she is
Is on-time or early and always there 4.0 constantly caring about their needs.

Brings a positive attitude and level of enthusiasm 4.0

Interacts positively with teammates 4.0

Interacts positively with children 4.0

Interacts positively with parents 4.0

Promotes teamwork and camaraderie 3.0

Service Delivery Comments: She is great at planning activitites that would

Is self-motivated; sees something that needs to be done and does it 3.0 help the children improve. It would be helpful if she took the
initiative to accomplish a task.
Is able to maintain childrens attention 4.0

Plans for smooth, engaging transitions 4.0

Employs language stimulation techniques 4.0

Demonstrates good room awareness 4.0

Is able to engage children in activities 4.0

Deals with stress in an appropriate manner 3.0

Planning (If they have not been a lead teacher yet please leave blank) Comments: Her plans have really been thoughful and have
Plans activities appropriate to interests/developmental level of children 4.0 made the children be engaged in the activites.

Is well-prepared (in advance) for lead teaching 4.0

Is flexible easily adjusts to change 4.0

Plans for individual childrens needs 4.0

Evaluation Comments: She is always giving feedback to everyone who

Contributes to post-lab discussion 4.0 needs to improve on something.

Is insightful regarding needs of individual children 4.0

Recognizes when something isnt working - 4.0

knows how to make necessary changes

Accepts constructive feedback 4.0

Provides constructive feedback 4.00

The overall performance of this student is best represented as: 3.86 Comments: Overall I think it has been great working with
(this is automatically calculated) 0.97 her!