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Bharanidharan1,john prabhu2
Department of Mechanical Engineering
M.Kumarasamy college of Engineering, Karur -639 113


An industrial robot is  A robot may not injure a
defined by ISO (International human being
organization for standardization).
It is an automatically controlled, (OR)

reprogrammable, multipurpose  Through inaction, allow a
machine George Devol applied for human being to come to harm.
the first robotics patents in 1954
 A robot must obey the orders
(but granted in 1961).The first
given to it by human beings,
company to produce a robot
was unimation founded by (OR)
Devol and Joseph.F A robots is
 Which does not affect the first law
an integration of,
 A robot must protect its own
 mechanics,
existence as long as such
 electronics,
protection does not affect with
 Software.
the first or second laws.
There are many different
reasons for using robot but
the central reason for most
applications is to eliminate a
human operator.

 movable body  fixed-sequence and variable-  Actuator sequence. FIXED-SEQUENCE AND VARIABLE-  Programmable brain SEQUENCE ROBOTS:  Intelligent system  It is also called as called as pick- and-place Robot. NUMERICALLY CONTROLLED ROBOT:  This type of robot is programmed and operated much like a numerically controlled machine. PLAYBACK ROBOT:  The robot memorizes and records path and sequence of motions.  Power source  numerically controlled robot.  A fixed-sequence robot is programmed for a specific sequence of some modern robots. .  playback robots.  Electric circuit  Intelligent robot.ROBOT COMPONENTS: CLASSIFICATION OF ROBOTS: According to their operation. VARIABLE-SEQUENCE ROBOT:  The variable-sequence robot can be programmed for multiple specific operation sequence.

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