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This topic is something that I very much dislike, I very much dislike the Mcdonaldized

impact on society and culture. One of the examples that this can be seen in is literature. I’m a

classicist. So one of the reasons why I want to get involved in education is because I don’t want

society to lose its ability to enjoy the classics, for example, and lose ability on how to read and

analyze a text. For example, poetry was a major part of society for hundreds of years, now,

barely anyone is society can read and understand a poem. You may have heard of the English

Blend club on campus, I was the founder of that club and who helped resurrect the Great Plains

Review, Sterling's Literary Journal, which had been dead for 10 years. Myself, my student

cabinet, and the English faculty, very much so wanted a creative and literary movement to come

back to Sterling College. Because of this, obviously, I was more seriously engaged in poetry

reading, critiquing, and writing. So I was greatly surprised, in Mark Watney’s poetry class, to

come across a poet who I had never heard of before, but something about his word or style stuck

out to me, enough so, that I wanted to give him more thought and study him further. His name

was Sir Philip Sidney, a late 16th century poetry of Elizabeth's court. Now obviously I was

already interested in the classics and poetry, but really this was the guy that kind of introduced

me really being able to understand Medieval and Renaissance literature and culture and society.

Eventually, because I began to practice reading his poems and understanding the culture and

ideas behind them, this strongly helped me to begin to read, interpret, and be interested in

Shakespeare, today (which now I’m teaching to my Chinese students). So I’m very much

indebted to what Sir Philip Sidney’s poetry style has done in contributing my understanding of

the Renaissance and literature. One of the joys I learned was Elizabethan poetry is lot like

sipping red wine or eating an exquisite high quality steak. You can’t just whiz passed and

through it. In fact, you can’t read it in your head, you have to speak it out loud, like music, and

But I want to point out. From what I could tell many federal organization use the bureaucratic structure. if you are not able to pick up how to read the poem properly with the right rhythm. that we are on the verge of the day when if you handed Charles Dickens to a High School student. it was a huge part of culture. his most famous one. This is 100% true of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 17. 2. I think God has created us to be thinkers and construct and comprehend beauty and high ideas and ideals. and in doing so will completely mess up the effect the poem is supposed to have. it will probably become outdated. it would be like handing them Shakespeare. and they will call Charles Dickens “Old English”. when 150 years back. It would be very rare to hand Shakespeare or the King James Bible even to a high school student and ask them can they read this. if you want to get the poem. Obviously I would have heard the term in education. just like poetry has become outdated in society. Even reading the definition in the text book really didn’t answer too much of my confusion. for them.listen to the music of the accents. well actually I have worked for my state government before but I guess I was low end of the pipeline to where I didn’t really get to . And negatively speaking. I guess I had trouble really understanding what a Bureaucracy is. Today students moreso just go to sparknotes or youtube or ask yahoo to figure out answers about a literary text. even though they spend like two pages trying to explain it. and the other fireside poets. They have/are losing their ability to read literature and poetry and comprehend it. but something Christian’s in Elizabethan culture did. and the interpretation I would say. Something that I feel this culture doesn’t understand because of mcdonaldization. This is extremely sad if you think about it. the days of Longfellow. Sometimes there’s a cadence that you have sort of pick up. then you will fail at reading the last two lines wrong. but I’m not that sure I would have been accurately been able to define it.

especially the negative examples. That’s the only example I have had in the states. and with strict rules that not a single child could be left unsupervised in the halls. We were never told why.8. Anyway. department of Health. their hair. Almost all 6 points .see examples mentioned in the book take place. Anything. this made the department I worked for really stressed out because they were being extensively supervised by DHS. The only example that I could think of was that I worked for the school district and that year DHS. because of this high alert strict code. Which in turn made my boss’s boss. their nose. That was my guess. When dealing with 7. but my guess or instinct would be there probably was a child with a sexually transmitted disease. It was like. treat my boss and all other supervisors in the same kind of demeaning sort of way. so you better follow every protocol and be afraid of us if we surprise you with a surprise supervision. Anyway. attending one of the schools in my area. really extensively cracked down on health code in my school district I was working in. we proceed you and have the power to shut you down. are seen on regular basis at the school I work for here in China. DHS says. we don’t care at all about your program. maybe born with aids or hiv for example. but my supervisor I worked for extensively felt the pressure from above. But to be quite honest. We had to make them turn around and go back and was their hands. all of the examples listed in the book. like their dress. and office. and we had to supervise them going to the bathroom and watch them wash their hands one by one and if any child unclasped their hands in the hallway or touched anything with their clasped hands. I would say almost the entire socialist/communist school system is structured extremely in this way. The home department was at another school. children were not allowed to touch each other in any way. this left quite the juggling act. who had the power to shut down the program.9 year olds.

but it really is something really not in our culture. In fact there has been some new policy just produced within the last year or so here. You’d have to see it in action to really wrap your head around it. Almost every aspect of life is about comparing one’s self to a standard that you don’t fit and why someone or something is better than you. so this year they have become extensively ritualistic on any class or student policy. First off. In fact. They have very little practice of judging something by itself without comparing it by something else or turning to see what others and society have said. and I would say that I’ve seen all 6 portrayed in extreme ways. 3. which in turn. I believe will extremely effect American’s being able to come over here and work. here. They have come up with some new crazy visa requirements. I think it is crazy and could not recommend any friend to come over here. You could try to present something to them and ask them why is this good or why was this rated like it was. because they are afraid of fake graduates. Obviously they know how to enjoy something and such. now.are seen over here at the university I work at. I don’t think the Chinese have that much ability to judge something in and of itself by themselves. they constantly look towards how is it rated in the eyes in society or popularity. many . “Shame” is a huge part of asian culture. to the extent that a lot of the school system is inefficient and ritualistic. to the extent that I think hardly anyone is going to go through the like now 20 checklist requirements to get a work visa to come over here. I work in China and have lived here for 3 years now. and it's almost like talking to a child or infant. It is all about “popular” or “most well known” that matters. China is very much a who is number 1 and the best. So again. due to these outrageous “red-tape” visa requirements. but when it comes to actually having an opinion and being able to have a sound opinion. Especially since next year the government will asses the school.

For example. Notice how independent thought is not so much a part of the culture. Let me check how they are rated. they have no say. In fact one of their gods is a money god. So their major and school and career is foremost based on what the parent thinks. culturally. maybe they will want their child to follow a similar career path. he’s a toad/frog with a coin protruding from his mouth. you will most likely see him pour the first glass over the money god. is “meaningless”’ compared to what their parents think about these things. future career. I don’t know anything about this song. in fact. Or the parent will see who makes the most money. they have a very low rating. So if you walk into a Chinese local shop. It does not matter. what they think about anything. oh. First and foremost. Which is why shame is powerfully used here. Their parent will then based off what they feel. depending where you are and how friendly you are the shopkeeper. that the shopkeeper will first invite you sit down and have tea with him in the shop. yeah I think it was only soso. Little children will be in school . Now if the parent is already a factory worker. First off. well. Before they drink the tea. is the best job for their child. it was lovely and charming. All of this is to say that wealth and societies opinion and familial piety are like the number one things in this culture. so this all gets funneled down to education. school. or composer. they would want to find out how popular this song is. major. yeah. it could be common. This is supposed to be good luck so that fortune and wealth comes to them. you’ll see him when they drink tea. oh Mozart. you could take them to a concert. okay. So if you can see how this works in pop culture. they will pour the first cup of tea over the money god. it’s like ant compared to foot. okay. teacher. he’s the “most famous”. city. then compare this to how it would work in a school system. Unforgettable.Chinese just don’t have much practice on how to do that. What a wonderful experience. Verses. the parents opinion is king. If you do. it was fantastic. oh. money is basically the most important thing in Chinese society. This culture is almost worshipful of money.

you yourself deserve death. Anyway it’s hard to digest and talk about this kind of thing in just a few paragraphs. What is more. but how did you compared to someone or something else. Then there is the age of enlightenment view of Deterrence. So I have no idea how to . pay the time. that criminals need to be rehabilitated. 4. in a nutshell.from like 6/7am till like 10 pm being told by their teachers that if they don’t work hard for their test basically you don’t love your parents (because this test will determine the future career you will have and how much money will make to support your parents). Then there is I guess the 20th century view of rehabilitation. it’s your “Rank” that is. to score a 98% on a test and receive a failing grade if everyone else in the class got a 99%. So your grade is not important. Maybe I didn’t do that good of job above. But anyway. in China. so every grade is compared off of everyone else's grade. I could give lots of and lots of examples of how shame is used within the public school system. I didn’t start seeing how my students shame one another until after teaching about 2 years here. It is a socialist based education system. The text presented 4 views of justification of punishment. Anyway. And the map on 172 says explicitly that there isn't any data on Greenland. And then there is the modern view of seeing punishment as a social protection service. So it is possible. It wasn’t till the end of my second year did I realize that the students were shaming one another. because everything is about not how did you do. because it’s hard to think about and type real fast about it. because it isn’t very much publicly displayed. I have no idea what Greenland’s view is because I scanned the text and couldn’t find any mention of Greenland. As in you murder someone. that punishment deters crime. it is very secretive. The old testament like view of do the crime. so whenever I talk about Chinese culture it’s hard to figure out what is best way to explain it. it’s a big part of society and education system here. As in.

Perhaps the question means Canada. This text is talking about punishment.answer that question. and I don’t want a system where innocent people are “legally” sent to prison. how laws are made. One of the opposition listed with death penalty in the text is DNA evidence has proven that wrongly convicted people have gone to prison and been executed. like there is only one cookie left but there are three people in line. from police officers. Anyway. That’s a whole other topic. It really gets to me. if I’m the cafeteria worker. instead of Literature and Teaching. Even it’s a little thing. Anyway going more into my opinion. but what I want to garner from that is that it is possible to wrongfully be punished for something that one has not done. as Canada is talked about in the text? I’m guess that how the question is posed. I’m actually quite fascinated by the legal system. too. how they are carried through in the courts before a judge. that I want the system to be accountable to itself and want fair trials. So I want to first of all state that prison should be a place where real criminals have been put not people who have . Whereas Greenland is rehabilitation? Opposite ends of the spectrum. I am extremely fascinated about crimes and solving them. but in my mind you also have to look at the role of the courts. so if I think it’s unfair of a little kid not getting a cookie. and would say one of my big pet peeves is injustice of any kind. The whole picture. that sort of thing would really bother me and I’d be more than willing to go out of my way to bake a new set of cookies just so that that little kid in the back of the line could get a cookie. and everything leading up to the prison door being closed or the lethal injection. I think in another life I would have probably done something in police work or law. But what I equally care about is fairness and justice. which is to say. I have always felt this intense and strong desire for justice. how laws are enforced and carried out. it’s supposed to mean that America views prison as both retribution and social protection. a sort of detective instinct that I have. I very much hate the idea of someone committing a crime getting away with it.

I think it could work if the crime and evidence are overwhelmingly obvious. let’s just make sure that everything is done legally and their rights are uphold. if someone is going to be lethally injected and it all comes down to bite mark impression. innocent until “proved” guilty (and quite frankly I don’t think many juries understand this concept. some do of course. but I will just surmise. I have pinpointed 3 reasons for that sort of thing has happened. I watch almost daily real court cases and have probably seen nearly a few hundred crime shows over the past few years now that this has kind of become a side interest and hobby of mine.wrongfully been placed there. why not 8 people. why not 20 people. and it’s life on the line. my theory and hypothesis has hold its water in the examples I’ve seen and applied this theory to. that I’d like to see a better product. But when it comes to cases . Let alone if someone is guilty of a crime or not (I would only trust informed and intelligent people. I would like to be shown the evidence that supports that you can randomly select 12 random people off the street and they can become experts on who is guilty or not (why 12. not just a random Joe off the street. wouldn’t you want the person making the final shots be at least somewhat of an expert on bite mark impressions?). So far. if you will. see the only answer is. And I think a lot more emphasis needs to placed on this in our courts systems (our court system and law system in the US is based more on putting people behind bars vereses one about innocent people getting out of prison). I have been unconvinced that the jury system works. What it when someone has been wrongly convicted. it’s not that easy. created when it comes to our court system. he or she did it. but I’ve seen lots of trials where someone was found guilty not based on evidence but because of feelings the jurors had). Some cases are point blank. well they did 12 people in Greece. I do not trust the average person's opinion on just about anything (including who should be elected president). I know that this post is not supposed to be about this. But a lot of the time. so I guess the answer is 12).

for example. which is to say. meaning. So I guess my answer would be prison needs to be foremost about putting real criminals behind bars. liars. if DNA technology got so advanced that we’d be able to have dead skin cells be as accurate as semean or blood DNA. because these cogs and kinks are not being fixed and repaired. lie. so I ll just conclude by saying criminals are criminals. This is just one example. regardless. gosh. Most of the crimes that do take place. are done carelessly. again. home robberies and murder would still happen at the same rate. put a murderer within a circumstance where they would commit murder. but I will just want to simply say that not that the system is “broken” it just has a lot of kinks in it. I think they still would commit the murder. So society . if one of your dandruff even fell into the room. What is more. we will continue to see examples of wrongful convictions. not someone who is innocent but legally guilty. and hillbilly reasoning such as “if the glove doesn’t fit. or something other psychological factors are at play. we have to pedal backwards and look at the whole thing and process leading up to the jailman locking the door.such as OJ Simpson. So before we can start talking about the moment those bars close. I have seen literally hundreds of examples of murder cases. 75%. they are not smart individuals. Anyway. and they will do it. Sometimes there are factors that lead up to it. put a liar within a circumstance where they would tell a lie. criminals are stupid. they do crime. we will either do something subconsciously that will make us get caught. I could go way more extensive on this topic and don’t feel this is the format to do it in. it’s what they do. therefore he must not have done it”. I would say that. This is because of a psychological thing that takes place when one is doing something you know is wrong. and murders don’t accidentally have the intent to kill people. of the cases that I’ve seen that if 30 seconds before murder if somehow that murder was to be told that they would be caught if they killed this person. Another last note I will make. In all reality. but if you truly studied it. and they will tell one. you will be caught.

it’s really hard to break that sin. It’s kind of like Sin nature. most criminals commit crimes for very stupid reasons. if someone struggles with a habitual sin. they are not that smart to begin with. this results in people doing crimes. . Unfortunately because of the sinful nature. and when the pull off the crime they make several mistakes. you know.could educate people more. but for the most part. and educate people on the science behind catching criminals.