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Go to green 17 How are you? How often do Trade places What time do Win rock-paper Say the What do you eat Can you surf? How often do Do you have Go back to
you drink milk? with the player you eat dinner? -scissors to alphabet for breakfast? you use a sleeping bag? blue 6
on your left go to blue 11 chopsticks?

4 11 10 17

What time Can you bake WARP Do you have What’s your
do you go a cake? binoculars? favorite sport?
to school? GAME

3 19 WARP 1 12 9 WARP 2 2 18

Go to green 8
A Where do
you live?
Name 3 feelings Do you have
a tent?
Can you use
Name 3 subjects What time do
you finish
English class?
R Trade places
with the player
on your left

P 2
2 18 13 8 3 19

How often do
you go to the
R Where are
you from?
What’s your
favorite food?
How many
students are in
your class?
What season
is it? A How many
bicycles do
you have?

1 17 16 15 14 7 6 5 4 20

What’s the date?

P Miss a turn Are you
a teacher?
How many girls
are there?
How’s the
Go to green 14 What month
is it?
Go to blue 9 Miss a turn
W Win rock-paper
-scissors to

20 4 5 6 7 14 15 16 17 1

Win rock-paper
-scissors to
G Miss a turn Go to red 14 Is it cold? Go to yellow 14 Do you like
How many boys
are there?
Are you
a student?
Miss a turn
G Count to 20

19 3 8 13 18 2

What time does What time is it? How many What’s your
2 P Can you click How do you go
school start? tables are in favorite drink? and flick? to school?
your class?

18 2 WARP 4 9 12 WARP 3 19 3

Trade places
with the player
on your left
M What time do
you start English
Name 3 places
around town
Can your
teacher kayak?
Do you have
a bicycle?
Name 3 water
Is it hot?
M Go to yellow 8

17 10 ECO 11 4

What time do Do you have 2009 Can you ski? What color is
you eat a backpack? ALL RIGHTS your bicycle?
breakfast? RESERVED

16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5

Go to red 6 Do you have How often do Can you ride How long is your Say your name, Win rock-paper What’s your Trade places How often do How old are Go to blue 17
a compass? you go a bicycle? English lesson? age & hobby -scissors to favorite subject? with the player you drink you?
swimming? go to red 11 on your left coffee?

allow some time for both students/teams to count out loud how many tokens they have. This ensures that everyone will be getting equal participation. 1 (or 2) dice. 2. 9. Game Preparation You will need: 1. Team A (the starting student/team) rolls the dice and moves along the appropriate amount of squares. There is a broad range of questions covered so students will experience reviewing and learning new words/structures along the way. 5. . 3.WARP GAME . a different marker for each team. Their turn ends and Team B are to roll the dice. In case of Team A not being able to answer correctly. Team A are on square 19 on the yellow zone. 4. 2. the arrows do not count as a move. Have the tokens ready in a pile. in order to determine the winner. Continue play until time permits. If Team A answers correctly. 8. *By laminating them. They rolled a 4 and advanced 4 spaces. At the end of the game. This will be 3 2 1 able to anticipate how many game play they have left. * It is a good idea to have a timer set for the allocated time. Team B (or team to Team Aʼs left) must read/ask from the box the landed on. they are to receive a token and keep their place on the square they landed on. Paperʼ and the winning student/team goes first. In regards to going through the warp zones (through WARP 1 to 2 or 4 through 3 to 4). Print as many copies necessary to suit the number of your students.P2 Level This game focuses on getting students asking and answering questions as fast and smoothly as possible. Scissors. they must return to the square they were last on and their turn ends. they will last forever. Maximum of 4 students/teams per game board. Game Description The goal of the game is to finish with the most amount of tokens. Students/Teams put their markers on the START square. Have the students perform ʻRock. 3. 7. Game Manufacturing The WARP GAME board game should be printed A3 size (single-sided in color) and laminated. off the game board. Prepare 50~100 tokens to be used as points. Game Instructions 1. 6.