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Free Content Friday.. • Vol.

041 • January 2014

Alcohol is one of man’s oldest Objective the alcohol drip (mason jar, mug,
technologies. Not simply an elixir Chance of success is 20%, +5% bucket etc)
to alleviate boredom, alcohol has per Resource spent beyond the Thermometer that goes up to 100
multiple uses. Alcohol can be used prerequisite (max of +15%) degrees Celsius (Ethanol burns at 78
as a fire starter, as a weapon in the degrees Celsius)
form of molotov cocktails, as an Success
antiseptic for wounds or to sterilize 1 Resource equal to the size of Time
medical instruments. In certain the casing used is created and can 1d6 Time to distill not including
cases it can be used as lamp fuel, be used as ‘Alcohol/Spirits’ aka creating the “mash”
stove fuel or even fuel in vehicles. ‘Common Alcohol’ with the following
Previous generations have used it to special rules.
kill mold, remove stains, as a cough Objective
suppressant or even to quiet teething Failure Chance of success is 15%, +5% per
babies. Common alcohol does not The ‘Common Alcohol’ is not created Resource spent beyond the minimum
always require large distilleries and and all of the Sugar and Yeast prerequisite (to a max of +15%) +
heat sources to create. If time is not resource is wasted. If a ‘Catastrophe’ 20% if created in a Work Shop
an issue, alcohol can ferment over the is rolled, half of the Generic Resource
course of weeks and future supplies is wasted (at random). The mission Success
can be mixed and left alone until they may be attempted again after 1 Resource equal to the size of the
are ready to consume. Below are two replenishing the necessary Resource. casing used is created and can be
of the most common ways to craft used as ‘Alcohol/Spirits - High Proof’
alcohol. Special with the following special rules.
Common Alcohol - This alcohol is
Create Common Alcohol not combustible and must be used Failure
for purposes other than Molotov The ‘Alcohol/Spirits - High Proof’ is
(Low Proof - 40 or lower Cocktails or as a Fuel source. not created. The mission may be
- not combustible) Common Alcohol can also be used attempted one more time (second
as a ‘Wash’ in creating High Proof distilling). If a second failure occurs,
Prerequisites Alcohol. all of the “mash” resource is wasted.
1 Pop If a ‘Catastrophe’ is rolled, either
1 Resource of ‘Yeast’ looted from the “vat”, “column” or “condenser”
a Bakery, Grocery Store, or other Create High Proof is damaged and must be repaired
applicable location or replaced. The mission may be
1 Resource of ‘Sugar’ looted from Alcohol (High Proof - 41 attempted again after replenishing
a Bakery, Grocery Store, or other or higher - combustible) the necessary prerequisites.
applicable location
4 Generic Resource (Gcap of casing, a Prerequisites Special
grommet to allow air escape, sanitizer 2 Pop Alcohol/Spirits - High Proof - This
for the casing, a filter to filter out yeast 1 Resource of Common Alcohol aka alcohol is combustible and may be
after, etc “fermentation casing” jug “the mash” used for crafting Molotov Cocktails or
1 Resource Water Pressure cooker or Metal Pot with possibly as a Fuel source.
A Heat source (minimum 90 degrees strong heat source aka “the vat”
Fahrenheit/32.2 degrees Celsius) for 1 Generic Resource metal tubing for
cooking “the column” + 1 Generic Resource
to increase surface area inside (nails,
Time glass, steel wool, etc) + 1 Generic
2d20 Time to ferment before placing Resource to seal the column to the
the cap on vat.
1d10 Days to ferment after sealing 1 Resource metal coil tubing aka “the
the cap on (and left in 70-80 degree F condenser” + 1 Generic Resource to
weather) seal one end to the top of the column
1 Generic Resource as a “catch” for

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