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Battlefield Leadership


Lt Gen Harold G. Moore, US Army (Retired)

Monday, February 26, 2007
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Feb. 26: President Bush bestows the nation's highest military honor on Bruce Crandall.
WASHINGTON — Bruce Crandall was a soldier once ... and young. As a 32-year-old helicopter pilot, he flew
through a gantlet of enemy fire, taking ammunition in and wounded Americans out of one of the fiercest battles of
the Vietnam War, Army records say.
Now, a week after his 74th birthday, Crandall received the nation's highest military honor Monday in a White House
ceremony with President Bush.
"I'm still here," he said of his 41-year-wait for the Medal of Honor. "Most of these awards are posthumous, so I can't
Crandall's actions in the November 1965 Battle at Ia Drang Valley were depicted in the Hollywood movie "We Were
Soldiers," adapted from the book "We Were Soldiers Once ... And Young."
At the time, Crandall was a major commanding a company of the 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division
"We had the first airmobile division ... the first one to use aircraft as a means of transportation and sustaining combat,"
Crandall said. His unit was put together earlier that year to go to Vietnam and "wasn't as thought out as things are today."
He didn't have gunners for his aircraft. That's why he flew unarmed helicopters into the battlefield.
He didn't have night vision equipment and other later technology that lessens the danger of flying.
The unit had "minimum resources and almost no administrative people" — thus the lack of help to do the reams of
paperwork that had to be sent to Washington for the highest medals, Crandall said.
Generals in-theater could approve nothing higher than the Distinguished Flying Cross, Crandall said in a phone interview
from his home near Bremerton, Wash, so he received that award. Through the years, he was able to get that upgraded to
a Distinguished Service Cross and now to the Medal of Honor.
Crandall was leading a group of 16 helicopters in support of the 1st Cavalry Division's 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment
— the regiment led by George Armstrong Custer when he met his end at the 1876 Battle of the Little Bighorn, or "Custer's
Last Stand."
Without Crandall's actions, the embattled men at Ia Drang would have died in much the same way — "cut off, surrounded
by numerically superior forces, overrun and butchered to the last man," the infantry commander, Lt. Col. Harold Moore,
wrote in recommending Crandall for the medal.
Moore, now a retired three-star general, later wrote the book about the battle along with Joseph L. Galloway, a former war
correspondent now with McClatchy Newspapers.
"This unit, taking some of the heaviest casualties of the war, out of water and fast running out of ammunition, was
engaged in one of the fiercest battles of the Vietnam war against a relentlessly attacking, highly motivated, vastly superior
force," said U.S. Army documents supporting Crandall's medal. The U.S. forces were up against two regiments of North
Vietnamese Army infantry, "determined to overrun and annihilate them," the documents said.
The fighting became so intense that the helicopter landing zone for delivering and resupplying troops was closed, and a
unit assigned to medical evacuation duties refused to fly. Crandall volunteered for the mission and with wingman and
longtime friend Maj. Ed Freeman made flight after flight over three days to deliver water, ammunition and medical
supplies. They are credited with saving more than 70 wounded soldiers by flying them out to safety, and Freeman
received the Medal of Honor in July 2001.
Paperwork and other parts of the process delayed Crandall's medal until now, officials said.
Thinking back to the Vietnam battle, Crandall remembers the first day was "very long ... we were in the air for 14 and a
half hours." He also thinks of how impressive and calm the unit on the ground remained, saying Moore and his
commanders were "solid as rocks" throughout the fight.
And of course, Crandall says, he's also proud of his own performance.
"I'm so proud that I didn't screw it up," he said.

smoke. It will happen. A Squad Leader must be ready to command a platoon or the company. No 2nd place trophies in trophy cases. Visit historic battlefields with maps. Install the WILL TO WIN in your unit. his countenance. or he can inspire confidence. Train for this. Build unit discipline. Live fire is not always necessary.foxnews. Self confident. even in the most desperate of situations.00. based on my limited experience. Prepare for wounded men yelling for "Medic" or screaming for "Mom".com/story/0. That is all NORMAL! o Must never give off any hint or evidence that he is uncertain about a positive outcome. Personality of a big battle is often formed by a small unit action 2. Read more: http://www. the look in his eyes. Must be in the battle. his demeanor. Positive attitude. 4. dust. Two things a leader can do. 7. Must have and display the WILL TO WIN by his actions. Read small unit actions. He must remain calm and cool. Squad leaders and Fire Team leaders must know how to adjust artillery/mortar fire. screams of the wounded. on a Leader's: . his appearance.Brigade and Division Commander on occasion. Four Principles: 1. teamwork.My own philosophy on the conduct of a leader in battle Preparations: Could fill a book. his tone of voice on the radio and face to face. Must exhibit his determination to prevail no matter what the odds or how desperate the situation. Next. Only a few items: 1. A team of fighters 5. Practice reducing the enemy fire and neutralizing it BEFORE going out for the wounded. the principle which must be driven into your own head and the heads of your men is: . or golf balls and a small piece of ground.html#ixzz1ERLfCJFM These are some comments. Read military history. o Must be visible on the battlefield. the dead lying around him. PRACTICE THIS! 6. NO fear. his words.2933. 3. Must ignore the noise. explosions. the yells. Prepare your unit for your death (or being gravely wounded and evacuated) and for your subordinate leader's loss also. books in hand. Battalion Commander on down . The first is "Three strikes and you're NOT out!".Preparations for battlefield leadership . o Again. You can do this with marbles and a sandtable.254726. Either contaminate his environment and his unit with his attitude and actions. Conduct in battle.

fast moving battlefield situations. In quick- developing situation. and what am I not doing that I SHOULD BE DOING to influence the situation in my favor? 3. the screams of the wounded. instincts and intuition amount to an instant Estimate of the Situation. personality. the intensity of it all and asked myself" "What am I doing that I SHOULD NOT be doing.MAKE IT HAPPEN! In the process.  My Hub People   Forums  Blogs  Corporate . TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS When seconds count.and after that one more thing. etc.and after that one more thing . the yelling. impart confidence to all around him. must not second guess a decision . "Trust your instincts.there's nothing wrong except . instincts and decisiveness come into play. training. He must face up to the facts. the explosions. deal with them. he cannot stand around slack-jawed when he's hit with the unexpected. The third principle is: "When there is nothing wrong . 4. the smoke and dust. Your instincts are the product of your education. reading. and experience. And finally #4. And the corollary principle which is inter-reactive with that one is: o There is always one more thing you can do to influence any situation in your favor . o In battle. the leader must act fast. I periodically detached myself mentally for a few seconds from the noise. Three strikes and you're NOT out! 2." In critical.THERE'S NOTHING WRONG! That's exactly when a leader must be most alert. etc. and MOVE ON..

9. Don’t wait until you get to the top of the ridge and then make up your mind. From BEYOND BAND OF BROTHERS: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters (commander and leader of WWII 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. 8. ―Follow me!‖ and then lead the way. They key to a successful leader is to earn respect--not because of rank or position. New York Leadership at the Point of the Bayonet Ten Principles for Success 1. Don’t worry about who receives the credit. Never let power or authority go to your head.7:52am. give up. Say. 5. 4. 7. and lead by example. Delegate responsibility to your subordinates and let them do their job. you will develop teamwork. Anticipate problems and prepare to overcome obstacles. 101st Airborne Division) By: Major Richard “Dick” Winters with Colonel Cole Kingseed Berkley Caliber Publishing Group. Hang Tough!--Never. Take a moment of self-reflection.Inspiration: The 10 Leadership principles from Dick Winters Submitted by Jan Hirsch on July 2. ever. 2008 . and courage. Look at yourself in the mirror every night and ask yourself if you did your best. True satisfaction comes from getting the job done. Strive to be a leader of character. Remain humble. You can’t do a good job if you don’t have a chance to use your imagination and creativity. 6. 10. 2. 3. Lead from the front. Stay in top physical shape--physical stamina is the root of mental toughness. but because you are a leader of character. competence. Develop your team. If you know your people. are fair in setting realistic goals and expectations. mici forever>requiem for a soldier (band of brothers) .

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although it seemed unlikely given the bloody beating the enemy had taken in that attempt. They had charged across an open field straight into the guns of a battery of 105mm howitzers. 1965. temporary headquarters of the Third Brigade of the 1st Cavalry Division. was because the day before was my 24th birthday – a birthday I spent in a small foxhole dug under a tea bush at the Catecha Plantation. 14. depending on the season. The gunners cranked the cannons down. 2010 » 0 Comments | Post a Comment Sunday. loaded up with beehive rounds crammed with . Nov. They dawned hot and clear or hot and rainy. The only reason I knew it was Sunday. Credit: Courtesy Joe Galloway and the Hal Moore family Writer Joe Galloway (center) aboard a Marine CH-34 helicopter heading out on an operation early in 1966. The headquarters had come under attack the night before. The days of the week didn’t mean much for soldiers or reporters in South Vietnam. A company had been called in to protect against any repeat.   By Joe Galloway | Special to the Opelika-Auburn News Published: November 14.

the enemy would shoot it full of holes and Brown might lose his ride home. It was a commander’s worst nightmare. Before 11 a. I need a ride to the fight. the battle had begun. but it was certain that Moore did not want his boss looking over his shoulder as he fought this battle. I could get a ride to Xray from there. where a battery of field artillery was shooting in support of Moore. He keyed the intercom and told me he would drop me at Landing Zone Falcon. Cavalry on a search-and-destroy mission. He reported on his plan and who and what he would be bringing. They are horrifically effective against targets like charging Infantrymen. Col.500 feet as Brown told Moore he intended to land to see the situation firsthand. He said it was more likely going to be a ―hot walk in the sun‖ with no contact. it would be a personal and professional disaster. Moore’s S-3. Moore knew that he had to hold that football-field-sized clearing so he could get the rest of his men in. He ordered the troops to push out from the clearing toward the mountain and hold the enemy off the landing zone. Moore had been given only 16 Huey helicopters to lift his battalion into Xray.S. His 450 men would be airlifted into a clearing Moore had personally chosen in a fly-by earlier that morning. along with supplies of ammunition and water. When Brown headed toward his command helicopter. It was easy to find: Smoke was rising thousands of feet into the air over LZ Xray.‖ He told me that he was going in as soon as it was dark with two Hueys full of ammunition and water. where the unceasing boom of the 105mm howitzers rattled all our heads. and at this point. . I slipped away from the other reporters and grabbed him: ―Matt. and the few incoming helicopters brought in five or six other reporters.. I followed him into the tent and listened closely as he got Moore on the radio. Just as the second lift of about 100 of Moore’s troops were landing. Tim Brown. the radios in Brown’s tent went crazy. but he couldn’t take me unless Moore said so. and then added: ―Oh yeah. there were no rides heading to Xray. he had less than half his men on the ground. Worse yet. he would give me a ride out there. We watched each other like hawks. He was sending Hal Moore’s 1st Battalion 7th U. I had one advantage over Arnett: I had marched with Moore’s battalion four days earlier on a real hot walk in the sun in the mountains east of Plei Me Special Forces Camp. including my nemesis Peter Arnett of The Associated Press. I spotted Capt. he said. and spent the night with them as well. if anything came of it. The brigade commander. Moore replied that if he landed that command chopper with its unusual array of radio antennae. We flew the 17 miles to the battleground. briefed me on the plans for the day. or operations officer. So I found myself where I didn’t want to be – five miles from the battleground. and let fly. This was no walk in the sun. He knew he would also need the helicopters to get his wounded to medical care in the rear. if one of us got in and the other didn’t.m. We circled overhead at 1.thousands of tiny triangular pieces of metal sharp as razor blades. Brown told me to hang around his headquarters and. walking toward a tent on the edge of the clearing. Greg (Matt) Dillon. Brown reluctantly ordered his pilot away from the battlefield. Late that Sunday afternoon. That may have been so. I fell in behind him.

Watch where you step – there’s a lot of bodies around here. warned the troops not to fall for such an old trick. Hand grenades are the best answer for such probes. and Pete Arnett didn’t. and into the pages of history. Then it was clear that these little lights were being used by enemy reinforcements coming down the mountain to join the fight. which loomed over Xray and ran some 10 miles into Cambodia. Crandall dropped the Huey into the tall grass in the landing zone. Lt. Salerno. and they’re all ours. The experienced sergeants. Bruce Crandall. Henry T. Herrick’s platoon weighed heavily on Moore’s mind. As night drew near. I thought it was muzzle flashes and the enemy was shooting at us. I sat with my back to a small tree.‖ We had just been welcomed to the battle by Sgt. Col. He was working on his third war as a combat Infantryman. Basil L. Normandy and Holland – and one combat jump in Korea with the 187th Regimental Combat Team. When it was good and dark. Herrick. As the sound of the chopper blades faded. Moore. I hid behind that tent and watched the other reporters. I stepped onto a Huey piloted by Maj. and got a ride into Hell. Bob Barker’s battery of 105 mm howitzers in LZ Falcon kept us warm that night. we fell flat in the grass as the two Hueys lifted off into the darkness. The sergeants tried to call off Herrick’s . Maj. I spotted a snaking. Army who could claim that distinction. At first. Hal Moore.That reporter Galloway wants to come in with me. Plumley. now dead. we heard a deep voice: ―Follow me and I will take you to the colonel.‖ The reply: ―If he’s crazy enough to want to come in here and you’ve got room. and as we prepared to drop down to treetop level for the final approach. my cameras and my M- 16 rifle in my lap. they gave up the chase and caught a chopper back to Pleiku. Col. punctuated with small North Vietnamese probes around the perimeter in attempts to force American machine guns to open up and thus reveal their positions. and Lt. firing H&I (harassment and interdiction) missions out in front of the thin American line around the grassy clearing and on the nearby slopes of the Chu Pong Massif. bring him!‖ Then it was a waiting game.S. and there were only 270 men in the entire U. Col. grabbing crates of ammo and plastic 5-gallon jugs of water and throwing them out. and we all bailed out. The two Hueys were blacked out as we flew into the valley. and felt like the luckiest man alive: I had an exclusive seat at the biggest battle of the war. Fire discipline held for the most part. That done. Day two: That first night passed slowly in LZ Xray. After a brief welcome by Lt. had led his 29 men on a chase after two North Vietnamese they spotted as they were moving up to join Bravo Company on the right flank Sunday afternoon. long line of tiny lights flickering in the darkness. a legendary paratrooper who had made all four combat jumps with the 82nd Airborne in World War II – Sicily. The fate of Lt. aka Old Snake.

launched an attack straight into hundreds more enemy troops ringing the LZ. more were wounded. Two men – Sgt. that small band of Americans was trapped by a ring of hundreds of enemy fighters determined to kill them all. but he raced right into an enemy ambush. and I got up and followed that grizzled veteran as he ignored all the lead in the air and made his rounds collecting a small reserve force to defend the command post. of course. as were two sergeants. As I lay there on the ground wondering if I had done the right thing joining the 7th Cavalry – Col. Alpha and Bravo. But the jungle around the clearing was too quiet. Hal Moore wanted them back. personally taking out a North Vietnamese machine gun position with hand grenades and his M-16 rifle. The patrols sent out from the Charlie Company lines on the southeast side of Xray ran straight into a large formation of North Vietnamese just launching an attack. grinning. and shortly after dawn of Day Two. hollered at me over the din of battle: ―You can’t take no pictures laying down there on the ground. I felt a thump in my ribs and very carefully turned my head to see what it was. For the next agonizing 26 hours. George Custer’s old outfit – in a position surrounded by a vastly larger number of enemies in a river valley. (Joe) Marm earned a Medal of Honor in that attack. He asked all the companies to send out small patrols to scout forward of their positions. Savage and the 22-year-old medic. That side of the clearing literally exploded. Things were a lot worse for Charlie Plumley as he bent at the waist and. Walter J. killing or wounding a majority of both. Within the first hour. The red dirt near the termite hill was hard as concrete. was suddenly in command of the Herrick platoon. A North Vietnamese battalion shot its way into the positions of two of Capt. Dozens of Americans were killed. But the enemy soldiers paused to shoot the wounded and loot the fallen Americans of their watches and wallets. as our artillery began to fall on them. In a desperate attempt to break through to the trapped platoon. Earnie Savage of Birmingham. it would have burst through into the clearing aimed directly at Moore’s command post where the wounded were gathered and the ammunition stocks were stacked in crates. two of Moore’s companies. In that first hour. and ran back shouting the alert. Savage grabbed Herrick’s radio handset and began calling artillery fire down around them as close as possible. Had the battalion kept going. Maj. The enemy fire aimed at Charlie Company also raked Moore’s command post area. I rolled away from my little tree and went flat on my belly.Sp5 Randy (Doc) Lose of Mobile – kept the survivors alive through a long afternoon and night of enemy human wave attacks. eight men were killed and 13 others wounded out of the 29 who belonged to the platoon or were attached. Lt. if . he alerted his company commanders to come to his makeshift command post behind a big termite mound to receive orders for a three-company assault to rescue the trapped platoon. We had no foxholes. A 21-year-old buck sergeant. Herrick had been fatally wounded. What I saw was a large combat boot on the foot of Sgt. and that was a fatal move. Sonny!‖ He was right. and that alone made Moore suspicious. blunting the attack. Bob Edwards’ platoons.

who had turned 23 four days earlier. Charlie Hastings. Robert Carrara. Capt. keyed his mike and made a desperate call: ―Broken Arrow! Broken Arrow!‖ That call translated to: ―American unit in danger of being overrun! Send all air assets to its relief. screaming. Parish used all his machine gun ammo and then stood with a . Hastings: ―Call that SOB off! Call him off!‖ I saw a pair of F-100 Supersabre jets making a run directly at us. engulfing twoengineer demolition men dug in there. Hastings had fighter-bombers stacked up over LZ Xray at 1. Across the clearing. but their screams rang out over the noise of battle for what seemed like an eternity. They passed just over our heads and impacted and exploded into a wall of flame 15-20 yards away. Burlile. laughing and .. As the situation on Edwards’ side of the clearing worsened.000 to 35. loblollying end over end. drawing his .45-caliber pistol. gave birth that same week to their only child. The lead plane had just released two napalm canisters. He walked up to the battalion surgeon. D. We had moved behind the termite mound to put some cover between us and the hail of bullets coming from the south and southeast. Almost anywhere else would have been a better choice for the enemy. They were loaded for bear. a daughter. and now a battalion of main force Viet Cong launched its attack against the southern side of the clearing now occupied by Delta Company. Nikki. 24. The three of us sat for over three hours talking. the battalion’s air liaison officer.000 feet. His wife. Instantly those men – PFC Jimmy D. jacked a round into the chamber and yelled: ―Gentlemen. Sp4 Thomas Burlile was running to help when an enemy sniper shot him. and when the enemy rose out of the grass and came at him in waves. Moore ordered Capt. They were evacuated. waiting to be assigned targets. had one of those M60s. Only minutes later. Trudy. but Nakayama died two days later.. Someone shouted for me to grab Nakayama’s legs and help haulhim to the aid station. Air Force Lt. It was not yet 8 a. on Nov.C. Each gun had a four-man crew and 6. I suddenly heard Moore shouting at Lt. Nakayama and Sp5 James Clark – were dancing in the fire. The medics hit both the badly burned soldiers with the maximum dose of morphine.m. I jumped up and ran into the burning grass. Hastings was screaming into his mike: ―Pull Up! Pull Up!‖ The second plane pulled up and away. Thomas Keeton and. In one foxhole. but it was clear we would have to eat the two cans already inbound. Delta Company had its own six M60 machine guns plus another three picked up on the battlefield.45 pistol in each hand and fought on until what was left of the attackers fell back. Dillon to bring down all the artillery and airpower he could pull the chain on.4 Will Parish.‖ Within a half hour. Parish earned a righteous Silver Star that morning after more than 100 dead enemy soldiers were found heaped in a broad semi-circle around his position. died in the arms of his company commander. prepare to defend yourselves!‖ When the attack began.000 rounds of ammo.necessary. Sp. 17. In the fall of 2002. and the medical platoon Sgt. a friendly-fire incident came close to wiping out the battalion command post and all of us gathered there. during one of our Ia Drang reunions.000-foot intervals from 7. Jimmy Nakayama’s widow and daughter came to Washington. Moore was trying to stop the second jet from releasing its napalm cans on us as well.

One of a handful of living men to receive three awards of the Combat Infantryman's Badge. Jimmy and Trudy had been high school sweethearts back in Rigby. the first promotion board reviewed the eligible population of Sergeants Major in three increments with a promotion list being published at the conclusion of each increment. For more information on the history of the NCO in the US Army. He and Moore served together as Sergeant-Major and Commander for over two years at Fort Benning and in Vietnam. had two young sons of her own. CSM Plumley was on the promotion list published at the conclusion of the third increment and promoted 1968. To this day. When the Department of the Army created the rank of Command Sergeant Major. Plumley In 1965. the list of his awards and decorations. but HE is not nearly as tough as the Sergeant Major on sins small or large. there are veterans of the 1/7 CAV who are convinced that God may look like CSM Plumley. Sergeant Major Basil . then 37. the grade of "Command" Sergeant Major did not exist. fill half a page . Plumley was one of the senior Sergeants-Major in the Army. Plumley made all four combat jumps with the 82nd Airborne in World War II and one in Korea. starting with two Silver Stars.typed single space. visit NCOhistory. Idaho.crying. Nikki.

São Paulo, segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

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Segurança oficial e simpatia do casal
roubam atenção
Até camisa do Flamengo, cujo campo foi usado pelo helicóptero

de Obama, foi considerada ameaçadora


O segundo ato importante de Barack Obama no Brasil, sendo o
primeiro sua conversa reservada com Dilma Rousseff, esperava-
se ser o discurso público previsto para a Cinelândia e reduzido a
discurso reservado a convidados no Theatro Municipal.
Se a plateia correspondeu ao privilégio do convite, com os
aplausos apropriados, o papel de Obama não exige muito rigor
para ser descrito assim: um discurso de churrascaria.
Salvou-se uma frase, talvez, pela retórica: "Quando se acende
uma luz de liberdade, o planeta fica mais iluminado". Ao que,
dada a seleção dos convidados, não houve um maldoso que
indagasse: "Por isso, tome de luzes com bombas e foguetes?" No
mais, Barack Obama parece ter utilizado o ato no Municipal para
oferecer uma síntese da motivação perceptível de sua visita:
"Vejam como eu sou simpático".
Para uma visita que devesse dar novo sentido às relações de
Brasil e Estados Unidos, não por causa de duas ou três
contrariedades causadas à Casa Branca por Lula, mas por sempre,
a missão de Obama fez muito pouco. Se fez algo, não divulgado
até agora das suas conversas com Dilma Rousseff.
Do que se sabe, o melhor ficou com a presidente. Pela
objetividade com que destacou, já que o palavrório visitante
tanto se referia a relações de colaboração, o tratamento
prejudicial dado pelo governo dos Estados Unidos a um punhado
de produtos da exportação brasileira (tratamento discriminatório
mesmo em desobediência a julgamento da Organização Mundial
de Comércio).
A frase mais repetida a respeito de Barack Obama, nos meios de
comunicação brasileiros, é a que o define como "o homem mais
poderoso do mundo". É possível.
Mas a suave Patrícia Amorim -uma lição feminina de como dirigir
com honestidade e competência um grande clube de futebol- não
poderia sequer presentear Obama, cujo helicóptero usou o
campo do Flamengo, com uma camisa do time.
A "segurança" de Obama tinha considerado a camisa tão
ameaçadora quanto uma pessoa ter qualquer coisa na mão, ao se
aproximar do presidente. Patrícia foi vestida com a camisa.
É o homem mais poderoso ou o mais frágil? (Em tempo: Patrícia
Amorim não respondeu, como poderia, que, se a camisa e mesmo
ela são tão perigosos, Obama que baixasse em outro lugar, não

mais no Flamengo).
O pior da "segurança" em proporções estúpidas é que os locais a
tomam como eficiência em nível máximo e exemplar.
Há anos, se um avião com o presidente brasileiro está em voo, o
tráfego aéreo é alterado, como se também aqui o avião
presidencial estivesse sob risco de ataque da Al Qaeda.
De uma visita que fez tantos esperarem tanto, com as pretensas
antecipações de numerosos tratados, o "esquema de segurança"
foi o que mais atraiu atenção.
E, claro, a simpatia do casal. À qual o "glamour" da jovem senhora
dá, esta sim, uma boa segurança.

Prédio de complexo residencial do ditador Muamar Kadafi foi atingido por míssil
TRÍPOLI - A força de coalizão retomou nas últimas horas ataques sobre Trípoli, capital da
Líbia, e um dos alvos foi o complexo residencial do ditador Muamar Kadafi, no distrito de
Bab el Aziziya. Segundo informou a agência de notícias AFP, um prédio administrativo foi
parcialmente destruído por um míssil.

Foto liberada pelo exército americano mostra momento em que embacarção dispara míssil Tomahawk contra alvos na Líbia Foto: AP .

. Muammar el-Qaddafi during an airstrike Sunday.A bomb from an allied aircraft exploded among vehicles belonging to forces loyal to Col.

Qaddafi is interrogated by a rebel soldier at the Jalaa hospital in Benghazi.A rebel emptied the pockets of a dead African soldier who had been fighting with Qaddafi's forces An injured captured soldier loyal to Col. .

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a company dogged by a grand-jury investigation. Contractor. and the voluntary-manslaughter trial of five ex-employees. has gained notoriety as head of the military-contracting juggernaut Blackwater.I. bribery accusations. TODD S. Spy Erik Prince. recently outed as a participant in a C. and Afghanistan. set for next month.S. .A. revealing the role he‘s been playing in America‘s war on terror. at the company’s Virginia offices. PURDUM  VANITY FAIR  POLITICS  Share  Print  E-Mail  Feeds SCANDAL Tycoon. the wealthy former navy SEAL takes the author inside his operation in the U. Lashing back at his critics. assassination program. Soldier. Photograph by Nigel Parry. founder of the Blackwater security firm (recently renamed Xe). By Adam Ciralsky January 2010 Erik Prince.

have described Prince as a war profiteer. His employees have been repeatedly accused of using excessive.I put myself and my company at the C. North Carolina. in fact. Prince has become a scapegoat for some of the Bush administration‘s misadventures in Iraq—though Blackwater‘s own deeds have also come in for withering criticism. charges which Prince calls ―lies … undocumented. Jon Voight has played Jonas Hodges. a town that loves nothing so much as a good villain.‘s disposal for some very risky missions. targets. And he wants you to hear him vent. Prince.I. had sought to bribe Iraqi officials for their compliance. He wants to vent.S. as a North Carolina grand jury was considering a raft of charges against the company.000-acre compound in rural Moyock. the world‘s most notorious private military contractor—is royally steamed. On the Fox series 24. a thinly veiled version of Prince. . have died during encounters with Blackwater. In the film State of Play. Congressmen and lawyers.) In Hollywood. And in November. a Blackwater clone (PointCorp. and a former navySEAL. with his blond crop and Daniel Craig mien. accusing the company of engaging in suicide bombings in Pakistan. meanwhile. human-rights groups and pundits. as a half-dozen civil suits were brewing in Virginia. The 40-year-old heir to a Michigan auto-parts fortune. whose company (Starkwood) helps an African warlord procure nerve gas for use against U. ―But when it became politically expedient to do so.‖ Prince—the founder of Blackwater. unsubstantiated [and] anonymous. even deadly force in Iraq. Erik Prince has an image problem—the kind that‘s impervious to a Madison Avenue makeover.‖ (So infamous is the Blackwater brand that even the Taliban have floated far-fetched conspiracy theories. he has had the distinction of being vilified recently both in life and in art. 7.) uses its network of mercenaries for illegal surveillance and murder. In Washington.‖ says Erik Prince as he surveys his heavily fortified. The New York Times reported in a page-one story that Prince‘s firm. many Iraqis. one who has assembled a rogue fighting force capable of toppling governments. and as five former Blackwater staffers were preparing for trial for their roles in the deaths of 17 Iraqis. has become the screenwriters‘ darling. someone threw me under the bus.A. in the aftermath of the tragedy.

and secretly. ocean kayaking. He has been branded a ―Christian supremacist‖ who sanctions the murder of Iraqi civilians. government. according to sources with knowledge of his activities. Sometimes considered arrogant and reclusive—Howard Hughes without the O. he has been doing the C. (Full disclosure: In the 1990s.S. yet he has built mosques at his overseas bases and supports a Muslim orphanage in Afghanistan. as an overseas Praetorian guard for C. before becoming a journalist for CBS and then NBC News. intelligence. fund. though he infrequently grants interviews. His access to paramilitary forces. and State Department officials—Prince became a Mr.‘s bidding. While his company was busy gleaning more than $1. attorney. In the movie. to reveal exactly what he has been doing in the shadows of the U.But the truth about Prince may be orders of magnitude stranger than fiction. to his Virginia offices.A. and his indefatigable ambition—the very attributes that have galvanized his critics—also made him extremely valuable. funded right-wing political candidates. he has served as Blackwater‘s C. among other things.S. some say.D. weapons.C.O.I.5 billion in government contracts between 2001 and 2009—by acting. to U. intelligence has trouble penetrating—to assembling hit teams targeting al-Qaeda members and their allies. and aircraft. Liam Neeson plays a retired C. Neeson‘s character warns his daughter‘s captors: . and foes closing in. and execute operations ranging from inserting personnel into ―denied areas‖— places U.S. Seated in the back of a Boeing 777 en route to Afghanistan.A. and befriended evangelicals. has been working as a C.I. is finally coming in from the cold. Prince leafs through Defense News while the film Taken beams from the in-flight entertainment system. Prince. asset: in a word. To that end. It seemed like a propitious time to tag along. Fix-It in the war on terror.I.A. he invited Vanity Fair to his training camp in North Carolina.I. and chairman. officer who mounts an aggressive rescue effort after his daughter is kidnapped in Paris. he decided it was time to tell his side of the story—to respond to the array of accusations.E. Split Personality Erik Prince can be a difficult man to wrap your mind around—an amalgam of contradictory caricatures. My contract was not renewed. and rappelling. with a new administration in power. and to present his rationale. under contentious circumstances. This past fall. he appears to have led an astonishing double life. For the past six years. as a spy. The common denominator is a relentless intensity that seems to have no Off switch. helping to craft.A. He also hoped to convey why he‘s going to walk away from it all.) But Prince.—he nonetheless enters competitions that combine mountain-biking.A. beach running. Privately.I. Publicly. I was a C. but he calls himself a libertarian and is a practicing Roman Catholic. He and his family have long backed conservative causes. and to his Afghan outposts.

defending. and successfully performed CPR. I will find you. If you [don‘t] let my daughter go now … I will look for you. Prince had delivered a little homily: ―Every time an American goes through security. even citing Lafayette.‖ At times. That‘s all part of it. Prince‘s son Charlie. I want them to pause for a moment and think. it turns out. It comes out even in the most personal of stories. He cannot stand down. That night. nor is the fact that Prince himself is quite familiar with some of these tactics. In fact Prince. pulled him out of the water. had recently received Red Cross certification at the Blackwater training camp. at the time Prince would have been checking in. But there are intimations of a higher power at work as the story continues. the colonists‘ ally during the Revolutionary War. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills … skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. Prince‘s default mode is one of readiness. He is clenched-jawed and tightly wound. and found a direct flight. he tells of being in Kabul in September 2008 and receiving a two a. Predator drones. Christian and three siblings.If you are looking for ransom. then 12. Prince describes the diplomats and dignitaries Blackwater . Prince scrapped one itinerary. And to get those jobs done—protecting.‖ You can‘t escape the impression that Prince sees himself as somehow destined. had fallen into the family swimming pool.‖ Such brazenness is not lost on a listener. ―I used that movie as a teaching tool for my girls. and I will kill you. ―Christian saved Charlie‘s life and Charlie saved mine. like other contractors.‖ (The father of seven. his mission anointed. terrorists struck the hotel with a truck bomb.) ―I wanted them to understand the dangers out there. you arrive at the same time‖) but also less likely to draw undue attention. his sense of his own place in history can border on the evangelical. What is my government doing to inconvenience the terrorists? Rendition teams. Erik Prince flies coach internationally. Desperate to get home. assassination squads. one year old at the time. Prince comments. paid mainly by Uncle Sam. When pressed about suggestions that he‘s a mercenary—a term he loathes— he rattles off the names of other freelance military figures. Waiting in the security line at Dulles airport just hours before. if required—Prince has had to employ the services of some decorated vets as well as some ruthless types. and killing. which called for a stay-over at the Marriott in Islamabad. And I wanted them to know how I would respond. has drawn fire for running a company that some call a ―body shop‖—many of its staffers having departed military or intelligence posts to take similar jobs at much higher salaries. purple and motionless. killing more than 50. Prince says simply. snipers and spies among them. call from his wife.m. Prince remarried after his first wife died of cancer in 2003. It‘s not just economical (―Why should I pay for business? Fly coach. During the flight. I can tell you I don‘t have money. Joanna. He considers himself a marked man. Charlie‘s brother Christian.

Prince is treated as if he. in his view. ―bin Laden and his acolytes would love to kill them in a spectacular fashion and have it broadcast on televisions worldwide. they review the route to Blackwater‘s compound and point out where weapons and ammunition are stored inside the vehicle. too. which will send out a silent alarm and call in reinforcements. bordering on the primordial. Prince in the tactical-operations center at a company base in Kabul.Photograph by Adam Ferguson. North Carolina—not exactly a hotbed of the defense-contracting world. Once in the van.‖ meaning that. They have full beards. .protects as ―Al Jazeera–worthy. The company took form in the dismal peat bogs of Moyock. The men warn him that in the event that they are incapacitated or killed in an ambush Prince should assume control of the weapons and push the red button near the emergency brake. a beat-up minivan that is native to the core: animal pelts on the dashboard. and a cell phone with its speed dial programmed for Blackwater‘s tactical-operations center. and except for their language its men appear indistinguishable from Afghans. Blackwater‘s special-projects team is responsible for Prince‘s security in-country. Using satellite photos of the area.‖ Stepping off the plane at Kabul‘s international airport. They remove Prince‘s sunglasses. Black Hawks and Zeppelins Blackwater‘s origins were humble. prayer card dangling from the rearview mirror. He is immediately shuffled into a waiting car and driven 50 yards to a second vehicle. and traditional knee-length shirts over baggy trousers. were Al Jazeera–worthy. fit him out with body armor. and have him change into Afghan garb. Prince‘s team gives him a security briefing. headscarves. Prince is issued a homing beacon that will track his movements.

and by the time the Blackwater Lodge and Training Center officially opened. used for training Afghan police.In 1995. At one junction. ―The idea was not to be a defense contractor per se. died of a heart attack (the Evangelical James C.500 employees and a line of products ranging from a lighted sun visor to a programmable garage-door opener. and. Black Hawk helicopters (currently being modified to accommodate the security requests of a Gulf State client). with 4. Prince‘s friends and advisers thought he was throwing good money after bad.000 attendees a year. Prince took an honorable discharge and began buying up land in North Carolina. bomb-proof armored personnel carriers. At the time. delivered the eulogy at the funeral).‖ Business was slow. the Middle East. founder of the socially conservative Focus on the Family. Prince. Today. Edgar. in particular. 25-year-old Erik was serving as a navy SEAL (he saw service in Haiti. ―I just wanted a first-rate training facility for law enforcement. ―They could not figure out what I was doing. touring the grounds of what looks and feels like a Disneyland for alpha males.35 billion. littered with blown-up cars. SWAT teams fire handguns. Michigan. and shotguns. it so happens. the special-operations community. Dobson. The training center has a private landing strip. dodging simulated roadside bombs. . had been kicking around the idea of opening a full-service training compound to replace the usual patchwork of such facilities. police officers tear around the world‘s longest tactical-driving track. who owns an unmanned.‖ Blackwater outpost near the Pakistan border. a Dash 8 airplane (the type that ferries troops in Afghanistan). piloting a Cessna Caravan from his home in Virginia. Photograph by Adam Ferguson. Amid the 52 firing ranges are virtual villages designed for addressing every conceivable real-world threat: small town squares. are situated near railway crossings and maritime mock-ups. The navy SEALs came early—January 1998—but they didn‘t come often. Prince‘s father. at another. often commutes to the lodge by air. zeppelin-esque airship and spent $45 million to build a fleet of customized. and Bosnia). sniper rifles. and neither he nor his sisters were in a position to take over the business.‘‖ Prince explains. ‗This is a rich kid‘s hunting lodge. They sold Prince Automotive for $1. Its hangars shelter a petting zoo of aircraft: Bell 412 helicopters (used to tail or shuttle diplomats in Iraq). ―A lot of people said. that May.‖ Prince says. the military. Erik Prince and some of his navy friends. Edgar Prince left behind a vibrant auto-parts manufacturing business in Holland. the site is the flagship for a network of facilities that train some 30. In 1996.

When al-Qaeda attacked the U. Here and there are distinctive touches. the navy contract helped Blackwater build a database of retired military men—many of them special-forces veterans—who could be called upon to serve as instructors. such as door handles crafted from imitation gun barrels. After the terror attacks.‖ Undeterred. resources.‖ After Fallujah. (To date. by projecting an image of invincibility. it was al-Qaeda that put Blackwater on the map. ―I was rejected. ―They said I didn‘t have enough hard skills. he was struck with the urge to either re-enlist or join the C. after the U. contending the company had failed to protect their loved ones. In the aftermath of the group‘s October 2000 bombing of the U. the contractors‘ families sued Blackwater. Blackwater has counterterror magazines with cover stories such as ―How to Destroy Al Qaeda. Then came March 31. At Blackwater. in relative obscurity. invasion.000 navy personnel through its programs. Prince says. (After five years. Where other companies might have Us Weekly lying about the lobby. ―I had been in the military. enough time in the field. he decided to turn his Rolodex into a roll call for what would in essence become a private army. their bodies set on fire by a mob. in part. we had never even had a firearms training accident. but desecrated.) In 2007.S.S. the navy turned to Prince. grinning at the irony of courting the very agency that would later woo him. Blackwater became a household name. the company says.I. hacked-up remains of two of them were left hanging from a bridge over the Euphrates.‖ he admits. the central complex. for help in re-training its sailors to fend off attackers at close range. in Iraq. even reveled. Cole. constructed of stone. He says he actually applied. among others. That was the day insurgents ambushed four of its employees in the Iraqi town of Fallujah. in Yemen. Subsequently. taking on assignments in Afghanistan and. glass. the company also claimed that. an REI store on steroids. it has put some 125.‖ Prince recalls. it cannot be held responsible for deaths in a war zone.) In addition to providing a cash infusion. sending heavily armed men in armored Suburbans racing through the streets of Baghdad with . Prince‘s company toiled. Its primary mission in Iraq had been to protect American dignitaries. a congressional investigation into the incident concluded that the employees had been sent into an insurgent stronghold ―without sufficient preparation. and it did so. because it operates as an extension of the military. actually resembles a lodge.‖ In fact. The charred. and support. and no one under my command had ever died. Now all of a sudden four of my guys aren‘t just killed.S. concrete.A. 2004. mainland on 9/11. The men were shot.‖ Blackwater called the report a ―one-sided‖ version of a ―tragic incident. the case remains unresolved. ―It was absolutely gut-wrenching.In keeping with the company‘s original name. Blackwater countersued the families for breaching contracts that forbid the men or their estates from filing such lawsuits.‖ Three months later an edict from coalition authorities in Baghdad declared private contractors immune from Iraqi law. and logs.S.

including the illegal transport of assault weapons and silencers to Iraq. government. in 1996.‖ insisting ―[there was] zero plan or discussion of bribing any officials. its revenue dropping 40 percent. he is shelling out $2 million a month in legal fees to cope with a spate of civil lawsuits as well as what he calls a ―giant proctological exam‖ by nearly a dozen federal agencies. a contractor shot and killed an Iraqi father of six who was standing along the roadside in Hillah.) In another. 2007. all of whom maintain their innocence. in keeping with his political leanings. which alienated both the locals and the U. Still. Following the infamous ValuJet crash. two ex-employees have filed affidavits claiming that Prince and Blackwater may have murdered or ordered the murder of people suspected of cooperating with U. sits on the far right of the periodic table.‖ Does he ever.‖) In Virginia. 17 Iraqi civilians lay dead. The New York Times recently reported that in the wake of the shootings the company‘s top executives authorized secret payments of about $1 million to Iraqi higher-ups in order to buy their silence—a claim Prince dismisses as ―false. Its role in Iraq was curtailed. allegations which Blackwater has called ―anonymous. The technician was fired but not prosecuted and later settled a wrongful-death suit with the man‘s family. is expected to testify against the others. Today. Prince and other top company .‖ says Prince. hidden in dog-food sacks.‖ Meanwhile. authorities investigating the company—charges which Blackwater has characterized as ―scandalous and baseless. however. in a trial set for February.‖ Nisour Square had disastrous repercussions for Blackwater. a Blackwater firearms technician was accused of drinking too much at a party in the Green Zone and killing a bodyguard assigned to protect Iraq‘s vice president. In one case. After 15 months of investigation. (Blackwater denied this.S. ValuJet disappeared into AirTran. ―Now we pay lawyers. When the smoke cleared. paled in comparison with the events of September 16. after a merger. charges against the firm mounted. insisting that the use of force was not only unjustified but unprovoked. and moved on to a happy new life. (Prince later told Congress that the contractor was fired for trying to cover up the incident. unsubstantiated and offensive. last February. Prince claims. short for Xenon—an inert. The show of swagger and firepower. One guard pleaded guilty and. a federal grand jury is investigating various allegations. but confirmed hiding weapons on pallets of dog food to protect against theft by ―corrupt foreign customs agents. decided to retire the Blackwater name and replace it with the name Xe.S. As the war dragged on. ―We used to spend money on R&D to develop better capabilities to serve the U. helped contribute to the allegations of excessive force. when a phalanx of Blackwater bodyguards emerged from their four-car convoy at a Baghdad intersection called Nisour Square and opened fire.sirens blaring.‖ One of the men also asserted in filings that company employees ran a sex and wife-swapping ring. Those episodes.S. In North Carolina. Prince. non-combustible gas that. Prince mounted an expensive rebranding campaign. likewise. military. the Justice Department charged six with voluntary manslaughter and other offenses.

C. Lawmakers. were in high dudgeon over having been kept in the dark. C. according to two attendees. characterizing the program as ―more aspirational .I. who couldn‘t exactly quibble with the mission‘s objective. And as events would soon prove. The reason.‖ The agency reportedly planned to accomplish this task by dispatching small hit teams overseas.‖) Soon thereafter. he began fielding inquisitive calls from people he characterizes as far outside the circle of trust. Gimigliano notes that ―Director Panetta treats as confidential discussions with Congress that take place behind closed doors. Photograph Adam Ferguson. The Wall Street Journal described the program as ―an attempt to carry out a 2001 presidential authorization to capture or kill al Qaeda operatives. It took three weeks for details. to surface. (When asked to verify this account. In July.A.‖ During the meeting. however sketchy.officials continued to use the name Blackwater among themselves. (Former C. director Leon Panetta met in a closed session with the House and Senate intelligence committees to brief them on a covert-action program. which the agency had long concealed from Congress.A.I. Prince says. Panetta named both Erik Prince and Blackwater as key participants in the program. officials reportedly saw the matter differently.I.A. the company‘s reputation would remain as combustible as ever. Panetta explained that he had learned of the existence of the operation only the day before and had promptly shut it down. Prince at a Kandahar airfield. Spies and Whispers Last June. spokesman Paul Gimigliano now explains: ―It hadn‘t taken any terrorists off the street.

Three sources with direct knowledge of the relationship say that the C. operative] Valerie Plame‘s identity was compromised for political reasons. almost overnight. faceless management teams. served as the head of the Office of Strategic Services. had undergone a second rebranding of sorts. revealing Blackwater‘s role in the use of aerial drones to kill al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders: ―At hidden bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan … the company‘s contractors assemble and load Hellfire missiles and 500-pound laser-guided bombs on remotely piloted Predator aircraft. the precursor of the modern C. Our competitors have nameless.A.‖ he says. Congress and the press overlooked the elephant in the room. in World War II. The New York Times published a story headlined CIA SOUGHT BLACKWATER‘S HELP TO KILL JIHADISTS.‖ Prince blames Democrats in Congress for the leaks and maintains that there is a double standard at play.A. the leaks prompted C.‘s National Resources Division recruited Prince in 2004 to join a secret network of American citizens with special skills or unusual access to targets of interest. he was. matériel.A. By focusing so intently on Blackwater. who. won‘t comment further on such assertions. ―I‘m from a Republican family and I own this company outright. The war profiteer had become a merchant of death. what happened to me was worse. The C. ―The left complained about how [C.‖ he says. theTimes went further. ―I don‘t understand how a program this sensitive leaks. A special prosecutor [was even] appointed. The Washington Post concurred: CIA HIRED FIRM FOR ASSASSIN PROGRAM. focused capability. requesting that a criminal investigation be undertaken to identify those responsible for providing highly classified information to the media.I.‖ As in the Plame case. (Prince‘s youngest son. a full-blown asset. Well. ―And to ‗out‘ me on top of it?‖ The next day. ―I‘m an easy target.than operational‖ and implying that it had never progressed far enough to justify briefing the Hill.) Two sources familiar with the arrangement say that Prince‘s handlers obtained provisional .I.I. ―just like Donovan did years ago‖—the reference being to William ―Wild Bill‖ Donovan. with a license to kill on the ground and in the air.‖ he says. Prince would have been quite a catch. work previously performed by employees of the Central Intelligence Agency.I. the gloves came off. Charles Donovan—the one who fell into the pool—is named after Wild Bill. but Prince himself is slightly more forthcoming.I.) On August 20. and personnel at his disposal than almost anyone Langley would have run in its 62-year history. though. ―I was looking at creating a small.A. As assets go. Prince confesses to feeling betrayed. insiders say.‖ E rik Prince. transport. this one not of his own making. attorneys to send a referral to the Justice Department. People acting for political reasons disclosed not only the existence of a very sensitive program but my name along with it. He had more cash.A. Prince wasn‘t merely a contractor.

As the crew chief initiates a countdown sequence. he looks strikingly boyish.I. is open.operational approval from senior management to recruit Prince and later generated a ―201 file.‖ Prince contends. The cargo—provisions and munitions—drops inside the perimeter of a forward operating base (FOB) belonging to an elite Special Forces squad. and Prince pushes a pallet out the tail chute. Prince adjusts his harness and moves into position. Spanish-built EADS CASA C-212.‖ (His pocket is deep: according to The Wall Street Journal. a small. Presidential Airways—flies low-altitude sorties to some of the most remote outposts in . ―I made no money whatsoever off this work. a young G.I.) Clutch Cargo The Afghan countryside. since Prince says that. Prince was developing unconventional means of penetrating ―hard target‖ countries—where the C.‘ He would then use his own money to create prototypes to fulfill those needs.‖ According to two sources familiar with his work. Blackwater had revenues of more than $600 million in 2008. He is unwilling to specify the exact nature of his forays.A. It‘s not at all clear who was running whom. ―I‘m painted as this war profiteer by Congress.‖ Prince explains.Photograph by Adam Ferguson. whizzes by in a khaki haze.S. they will come‘ approach. Wearing Oakleys. ‗We have this need. ―I grew up around the auto industry. Black parachutes deploy and the aircraft lunges forward from the sudden weight differential. A Blackwater aircraft en route to drop supplies to U. and a white polo shirt. has great difficulty working either because there are no stations from which to operate or because local intelligence services have the wherewithal to frustrate the agency‘s designs. he did much of his work on spec. revealing Prince in silhouette against a blue sky. claiming to have used personal funds to road-test the viability of certain operations. out of my own pocket. Meanwhile I‘m paying for all sorts of intelligence activities to support American national security. The terrain is rendered all the more nondescript by the fact that Erik Prince is riding less than 200 feet above it. unlike many other assets. When the ―go‖ order comes. beside him cuts a tether.‖ which would have put him on the agency‘s books as a vetted asset. Special Forces in Afghanistan in September. The back of the airplane. Five days a week. Blackwater‘s aviation arm—with its unabashedly 60s-spook name. tactical pants. He took the ‗If you build it. ―Customers would say to my dad. from a speeding perch at 200 knots.

pointing out buildings recently hit by mortar fire. its camera presumably trained on the surroundings.Afghanistan. Cofer Black. on September 13. by his superior.S. Buzzy.I. 2001.S. B. Blackwater also provides security for U. according to sources close to the company. He was followed. died in Afghanistan while under Blackwater‘s protection. Prince. Of the three.A.‘s executive director. accustomed to guarding C. A short time later. And his brother Howard ―Cookie‖ Krongard— the State Department‘s inspector general—had to recuse himself from Blackwater-related oversight matters after his brother‘s involvement with the company surfaced. Blackwater.‖ or low-profile. personnel. in turn. in response.‖ he says. Krongard would later serve as an unpaid adviser to Blackwater‘s board. was through with al-Qaeda ―they will have flies walking across their eyeballs. the C.I. ambassador Karl Eikenberry and his staff. Prince‘s company has been conscripted to offer this ―turnkey‖ service for U. Since 2006. employee.A. Enrique ―Ric‖ Prado joined Blackwater after serving as chief of operations for the agency‘s Counterterrorism Center (CTC). on the other.A. and roadside devices. Total Intelligence Solutions (which collects data to help businesses assess risks . ever wary of suicide bombers.‖ enlisted the company to offer protection for the agency‘s Kabul station. ―Black became known in Bush‘s inner circle as the ‗flies-on-the-eyeballs guy. Black had promised President Bush that when the C. Prado‘s boss. Going “Low-Pro” Blackwater has been in Afghanistan since 2002. the head of the CTC. Prince climbs a guard tower and peers down at a spot where two of his contractors were nearly killed last July by an improvised explosive device. ―Buzzy‖ Krongard. At the time. As Bob Woodward recounted in his book Bush at War. itself. A. a BlackBerry on one hip and a 9-mm. (Talk about a tight-knit bunch. as they moved about the country. stepped down.I.‖ According to Woodward.‖ but you get the picture.A. until 2007. moved over to Blackwater. too. was starting to look a little bit like the C.‖ His voice takes on a melodramatic solemnity. ambushes. expanding from static protection to mobile security—shadowing agency personnel. paid off: not a single C. second-in-command of the C. flying thousands of delivery runs. Rob Richer.I. ―this is the closest base to the [Pakistani] border. Cofer Black had the outsize reputation. By 2005.‘s clandestine service. so did the company‘s responsibilities. Once back on terra firma. J. responding to his operatives‘ complaints of being ―worried sick about the Afghans‘ coming over the fence or opening the doors. does a sweep around one of Blackwater‘s bases in northeast Afghanistan. and trains narcotics and Afghan special police units.‘‖ Richer and Black soon helped start a new company. ―Who else has built a FOB along the main infiltration route for the Taliban and the last known location for Osama bin Laden?‖ It doesn‘t quite have the ring of Lawrence of Arabia‘s ―To Aqaba!. Going ―low-pro.I. As a drone circles overhead. ―Not counting civilian checkpoints.) As the agency‘s confidence in Blackwater grew.A.I. troops.A.

and finish.C. turned to Prince. President Bush had issued a ―lethal finding.overseas). Prado helped implement the order by putting together a small team of ―blue- badgers. it had been illegal since 1976 for U. worked quietly with Prince as his vice president of ―special programs‖ to provide the agency with what every intelligence service wants: plausible deniability.A. (Under an executive order issued by President Gerald Ford.S.‖ giving the C. Wary of attracting undue attention. Prince in his Virginia office. Off and on. Black and Richer‘s onetime partner Ric Prado.. fix.Photograph by Nigel Parry.A. then as a Blackwater employee. intelligence operatives to conduct assassinations. and. if necessary. insiders say. the team practiced not at the company‘s North Carolina compound but at Prince‘s own domain. His company took in more than $1 billion from government contracts during the George W.I. the agency. Their job was threefold: find. The property looks like an outpost of the landed . an hour outside Washington.I. the go-ahead to kill or capture al-Qaeda members.‖ as government agents are known. as did company president Gary Jackson this year. finish him off. D. fix the person‘s routine. Find the designated target. When the time came to train the hit squad. but in 2008 both men left Blackwater. Bush era. first with the C.) As a seasoned case officer. Shortly after 9/11.

Sometime after 2006. In both cases. Blackwater officials insist that company resources and manpower were never directly utilized—these were supposedly off-the-books initiatives done on Prince‘s own dime. and the pair had begun working to privatize matters by changing the team‘s composition from blue-badgers to a combination of ―green-badgers‖ (C. according to a source familiar with the program.‖ He insists that.‖ the second iteration of the assassination program lost steam. connection). but also features less traditional accents. Embassies in East Africa.‖ says the . the rogue Pakistani scientist who shared nuclear know-how with Iran.I. hasn‘t discussed—despite some mischaracterizations that have appeared in the public domain—the substance of this effort or earlier ones. Q.A. according to sources familiar with the plan. after a short hiatus. would suggest that the assassination effort was broader than has previously been acknowledged. Prince has Wild Bill on his mind. team supposedly tracked him in Dubai. unattributable capability. he effectively took the program with him. team supposedly went in ―dark.I. was Mamoun Darkazanli. in 2004.‖) The source familiar with the Darkazanli and Khan missions bristles at public comments that current and former C. with pastures and horses.A. the agency would have had full operational control. [The operation continued] for a very long time in some places without ever being discovered.A. an al-Qaeda financier living in Hamburg who had been on the agency‘s radar for years because of his ties to three of the 9/11 hijackers and to operatives convicted of the 1998 bombings of U. they then followed Darkazanli for weeks and worked through the logistics of how and where they would take him down. Khan‘s inclusion on the target list. or anyone to bail us out. As Prince puts it.I. had the team deployed. The C. ―Everyone found some reason not to participate.S. and North Korea. This program died because of a lack of political will. By that point. the source insists.‖ W hen Prado left the C.I. If it went bad. the source says. ―We were building a unilateral.I.I. the authorities in Washington chose not to pull the trigger. officials have made: ―They say the program didn‘t move forward because [they] didn‘t have the right skill set or because of inadequate cover. according to an insider who was familiar with the plan.S.‖ Among the team‘s targets. observing that ―the O.gentry.I. would take another shot at the program. The C. neither Cofer Black nor Rob Richer took part. the ambassador. however. Libya.A.. ―[The] C.A. we weren‘t expecting the chief of station. was A. due to what he calls ―institutional osteoporosis. contractors) and third-country nationals (unaware of the C. Prince was already an agency asset. the C.‖ meaning they did not notify their own station—much less the German government—of their presence.A.A.I.I. (Says agency spokesman Gimigliano. That‘s untrue. trained during World War II on a country estate. Khan. Once again. Another target. for which he was later reimbursed—and that despite their close ties to the C. Instead.A. such as an indoor firing range.S.A.

Beyond the killer drones flown with Blackwater‘s help along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border (President Obama has reportedly authorized more than three dozen such hits). After 12 years building the company.A. He is incredulous that U. The firestorm that began in August has continued to smolder and may indeed have his handlers wondering whether Prince himself is more of a liability than an asset. People would say to management.insider. ―we did the signals intelligence to geo-locate the bad guys in a very denied area. Ghadiyah. . to cut off their nose to spite their face. and exit defense contracting altogether. Prince does a slow burn. given the political climate. They were supposed to lead the charge after al-Qaeda and they couldn‘t find the people to do it. as detailed in a recent Vanity Fair Web story by Reese Ehrlich and Peter Coyote.S. the ―enhanced interrogations‖ program at secret C.I. Exit Strategy Flying out of Kabul. America and Erik Prince. According to insiders.A. Special Forces team launched a helicopter- borne assault to hunt down al-Qaeda middleman Abu Ghadiyah. he says he intends to turn it over to its employees and a board.S. have been slow to extract themselves from the assassination business. result in their compromise. sites in foreign countries—were finding themselves in legal limbo. high-payoff collection efforts against some of America‘s most implacable enemies for fear that his involvement could. in effect.‖ Subsequently. whose real name is Badran Turki Hishan Al-Mazidih. remotely coordinating the movements of spies working undercover in one of the so-called Axis of Evil countries. ―There was a sick-out. was said to have been killed along with six others—though doubts have emerged about whether Ghadiyah was even there that day. officials seem willing. Their mission: non-disclosable. ‗I have a family.‖ Others with knowledge of the program are far more charitable and question why any right-thinking officer would sign up for an assassination program at a time when their colleagues—who had thought they had legal cover to engage in another sensitive effort. he was running intelligence- gathering operations from a secret location in the United States. He says he can‘t understand why they would shut down certain high-risk. Prince claims he and a team of foreign nationals helped find and fix a target in October 2008.‖ he says.‘ This is the fucking C. returning to the topic of how exposed he has felt since press accounts revealed his role in the assassination program.‖ Prince observes. a U. then left the finishing to others. it seems. I have other obligations.I. ―In Syria. And up until two months ago—when Prince says the Obama administration pulled the plug—he was still deeply engaged in the dark arts. An internal power struggle is said to be under way among those seeking to define the direction and underlying mission of a post-Prince Blackwater. ―I‘ve been overtly and covertly serving America since I started in the armed services.

simply.He insists. For the time being. food. ―I‘m going to teach high school. Features. Bush. he considered creating a rapidly deployable brigade that could be farmed out. helicopters. ―History and economics. medicine. I may even coach wrestling. George W. for a fee. to a foreign government. ―I‘m through. doctors. Hey. straight-faced. too.‖ In the past.‖ Keywords Politics. Indiana Jones taught school. and fuel—and stationing it off the coast of Africa to provide ―relief with teeth‖ to the continent‘s trouble spots or to curb piracy off Somalia. Prince contends that his plans are far more modest. Prince has entertained the idea of building a pre-positioning ship—complete with security personnel.‖ he says. Business . At one point. however.

thenation. BLACKWATER ERIK PRINCE Entrada X Responder mostrar detalhes 20 mar (2 dias atrás) Celso Chini para . sarrafado http://www.

Blogs > Jeremy Scahill o How to Help in Japan o Wisconsin Rallies for Labor Rights and Economic Democracy o British Doctors Suggest Women Seeking Abortion Be Told—Gasp!—the Truth o Slide Show: 7 Strongmen Behind the Unrest in the Middle East Jeremy Scahill Secret Erik Prince Tape Exposed Jeremy Scahill May 3. rarely gives public speeches and when he does he attempts to ban journalists from attending and forbids recording or videotaping of his remarks. Journalists and media associations in Michigan are protesting this attempt to bar reporting on his remarks. Michigan. On May 5. 2010  Share 1238  |   |   |  Recommended by 4  |  Text Size A | A | A  Email  |  Print  |  Share  |  Single Page  |  Web Letter (0)  |  Write a Letter  |  Take Action  |  Subscribe Now Erik Prince. . He told the event's organizers no news reporting could be done on his speech and they consented to the ban. the reclusive owner of the Blackwater empire. that is exactly what Prince is trying to do when he speaks at DeVos Fieldhouse as the keynote speaker for the "Tulip Time Festival" in his hometown of Holland.

public Blackwater and US government line that Blackwater is not in Pakistan. provides a stunning glimpse into his views and future plans and reveals details of previously undisclosed activities of Blackwater. Several times during the speech.Despite Prince's attempts to shield his speeches from public scrutiny. In the speech. The people of the United States have a right to media coverage of events featuring the owner of a company that generates 90% of its revenue from the United States government." blowing up the facility. Somalia and Saudi Arabia." He bragged that Blackwater forces "beat the Louisiana National Guard to the scene" during Katrina and claimed that lawsuits. which Prince attempted to keep from public consumption. " Prince also revealed details of a July 2009 operation he claims Blackwater forces coordinated in Afghanistan to take down a narcotrafficking facility. Prince boasted that his forces had carried out the "largest hashish bust in counter-narcotics history. Prince also claimed that a Blackwater operative took down the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President George W Bush in Baghdad and criticized the Secret Service for being "flat-footed. The Nation magazine has obtained an audio recording of a recent. saying Blackwater . " Prince spoke of Blackwater working in Pakistan. Iraq and Pakistan "barbarians" who "crawled out of the sewer. private speech delivered by Prince to a friendly audience. Yemen. Prince appeared to demean Afghans his company is training in Afghanistan. He expressed disdain for the Geneva Convention and described Blackwater's secretive operations at four Forward Operating Bases he controls in Afghanistan. He called those fighting the US in Afghanistan. suggesting that some coalition nations "should just pack it in and go home. saying that Blackwater "call[ed] in multiple air strikes. Prince proposed that the US government deploy armed private contractors to fight "terrorists" in Nigeria. The speech. specifically to target Iranian influence." He characterized the work of some NATO countries' forces in Afghanistan as ineffectual. "tens of millions of dollars in lawyer bills" and political attacks prevented him from deploying a humanitarian ship that could have responded to the earthquake in Haiti or the tsunami that hit Indonesia. which appears to contradict the official.

" Prince also revealed that he is writing a book. Prince charged. also obtained by The Nation. Saudi Arabia and Nigeria Prince painted a global picture in which Iran is "at the absolute dead center. The speech was titled "Overcoming Adversity: Leadership at the Tip of the Spear" and was sponsored by the Young Presidents' Association (YPO). It's way too politically sensitive. scheduled to be released this fall. as a Tycoon. businesspeople and military veterans.. of badness. Yemen." In addition to concerns of political expediency." [NOTE: Darius of Persia actually ruled from 522 BC-486 BC]. has a "master plan to stir up and organize a Shia revolt through the whole region. very small. The private sector can operate there with a very. It proclaimed that Prince's speech was an "amazing don't miss opportunity from a man who has 'been there and done that' with a group of Cadets and Midshipmen who are months away from serving on the 'tip of the spear. he said. "The Iranians have a very sinister hand in these places. Contractor. "The overall defense budget is going to have to be cut and . very light footprint. The speech was delivered January 14 at the University of Michigan in front of an audience of entrepreneurs. Erik Prince brings all that and more to our exclusive YPO speaking engagement. '" Here are some of the highlights from Erik Prince's speech: Send the Mercs into Somalia." read the event's program. "Ripped from the headlines and described by Vanity Fair magazine. he bragged that US generals told him the Afghans Blackwater trains "are the most effective fighting force in Afghanistan. "You're not going to solve it by putting a lot of uniformed soldiers in all these countries. a business networking association primarily made up of corporate executives. Iran. ROTC commanders and cadets. At the same time. specifically in Yemen.had to teach them "Intro to Toilet Use" and to do jumping jacks. Prince suggested that using private contractors to conduct such operations would be cost-effective. Soldier and Spy. Somalia and Saudi Arabia." Prince proposed that armed private soldiers from companies like Blackwater be deployed in countries throughout the region to target Iranian influence." Prince said." The Iranians. "want that nuke so that it is again a Persian Gulf and they very much have an attitude of when Darius ran most of the Middle East back in 1000 BC.. That's very much what the Iranians are after.

specifically a woman pushing the Pope at Christmas mass . attack the pump house to knock it offline. drive that 10. They're barbarians. they crawled out of the sewer and they have a 1200 AD mentality." It is significant that Prince mentioned his company operating in Pakistan given that Blackwater. Taking Down the Iraqi Shoe Thrower for the 'Flat-Footed' Secret Service Prince noted several high-profile attacks on world leaders in the past year.000. much lighter footprint. let alone that there was a convention there. they cut that pipeline and they weld in their own patch with their own valves and they back a barge up into it." Prince alleged. That's not a bad take for organized crime. There's even some evidence it's going to fund terrorist organizations." Prince also proposed using private armed contractors in the oil-rich African nation of Nigeria. which makes the pressure of the pipeline go soft. Ten thousand barrels at a time. that's $800. "There's more than a half million barrels a day stolen there. they're going to have to have ways to become more efficient. take that oil. people ask me that all the time. which is stolen and organized by very large criminal syndicates. Prince said that guerilla groups in the country are dramatically slowing oil production and extraction and stealing oil. "These guerilla groups attack the pipeline.000 barrels out to sea and at $80 a barrel. Blackwater and the Geneva Convention Prince scornfully dismissed the debate on whether armed individuals working for Blackwater could be classified as "unlawful combatants "You know. They don't know where Geneva is. 'Aren't you concerned that you folks aren't covered under the Geneva Convention in [operating] in the likes of Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan? And I say. nor did he mention the notorious human rights abuses connected to multinational oil corporations in Nigeria that have sparked much of the resistance." he said. "And there's a lot of ways that the private sector can operate with a much smaller. 'Absolutely not.' because these people.they're going to look for ways." Prince made no mention of the nonviolent indigenous opposition to oil extraction and pollution. the US government and the Pakistan government have all denied Blackwater works in Pakistan.

. Prince referred to al-Zaidi as the "shoe bomber:" Related Content The 'American Way of War' Quiz US Still Paying Blackwater Millions Blackwater's Private Spies Bush's Shadow Army Blood Is Thicker Than Blackwater About the Author Jeremy Scahill Jeremy Scahill. " He then proceeded to describe the feats of his Blackwater forces in protecting dignitaries and diplomats. Muntadhar al-Zaidi. Jeremy Scahill 9 comments Washington Embraces Al Jazeera (War and Peace.Politics) Former Pentagon Inspector General Joseph Schmitz has tried to use Sharia law to fight lawsuits alleging corporate misconduct that led to deaths of US servicemen. is the author of the bestselling Blackwater. Media Activism) Now will Obama actively encourage cable networks to end Bush administration–inspired censorship of the network? Jeremy Scahill 17 comments Related Topics Afghanistan Erik Prince George W Bush Iraq Louisiana Louisiana National Guard Michigan Natural Disaster North Atlantic Treaty Organi Use United States WarYemen forward lawyer "A little known fact. Also by The Author [ Click for More ] A Real Sharia Law Promoter for Peter King to Investigate (War on Terrorism. in December 08. we provided . you know when the shoe bomber in Iraq was throwing his shoes at President Bush. claiming that one of his men took down the Iraqi journalist. a Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow at The Nation Institute. saying there has been a pattern of "some pretty questionable security lately . and the attack on Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.. who threw his shoes at President Bush in Baghdad in December 2008.

FOB Lonestar is approximately 15 miles from the Pakistan border. east and west of Afghanistan. when the company was hired by the CIA on a covert contract to provide the Agency with security. counter-narcotics and training contracts for the State Department. al-Zaidi was swarmed by a gang of various. Blackwater's Forward Operating Bases Prince went into detail about his company's operations in Afghanistan. I have a picture of that--I'm publishing a book. not security guards. he just tackled him. Defense Department and the CIA. We happened to have a guy in the back of the room and he saw that first shoe go and he drew his weapon. guards CIA personnel and trains the Afghan border police. which is the major drug trans-shipment area. He described them as being in the north. video of the event clearly showed another Iraqi journalist." Prince said. Blackwater has been in the country since at least April 2002." Prince said. . there's my guy taking the shoe thrower down. south. I asked a friend of mine who used to run the Secret Service if they had a written report of that and he said the debrief was so bad they did not put it in writing. "Who else has built a [Forward Operating Base] along the main infiltration route for the Taliban and the last known location for Osama bin Laden?" Prince said earlier this year. went forward and took that guy down while the Secret Service was still standing there -footed. so watch for that later this fall--in which you'll see all the reporters looking. Since then. He didn't shoot him. unidentified security agents. got a sight picture. Blackwater has won hundreds of millions of dollars in security." While the Secret Service was widely criticized at the time for its apparent inaction during the incident. in the east at a place called FOB Lonestar. "We built four bases and we staffed them and we run them. referring to them as Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). "Spin Boldak in the south. In fact if you ski off Tora Bora mountain. initially pulling al-Zaidi to the floor. which is right at the foothills of Tora Bora mountain. he re-holstered. but we had no responsibility for the president's security--that's always the Secret Service that does that.diplomatic security. saw that it was only a shoe. even though the guy was committing assault and battery on the president of the United States. you can ski down to our firebase. Almost instantly thereafter. The company protects US Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and other senior US officials. adding that Blackwater also has a base near Herat and another location.

were killed in the bombing. So. When the guys found it. 2009 CIA Bombing in Khost Prince also addressed the deadly suicide bombing on December 30 at the CIA station at Forward Operating Base Chapman in Khost. They've taken more than $3. That raid alone took about $60 million out of the Taliban's coffers. they'd dug ditches out in the desert." Prince said. each of the NATO countries that came and did the air strikes took credit for finding and destroying the cache.000 kilograms of hash. enough explosives. Afghanistan. While they were down there. they couldn't burn it all. so they had to call in multiple air strikes. July. It was palletized. 'You know. . covered it with tarps and the bags of powder were big bags with a brand name on it for the hash brand. these other three sites look good. it was much of the hash crop in Helmand province. Eight CIA personnel. They went down.Blackwater's War on Drugs Prince described a Narcotics Interdiction Unit Blackwater started in Afghanistan five years ago that remains active. the big cache sites. they did the largest hashish bust in counter-narcotics history. "That unit's had great success. including two Blackwater operatives. but we're going after the traffickers. Prince was asked by an audience member about the "failure" to prevent that attack. those were good days. down in the south-east. they said. Of course. And it was an industrialized hash operation." He described an operation in July 2009 where Blackwater forces actually called in NATO air strikes on a target during a mission: "A year ago. palletized. they didn't have enough ammo. you know.5 billion worth of heroin out of circulation.' Sure enough they did and they found a cache--262. which was carried out by a Jordanian double-agent.000 pounds of heroin. which equates to more than a billion dollars street value. we should go check them out. "It is about a 200 person strike force to go after the big narcotics traffickers. We're not going after the farmers. to blow it." December 30. ready to go into containers down to Karachi [Pakistan] and then out to Europe or elsewhere in the world. they hit five targets that our intel guys put together and they wound up with about 12.

Prince also described how his private air force (which he recently sold) bailed out a US military unit in trouble in Afghanistan. "It is such a patchwork of different international commitments as to what some can do and what some can't. They are there to kill us. we have to retrench and not do that anymore. the Italians during World War II— and they lost hundreds and hundreds of people doing very difficult. Here is what Prince said: "You know what? It is a tragedy that those guys were killed but if you put it in perspective. saying they do not have the will for the fight. "Some of them do and a lot of them don't." Prince to Some NATO Countries in Afghanistan: 'Go Home' Prince spoke disparagingly of some unnamed NATO countries with troops in Afghanistan. they had what appeared to be a very hot asset who had very relevant. the CIA has lost extremely few people since 9/11. That is a cost of doing business. the unit was fighting the Taliban and was running out of ammo and needed an emergency re-supply. We need you to double down. "The Canadians have lost per capita more than America has in Afghanistan. 'Oh. however. In that case. So when you compare what Bill Donovan and the OSS did to the Germans and the Japanese. you can't be assured success all the time." he said. He did not mention the fact that his company was hired by the Canadian government to train its forces. The politicians at home take heavies for doing that. You've got to be willing to take risks. They are fighting and they are doing it and so if you see a Canadian thank them for that. It is essential. I hope the Agency doesn't draw back and say. I believe. probably some procedure written by a lawyer back in Washington. very actionable intelligence and he turned out to be a bad guy. That's what the intelligence business is.. but it is a cost of doing that work. A lot of them should just pack it in and go home.The questioner did not mention that Blackwater was responsible for the security of the CIA officials that day." Canada.. According to Prince. you've got to take risks." Prince said.' all the rest. "Because of. one guy in Somalia--a landmine. No. very dangerous work--it is a tragedy when you lose people. before that two or three in Iraq and. the Air Force was not permitted to drop in . Those are calculated risks but sometimes it goes badly. go after them harder. received praise from Prince. We've lost two or three in Afghanistan. nor did Prince discuss Blackwater's role that day.

"Some of the women we've had." Prince said. We don't always get that close. the water works.. "So they called and asked if our guys would do it and. But the transformation from day one to the end of that program." Blackwater: Teaching Afghans to Use Toilets Prince said his forces train 1300 Afghans every six weeks and described his pride in attending "graduations" of Blackwater-trained Afghans." Prince said that when he was in Afghanistan late last year. We try that same mentality there by pushing these guys very hard and." Prince said." he said. of course. "The first few days of training. there's ammunition for their guns. that works. adding. The instructors know what they're talking about." Prince also discussed the Afghan women he says work with Blackwater.. they take kids from disparate lifestyles across the United States and you throw them into Parris Island and you make them Marines. a big orange panel." Prince said. we have to do 'Intro to Toilet Use' because a lot of these guys have never even seen a flushed toilet before. I wish I had video to show you of the hilarious jumping jacks. it's amazing. "I met with a bunch of generals and they said the Afghans that we train are the most effective fighting force in Afghanistan." ." Prince boasted: "We manage to take folks with a tribal mentality and. it's funny. they said. they're fed. on the hood of their hummer and our guys put the first bundle on the hood of that hummer. "You take these uncertified drop zone. even to the unit that was running out of ammo. they're very proud and they're very capable. saying that in six weeks they radically transform the trainees. "They come in in the morning and they have the burqa on and they transition to their cammies (camouflage uniforms) and I think they enjoy the baton work.' And the cool part of the story is the Army guys put their DZ mark in the drop zone. If you take someone that's 25 years old and they've never done a jumping jack in their life--some of the convoluted motions they do it's comical. Everything works. but that time a little too close. 'Yes. just like the Marine Corps does more effectively than anyone else. these Afghans and it's the first time in their life they've ever been part of something that's first class. "They've been hand-cuffing a little too much on the men.

sent thousands of meals in there and it worked. which would have lined up six and a half miles of humanitarian assistance with another 250 vehicles" onboard. "I thought. at least 35% of the Louisiana National Guard was deployed in Iraq. We are doing the best we can with the resources we have. surgical. Prince also said that he had a plan to create a massive humanitarian vessel that. all the above. blankets. portable surgical hospitals. why can't we do that for the humanitarian side?" Prince said." Prince boasted of his company's rapid response. grain from ADM [Archer Daniels Midland]. One National Guard soldier in New Orleans at the time spoke to Reuters. the military has perfected how to move men and equipment into combat.." Prince says he was going to do the work for free. beds cots. anti-biotics from pharmaceutical companies. "They (the Bush administration) care more about Iraq and Afghanistan than here. It would have been boxes that would have had generator sets from Caterpillar. such as earthquakes and tsunamis across the globe. all the stuff you need to do massive humanitarian assistance. saying." but "instead we got attacked politically and ended up paying tens of millions of dollars in lawyer bills the last few years. Humvees. "We surged 145 guys in 36 hours from our facility five states away and we beat the Louisiana National Guard to the scene. It's an unfortunate misuse of resources because a boat like that sure would have been handy for the Haitian people right now. man. "on spec. " What Prince failed to mention was that at the time of the disaster." . refuelers and generators. "We could have gotten almost all those boxes donated. bragging that his forces "rescued 128 people. The ship Prince wanted to use for these missions was an 800 foot container vessel capable of shipping "1700 containers. could have responded to natural disasters. including high water vehicles. adding that it "would have had turnkey fuel support. with the generous support of major corporations. but almost all of our guys are in Iraq. saying. " Much of the National Guard's equipment was in Iraq at the time.Hurricane Katrina and Humanitarian Mercenaries Erik Prince spoke at length about Blackwater's deployment in 2005 in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina." Prince said. food..

news Erik Prince Selling Blackwater with Bank of America’s Help By DJ Pangburn Friday. And as much as the left got animated about Valerie Plame." is at least the thirty-fourth front company formed by Blackwater to help it win government contracts." Prince said. especially ones that were running highly classified programs. 2010 The crusading founder of Xe (formerly Blackwater) is selling the company and stepping down from leadership duties to ensure future defense contracts. The shell BLACKWATER SEARCH Blackwater Wins Portion of $10B State Department Contract Wired. The US intelligence apparatus "depends heavily on Americans that are not employed by the government to facilitate greater success and access for the intelligence community. December 17. $10 billion State Department contract to provide security services to diplomatic missions around the has revealed a shell company run by Blackwater has won a piece of a five-year. outing people by name for other very very sensitive programs was unprecedented and definitely threw me under the bus. .democracynow. “International Development Solutions.Outing Erik Prince Prince also addressed what he described as his outing as a CIA asset working on sensitive US government programs. "It's unprecedented to have people outed by name. He has previously blamed Congressional Democrats and the news media for naming him as working on the US assassination program." Jeremy Scahill http://www.

Scahill reported that civil lawsuits had been filed against Blackwater by two former employees. John Doe #2 added in his sworn testimony.According to the New York Times. and in that time worked for a web of companies created by Prince to obscure and hide “wrongdoing. he views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminatingMuslims and the Islamic faith from the globe… Second. John Doe #1 gave sworn testimony about Blackwater misdeeds.” According to John Doe #2. Mr.” In 2009. Prince is motivated to engage in misconduct by two factors: First. or Xe (or whatever name the mercenary group is calling itself today) working into the 21st century for the American people. fraud and other crimes. a former Marine. Blackwater engaged in money laundering and tax evasion through a company called Greystone. Erik Prince has secured a deal with a group of investors to keep Blackwater.” . adding that he feared retaliation for doing so and that one or two persons who gave information against Prince and Blackwater “have been killed in suspicious circumstances. ”Mr. Prince’s life and the creation of Blackwater was investigated thoroughly by Jeremy Scahill in his explosive book “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.” He added that Blackwater management had threatened him with “death and violence.” John Doe #2. Prince is motivated by greed. swore in an affidavit that he worked for Prince and Blackwater for four years.

doesn’t just walk off into the sunset with blood-stained dollar bills spilling out of his pocket. Prince’s company is valued at about $200 million.That two former employees have come forward with these allegations is telling. Manhattan Growth Partners and Bank of America. So much for Obama’s commitment to ethics in banking and investment. Perhaps they have an axe to grind after a perceived wrong done to them by Prince and Blackwater. But.S. Apparently Bank of America doesn’t mind some additional bad press before WikiLeaks drops financial documents into the public sphere. despite these allegations and past wrongdoings by the Prince’s mercenary group (defense contractors). investors still see potential profitability in Xe. Apparently Xe wants to rework its business into an organization that trains foreign as well as U. those involved in the deal include Jason DeYonker of Forté Capital Advisors (a friend of Prince and former financial advisor to the family). forces. He will be involved in Xe on some level with the help of investors and Bank of America. What is amazing about this deal is that even considering the shady dealings and questions of excessive force in Xe’s past. Someone like Erik Prince. which helped finance the transaction. . No related posts. That Obama’s State Department would even consider this arrangement is insulting to just about everyone in the world. the two are not benefitting monetarily from the allegations nor are they becoming famous for battling Prince. a true believer. According to the New York Times. It does not seem likely that Prince will just simply disappear from the mercenary business. Yet.

Carlos Newton Ao que tudo indica. que Dilma Rousseff anunciou em fevereiro.. que deixará de comandar a Anac (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil) e a Infraero (que administra os principais aeroportos). A nova secretaria-ministério terá 129 cargos – entre o gabinete. que irá enfraquecer ainda mais o Ministério do Desenvolvimento. até 2016... em 2003. a presidente Dilma deveria extinguir as aberrações inventadas por Lula. E quem libera o financiamento nem é o BNDES. a presidente Dilma Rousseff vai entrar no Livro Guinnesse de recordes com titular do governo com maior número de ministérios no> segunda-feira. que já é fraco pela própria natureza. Ao invés de criar novas PRINCE. Além disso. disse a presidente ao falar sobre essa nova pasta. ―Nós temos que incentivar o surgimento de pequenos e médios empresários vitoriosos‖. como o Ministério da Pesca. 21 de março de 2011 | 13:28 Jamais na História deste país houve tantos ministérios (38). . esquecendo que essa política está adotada pelo banco desde a revolucionária gestão de Carlos Lessa e Darc Costa.. a Secretaria de Aviação Civil. Indústria e Comércio.. A presidente Dilma adiantou que uma das funções da nova pasta será incentivar ―arranjos produtivos locais‖.. dos contratos de 160 controladores hoje temporários. Fica faltando criar mais um ministério. através do BNDES.. MP cria 100 vagas efetivas para controladores de tráfego aéreo e permite a prorrogação. com liberação de crédito barato (juros de 1% ao mês) e sem burocracia.TAL QUAL A METODOLOGIA DO MR. Aliás. Vinculada à Presidência. em parceria com o próprio Ministério do Desenvolvimento. a secretaria- executiva e outras três secretarias ainda não definidas. o da Micro e Pequena Empresa. E a presidente decidiu mandar a Medida Provisória ao Congresso mesmo sem ter o nome do titular da pasta. vai esvaziar o Ministério da Defesa. com status de ministério e poderes para transferir à iniciativa privada o direito de explorar os aeroportos. Acaba de criar mais> Data: 23 de março de 2011 00:00 Assunto: Muitos Ministérios Para: Celso Chini <celsochini@gmail. e essas linhas de financiamento realmente estão funcionando. e sim o gerente do banco comercial com o qual a pequena ou média empresa já opera normalmente. ---------.Mensagem encaminhada ---------- De: Maria Lucia <mlucia@sercomtel. que seriam dispensados em março. CELSO CHINI VAI TRANSITAR POR AQUI. o BNDES já pratica também políticas especiais para pequenas e médias empresas.

. Animada. A ministra e 67 assessores nem ficam lá – dão expediente no prédio do Ministério da Agricultura. disse ela. num contrato de R$ 7 milhões por ano. no mínimo. A pasta da ministra Ideli Salvatti (PT) gasta R$ 575 mil por mês. de R$ 11 milhões para R$ 803 milhões.ME LEMBROU DA DONA LÚCIA!! MINHA QUERIDA SEGUNDA MÃE!! A QUEM DEVO RESPEITO PROFUNDO POR TER SEMPRE AJUDADO OS MEUS FILHOS. POR ELA PRINCIPALMENTE EU VOU DAR TUDO DE MIM PARA VENCER!! ASSINADO CELSO CHINI 23 de Março de 2011 HOME 08:45 hs. E A DONA LÚCIA DEU TODO O DINHEIRO DELA.. os recursos da Pesca aumentaram mais de 70 vezes..DA MESMA FORMA A MINHA IRMÃ. pagam pelo menos R$ 9 milhões mensais de aluguel. acrescentando que o governo pretende criar um programa de acesso individual à água... mas entregou 37 à presidente Dilma... especialmente quando o governo se queixa das dificuldades em cortar despesas de custeio. com obras pontuais de construção de cisternas. . O ministério é um tremendo fracasso.. fala em implantar uma secretaria para tratar de irrigação. o que também não representa nenhuma novidade desde que foi criado o velho DNOCS (Departamento Nacional de Obras Contra Seca). A chamada ―Esplanada oculta‖ custa. O caso mais evidente desse descompasso é o Ministério da Pesca e Aquicultura... Nos oito anos dos dois mandatos de Lula. Paulo‖ mostra que prédios e salas. dinheiro suficiente para construir cerca de 2. ainda no tempo do Império A criação de ministérios e secretarias é um grande desperdício de recursos públicos. para ficarem mais pertos do Planalto.700 casas do programa Minha Casa. Brasília virou vitrine desse fenômeno de gastança descontrolada: são dezenas de imóveis alugados fora da Esplanada dos Ministérios para acomodar o inchaço da máquina administrativa... só do primeiro escalão do Poder Executivo.A presidente. ―Queremos recuperar áreas já irrigadas e ampliar outros perímetros‖. em 2003.. SEMPRE DE FORMA INCONDICIONAL. Levantamento do jornal ―Estado de S. O inchaço da máquina administrativa começou no governo Lula. R$ 100 milhões por ano. Minha Vida. ======================================================================= A MARIA LÚCIA. Ele recebeu 26 ministérios do governo FHC. Só serve para dar emprego a desocupados. onde 374 servidores estão lotados. DA SEGURANÇA DA VELHICE DELA PARA ME AJUDAR E AOS MEUS FILHOS.E A MINHA MÃE. além disso. há quase 100 anos. dentro da estrutura do Ministério de Integração Nacional. chegou a anunciar que a futura Secretaria de Irrigação cuidaria principalmente da Região Nordeste. Esse é o aluguel de um luxuoso prédio espelhado de 14 andares.. mas a produção nacional de pescado continuou em 990 mil toneladas.

.com.OU DO MORENO ESCURO..A MINHA FACULDADE FGV FUNDAÇÃO GETÚLIO VARGAS TEM ORIGEM EM PROJETO AMERICANO..... Maria Lucia <mlucia@sercomtel.... COMO ESTOU HOJE ATRAVESSANDO...... SEMPRE RELEIO E REVEJO OS PRINCÍPIOS DOS MARINES.. fiquei arrasado vendo na tv a DILMA criticando os bombardeios na libia E EM SEGUIDA pedindo para o brasil entrar NA ONU como membro PERMANENTE... ABAIXO..EU ME FORMEI ESTUDANDO OS CASES DE HARVARD... Esses princípios não vingam nem aqui nem no restante da América Latina. EM INGLÊS.... Viceja nessas plagas a mentalidade do atraso..O PAI DELE SEMPRE VIAJOU E CONHECEU O FREE TRADE COMMERCE.. OS PRINCÍPIOS USMC QUE SE FOSSEM APLICADOS POR AQUI SERÍAMOS OUTRA NAÇÃO.. De: Celso Chini [mailto:celsochini@gmail.....Ocultar texto das mensagens anteriores - Meu caro amigo... Questão de embriogenia defeituosa..E TIVE COM ELE A HONRA DE APRENDER BASTANTE O OUTRO LADO...... 22 de março de 2011 20:32 Para: Maria Lucia Victor Barbosa Assunto: AMERICA DO NORTE USA! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! MEU AMIGO TRADER É AMERICANÓFILO.... SORRY MOTHER....... .ANGLO SAXÔNICO .O CORPO DE COMBATE MAIS LIMPO E DEVOTADO Á PÁTRIA QUE EU CONHEÇO. EU TAMBÉM.. QUANDO EM DEPRESSÃO PATRIÓ> escreveu: . EU TAMBÉM SOU FIEL ADMIRADOR DA AMÉRICA DO NORTE USA .COMO VI NA NOTA DE UM JORNAL DE UM DEPUTADO SE DIRIGINDO A UM MINISTRO!! Em 22 de março de 2011] Enviada em: terça-feira..

. Ensure the task is understood. Know your soldiers and look out for their well being. Develop a sense of responsibility in your subordinates... Make sound and timely decisions.. Build the team... Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions.IN MY DREAMS!!! The 11 Principles of Leadership Know yourself and seek self-improvement. Set the example.. Be technically and tactically proficient. Keep your subordinates informed. .... Employ your unit in accordance with its capabilities.. supervised and accomplished..VALE A PENA SONHAR.


.ERIK PRINCE ... EU FICO DEBAIXO DA PONTE? A COBERTURA DE FRENTE PARA O MAR?! Por RRodrigo Protestos no Morro do Bumba (pelo atraso no pagamento do auxílio-desabamento pela prefeitura de Niterói) ...."THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF EVIL IN THE WORLD" E VEM A nota para o flagra do PM e seu spray de pimenta disparado contra uma criança http://oglobo.