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Biodynamics in the home garden

The first question that arises when biodynamics is mentioned is: what is the difference
between biodynamiCs and organics? ln a nutshetl organic and biodynamic gardeners have in
common what they do not do: not using artificiaL synthetic chemicats as fertitisers,
pesticides or herbjcides.

Buitding humus is the common foundation of organic and biodynamic soiI

Biodynamic gardeners atso use certain or attack. Perceiving a cow horn in this way,
additiona[ preparations and practices to and our use of it, may be a bit of a challenge
for some of us but the results, aL[ around the
enhance their gardening activities and
world in many different cijmates and
cutcomes. cultures, are consistently positive. We bury
manure from a lactating cow in a cow horn
The biodynamic gardener works wjth soit and
through the winter, and do [ikewise with
ptants as tiving, dynamic manifestations of a
finely ground silica buried in a cow horn
relationship between two poles. The earth is
through the summer. The resuiting cotloidal
the physicat element, and the sun and cosmos horn manure enhances soiI biotogy and
are non-materiaI or spirituat elements
improves vigour and deeper rooting of plants.
extending to the farthest expanse of the
The horn sitica increases the photosynthesis,
universe, providing the energetic stimulus for
strengthening the sun and light metabolism of
life on earth. To enhance these influences the ptants improving quat'ity. Smatl amounts
biodynamic gardeners use two sprays, horn
are stirred rhythmica[y in water for an hour,
manure 500 as a soil spray and horn silica 501
creating atternating vortices, and then
as an almospheric spray. In biodynamics we
sprayed sparingly over the whole garden; the
recognise the horn as an integral part of the
horn manure as course droptets in the mid to
digestive processes of the cow, with her
tate afternoon and the horn silica as a fine
numerous stomachs and quiet cud chewing,
atmosphetic spray in the earty morning.
rather than purely an instrument of defence

Stirring can be done by hand; gardeners who use their hands for this often comment on how the
water quality changes in the process. Or you can purchase one of a number of beautifutly designed
water cascades, known as flowforms, which'impart a rhythmic pulsation into the water.

These two biodynamic sprays quickly stimulate life and character in your garden.

Biodynamic Compost Preparations

The b'iodynamic compost preParations are the b'iodynamic compost preparations once
used to aid and optimise the breakdou/n, or making the heap has been compteted. The six
perhaps better said the metamorphosr's, of all compost preparations are made using s'x
decomposing organic matter in the garden different ptant substances: yarrow,
into stable humus. Most experienced chamomile, stinging nettle, oak bark,
gardeners will be familiar with the benefits of dandetion and valerian - oflen referred to as
compost. Biodynamic gardeners simpty add 502 to 507. These special instruments are not

or Biodynamics and the planets A second element to biodynamic growing is however those who plan their garden work to using the rhythmic energies of the Moon and include these rhythms find great enjoyment planets. lf there is further need to subsiances in the compost.l use the daity and annual Sun and excettent resutts. BELLINGEN NsW 2454 Ph: 02 6655 0566 bdoffice@biodvnamics. As biodynamic earlier ptantings. au fax: 02 6655 0565 www. problems are viewed as symPtoms. water and atmospheric qua[ity. Bicdynamic Agriculture Australia is a not-for-profit. Biodynamics may sound complex but it is remarkably easy and enjoyabte to include in your garden work. The association assists by making and supptying biodynamic preparations. More peopte have faited by being shy of starting than have failed through getting it wrong. of imbatances and stress in compost onty about 1 gram of each is used plants.made to add physical substances to the messengers. Biodynamic ptants can then determine and plants which witl be noticed for their taste. Working with the rhythms of the Sun. Moon We work with astronomy. ln a sense. not astrology. fungus and weed resilience in dD/ and wet conditions. net. the and ptanets can lead to understandjng these physical stars in the sky. one support soits with poor mineral constitution. lt growers may have roticed Lhat the vegies is well known that the moon has an influence they plant at regular weekty inter'\r'aLs do not on the tides but less well known is that this atways mature with the same arithm"'tic moon influence works on atl fluid elements in regularity. These and further information can be obtained by contacting our office or visiting our website: Biodynamic Agriculture Australia PO Box 54. personaily and environmentally. organising the avaitabitity them more potent and plant avaitable. they proves to be more effective than shooting the stimulate and 'organ'-ise the creation of new messengeTs. insect. later planting may be ready before soiI and plants as wetl. witlinqness or enthusiasm to work with them. becoming iroma. could say they make the comPost more mineral supplements can be introduced very intetligent and sensitive to the needs of plant effective[y by adding smatI amounts through tife and can be viewed as the 'organs' of the living process of a compost heap making organic gardening. process their own nutrjent needs. Heatthy soil in turn grows healthy ptants. au . Addressing the imbalances or stress per garden compost heap rather. membership association working with farmers and gardeners to regenerate the environment growing high quality produce and improving soit. some rhythmr'c practicgs and iearn to jnclude these bott to head while others remain inactive. of nutrients to the ptant when it needs it.These astronomical variations in growth patterns and can lighten inftuences exist independent of our the work and optimise your outcomes. tongevity and more balanced and less susceptible to insect enhanced scent. vibrant colours. We al. extra terrestriaI influences in our garden life. biodvnamics. lt is easy to use and the resutts wi[[ encourage your further steps. some slow. You may atso notjce that gardeners we widen our obseryations and some plants germinate fast. Methodical veggie rhythms as a matter of couTse in our Uves. They witl also have greater and fungal attack. net. To assist your beginnings a Biodynamic Soil Activator is avai lable for those wanting to join the experience. The responses are truly rewarding.