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You told me once the following

Piety (religiousness) cannot bring thakwa in you

but thakwa leads a human towards piety

Question 1

does it mean , faral and sunnah you follow cannot bring thakwa in you at all

The crux of the problem is wisdom cannot be communicated. No matter what pain is taken to explain , if
one has no wisdom it can be understood only wrongly. To understand anything in right perspective one
must have wisdom. Knowledge is not reading books and listening to hearsay . True knowledge is based
on learning coupled with wisdom. Even in the Quran though it is expressed in words , the emphasis is
on signs before you and amidst you because there would be followers like you who are obsessed with
words and trying to understand those meanings only , and therefore blind.

Why are you always trying to define and distinguish farl and Sunnah , thakwa, piety etc. when I had
already explained, in practice what they are . The whole problem with you is you are too theoretical.
Trying to understand everything based on theories and definitions , when I have lucidly told Islam is
nothing if not practical. When you truly practice Islam (esoteric not exoteric) , as I have told you so
many times , words and names mean very little.

Piety (religiousness) cannot bring thakwa in you.

You are misinterpreting everything what I have explained.

Where did I make this quotation ? First answer this question ?

I would like to ask you a simple question with the hope that will at least remove the cobwebs in your
mind despite all my explanations. Can there be true piety without true righteousness ? Surely you
must have the common sense to understand this. Why are you so confused still after all my copious
explanations ? Alright conventional prayer (farl) is obligatory but to a person who is praying all the time
, need he waste his time on differentiating ?

Nobody can define piety , righteousness merely on appearance. Knowing farl and optional , without
knowing to identify the true farl and optional is useless.