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WRM Furnace Action Plan

SL. Recommendation by RDCIS Present status Action Agency Completion Remarks
No. Auto mode operation is not possible because Date
1. Walking beam reheating Auto mode operation is not possible because A) Control Valves to be serviced and Mechanical 30-12-2016 Shutdown
furnace is to be operated in maintained properly for ensuring smooth Required
Auto mode by proper A) All the 6 Nos. Gas control valves and 6 linear operation and equal travel time.
maintensance of automation Nos. Air control valves are sluggish having
& instrumentation system. non-linear operation and unequal travel
Mechanical 30-12-2016 Shutdown
B) Combustion air flanges near the control B) Leakage from combustion air flanges to Required
valve no.2 have profuse leakage due to be arrested. Canopy to be provided so
which FF positioner of the control valves get that combustion air does not directly hit
completely burnt. control valve.

C) At present, 2 Nos. FF positioners are not in C) New FF positioners are being procured Instrumentation 05-01-2017 Shutdown
place. and would be commissioned after Required
completion of Action A and B above.
2. On-line flue gas oxygen Oxygen analyser is working. Local display FF cable and linking device to be laid and Instrumentation 20-12-2016
analyser (FGA-19-001) is to be available. Display in HMI not available. configured respectively. Device to be
made operational and its downloaded in Rockwell System and HMI
display is to be provided in the display to be provided.
control panel in order to
maintain proper air/ gas ratio.

3. There are six zones in the As given in Sl.No. 1. As given in Sl.No. 1. As given in Sl.No. As given in As given
furnace. Each zone contains 1. Sl.No. 1. in Sl.No.
one control valve for air and 1.
one control valve for gas.
Hence there are total twelve
control valves. These control
valves are to be rectified for
complete operation. The
valves should be operated
from HMI and in auto mode.
4. Online CV readings are to be a) CV analyser M/S Ametek is not yet a) Project Division to arrange Project 30-12-2016
displayed in the HMI to commissioned.HMI Display not commissioning of the analyser.
facilitate for maintaining available in WRM control room. b) Connection to be given from GMS

b) One CV analyser has been installed to WRM & BM RHF. increasing production to the designed level of furnace productivity. whenever there is delay in the mill. 8. 5. Pyrometer at the furnace Pyrometer is factory calibrated. 7. All the flow transmitters and All the flow transmitters and other other instruments need to be instruments are calibrated on regular basis. calibrated on regular basis. 9. HMI. .6 mmwc and there is at slightly positive pressure to no air infiltration avoid air infiltration inside the furnace. instrumentation 10-01-2017 at gas mixing station. WRM Furnace Action Plan proper air/ gas ratio. Delay strategy model is to be Communication between shift I/c regarding introduced to avoid delay in mill is regularly done to avoid overheating of billets overheating of billet. The furnace is to be operated Presently. calibrated. Attempts are to be made for Higher section of WRC is required. Average temperature to be displayed in Instrumentation 20-12-2016 discharge end needs to be the highest value is displayed in the HMI. 6. Presently. pressure is 0.