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STEEL AUTHORITY INDIA LIMITED IISCO STEEL PLANT BURNPUR QUALITY OBJECTIVE OF WRM 1. Statement of Objective: Reduction in Specific heat Consumption at WRM to 0.377GCal/tcw 2. Parameters to be controlled/monitored: Billet temperature a. Low Carbon Steel : 1100 deg.C b. High Carbon Steel : 1050 deg.C Objective/Control Unit Achievement for 2016-17 Target for 2017-18 Parameters Reduction in specific GCal/tcw 0.392 0.377 Heat Consumption at WRM 3. Frequency of Review: Every Month 4. Monitoring: Continuous 5. Action Plan for achieving the objective and target Activities Responsibility Time Frame Remarks Gas /Air Ratio to be Fce. In charge Continuous 1. Auto combustion system of Zone 2, adjusted according to Zone 3 and Zone 4 in not operating due C.V, Main gas line to pressure i) CV and main gas pressure fluctuations ii)Jamming of gas FCV (zone 3,4,5) iii) Failure of positioner of air and gas FCV of Zone 2(air), Zone 3 and Zone 4(gas). 2. Calorimeter needs to be calibrated and the reading to be displayed in furnace HMI. Heat retention capacity Fce. In charge Major Repair 1. Bulging of north top soak zone wall of furnace has to be has led to gas leakage from inside improved. furnace. Billet heads are getting bent because of the above reason. 2. Shell wall near discharge door has to be replaced during major/minor repair to remove hot spots and improve heat retention capacity of furnace. Billet head is getting cold due to the above reason leading to lower rolling rate. Analysis of flue to be Fce In Charge Continuous Calibration of Oxygen Analyzer needs to checked for un-burn gas be done at regular intervals. & its corrective action suggested by EMD All the above parameters are valid if C.V is between 2400-2500Kcal/NM3 Prepared by: E.K.Reddy(AM-WRM) Approved by P.Sengupta (Oprn.-WRM-RHF)