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Computer Professionals Program

Earn a Masters Degree in Computer Science
with Paid Internship in a Company in the U.S.

In our unique program, which emphasizes object oriented
programming, you study full-time on our university campus for
Maharishi University of
two semesters. Then you work for up to 2 years in a full-time Management, Fairfield,
paid internship as a software developer in a technology Iowa, USA
company in the United States, during which time, you complete
your education via distance learning. This program is suitable
for both US and international students.
Over 1,000 US companies have hired our students, including
many of the 50 largest U.S. companies such as Microsoft, Federal
Express, Cisco, Amazon, Bank of America, Oracle, Sun, AT&T, and
General Electric. Contact Us
Your salary will depend on your skills and experience, but first Email:
year earnings are typically $65,000–$75,000. Website:

000. The standard financial aid package for international students covers low initial tuition payment. and you can negotiate your own salary. Amazon. The University has relationships with many of America's leading technology companies. but you can apply to work in a position at any U. company. Then you work for up to two years with a full-paying practical training internship as a software developer at a U. 3. the University will assist you in getting a loan from a local bank to cover the balance of program costs. Your salary will depend on your skills and experience. At this stage. companies. company. Typically. Maharishi University of Management Fairfield. Cisco. Upon completing your on-campus studies. 4. your remaining courses are taken through part-time distance education on a flexible schedule during evenings or weekends while working at your intern position. After completing coursework on campus. and Hewlett-Packard. 5. “I just want to say that with your support. Our students have done internships at more than 1000 USA Computer Professionals Program Outline 1. And the happy thing is that I got a total of five offers up to now. In the Masters in Computer Science for Computer Professionals program.S. organic dining. Sun.S. Thank you very much!” —Ductruong Do (from Vietnam) Practical training at Microsoft . IBM. single housing. General Electric. Iowa.000 to $75. I got two direct-hire offers at Microsoft and I accepted one of them. our Career Placement Professionals assist you in locating your internship. Federal Express. 2. you start with 2 semester’s full-time study on our university campus near Chicago. including Microsoft. first year earnings are $65.S. and health insurance. Oracle.

The University has relationships with many U. Oracle. but you can apply for practical training with any company you wish. AT&T Bell Labs.S. and many other leading US companies including many Fortune 500 companies.Courses Offered Our program specializes in the areas of software systems and software development using OOP (Java).S. technology companies including Microsoft where over 100 of our students are placed. Networking.  Modern Programming Practices  Compiler Construction (Java programming)  Enterprise Architecture  Database Management Systems  Parallel Programming  Software Engineering  Operating Systems  Computer Networks  Advanced Programming Languages  Fundamentals of Algorithms  Computer Security  Web Application Programming  Systems Analysis and Design  Web Application Architecture  Mobile Device Programming  Advanced Software Development  Practicum  Big Data Analytics  Big Data  Spring-Hibernate  Machine Learning Gain Professional Experience in a U. and several important application areas. General Electric. Cisco. Company as a Software Developer with Pay You can apply for a practical training job as a software developer anywhere in the U. Our students have been hired by Federal Express. IBM. Core areas of study include: Operating Systems. Amazon. Data management.S. . Sun.

000 and $7.S. The typical repayment amounts are $1. We also help evaluate job offers including salary and fringe benefits. campus housing.500 at registration in the U. Do you help prepare students for entering the job market? Yes. I was always safe and learned how to grow in every aspect of my life. along with health insurance for entire 2. “As a woman. How much does the program cost? With our extensive financial aid package. Our experienced professional career staff is there to guide you through all of this internship preparation.$75. depending on the qualification level determined during the application process.S. The remaining program costs will be paid through the ‘Computer Professionals Loan’ we help arrange for you after you receive a paid internship position. fees and meals for the two semesters.000 . resumes. you only pay between $5.300 per month while you are working. The total cost of the program is approximately $39. I was afraid of going far in the middle of an unknown world.. The average starting salary of our students for practical training jobs is currently $65. How do I repay my program loan? The total program loan is repaid from your ‘earnings’ while you are employed as an intern with a U.S. Topics include job searches. But Maharishi University was the best place I could go.” —Liliana Auquilla (from Ecuador) Practical training at DSI Systems .000 per year which makes the loan repayments very affordable. our program includes an intensive two-week Career Strategies workshop to help you prepare to secure a professional practical training internship position in the U.5+ year program. company. interview skills and job offer evaluations.000 which includes your educational costs of tuition.

M. Dean of the College of Computer Science.S. Associate Professor of Management Information Systems Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Computer Science B.... He has been a principal or associate investigator on computing.. Trade in Silicon Valley. TX. specification (Larch/C++. University of Rhode Island M. set theory.. Lester was a faculty member at Princeton University Dr. Maharishi International University Ph.. Java management. Systems Design and Analysis.D.. sets of reals. M. in global marketing and program programming methodology. and the and data structures & algorithms. large cardinals. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Science B. His at Maharishi University of Management.. Bunker has taught Computer Science for over 20 years theory.D. University of Michigan Ph. University of Massachusetts at Amherst Dr.A. Ph.A. Ph. and at several insurance companies in the United States. which has been adopted as a course text by 62 Universities. Levi worked for Honeywell Systems and Research Center as a Dr. rules engines..S. C++ and Object Oriented Computer Science Department and served as Chair for programming. Clyde Ruby. He has worked as a contractor for Google and e. with 15 years experience as a Java engineer. prior to joining MUM where he founded the teaching of computer science.D.D. George research associated with teaching and the software industry are Washington University. Computer systems architecture.D. Associate Professor of Computer Science Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics B. India Institute of Management. MBA.D. and verification. the Office of Naval Research. object oriented design.S. Concordia University (Computer Science) Dr. for two years. Prem Nair has taught a wide spectrum of computer Senior Principle Research Scientist on applications of artificial science courses for over twenty years. and parallel eight years. Iowa State University Professor Maheshwari brings over 25 years of rich work Clyde Ruby's research interests include programming language experience in IT industry and academia.D.S. Paul Corazza. as well. Development Center. Premchand Nair. and the lambda calculus. He has significant experience in engineering. Auburn University Ph.D. IBM in Austin. Faculty Bruce Lester. Ph. His teaching intelligence and expert systems to human-machine interface interests include: Java programming. Case Western Reserve University (MIS) Ph. United Nations' Industrial Development Office..D.D. analysis of algorithms and discrete mathematics. Ph. Programming. private industry.D.S.D. Ralph Bunker.D. Pepperdine University . Ph..S.S. Keith Levi. Ph. and software Massachusetts at Amherst. He has also worked at a telecom start-up and a Modeling Language [JML]). Ph. Professor of Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics Computer Science Ph.S.D.. M. M... Ph. cloud problems. Ph. Maheshwari. . Guthrie’s research interests include: programming languages. Professor of Computer B.. Data Analytics. His areas of interest include Emerging Technologies. Ph. Professor of Computer Science Dean of Educational Technology. M... couple of mid-sized IT companies in senior leadership roles. Greg Guthrie. relational database research awards from the Air Force's Wright Research and systems. He spent 9 years at semantics (especially for object-oriented languages). Kerala University (Mathematics) M. Ahmedabad M.D.A. He is author of the book The Art of Parallel processing. Anil K. Ph. Ph.D.S. and the University of in the areas of algorithm analysis..D.Learn the Latest Software Developments from a Highly Qualified Ph. category Dr. Corazza’s research interests are logic. Big Data. Purdue University Dr.D. Data Mining.

level. tennis. Filmmaking.D.Campus and Student life The first two semesters are spent studying full-time on our beautiful 329 acre university campus in Fairfield. Thousands of students have graduated from our programs over the past 50 years. Business Administration and Management. Single rooms are standard for all students to provide quiet and privacy in the residence halls. Vedic Science and Education. a rural setting of forests. The rooms are carpeted and fully furnished. This includes Masters Degrees in Computer Science. The university offers courses ranging from undergraduate to Ph. The university also offers a rich social life with music. and has sports facilities for running. and theater. the oldest and largest official accrediting body in the United States. Most students are housed in residence halls with central bathrooms. Iowa. and swimming. . Housing options in the local city are also available at the candidate’s additional expense. including a 60. dance. weight training. and equipped with 24-hour high speed Internet access. History of the University Maharishi University of Management was founded in 1974 and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. ft indoor sports center. basketball. walking trails and lakes.000 sq. soccer. Accounting. The men and ladies are housed in separate residence halls.

” C. or lifestyle and requires no belief.. All students are required to learn the Transcendental Meditation program upon arrival as a means to improve their learning ability and job performance. from Indonesia. Over 600 scientific studies support the benefits of this simple mental technique to produce deep relaxation.” T. Inc. I can make more friends and maintain my relationships with them. After practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique I had more energy. It is the most effective and widely researched method of self-development in the world and has been learned by millions of students and businessmen. working at Hypermedia Systems in California “When my mind is fresh I make better decisions at work. from Thailand. natural. effortless mental technique practiced by all students and staff at the University for 20 minutes twice each day. greater intelligence.A. The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple. My mind becomes fresh from the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. working at Tanintco. philosophy.W. It’s not a religion.Personal Development through the Transcendental Meditation® Program We have incorporated the leading personal development technique for maximizing success and creativity in our curriculum.. “This month I feel that I can get more work done when it’s time to work. in Texas . It helps me to improve the quality and quantity of the work I do. TM really develops deeper aspects of myself that I have never touched before. recovery from stress and more energy.

Work Experience  4 year degree graduates require a minimum of 6 months work There are 4 entry dates each year: Website: http://www. Knowledge Level You need to be familiar with one of these languages C.7 out of 4. C++ or Java . Soon after you have submitted your application. Good English Proficiency You need to be able to read. April. Email: info@computerprofessional. We recommend that you begin to obtain your college transcripts and diplomas so you will be prepared to immediately submit these items. How to Apply You can apply online at http://apply. we are here to help and guide you through the process of applying. (2) send in transcripts and other documents. speak and understand English well. 2. You will then be asked to: (1) take an online technical proficiency test.  3 year degree graduates require 2-3 years work experience.mum.What are the Requirements to Qualify for the Program? 1. Academic Requirements You must possess a 3-4 year undergraduate degree in Computer Science or a related subject from an accredited college or university with a GPA minimum of 2. we will notify you of your preliminary status. Contact Us If you have any questions.mscs. (3) have your spoken English assessed by phone. C#.computerprofessional. 2. August and October.

What is the degree requirement? Having at least a 3 year Bachelors degree in Computer Science or related fields with an acceptable GPA is a requirement. Can I take this degree online? Yes. For more information see https://decourse.30 Most Frequently Asked Questions What is a GPA? GPA is the Grade Point Average of your grades during your degree. . almost all our students are international students.mum. In every entry. What is the work requirement? A four year degree graduate will need a minimum of 6 months work experience. we have had students from at least 15 different countries. I am not from the USA can I still join your program? Yes. I have not finished my Bachelors degree yet. can I still apply? Yes. but you cannot enter the USA by taking the online degree. what kind of degree will I get? You will receive a Masters Degree in Computer Science. but you cannot be accepted until we receive confirmation your Bachelors Degree is completed. A three year degree graduate will need 2-3 years work experience. What is the length of this program? 31 months.7 is the minimum After completing this program. but with that GPA you may also need some work experience to be accepted. and sometimes shows as Cumulative Grade Point Average. What is the minimum GPA? 2.

ALTHOUGH THE GRE IS NOT REQUIRED. you need to have knowledge in at least one of these programming languages. C#. currently our university is located in the U. We will have our own English proficiency tests to evaluate your level of English comprehension and speaking. Is the GRE required? No. what can I do? Please visit our general university website at http://www. Do you have a branch campus in other countries? No. Computer Networking or Database Management? No.mum. am I eligible for this program? No. only. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Is TOEFL or IELTS a requirement for this program? No. or Java. I don't know how to program with C. C++. I am looking for an undergraduate program. In order to be considered for this particular program.S. There is no need for any outside English tests. not unless your GPA is below our minimum requirement of 2. Is there an age limit for joining this program? There is no age limit. we will ask for a GRE score to offset the GPA score. C# or to view our undergraduate programs. IT ALSO HELPS TO INCREASE YOUR INITIAL COURSE QUALIFICATION LEVEL. but it is important to have current knowledge and experience with C.Do you offer a Masters degree in IT. SO YOU MIGHT BE ASKED TO PAY LESS TUITION INITIALLY. BECAUSE EMBASSY OFFICIALS LIKE TO SEE THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN IT WHEN CONSIDERING YOU FOR AN F-1 STUDENT VISA. C++. If your GPA does not meet our requirement. . We only have a Masters Degree in Computer Science and its focus is on software development.7.

and it is simple and straightforward. then you may apply prior to 12 months. You will need your university transcripts in order to fill out the . But you will need to reapply when you are ready to come. you need to have an acceptable level of writing. April. speaking and listening in English. How much does it cost for me to apply? There is no fee to fill out the initial online application.My GPA is less than 2. August and October.7. if you simply want to find out if you will qualify for this program. We help you with preparing and applying for your paid work internship in any company in the US. you will need to improve your English before applying.computerprofessional. especially the quantitative section. Please allow 2-3 months for the application and visa process. My English is not good enough to communicate with you in English. Which entries do you offer every year? We have 4 entries per year: January. Could I use other languages? No. However. Can you give me a job? We are an academically accredited university offering a Masters degree in Computer Science with a required practical work training internship. If you don’t. I want to join this program after one year. Do I still have a chance to be considered for your program? The best way to offset your low GPA is to take the GRE and score high in all sections. We do not directly hire you. . How can I apply for your program? You can apply online at the following link http://apply. should I apply now? You may apply up to 12 months before your selected entry date. In order to join this program.

what should I do? You may fill out the online application.My transcripts are not in English. but we will need to receive official translations of your transcripts before we can grant final acceptance to the During your on campus courses. room. Do I have to pay for my room and food during my stay on campus? No. . and have been granted final acceptance to the program. you will need to focus only on studying. You can ask friends and family for assistance. and provide the non-official translation of the courses you have taken in your Bachelors degree. Can you provide me with the visa? We assist you in this process. Will you pay for my travelling expenses to the U.mum. Do you know anyone who can sponsor me for the initial payment of this program? Finding a sponsor is your own responsibility.html). we will provide you with an I-20 form. Students are just required to pay a percentage of the total program cost at the time of enrollment (see http://mscs. food and health insurance are covered during your stay on campus.? You are responsible for paying for your own travel costs and visa costs. After you complete all the admission and application requirements. Can I work during my on campus courses? No.S. This is a legal document that will allow you to apply for an F1 student visa at the US embassy in your country of residence. Which kind of visa do I need to get to attend your university? An F1 student visa is required.