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Nokia Networks

Nokia Flexi Multiradio 10
Base Station

Benchmark in flexibility to make mobile
broadband more profitable for operators

The Nokia Networks Global Mobile traffic forecast, predicts
mobile data traffic will grow 1,000 fold by 2015, fuelled by
video streaming and HD applications. Operators must increase
capacity and coverage to satisfy this demand and do it quickly
and cost-effectively to maintain profitability. GSM bands are
opening up for HSPA and LTE, bringing more complex network
configurations. Facing fierce competition, operators promise
mobile coverage “anytime anywhere” without sacrificing quality
or capacity.
The Nokia Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station helps meet these
aims at the lowest cost per megabyte for LTE and HSPA.
Offering more flexibility, higher efficiency, lower costs and
a superior customer experience, this award-winning LTE-
Advanced capable base station has achieved a world record
data speed of 4 Gbps.
The Nokia Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station is the world’s
smallest high-capacity, software-defined, multi-technology
base station and can be used both indoors and outdoors
without a bulky cabinet. It is part of Liquid Radio, which directs
mobile broadband capacity fluidly to wherever it’s needed.

new roll-outs can be planned with or mast-top installation to build either three-sector or six. the Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station expansion slots can also be complemented with Flexi Multiradio Antenna System deploys true Active Antenna Liquid Applications (Radio Applications Cloud Server . For enhanced Multiradio 10 System Module caters for growing mobile data rates at the cell edge. Furthermore. significantly fewer sites. three sector site 10 Base Station to triple the base station’s capacity. tower sites. situations. same footprint The Flexi RRH 4-pipe120 W is a 4-pipe outdoor unit for the The high capacity. With small size and high output the Flexi RRH 2-pipe120 W In addition. Additionally the flexibility means. leases and lack of suitable new sites. Modular capacity steps and flexible resource bands while still maintaining GSM services. enabling operators to grow capacity flexibly and just one module. 4x4 MIMO in addition to the conventional two paths. independent TX and RX digital tilting for high bandwidth LTE-Advanced sites with the world’s most per frequency or carrier. The most compact 6-sector site solution. this 4x30 W radio head supports broadband traffic. WCDMA/HSPA+ or LTE (TD/FDD)/LTE-Advanced radio schemes with four transmission and reception paths. three-sector 2x2 MIMO station capacity in HSPA networks and will now double the configuration (360 W output power and a zero footprint) with LTE capacity. All features can be introduced independently or Flexible radio options for lowest cost per megabyte combined flexibly. modules into an existing expansion slot in the Flexi Multiradio Flexi RFM 6-pipe 360 W is a 6-pipe. The same hardware supports GSM/ high-performance LTE networks by using advanced antenna EDGE. Simply plug up to two sub. meeting rising demand without needing more MIMO with just two modules. the lean Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station reduces enables radio technologies to run concurrently on one radio maintenance costs by eliminating multiple complex products head enabling deployment of HSPA+ and LTE on GSM frequency and cabinets. IP65-certified. Flexi efficient rollout of advanced antenna schemes. It also supports a compact solution for 4x4 cost-effectively. . and graceful degradation in failure on investment. subscribers. lightweight RRH can be mounted on existing masts. avoiding helping to meet the challenges created by data-hungry costly new support structures. system and operator based tilting compact macro base station maximizes flexibility and return for network sharing. for standard (+80%) and coverage (+40%) of existing 3-sector macro and distributed antenna deployments and for ground. the allocation are inherent Multicontroller RNC capabilities. 25 kg outdoor unit capacity extension sub-module have already tripled the base which enables the most compact.Triple capacity. compact. compact 25 liter. These solution housed in a single. easing the challenge of rocketing site sector sites.RACS). thus safeguarding investments. Alternatively. footprint. It boosts the capacity module is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Flexi RFM 3-pipe 240 W is a 3-sector RF industry unit The 6-Sector High Performance Horizontal Sectorization providing 240 W per sector (maximum 80 W per antenna powered by Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station is the industry’s connector) when one RF module per sector is used. intelligent beam forming enabling advanced features such as vertical sectorization (VS) or cell splitting for up to 200% Combining cutting-edge performance and flexible hardware higher throughput. Multicontroller RNC can be evolved with software upgrades to meet future requirements. technologies and offers flexible capacity through the plug-in enabling 4-Way Receiver Diversity (4WRD) and 4x2 MIMO or capacity extension sub-modules.

Our IP65-compliant Flexi Multiradio 10 System Module is LTE- Advanced ready. increase hardware and software gives a 30% reduction in power performance. uses its experience in deploying multi-vendor environments. The Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station’s synchronization options . An eye on the future greenfield and modernization projects to improve the experiences of operators and their subscribers. . 2 MHz. LTE. more value as boosting operational efficiency and giving faster rollouts. slashing base station operating costs. increase revenue. The Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station delivers top mobile broadband performance at lower cost. Backhaul traffic separation and prioritization is operator- configurable on the Ethernet and IP layers. an exhaustive resource bank and efficient Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station is managed from a single point processes all help operators perform better. and 2 Mbit/s – effectively fulfil today’s and future requirements. Nokia Networks by the multi-technology. With re-farming. Synchronous Ethernet. Ethernet-based chaining and QoS-aware switching is supported across all available interfaces. more cost-efficient and helps site investments and the carbon footprint from logistics. the rollout of mobile outdoor capability.Timing over Packet (IEEE1588-2008). improve spectrum efficiency and balance the consumption. Built-in high- speed Ethernet interfaces support 3GPP-compliant Network Domain Security with an integrated wire-speed IPSec engine. Its load in all network layers. GPS. WCDMA. so today’s WCDMA and LTE networks can match 3GPP evolution with a simple software upgrade. Nokia intelligent SON (iSON) supports GSM. small size and modularity also minimize broadband services is easier. Industry leading BTS platform capacity enables a future proof investment. Efficient Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station radio equipment.Powered by phenomenal software Leaner and greener Liquid Radio Software Suites are the most effective ways to Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station uses around 1 kW* to serve monetize mobile broadband. They enable operators to optimize all current 3GPP technologies simultaneously. Operators can protect investments by expanding existing Flexi Base Stations with new Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station units. transport and construction. as well Customized services. multi-vendor NetAct OSS platform. The Tailored services.

supports distributed and feeder less sites Frequency bands Suitable for all 3GPP frequency bands RF power amplifier technology Multi-standard and multi-carrier power amplifier (MCPA) Flexi RFM 3-pipe 240 W 3x80 W at RF module antenna connectors Flexi RRH 2-pipe/4-pipe 120 W 2x60/4x30 W Flexi Multiradio Antenna System 80 W Flexi RFM 6-pipe 240/360 W 6x40/6x60 W Maximum Baseband capacity* • GSM capacity of 36 transceivers • WCDMA approx. 4+4+4 GSM BTS and 1+1+1 @ 20 MHZ LTE BTS at 30% load Product code C401-01104-DS-201410-1-EN Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy Karaportti . FI-02022 Finland Finland Switchboard +358 71 400 4000 Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation.O. pole. Product specifications Installation options Indoor and outdoor installation. mast-mountable. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or trade names of their respective owners. Cabinet not necessary Volume net Flexi RFM 3-pipe 240 W: 25 liters Flexi RRH 2-pipe/4-pipe 120 W: 25 liters Flexi Multiradio 10 System Module: 25 liters Flexi RFM 6-pipe 240/360 W: 25 liters Weight Flexi RFM 3-pipe 240 W: 25 kg Flexi RRH 2-pipe 120 W:15 kg Flexi Multiradio 10 System Module: 10.1 kg Flexi Multiradio Antenna System: < 40 kg Flexi RRH 4-pipe 120 W: 25 kg Flexi RFM 6-pipe 240/360 W: 25 kg Power supply 36 up to 60 VDC 0-276 VAC & 184 – 276 VAC with power moduleI Typical power consumption Approx. WCDMA and LTE combined** *With optional capacity extension sub-modules & please refer the latest roadmap **Based on 1+1+1 WCDMA BTS. 1 kW for GSM. © Nokia Solutions and Networks 2014 networks. P. 3 Gbps with chaining configuration • LTE 900 Mbps downlink and 300 Mbps uplink Interfaces • OBSAI (6 Gbps) and CPRI • Transport interfaces: Inbuilt electrical Gigabit Ethernet (optical GE optional) Dimensions (height x width x depth) 133 x 447 x 560 mm. wall. Box 1 ESPOO.