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Maintenance of stand motors (180,250,550,700,1500,5400KW) water cooling


The standard interval of taking of maintatinance of ABB motor coolers are depend on following

 Running hours of machine : Generally after every 40000 Hours this should carried

 Quality of water using for coolers : If the water quality is not maintained as
specified in manual then the fouling deposits may observed in cooling tubes.

 The most important thing is what is the observations of User related to efficiency of
heat exchangers. User should observe the winding temperature pattern and if
the trend is in rising trend then have to go for cleaning and pressure test of heat

 It also depend how many time the leakage detector has operated and quantity of
water drained from the leakage detector.

Summary : although standard hour are 40000 hour it is recommended to go for cleaning as per
users observations only.

Your question We would like to know the possibility of taking up these
maintenance activities on that day(20/6/2017)

On 20/6/2017 our team is not available.

24 hours of shutdown is sufficient to carry out the above activity subject to readiness of
following things.

 Availability of all gaskets like between cooler and motor, Both side
gasket of tube chamber.
 Availability of dead flanges, dummy gaskets ,pressure testing
 Required tubular round shape brushes and extension rods.
 Availability of manpower and crane, lifting tool etc.
 It recommended to remove and take cooler away from motor to avoid
water entry inside the motor.

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