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Outbreak:Undead.. Errata v1.

Chapter 1 - About Outbreak: Undead.. pg. 2
Chapter 2 - Characters pg. 3
Chapter 3 - Skillls and Traits pg. 4
Chapter 4 - The Turn pg. 5
Chapter 5 - Zombies pg. 6
Chapter 6 - Combat pg. 7
Chapter 7 - Vehicles pg. 8
Chapter 8 - Equipment pg. 9
Chapter 9 - Gamemaster’s Section pg. 14
Chapter 10 - Glossary pg. 15
Index pg. 16

Errata for the first printing of Outbreak: Undead..

Chapter 1: About Outbreak: Undead

Outbreak:Undead.. Errata v1.0
pg. 06
The result of opposed checks can be
determined by who has a greater number
of Degrees of Success if the value of
the numbers rolled on the d100 are
themselves not directly relevant to the
result of the check.


pg. stamina and stealth are gone over in greater detail.Diplomacy (Coax)’checks in addition to the other bonus this type allows. The entry should read: Base Movement (crawling speed) = Height Base Movement x2 = Normal speed Base Movement x4 = Running speed Base Movement x10 = All-Out Sprint The sticky on the right incorrectly states the Chapter that speed. 18 Police. 30 The movement as indicated in the text is correct. 11 Strength Average is 16-30. 26 Thief/Burglar A thief or burglar must be taking ‘Point’ or be solo in order to take advantage of their bonus for ‘Per .Search. Surgeon Incorrectly lists ‘Medic’as a potential bonus skill.0 pg. not afterwards. not Chapter 3. Errata v1. Hide’ check. the SPEW stats of a character based on a player may have a less than 120 total as per Template Character rules. pg. Characters based on players still have the advantage of Gestalt Dice where template characters generally do not. 25 Lawyer Lawyers may also add a +25 bonus to Empathy when making ‘Per . pg. 22 Doctor. Also. pg. pg. It is..Chapter 2: Characters Outbreak:Undead. not 16-35 as stated. Chapter 4. Military and Correctional Officers will factor in their base 20 Attack before the choice of skills that can increase a character’s Attack. The skill ‘Medic’ does not exist in this game. pg. the list is incorrect. in fact. 28-29 This is the ‘Yourself as a Character’ section that was referenced elsewhere. 3 .

Tertiary: Add +1 to Stronghold’s Tropical Rain Forest. not for Bilingual Heroic subsequent biomes. 48 count as 1st Tier instead of 4th Tier. Freshwater. when selecting this skill. specificity. Characters as taking a 2nd Tier skill. and not Most characters are allowed a base of 5 Empathy bonus to +15 if they are dealing all ‘Per . pg. Characters experience being away from civilization with this skill can speak and read one for long periods of time. the Degradation rate of ‘10 following formula: This skill can manifest out of pure Essentials’ equipment is reduced by half. pg. so Tiers worth of skills upon their creation. 60 the first time the skill is taken.Chapter 3: Skills and Traits Outbreak:Undead. unless otherwise stated.. Subsequent biomes skill. single language.Survival’ checks they make. 77 The character has the ability to speak. then they may take Tier is reduced for taking additional this skill for free if they have a Will of biomes as additional Survivalist skills. No prerequisite The Heroic skill now applies to characters 1st Tier escorting Population during an ‘All-Out pg. +5 MA Bilingual The Calm skill has a reduced Willpower The Bilingual skill has been changed to prerequisite from 40 to 35. but will start at only need 30 Strength and Perception in 1st Tier level of understanding.Diplomacy’ The character has increased ability checks. Tertiary: Strongholds get +1 Science and the following: +1 Viability. Trigger Discipline read and write in another language can The benefit of the ‘Trigger Discipline’ allow more flexibility in one’s ability pg. 44 Secondary: +5 RA. The skill Billy Goat now has this To determine Full Defense use the additional rule: Also. Grassland.0 General note: allows a character to increase the 2nd Tier only extends to a single biome. Note that this skill 4 . defense’ for the sake of clarity. 36 30 or higher and naturally lack dietary This represents a character having the Training time. but the limited grasp on the Survivalist language will be immediately apparent. Requires a Perception check in order to pg.Survival (biome)’ checks. they have mastered the Once a safe place or regular food supply language and speak it with eloquence and is found. Learning this skill at a time other The Martial Artist skill has reduced than at the character’s creation will count SPEW attribute prerequisites. and Urban. Defense’ mission. biomes are as follows: Temperate Forest. Marine. Chaparral. Base Defense necessity. This disoriented somehow. If a character survives long + Defense-increasing Skills enough for there to be an increase in The Training Time and prerequisite + Protective Gear = Full Defense Outbreak Level. to survive for prolonged periods of time using basic tools. as well as 2nd Tier: Fluency. Tundra. Errata v1. 65 skill extends to wasted shots from firing to interact with others in their effort to Martial Artist modes. as well as Panic. not 35 as stated in the book. pg. The available points in any SPEW attribute. 75 communicate. Full Defense replaces ‘unmodified Taiga. survive. Calm pg. additional language fluently and add +5 to Empathy for any ‘Emp . 1st Tier: Basic understanding. Ice. This bonus only extends pg. Characters with this 3rd Tier +: If a character takes skill will be granted a Perception bonus of this Skill to the 3rd Tier and beyond for a +15 for ‘Per . fundamentals of survival to a reflex level will be 1 week per existing Tier in any of understanding. 31 ‘Culture’. Desert. order to take this skill. with someone who speaks the language as a character must choose a specific biome Characters can sacrifice 1 Tier for 5 extra their primary language. rugged independence and simplicity of lifestyle are mandatory. you do not have to roll checks to can pick up and speak different dialects find it again unless you are sidetracked or of the same language if need be. increased follows: by a further +2 if the language is not of the same family of the primary language The main feature of this skill is that of the character attempting to use it. The Survivalist skill should read as The Difficulty of the check is 2.

the Perception Level is not forcing themselves to stay awake. to aid in navigation using several signs and roads to lead the way. 136-139. no E% are made. 103 Survival Change the “Degrees of Success” entry to the following: Degrees of Success: A character is able to sleep and heal wounds as if they were in a Stronghold. 107 periods of Time exerting themselves by Hold sprinting or in lieu of a ‘Per .Survival’ The Difficulty of the Hold action is equal check to stay awake throughout the night to the ‘Perception Level’ of the opponents instead of finding proper food or shelter. the sense are reduced to Lv. assumed that no navigational aides are available. pg. Also. The entry is otherwise Nearly all populated areas are planned unchanged. 92 Movement should include the following pg. They are able to find a local food source and are sheltered enough to sleep for 1 Time per degree of success. if in range of any of their A Character does not remove Difficulty opponent’s senses as per pg. Errata v1. As a result.Diplomacy +25 for rural areas (Command. 0 when Difficulties associated with this skill is determining the percentage values of E%. 104 in the list: Navigation . This will decrease the Difficulty of subsequent checks by 2 to a minimum of 0 if the character manages to get to the same place. factored into the Difficulty. Most populated areas are laid Doubletime should be changed to out in such a way to make navigation ‘Running’ to keep game terminology easier. in the encounter. towns +15 for large cities pg..Vision and Hearing For further clarity on this skill. 101 +5 for well-worn trails Endurance +0 for being in the middle of For further clarity on when a ‘Str . each Time spent resting requires that characters not make any significant movement in addition to taking no actions. so provide the following bonuses: consistent. nowhere or in unfamiliar Endurance’ check is warranted: towns or cities An Endurance check is made when a character wishes to spend consecutive pg.Chapter 4: The Turn Outbreak:Undead. A ‘Headshot’ in this check will either result in a character finding a shelter that can be retreated to and used later or find a very plentiful food or fresh water source.Navigation’ checks in certain areas A broken formation can be rallied back providing they have proper directions to in line. 5 . Intimidate)’ check in order to +20 for suburban areas and small rally the characters back into formation. If penalties for Endurance checks if they are out of range. pg.0 pg. The character who wishes to take start with: Point must make an ‘Emp . During these periods of Time.Rest/Laying Low . 99 a character may add the following Basic Formation bonuses to their Perception for making ‘Per .

Zombies do not factor not use their Vision sense. 175 The Beasts A GM can deem certain areas to be the habitat of such monsters and that any successful E% they make will result in encounters with zombie Beasts. Damage . continuing to add their ‘Vision’ bonus to subsequent ZE% rolls and their Alert bonus to the number of zombies players encounter as long as players move in plain sight. Swarm . Zombies still may Rest/Laying Low . Shotguns) . this will be the ‘Size’ to determine the number of successful ZK% needed to destroy the Raptor swarm. 144 Low by allowing Zombies to still use Character Movement and E% Checks their ‘Listen’ sense even if the characters Add the following entry: do not move or perform any actions during periods of Time.Only an glutton’s damage roll will only cause Bite Attack with 3 or more degrees of success Wounds if the character being Grappled is will count as a successful ZK% against Knocked Prone. does not reduce damage characters take. Defense. The raptors will simply wait outside and make noise. however. 165 Glutton Resistance (Rifle Weapons. in their Grapple check.Chapter 5: Zombies Outbreak:Undead.Balance’ check or be ‘knocked prone’ as a result of the Impact Wound from the Grapple. not just those successful by a certain amount of degrees of success. then the character must make a ‘Per . Hiding in buildings will not cause them to go away. pg.The collective pecking of Raptors will only do 1 Damage per Size of the swarm. but will be repeated here for ease of reference. pg.Raptors are not dangerous unless encountered in large numbers. This negates the benefit of Resting/Laying 6 . Piercing Weapons) .These are bane weapons against Raptor swarms. pg. Pursue .. Errata v1. If a Glutton is successful Raptors when using these weapons. Bane (Flame Weapons.Fleeing a zombie encounter with raptors will cause them to follow you. Bows/ Throwing their Weight Around . however.A Crossbows.0 pg. The character being knocked prone still counts as being in a Grapple with the Glutton. in their Hearing or Vision sense when determining the result of an E%. 180 Raptors These beasts now use Swarm rules as detailed in our FCF. Roll (d3 + OL) when the encounter begins.

ZK% that need to be made against them will be listed in parenthesis alongside pg. a character landing an attack against The Living will get to add bonus Degrees of Success equal to the ‘tens’ value of the weapon’s Lethality at the appropriate range. 207 Weight of Numbers The weight of numbers bonus counts the combined Size of both sides. an attacker gets to roll a number of damage dice as indicated in a weapon’s entry per degree of success in their attack the same way Zombies get to roll their damage after a successful grapple with a character. This means that even without being larger. Their physical size a failed point-blank shot may still result will still be listed as a number in the in a successful Grapple.Chapter 6: Combat Outbreak:Undead. This potential modifiers from skills) may still means they are simply more resilient apply to the result. i. Errata v1. Instead of causing an outright kill. pg. pg. and typically involve zombies of the ‘Unique’ type instead of those that are considered ‘Standard’. meaning that it is Size required before any kind of natural 1 physically (making it average human healing can occur.e. even if that is Zombie entry.0 pg.. 203 Damage and the Living When determining the results of Ranged or Melee Attacks against The Living the ‘Lethality’ of the weapon doesn’t factor in the same way it does with zombie targets. pg. so the entry would Generally. sized). successful ZK% made against them than which means their base Strength (plus any their physical size may indicate. Because The Living are much more susceptible to injury. 201 Ranged Attack check. but the actual number of unlikely. 213 Failing While Using Pistols as Defensive Weapons When a character uses a Pistol weapon defensively and fails their 7 . then they will count Damage and (Size) as having rolled a ‘0’ on their Grapple Some types of zombies require more check when determining the results. These exceptions are rare. A firearm with a short range Lethality of 35 will add 3 bonus degrees of success when determining the amount of damage dice allowed to be rolled for making a successful attack with it. but for whatever reason requires 3 successful ZK% to be made against the zombie before it is destroyed. 233 their physical size if such a distinction Healing needs to be made. not just the number of participants. 20 Time is the minimum read Size: 1 (3).

The number especially large inanimate objects all use in the (X) position is the multiplier for ‘Size’ to describe them.‘Size’ rounding down unless stated otherwise.0 Vehicle Universal Special Rules something significantly larger or smaller than it. They require specialized places to take off and land (excepting helicopters) and flying one untrained is impossible. or the objects themselves would not be appropriately described as Overload (X) being cargo.Drive (flight capable vehicle)’ as a ‘Catastrophe’.Endurance’ check must be made. CU values.Drive (bicycle)’ check. Those attempting will have the Difficulty increased by 2 per Size of the vehicle and will treat any failed ‘Per . Pedal powered vehicles are exempt from ‘Fuel Consumption’ rules. then count it as 1.Chapter 7: Vehicles Outbreak:Undead. If this number is less than 1. regardless certain amphibious vehicles can drive on of how well they can navigate certain land as well. For its rate of acceleration SUV/Small Truck a character can count the vehicle as Fuel: 6 having ‘Vee’ equal to the Difficulty of Overload (2x) the ‘Str . varying wildly depending on the type of vehicle. terrain. An object with CU is always Some vehicles are designed to carry lots an inanimate object. their physical dimensions. etc). Each ‘Vee’ will increase Pickup Truck the Difficulty by a cumulative 1 (1 Vee = Overload (3x) Difficulty 1. All things with This kind of vehicle is either totally a ‘Size’ are subject to the limitations of restricted to water or in rare examples. Fuel Consumption A Vehicle will consume 1 CU of Fuel per Time equal to the vehicle’s ‘Vee’ + ‘Structure’ .Endurance’ or ‘Per . Errata v1. the amount of Cargo capacity a vehicle can carry before any noticible loss in pg.Each ‘Time’ a pedal powered These entries have the following changes: vehicle is used. a ‘Str . 2 Vee = Difficulty 2. but living objects and of cargo and heavy loads. Most of the time. 252 performance. a player will not need to consider Size unless interacting with 8 . 3 Vee = Difficulty 4. Pedal .. It encompasses both weight and volume. Size An object’s ‘Size’ is how massive it is. or when determining how difficult Aquatic/Amphibious it is to navigate terrain. Flight Vehicles capable of flight will be able to avoid all E% results while in the air against non-flying opponents and can travel several times faster than on land. Electric/Hybrid A ‘Size’ profile is restricted to those Decrease the Vee of a vehicle by half objects that are too large to have simple when determining Fuel Consumption.

method to track what the survivors have gathered with their searches. is based on how heavy something is and The drawback to using Resource Catalogs Diplomacy (Barter) by 1 per Value of how much volume it takes up. if they desire. so a GM can waive the these are values and descriptors that can normal 1 Time requirement in order vary completely from outbreak scenario to obtain such equipment or can grant to outbreak scenario. (and in some case. or decrease Difficulty of an ‘Emp . it is part of outbreak pg. This is necessary characters by the degrees of success of the Characters bartering will increase because the entire economy of scavenging ‘Per . It gear mentioned may be common or item is exhausted. which means that the snow on the chart before the supply of a certain space the equipment normally takes up. For most with no worth. due to their absolute as everything that could potentially be necessity).e. not only to gather Resource.Search’ check made at that location. A GM can allow for Value 0 their resource catalog. For instance. Value 0 scenarios. It is impossible to cover every possible piercing and slashing weapons can be scenario with a blanket Value or assume considered Value 0 for the purposes of that an item will always be common. also determines the item’s purchase price ‘Uncommon’ if searching for it in the in Resource if no ‘Value’ is associated arctic outbreak scenario. two geographic Search check. Alternative Purchase Option: The Resorce if anything. whereas the What is on this list is based with the item for purposes of trade or same gear in the desert would probably be on the locations that the characters loot bartering. 260 scenario construction to determine what. even by using attempting to barter with it or trade with are in their Stronghold is the ‘Stronghold its CU in place of a Value.Cargo Units. during missions or what kind of location CU is simply an item that takes up space they are in when the game starts.Chapter 8: Equipment Outbreak:Undead.. as the item will still have mass A GM places items in the Bartering and Persuasion and volume. the items are automatically Value . searching in this way. is that each location a player searches discrepancy. Even within the significant Perception bonuses to for the same outbreak scenario. is considered ‘uncommon’ Catalog or ‘rare’ as well as giving such items a A GM. successfully searched. or without requiring an entire period of Uncommon and Rare Descriptors** ‘Time’ like normal searches. items to be searched for with bonuses Here is a sample Resource Catalog. looking for a change of clothes will often and Uncommon and Rare descriptors: be an easy task. the for purchase. **An Important Note Regarding Value. 254 the Resource Catalog of what is available For further clarity on the following To continue with this example.0 pg.This is the value of the equipment It is possible to give some added to the catalog once the location is for the purpose of trade or bribery. give heavy down jackets and snowshoes The benefit to using this is that there is a high ‘Value’ due to their usefulness no such thing as ‘Unspent Resource’. Otherwise. and hence still take up space master Resource Catalog available to the even if the Value is 0. but an outbreak scenario that available for purchase with Resource has takes place in a desert will treat the same been made known. The individual items entries: need for such gear will often determine themselves are subject to ‘Degredation’ CU . An item with Value 0 that has considered ‘Rare’. This represents items that are useless Resource Catalog’. Not 5 and 3 as stated in the may require its own available items for book. Instead of finding the objects as having virtually no ‘Value’ items individually. A Resource i. they must still be purchased with pg. An outbreak scenario that takes Catalog is a list of what a character is able place at an arctic research facility may to purchase with their available Resource. which indicates that This gives it virtually no worth when can be purchased from when characters it cannot be bartered with. but to expand 9 . This objects and equipment a Value of 0. can ‘Value’ that reflects an object’s worth in construct a ‘Resource Catalog’ as a the scenario a GM constructs. CU. uncommon or rare for this reason. Most simple bludgeoning. regions can place greater value on certain items based on their availability and need. Errata v1. Because of this. Such items it. the characters search because there is no need for them. This is how much availability. In regards to equipment’s Value. everywhere. purchases are considered so common that they are or are so common that they are almost can only be made in the location they are worthless. The master list that can also be set at 0. 259 Resource. Since the item will still have found in.

Intermediate Pistol Cartridges (0. all but the Note: The same item may that looting the store yields not Intermediate Rifle and SMG can appear multiple times on the only 4 additional Resource as be purchased with the Resource same Resource Catalog. achieving unavailable to the characters. The Whether or not a GM reveals example looting the gun store. cont’d Outbreak:Undead. roll Degradation as per the rules on pg.(3) 3 . items on the list that indicate that there are items yet to be get significant degrees of that they require 5 degrees of found at a location is entirely success with their ‘Per .Shotgun .(4) 4 .Chapter 8: Equipment. check. It must be searched for again at a different location (or the same location at a different degree of success requirement) in order to restore its availability for purchase. 4 degrees of success.Search’ . is done to represent caches 4 degrees of success indicates The rest of the items that have of the same weapon hidden in that the players uncovered all been found can be added to the different quantities. 9mm Handgun . 302. This per normal Search rules.Intermediate Rifle . thus giving but the most hidden items on the ‘Stronghold Resource Catalog’ them differing Degradation list and would be allowed to add and remain there.(1) 1 .(5) The players in the above from 1-4 degrees of success. Empty Magazine (2).(1).5). 10 .(Degradation) 0 .(4).(2) 5 . or the item values.Stun Gun . SMG (intermediate cartridges) .(3). then it may no longer be purchased from the Resource Catalog. indicated on the store’s catalog Resource Catalogs and Degradation Each time an item is purchased from a Resource Catalog. Intermediate Rifle Cartridges (2). indicates So in this case.Search’ success to purchase still remain up to the GM. Errata v1.Gun Cleaning Kit. Shotgun Shells .Name of item that can be purchased .. but the gathered during this mission. If the roll indicates that the item is degraded. the items to their own catalog as can be purchased immediately.(2). Gasoline Can .0 Resource Catalog (Crazy Robert’s Hunting Supply) Degrees of Success for ‘Per .Intermediate Pistol Cartridges (4) 2 . for instance. First Aid Kit .

CU: 3 Diplomacy (Intimidate)’ checks. Note Magnum that there are very few firearms that would produce this much recoil. It’s only CU: 2 those models that lack such measures that FC: Uses ‘firing modes’ would have this additional rule. 281 models now incorporate mechanisms that Light Machine Guns suppress recoil tremendously. Flame Weapons 11 . If someone of lesser Strength attempts to Massive Rifle Cartridges use the weapon. Such exceptions may use the where the (#) is after Armor Penetration Lethality and Damage entry of a Heavy at close range.30-40 Krag.5 Arisaka-. 1 less than the value at Pistol Cartridge. Rare. FC: Firing Mode: Fully Automatic Capacity: 100 round magazine Firing Mode: Fully Automatic Value: 12 per Outbreak Level (12xOL) Add this to the entry: Damage: 2d6 • Generates +1 Noise more than MG-42. Some produce so much that it takes quite a bit of pg. some NATO). Strength for every full 10 of Lethality Modern: 7mm 300 WSM the firearm has at its closest range. These firearms are extremely effective dum-dum and tungsten rounds. in which case it FC: uses ‘Firing Modes’ Substitute the formula in the book for the will generate 1 Noise per 10 Lethality of Some examples are as follows: Browning following: the weapon. 278 Intermediate Rifle Cartridges The examples are clarified as follows Recoil 5. such as in hollowpoints. Special: Firing Mode: Fully Automatic.45x59 Soviet-7. certain types of New Universal Special Rules ammunition similar to the 9mm will have the stopping power of a cartridge of much Armor Penetration (#) higher calibers. Noise Light machine guns also DO NOT have Add this to the entry: A firearm will have ‘3-Round Burst’ as a firing mode. Add this entry: Shock and Awe Medium Machine Gun Add this to the entry: Survivors may Lethality: 35/30/25 claim a +15 bonus to Empathy for ‘Emp . then it will increase the An additional example is the 308 Lapua Difficulty of its use by 1 or more. Noise: 1 unless indicated otherwise.56 All firearms produce some recoil. 263 fall under this category depending on the Universal Firearm Rules firearm using it. Most at penetrating defenses. 273 = 1 Value Intermediate Pistol Cartridges Heavy Machine Guns DO NOT have Note that .62 Soviet (includes 5. Heavy Rifle Cartridges A firearm with this in their entry will The examples are clarified as follows: be a weapon that has such tremendous Historical: 6. pg. but it counts as ‘sustained noise’. medium range.30-06 much more than others. 8mm recoil that a character needs at least 5 Mauser. pg. The M60 was classified incorrectly as falling under this category. certain GPMGs (general purpose (currency exchange rate for 1 oz of gold) machine guns) x (Outbreak Level) pg. . Also.0 pg. Errata v1. as many pg. M2. and 2 less than the value at long range. MG42 is more Special Firearm Rules accurate.38 Special will occasionally 3-Round Burst as a firing mode.Chapter 8: Equipment. cont’d Outbreak:Undead. M60 normal. 279 Strength in order to keep a firearm steady.. 261 Flame weapons do not generate ‘Noise’ Heavy Machine Gun Currency and Exchange unless it is an explosive. It will decrease police officers carry such ammunition Defense equal to the value indicated standard.

They also have Armor Pain’ check or be Knocked Prone. the targets will immediately be banned by the Geneva Convention.Search’ checks by 1. is close range. Slugs/Specialty Rounds The flechettes provide greatly extended range due to their aerodynamic shape. but their long they lose velocity rapidly. They add +15 to all rounds are packed with a mixture of dense novelty). Lethalities and have Armor Penetration 4. These to quickly force entry into a locked room. 00 Buckshot Armor Penetrating or Steel slugs benefit rounds can only make a zombie Knocked Lethality: 60/25/10 from increased penetrating power. however. These are primarily used by riot the shotgun allows for unparalleled Performance is poor due to the very light police. Shells rare. used at fairly short ranges to be effective. which comes in both armor and generates 1 Risk. meters. This is woefully inaccurate.Resist Capacity: 5 round magazine get +1d6 damage.0 Shotgun Shells making it a more stable projectile. It lethal category. and their use was or tear gas. under 10 Damage: 1d6 among the most widely available. these rounds are not then the round has no effect. they have an increased Lethality of 5 at Disintegrator or Breaching shells are The reason being is that their use is either all ranges. They normally contain pepper gas customizability with ammunition types. It’s just as well. Both useful for knocking down targets and are slugs feature fins. These the sake of completeness (or admittedly.Resist Pain’ check by Damage: 1d6 more than 3 degrees of failure then the Fleschette rounds contain aerodynamic character will also be in Pain. This sort of round has the same The bean bag round is by far the most Lethality: 40/25/5 Lethality at medium range as they do common non-lethal round used. firecraker Buck and Ball rounds contain a half get +10 Lethality at short range and have or noisemaker that is fused to explode a sized slug with buckshot piled on top of it. and increases the Difficulty of is unlikely that you will ever come across all shots fired by 3.Chapter 8: Equipment. under consideration by military forces. This has no effect on the undead or the living. To a zombie. the same Lethalty at medium and long short time after firing. These specialized rounds are usually rare. In addition. dense. Against the shotgun quite versatile. It serves Brenneke and Foster 1 oz slugs are rifled Bean Bags/Rubber Slugs/Rubber as a signal flare and will unfortunately for increased accuracy. they fail the ‘Str . Some locks and door hinges without risking of these shells are included strictly for Tungsten shells have incredible the lives of those beyond the door. Gas shells spray a cone of gas for several The unique construction and make of and improved penetration of light armor. at short and medium range.. weight of the flechettes. These are literally round less lethal. Use the nearly impossible to obtain). these are Use at extremely short ranges. Other variations launch a gas While most of these serve to make the quickly dropped from the military due to grenade-like projectile. so Prone at close range. Errata v1. percentage chance for both zombies and rounds. These Shotgun Shells. and Military which makes this round exceptionally has a gas mask or some similar protection. despite it being in the non- the target. but the pain darts. where most shotgun shells begin to dumps and ground recievers for delicate drastically lose effectiveness. They are included here for Bird bombs/Screechers/Flares are low- the sake of completeness. the use of such rounds was living. knocks the target prone and they must are currently experimental (and thus Using a disintegrator shell will reduce the spend an extra turn getting up. They are used by SWAT teams connected with wire. This is still lethal at the living to see if the bolo shell binds penetrating and fragmentary forms. They also have the same the large surface area of these rounds. which can destroy a lock then immediately Bolo rounds contain 2 round balls or discs Grenade rounds use exploding projectiles disperse. 12 . designed to blow out deadbolts. garbage range. Shotgun Shells. it is CU: 15 shells = 1CU as a result. This immediately to increase long range lethality. typically from 8 to 20 in number. but grenade Difficulty of ‘Per . Grenade rounds powered rounds that fire a flare. useless at medium and long ranges. The hollowed rear Buckshot fire a loose. such as birds that to indicate it’s effectiveness at medium +1d6 to their Damage congregate on airport runways. or bouncy alert zombies to your presence far more further improves accuracy by placing substance. Non-lethal rounds radio instrumentation. Non-Lethal. Due to CU: 15 shells = 1CU at short range. which increase stability used by police to subdue violent suspects. penetrating power. They are designed This increases Lethality by +10/+15/+10 range as they do at short range and get to scare animals. FC: 2 Lethality at all ranges. and must be Capacity: 5 round magazine range tops out at approximately 450 feet. 7 1/2 Birdshot in flight. these shells. will fade after the Encounter. feet (3 m) can result in broken bones or other serious or lethal injury. Against the Living. metal powder (often lead) and wax. If the target Hunting. it serves to make the its ineffectiveness at penetrating defense. door restricted or not widely distributed. Value: 6 per Outbreak Level (6xOL) Among special shotgun shells. thrown into a state of Pain. cont’d Outbreak:Undead. The ‘punch’ effect of the bag is than most other type of cartridges or more mass in the front of the projectile. The FC: 2 their Lethality is increased by 10 and Living will have to make a ‘Str . If Value: 6 per Outbreak Level (6xOL) Penetration: 4. useless against the undead. particularly useful.

304 There is no more ‘10 Essentials’ entry. pg. scaring wildlife. add the following entry: When first attached. of pull on the bow. pg. the blanks provide the sound and to ‘zero’ or calibrate the scope to the flash of a real load.25% per Shock and Awe Size of the target. When 0. These may be used for simulation of gunfire.0 shells. 287 Bows and Crossbows use pistol range increments.Noise Scope • Flare .. Also. at least 1 Time and of powder and no actual load.5 CU worth of ammo must be spent to ‘zero’ or calibrate the sight to the trajectory of the firearm. The chance of a stun gun knocking its target prone is equal to 75% . pg. 313 Laser Sight A Laser Sight will grant bonuses to a character’s Ranged Attack instead of to the weapon’s Lethality. 315 ‘noisemaker’ or a ‘signal flare’ or both. This can only be used Stun Gun to intimidate the living or draw attention. at least 1 Time and 0. 286 Bows/Compound Bows/Crossbows If you know the ‘pull’ of your bow. Cargo: 1 Value: 3 Degradation: 3 Reduce the Difficulty of a ‘Per - Survival’ check by 1. cont’d Outbreak:Undead. pg.Noise. 316 a launching device.Noise • Screecher . This can count as a one use only pg.Chapter 8: Equipment. or as power for pg. trajectory of the firearm. 13 . but with no projectile. Light Value: 4xOL Add the following entry: Blank shells contain only a small amount When first attached. It has been replaced by ‘Survival Kit’ that has the following profile: Survival Kit A basic survival kit. Errata v1.Diplomacy (Intimidate)’ instead of the normal +15 allowed by firearms. Add this to the entry: Characters also claim a +30 bonus to ‘Emp . then add +1 to the ZK% per 5lb. To Multi Tool summarize: Value: 3xOL • Bird Bomb . sometimes called the ‘10 Essentials’.5 CU worth of ammo must be spent fired. 1 Resource can be spent to remove d6 Degradation points from this item.

394 decrease the ‘Time’ requirement by 1 can allow a Stronghold attribute to be Practice Makes Perfect stage of Difficulty to Craft’ by increasing higher than it is normally allowed due Failure the Difficulty of the required ‘Perception’ to restrictions based on other attributes. We Know This Much.The characters. not d6+1. Piggyback Mission . 421 4. Structure Class 5 .add the note Outbreak Level 2: +10 E% that a GM is recommended to make the Failure: Nothing is created and Resource Outbreak Level 3: +15 E% check for this mission’s success entirely is wasted. does not count as Gross Misuse. Add factors in determining Risk: +2d6 to the Time counter. pg. This skill is modified by bonuses Structure Class 4 .. cont’d. ‘Risk’ section later in this chapter for . not 15d10 as in the first taking pg. Defense of a Location. but a character with Resources were spent.. Time: 2d6 Time for every stage of more than 4 points of entry. 425 Search and Rescue of Durability the material has. 383 manufacturing checks. 403 evasive maneuvers.add “this mission Difficult to Craft materials only) more points of entry. Piercing. pg.. Or one 14 .Survivors cannot reduce Risk by doing details..... of this formation..Search’ check to claim and Slashing) is made.. distance traveled. Very Easy only pg. means to work Defense of a Location Bell the Cat the material into shape (for Difficult/Very Structure Class 1 . they’re correct otherwise.Survivors do not increase Risk by being active during these periods of Time.A location with no can be piggybacked without any sort of Objective: Successful ‘Perception’ more than 3 points of entry.. Such as. we added the base pg. 381 requires 1d3 Time. 365 pg. For the “Lost!” result. 398 being held is increased by 1. 392 material used to determine the Time and E% modifier of each Outbreak Level: Fortify Objective of this mission.Chapter 9: Gamemaster’s Section Outbreak:Undead. case. got turned around and they lost game terminology. previous page. penalty” to the entry. 397 are mechanics that are introduced. 417 the Bilingual skill is able to increase it Note that Uncommon and Rare equipment beyond that due to a Tertiary Skill bonus.A character can Bonuses granted by Tertiary skills pg. check. any ‘Per . Success: Any supplies gained by the Success: One short. pg. Special: Stronghold Stats and Tertiary Skills Production Speed .. Errata v1. 424 All Hope is Lost! .. Outbreak Level 1: +5 E% False Sense of Security . but Stealth it is up to the GM to determine what is pg.. 369 Basic Weapon/Armor Manufacture pg. change it to the Tripwire Alarms following: Explosive . +1d6 Time per stage pg. Hold the Door! The Difficulty to search while a door is pg. pg.change the word ‘explosive’ pg.Roll a d10 instead of (Equipment Manufacture) Our most shameful mistake..A location with no penalty” to the entry. ‘Per . can be piggybacked without any sort of Structure Class 2 ...A location with 5 or Piggyback Mission . raw materials.add “this mission Structure Class 3 .....Survival’ checks are described on only d10.0 pg. 103 and is in Chapter 4.A location with no granted to types who have bonuses to more than 2 main points of entry.Training Time for considered ‘Uncommon’ or ‘Rare’ based Piggybacking Missions additional drilling in this formation is upon their own Outbreak Scenario. Using this as a weapon does not require any Time to gather. pg.A location with only Supply Raid a single main point of entry. Lost! . Instead it’s mainly increasing the Risk significantly. A catastrophe in the Objective will result check by 1.. See the Time: 1d6 determined by Time spent active. 363 Additional Drilling . medium or long success of this mission does not require simple weapon (Bludgeon. 346-347 item of protective gear is created of the For ease of reference. Difficulty to Craft. They count as pg. Add this mission: pg. in their hasty to ‘Munitions’ to more properly reflect Although it is up to the GM if this is the retreat. the following are no longer officially large amounts of time backtracking. 400 . 371 Prerequisites: 2 Resource. the first a d6 to see if the Stronghold starts in a Survivors can make basic weaponry using section of this page is repeated from the panic. Culture cannot be greater in the waste of both Time and whatever than Population. Outbreak Level 4: +20 E% in secret to factor in this rule more accurately..

The basis of an economy based on scavenging. The items on the Resource Catalog are subject to Degradation to determine their availabilty for purchase. Rest .0 Encounter Check (E%) . but only if voluntarily resting.A span of time that is anywhere from 45 .The check a GM makes to determine what. There are roughly 20 periods of Time that make up a single day.90 minutes. 15 . What is encountered based on the check’s Degrees of Success or Degrees of Failure is determined by the Outbreak Level and other factors that contribute to the Outbreak Scenario. Resource represents the equipment gathered during searching or looting that can be traded in for gear depending upon where the survivors search.Taking no actions during a period of Time. Resource Catalog . Resource .Chapter 10: Glossary Outbreak:Undead. Encounter checks are still made. This may decrease the Difficulty of ‘Str - Endurance’ checks. Time . Errata v1. but zombie’s do not add their Hearing or their Vision sense to the percentage chance of the E% success. if anything is encountered during a period of Time or when performing certain actions.. and not forcing themselves to stay awake instead of making a ‘Per - Survival’ check. At what point it becomes night depends upon the geographic region and the time of year.A method of keeping track of what has been made available to purchase with Resource that has been found during the course of a search.

222 Based on Players .26 Bite Wounds . 18 Resist Pain .100 Open Wounds .353 Perception .17.224 Minimum Cargo Capacity .05 Doctor/Surgeon .427 S.213.29 Endurance . Hold .M.29.31 Characters based on players . Environmental Modifiers SPEW AI Operational Definition . 241 Difficulty .223 Bite Resist (BR%) .91 E.19 Vehicle .04 Farmer .95 Nurse .31 Artist .104 Pistol Weapons .220 Resources .103 .353.241 Damage.21 Smoke . Errata v1.04 Electrician .14 16 . Generalization . Sample .353.26 Dehydration .28 Damage . 354 Combined Opposed .102 Dice Eagle Scout . Types Carry Capacity .255.95 Combinations .353 Rolling .C. 24 Starvation .103 Mishap .21 Noise .29 Drive (Class) .25 Hide .28 Spotting .T. 19 Degenerative .17.03 Security .102 Poison .05 Wasted .91 Zombies . 303 Correctional Officer .255.219 Height . 201 Cargo .106 Infection .211 Construction Worker .200. Adv.14 Locksmith . Medicine/Surgery .343 Driving .223 29 Checks .08 Calm Other .257 Breach Checks .23. .06 Journalist .353.23 Survival (Wilderness) .261 Will .231 Maximum Cargo Capacity . 256 Thief/Burglar .26 Navigation .06 Degradation . . 256 Therapist . 236 Being Active.20 Darkness .95 Pharmacist . 354 Common .17 Holding.96 Minister/ Monk . Stacking .95 Police .24 Damage Formula . 255-256 Social Worker/Volunteer . Stacking .T.221 Character .95 Photographer . Welder .04 Firefighter . 22 Setting Difficulties .102 Degrees of Success .235.32 Character.17 Lifting/Pulling .28 Burns .90 Priest/Rabbi/Preacher/ Core Mechanics .0 Outbreak: Undead Index for the First Edition Actions Mechanic . 24 Vehicle Speed Difficulty Factors .28 General Wound Table .05 Craftsman .32 Climbing .107 Degrees of Failure .225-227 Advanced GM Rules Overview .426 . 354 Strength .222 Character Sheet. Types Table (Formula) .21.98 Overview .09 Diplomacy .23.207 Bite Locations .302. 24 Bone Injury .106 Overview . .353 Delay of Game Penalties . Outbreak:Undead.105 Defense .29 Videographer . 24 Grappling .100 Determining for Characters Carpenter .223 Encumbrance Overview .29 Volunteer Firefighter . 20 Generalization .353 Typical .26 Burns Overview .27 Armor Priority . 230 29 Balance .209 Search and Rescue . 18 Water .224 Bonuses.198 Child .104 Flesh Wounds .28 Survival (Urban) .100 Defensive Weapons .19. 107 Maximum .228.25 Searching .103 Percentage .27 Currency Exchange .27 Variable Difficulties .221 Determining .427 Impact Wounds .25 241 Empathy .31 29 Holding Overview .240.203 Adrenaline Boost .26 Damage.A.91.T. 18 Freezing . 354 Empathy .23. 29 Calm Self .95 Military .107 Internal Injury . 229 Template .O.16 First Aid/Diagnosis . Difficulties.03 Lawyer .13.17.25 Checks.101 Scientist/Researcher . Strength Checks .26 Instant Death .W.95 Metallurgist .134 Civilian .105 Falling .229.353 Combined .95 R.353.219 Weight .23.224 Capacity . 214 Contractor .100 Rancher . Type .101 Death or Glory .26 Opposed .28.18..

303 Gun Cleaning Kit .313 Helmet .423 Ipecac .High Caloric - Encounter .312 Clothing .320 Global Positioning Satellite Categories .310 Bartering .324.319 Fire Extinguisher.309 Locations . 325 Items 4 CU or Greater . Outbreak:Undead.332 Starting Equipment for Characters Kerosene .254 Iodine Tablets .299.307 Length .307 With the Living .308 Difficulty Modifiers .414 Dulling .310 Bite Resistance .Construction .296..413. 258 Ice Axe .332 Brass Knuckles .Hiking .319.312 Boots .424.320 Flashlight .313 Fire Retardant Gear . 338 Binoculars .308 Defense based on Structure Disinfecting Spray .327 Kits .29 Kerosene Lantern . 320 Flashlight .314 17 .308 With Zombies .348 Medicine .318.304 Character speeds .415.305 Deployment of Opponents .301 Grenade Rounds .Miner’s .144 Battle Readiness .Heavy .306 GM Encounter Rolls .310.Medium .308 Level . 416 Mixing and Matching Armor .Medium .305 Additional zombies .324 based on players .305 Deployment generalization .308 Equipment .310 Cargo Units (CU) Overview .259 Hatchet .254 Harness .306 Formula .318 Duct Tape .Heavy . 414 Blood Unit .308 Structures .304 Lamp Oil .Pole .144 Riot Shield .Target .298 Chainsaw . Small .319 Energy Bar .329 Degradation .114 Table .259 Sleep Aids . 339 Bolt Cutters .297 Compass .330 Noise Overview .336 Bait . 413 Shoes .344 Material Table . 301 Canteen .Light .339.340 Bayonet .312 Body Armor . 298 Chainsaw .333 Special .306 Generalization .308 Encumbrance . 301 Chains .304 Lighter .337 Batteries .Running .313 Clothing .Ammo .254 Hack Saw .260 How-To Manual .427 Non-Adherent Gauze Pad . 247 Misuse .307 Picking Fights .304 Lock Pick .298 Briefcase . Earplugs . 416 Healing Items/Drugs Cyanoacrylate .262 Stypics . Belt .307 Number of Zombies in an Antihemmoragic/Haemostatic Dried Ration . 335 Arrows .320 Gasoline .254 Sterile Gauze .320 Global Positioning Satellite Advanced Rules .344. 313 Clothing .313 Helmet .309 Multiple Floors .302.312 Boots .305 Deployment in Buildings .333. Errata v1.93 Component Durability .313 Helmet .304 Lighter Fluid . 425 Ibuprofen .313 Helmet .298 Chainsaw .330 Persuasion .345 Fire Control (FC) . 340 Tourniquet .303 Kerosene Stove .313 Gas Mask . Backpack .305 Encounter Checks (E%) .335 Axe .188 Anti-toxin .Light .313 Defense .319 Fire Extinguisher .320 (topographical) .424 Opiates .322 Sutures .335.296 Cellular Phone .331 Purchase timing .299.334.318 Duffel Bag .318 307 Overview .338.255 319 Emergency Roadside Kit .325.414 Caffeine Pills/Energy Drink .304 Gloves .Hiking .415 Misuse .Tool .Combat .254 Crowbar .259 Sling .260 Grappling Hook . 329 Lethality .Gross .307 Living .145 326 Belt .305 Driving .254 Penicillin .319 Field Manual .331 Purchasing New Equipment .304 Laser Sight .305 Checks .318 Dynamite .310 Bribery .0 Encounters .327.Light .305 Fleeing a Zombie Encounter . 312 Body Armor .202 Cigarettes . 334 Equipment.High Dose .Bicycle .318 Dried Ration .415.417 Starting Clothing .348 Aspirin .145 Durability.313 336 Backpack .334 10 Essentials .312.337.319 Fireman’s Axe .Fireman’s .306 Fleeing with Vehicles – 241.257.Disaster .304 Breach Checks .312 Boots . Tools . And Tools .142 Antiseptic .312 Body Armor .319 Firecrackers .320 (road) .304 Liquor/Spirits/Wine .Heavy .310 Clothing and Protective Gear .241 Breaking .

316 Piercing Weapon (short) .291 Computer Illiterate .276 Shotguns Overview .83 Cartridges: Massive Rifle . 287 Very Rare .271 Machete .270 Mace (civilian) .266 Low Needle Tolerance .272.276 Slashing Weapon (short) .85 Bludgeoning Weapon (medium) Wakizashi .283.263 First Aid . 276 Claustrophobic .316 Nunchakku .294 Specialist: Military/Police .257 Multi-Tool .276 Submachine Gun .281 Checks .86 Bolt Action Rifle .277 Shock and Awe .316 Piercing Weapon (med) .96.97 Pastimes . Serious .314 Flame Thrower .204 Suppressor .282 Allergies.291 Basic Formation .97 RC Racecar .82 Wood Splitter .87 Bows .316.287 Food per Cargo Capacity . 218 Stun Gun .279 Firing Mode: Fully Automatic .286 Winning and Losing effects .317 Shotgun .315 Material Overview .279.357 Magnum Handgun .88 Bow .292 Gestalt Dice .357 Magnum Revolver .88 Cartridges: Intermediate Rifle .314 Dagger .315 Light Machine Gun .0 Mace .Sawed-Off .233 18 .269 Map (topographical) .Trench .292 Grappling .29 Shovel .97 Padlock .38 cal Handgun .287 Flame Weapons and Catastrophes . 269 Map (city) . Tanto .275 Slashing Weapon (long) .280 Less Than One DoS .88 280 Reloading .291 Point or Lead .316 Piercing Weapon (long) .292 Gaining .282 Addiction.314 Katana .316 Pistols Overview .293 Allergies. Pistol Weapon .272. Airborne .271 Bone Injury .234 Cartridges: Small Pistol .278 Jam .286 Multiple Targets .202 Dour . 84 Weapons .82.286 Firearm Rules .294.214.293 Asthma .265 Low Blood Tolerance .98 Scope .317 Shotgun .202 Gun Shy .286.208. Severe .87 274 Firing Mode: 3-Shot Burst . Food or Drug . Pacifist .281 Rear .291 Middle Guard . 87 Bow . 215 Tiki Torch .288 Explosives .234 Cartridges: Small Rifle .314 Halberd .84 .291 Middle ..275 Noise .286 Handicaps .254 Shotguns and Reloading .317 Shotgun .292 Characters based on players .287 Formations .316 Seax .Long .273 267 Rare Blood Type . 215 Tent .88 Cartridges: Heavy Rifle .263 Hemophiliac .293 Generalization .282 Allergies.293 Cannot Drive Stick . 97 Road Flare .86 .99 Noisemaker .86 Bludgeoning Weapon (short) .Riot .116 Dietary Specificity . 209 Telescope .263 Summary .315 Grenade Launcher .287 Bolt Action .315 Knife . 316 Molotov Cocktail .291 Flame Weapons and Fire . 295 Why have them? .315.263 Healing .277 Disarm .Combat .214.282 Addiction. Errata v1.96 Night Vision Goggles .314 Heavy Machine Gun .314 Complex Weapons Overview .271 Activity .84 .88 Cartridges: Massive Pistol .82 Value (V) . Mild .233 Cartridges: Shotguns .291 As Secondary Skills .262 Shotguns and Shock and Awe .267 Nearsighted .268.97 Rope . 317 Semi-Automatic Rifle .Compound .314 Crossbows .45 cal Handgun .317 Shotguns and Noise .85 288 Throwing Knife .84 .99 Security Blanket . Deployment .314 Grenade .286 Multiple Characters .Assault .317 Shotgun .84 .207 Sledgehammer .315 Machine Guns .316 Rifles Overview .209 Walkie-Talkie .291 Climate Shock .87 Carbines . 37 Sharpening Stone .218 Sleeping Bag/Pup Tent .288 Exhaustion .202 Farsighted .36.85 Bludgeoning Weapon (long) .280 Multiple Shots .281 Switching Positions . 284 Revolver .85 9mm Handgun .39 Signal Flare .265 High Strung .87 Cartridges: Heavy Pistol .270 Vice .277 Carbine .264 Stubborn .88 Cartridges: Intermediate Pistol .38 Shovel .276 Slashing Weapon (med) .315 Knife .272 Damage .86. Outbreak:Undead. 273 Rifle Weapon .216.273.286 Multiple Opponents .286 Clumsy .

113.51 Aborting Missions .30 How to Play . Determining for Characters .62 Household Bomb . Outbreak:Undead.48 Speed factors .247 Health. 347 Early Bird .60 Bait/Noisemaker . 432 Percentage Values .63.42 Plea . Beacon .381 Repeated Searching . Search and Rescue .30 Multiple Combatants .393 Backseat Driver .429.383 .03 Determine Motives . 200 Crushing Blow . Errata v1.199. 259 Initiative.48.373 Surprise .402.65 19 .189 Simultaneous Missions .382 Rewards .189 Pet Zombie .16 Bribe . 401 BMX .90 Advanced Medicine .216 Fortify .417.16 Diplomacy.258. 431 Pain .421.204 Running a Mission .419 Definition .430. 422 Introduction . 236 Repair Missions Vehicles . 433 Blacking Out .400.363 Lethality Formula . 418 Combat With .236 Piggybacking Missions .189 Damage Report .387 List .60 Flamethrower .25 Coax/Lie .343 Instantaneous Noise generalization .31 Rest conditions .385 Brawler .204 Determining for Characters .45 Determining for Characters .91 Hide .248. Bonus restrictions .206 Combat Medic .42 Overview .392 Archery .234 On the Offensive .91.355 Ranged Attack .431.411 Resolution .33 Ask/Command . 92 Leadership .44 Shattered .42 Health .189 408 Civilian Craftsman bonuses .65 Escape .34 Intimidation .52 Escape to the Safezone .52 Alternate Structures Overview .413 Searching Living .432.234 . 64 Reinforce Vehicle .48 Vehicles .190 Sanctuary . 404 Grapple .10 Lethality .371 Perception .188 Call-to-Arms (Political) .94 Co-op (Name) .56 Raid .199 Viral Effects . 403 Billy Goat .397.195.370 Outbreak Levels .53 Finite Zombies .Open Rewards .56 Prolonged Escape .189 Firing Range .43 Panicked .235.232 Grenadier .410 Intent .32 Advanced Medicine .91 Marksman .405 Rare Items .62.204 Structuring . 249 Into Grapple Range .12 Handyman .232 Fast Shot .403.30 Supply Raid .30 Chemistry .234 Freezone .03 Gunsmithing .419 Breach checks against vehicles .57 Bell the Cat (Political) .367 Multiple Shots .406 Check .204 Rec Room/Dojo/Gym .365 Multiple Targets .386 Skills . 396 Basic First Aid Training . 398 Bilingual .368 .409 Damage .02 Repair Vehicle .0 Natural .379 .94 Climb .363 While in Encounters .92 Knife Fighter .189 Crow’s Nest . 192 Tripwire Alarm .49 Missions .203 Stronghold Upgrades . 196 We Know This Much .362 Size .412 Sacrificing Skill Tiers .51 All-Out-Defense ..204 Within Encounters .399.349.91 Lone Wolf .47 Multiple Targets .346.407. 63 Molotov Cocktail . 378 In Formations . 49 Weapon FC .03 Injury .43 Melee Attack .91 Heroic .59 Equipment Manufacture Phases .12 Healthy .53 Marina .377.345 Defend .198 Open Wounds . 114 Gunslinger .194 Workshop .428 Outbreak Levels Table .58 Demolition .395.413 Caged Wisdom .429 Panic .419 243 Sentimental Value . 350 Bo Staff . 430 Resist Pain .363 .376 Determining for Characters . 200 Contemplative .58 Ending a Mission .50 Will Bonus .199. For Characters .389 Agility .91 Martial Artist .44 Vigilante .138 Wounds .47 Lethality Formula .232 Endurance .372 SPEW AI Operational Healer .388 Handicaps .188 Scout .188 Disposal .417 Damage .191.45 Melee Attack .92 Calm .204 Timetables .374 .44 Survivor .389 Introduction .405 Risk Chart . 400 Biker .204 Movement .Bone Will Bonus .

212 Size .123 Unarmed Attack .76 Uncommon Items . 359 Wrecked or Crashed . 244 Immutable .240 Evolution .149 Sprint .243 426 Weapon Tinker .182 Swordsman .92 Size Restrictions .77 Unspent Resources . 120 Population (Pop) .239 Horror Traits .212 Cargo .149 Culture (Cul) .35.10 Impacts with Mobile Solid Objects Decay .120.252 Injury .175 Steady Shot .71.243 Speed and Breach checks - Weapon Familiarity .243 Unique .251 152.360.154 Woodsman .154 Weapon Training .186.40. 41 . 362 Victory Conditions .361.246 Warlord .237 Against vehicles .145 Special Attacks .66 Structure Class (SC) .92 Transport . 239 Chitin . 397 Definition .15 Pack Rat .79 Damage .238.10 Traveling through terrain .175 Tactician .243.80 Flight . 72 Template Characters Hellcat .68 395 SPEW AI Operational Offroad .144 Tiers .358.252 Vicious .118.151 SPEW attributes .108-110 Special Attacks .240 Feeding .0 Melee Fighter .258. 81 Impacts with Immobile Solid Template .Pickup .212 Class .240 Diet .210 Attack .251-252 One Big Monster (OBM) - Strength .152 Double Time .361 Truck .342 Mutable . 36 Objects .243 Defense .239 Mutation .360 SUV .68 Viability (Via) .177 Stealthy .69 Sudden Death .03 Navigator .38 Nightmare . 360 Victory Sub-Conditions .239 Encounter % (E%) .356 Motorcycle .242 Deployment .421.151 Food .180-182 Survivalist .72.154 Secondary Skills . 119.133 Sniper .150 Normal .131 Search .148 Stronghold .67 Firing Line .71 Against zombies .80 Fleeing with . 79 Damage generalization .261 Breach Checks .176 Streetwise .131 Resourceful .119 Resource .92 Vee .240 Aversion/Attraction .147 Crawling .133. 121 Morale (Mo) .90 Simian (lesser) .123 Coup de Grace .184.210 Armed Initiative . 422 Simian (greater) .343 Movement .178. 180 Stunt Driver (class) .212 Fuel .67 Practice Makes Perfect .183. 184 Switch Hitter .68 Stealth .75 Turn .263 Ursus .69 Surprise Attacks . Outbreak:Undead.133 Knocked Prone . Errata v1. 71 Against characters .238 Evacuation .11 Car.150 Half Speed .244.66 Training Missions Weight of Numbers . 93 Speed Maximums . 153 SPEW AI Operational Definition Bus .Small .134 Tertiary Skills .76 Universal Firearm Rules . 361 Truck .35 Impacts with Zombies .78.343 Armed (Sentient) .252 Rapid Incubation .80.154 Prerequisites and Training .252 Pounce .11 Bicycle . 203 Starting Skills .396.117 Parry . 259 Titan .147-153 Special Firearm Rules .207.265 Special .140 20 .77. 246 Categories .119 Science (Sci) .39 Types . 185 Traceur . 187 Tough .360 Viral Table .15 Night Owl .73 Gestalt Dice .151.352 Mountain Goat . Compact .251 Sentience .252 Laws .150 Speed Structure .34 Profile In Buildings .10 Hellhound .35 Impacts with Living .210 Beasts .69.73 Time – 90.390 Who You Can Play As .356 . 73 Creation .245 Standard .126 Summary . 428 Raptor .242 Damage .240 Bane .74 Trailing Zombies Rolls .92.359. 78 Vehicles . 208 Mule .240 Biologically Alive .92 Sizes . 152 Increasing .394.358 Zombies .240 Advanced Weaponry ..145 Trigger Discipline .150 . Will .75 Turn Resolution .

135 Hearing .136 Special .0 Perception bonuses ..174 Viral .137 Vision . Outbreak:Undead.146 Frozen .166 Chamberlain .172.139 Smell .163-165 Grotesque .140 Obstacles .128 (Lv 4) High .171 Feeders .168.162 Standard .128.127 (Lv 3) Medium . 169 Glutton . 170 Crawler .138 Lifesense .134 Virus .134 Strength .129 Priority .157 Familiar Face .127.337 Senses .135 Speed . 129 (Lv 5) Very High .125 Perception .133 Subtypes .127 (Lv 2) Low .158.160. 159 Ghoul . 161 Drowned .123 21 .155 Urchin . 173 Vampire .133 Banshee .134 (Lv 1) Very Low .156 Husk .124 Protective Gear . 160 Sleeper .159. Errata v1.169.