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Teacher Assessment of Student Reflective Writing

Excellent (A) Good (B) Needs Improvement (C)

The student clearly reflects on The student reflects on The student needs to reflect on
strengths, challenges, and areas strengths, challenges, and areas strengths, challenges, and areas
for improvement related to the for improvement related to some for improvement related to the
different stages of the creative stages of the creative process, different stages of the creative
process. There is evidence that but reflections need to be more process. There is little e
the student strives to: specific. There is s ome that the student strives to:
--thoroughly understand the evidence that the student strives --thoroughly understand the
question being asked or to: question being asked or
Evidence of
challenge presented --thoroughly understand the challenge presented
Self-Reflection --do necessary research on new question being asked or --do necessary research on new
on Creative concepts and apply prior challenge presented concepts and apply prior
Process knowledge --do necessary research on new knowledge
--engage in divergent thinking concepts and apply prior --engage in divergent thinking
while brainstorming, and knowledge while brainstorming, and
convergent thinking to refine --engage in divergent thinking convergent thinking to refine
idea while brainstorming, and idea
--take informed risks in convergent thinking to refine --take informed risks in
prototyping stage idea prototyping stage
--solve problems that arise --take informed risks in --solve problems that arise
throughout the process prototyping stage throughout the process
--solve problems that arise
throughout the process

There is evidence that the There is evidence that the The student needs to acquire
student has acquired new student has acquired some new new content knowledge specific
content knowledge specific to content knowledge specific to to the project challenge. The
Content the project challenge. The the project challenge, but needs student should strive to compare
Knowledge student thoughtfully compares to explore content more deeply. and contrast prior knowledge to
Acquisition and contrasts prior knowledge to The student should strive to current experience.
current experience. compare and contrast prior
knowledge to current

The student draws connections The student draws some The student needs to draw
between process and product, connections between process connections between process
supporting claims with clear and product, but needs to better and product and support claims
Evidence of evidence visible in product. The support claims using evidence using evidence visible in the
Self-Reflection student compares existing visible in the product. The product. The student should
on Product product with personal goals and student compares existing compare existing product with
assigned challenge. product with personal goals and personal goals and assigned
assigned challenge, but could be challenge.
more specific.
The student clearly discusses his The student somewhat The student needs to discuss his
own thinking throughout the discusses his own thinking own thinking throughout the
process. He: throughout the process, but process. He should:
--tracks evolution of ideas and needs to explain own thinking in --track evolution of ideas and
what factors affected this more detail. He somewhat: what factors affected this
evolution --tracks evolution of ideas and evolution
Evidence of --addresses process for what factors affected this --address process for managing
managing challenges evolution challenges
--explains what worked, what --addresses process for --explain what worked, what
Metacognitive didnt work, and possible managing challenges didnt work, and possible
Skills reasons --explains what worked, what reasons
--tracks and analyzes personal didnt work, and possible --track and analyze personal
work habits and moments of reasons work
productivity or lack of --tracks and analyzes personal habits and moments of
inspiration work habits and moments of productivity or lack of
productivity or lack of inspiration

The student thoughtfully The student addresses most The student needs to address
addresses all prompts. The prompts, but needs to address prompts. The student needs to
student has edited and proofread all prompts. The student has edit and proofread for writing
of Writing / for writing quality and grammar edited and proofread for writing quality and grammar and should
Supporting and includes images of work quality and grammar and include images of work where
Images where appropriate. includes some images of work appropriate.
where appropriate, but could
include more specific images.