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5 Social Audiences Brands
Can’t Afford To Ignore

1 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017

3 Foreword
4 LiSTEN to Prospects - Neal Schaffer
13 LiSTEN to Customers - Jay Baer
18 LiSTEN to Competitors - Jeff Bullas
29 LiSTEN to Influencers - Mark Schaefer
36 LiSTEN to Employees - Scott Stratten

2 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017

Brands want to measure the sentiment from news and social media
channels to better understand the opinions of customers and potential
customers around the world. With more than 60% of North Americans
engaging on social media, as many as 42% of those who complain on
social media expect a response in under 60 minutes.

The fact is that most brands are not currently equipped with the tools In this e-book, Neal Schaffer, Jay Baer, Jeff Bullas, Mark Schaefer
needed to provide a good experience for those customers, because they and Scott Stratten provide monitoring tips for five important groups:
are not listening and acting on those conversations and complaints. prospects, customers, competitors, influencers and employees. These
industry thought leaders also provide actionable tactics on what to do
According to Forrester at their latest Consumer Marketing Conference, with that information, once brands have collected it.
“52% of customers choose brands based on their values and actions.”
It’s not enough anymore just to listen in on customer conversations. Real media intelligence tools like the Cision Communications Cloud™
Companies must now do more, and become more customer-centric. not only helps brands monitor sentiment but also arm communicators
with the power to craft campaigns that are driven by real intelligence, so
By understanding trends and conversations from key groups, brands brands can make a positive impact with their customers on the channels
can better leverage buyer and influencer conversation trends to drive where they live.
customer behavior.
Since brands can’t be everywhere at once and given most brands are
Brands can then use insights learned from listening to create content dealing with finite resources, knowing which content bets to make based
that engages journalists, influencers and customer advocates who will on the best information available is integral to campaign success.
share that content with their broader networks. By creating insights-
driven content, companies can better position themselves as the voice - Kevin Akeroyd, CEO, Cision
of authority in their industry and build positive sentiment for the brand.

3 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017

By Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer is a leading social media speaker, consultant, author, and instructor
of social media marketing for executives at Rutgers University and the Irish
Management Institute. Learn more at

4 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017

The fact that this incident happened many years ago—and social media usage has grown exponentially since then—hint at the fact that social conversations that can generate leads are everywhere. There is no better story to illustrate the power of social listening to generate business. and more than likely only a fraction of them ever saw the tweet.000 deal with 5 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . One of the two companies mentioned. LiSTEN TO PROSPECTS How to Generate Leads From Social Conversations Back in June of 2009. an engineer posted a seemingly random tweet: this gentleman 13 days later. was listening: Avaya. Avaya went on to respond in a professional way to that tweet and close a $250. That individual might not have had many followers on Twitter. though. on some social networks like Twitter. In a well-documented case study. After all. Avaya probably wasn’t even following that individual. you don’t have to be “friends” with someone to listen in to what they are saying and engage with them.

then. LiSTEN TO PROSPECTS One of my clients was a hotel located near an amusement park. I know from personal experience that a LinkedIn Group C  ommon misspellings of any of the above discussion comment which dared those who read it to prove the ROI of social was coming from a marketing consultant who had Note that not every prospect that mentions your competitor is going to no experience in social yet had a client who was looking for social become your customer. and more comfortable sharing more and more information about our business problems as well as what products or services we are These include: considering purchasing. there was enough context to Social Conversations Aren’t So Random initiate a targeted conversation that could generate a lead. and people aren’t just talking about what they had for breakfast anymore. their prime Twitter strategy was to search for conversations that included the name of the amusement park. The same goes for those mentioning your media expertise. However. and I was able to reap the about a business on social media. 6 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . but 31% of company mentions on Twitter don’t. While they were active in social media marketing on some platforms. but if they mentioned planning a trip and had a bio located outside of the region." Social media behind that comment. we are getting more unique set of keywords that are potential triggers for lead generation. similar to the LinkedIn Group discussion example above. is to understand the social networks—and those using them—mature. This particular individual was asking questions company name: "People have lots of different reasons for talking because he had a business problem. They may include your company’s rewards because I understood that there might be business potential handle. there are countless social  Your competitor’s company name conversations where people and businesses have real problems and  Y our competitor’s product or service brand name (if different) are looking for solutions by asking questions to their friends and  Keywords that describe your product or service followers.  Your company name Many conversations aren’t as direct as that tweet that Avaya  Y our product or service brand name (if different) happened to discover. is merely giving us the ability to listen to and identify potential clients. As The key to listening to social conversations. Not all of those people were necessarily looking for a hotel. There are social conversations happening all around us.

Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups provide literally millions of broad or niche communities for you to search for and then search inside for potential conversations. it’s time to understand where while creating separate business pages in social media to listen. LiSTEN TO PROSPECTS but not all of them are going to generate leads. conversations on these Some Social Networks are Easier to Eavesdrop networks are protected by privacy on Than Others filters or simply by user choices that No two social networks are alike in both demographics and do not allow us to actually view their functionality provided. Company pages are often restricted in terms of to site. is that they all have communities that are open for the public to join and engage. though. On LinkedIn. represent social networks that both attempt to limit people to one user profile per person Now that you know what to listen to. 7 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . for companies to maintain. One easy way of understanding which social networks to how they can engage with social users. Understanding this The net-net is that while Facebook and LinkedIn allow you some will yield powerful hints as to where you should be focusing your search functionality. For the most part. Where these two networks excel. There is one catch: Facebook and LinkedIn only allow individual user profiles. so the ease of listening will vary from site social conversations. understand that you will be able to view only social listening efforts all things being equal. to join them. a fraction of all potential conversations from personal profiles that have been set for public viewing. not company pages. what you can view Profile-Centric Social Networks: Facebook and LinkedIn from personal profiles is further limited to long-form blog posts. eavesdrop on are to consider that there are two types of social networks: Profile-Centric and Account-Centric.

it is only a matter of time note that we can’t always search for conversations in all the social until marketers can more effectively search through images to find networks. relevant conversations. and Pinterest are social networks exception to the rule. In most social networks. so it is not a network that businesses can leverage for eavesdropping yet. it is important to finding those that include certain objects. While users. In addition. text descriptions for images Pinterest does have Secret Boards and are not. an overwhelming number of conversations There is another unique way to “listen” on Instagram: Search for on these platforms are open to public consumption. a text description is included which allows us to search for the 8 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . where anybody can open an account with an email address and there is only It is important to discuss Instagram’s exception in light that it has one type of account regardless of if grown to become the 2nd largest social network with over 600 million you are a person or a company. even if it is a visual one. to those they approve as followers. is no global search functionality available. their photos at. images that have been tagged to actual locations people have taken businesses can engage as if they were people without any limitations. the more hyper-local our marketing same account-centric characteristics that the other networks. YouTube. Searching for these types of conversations can be making these platforms even more exciting for social selling. While Instagram is searchable. marketers need to become adept at searching for Twitter and Instagram both allow users conversations utilizing hashtags that Instagram users will append to to create profiles that are visible only their descriptions. when an image is uploaded. LiSTEN TO PROSPECTS Account-Centric Social Networks: conversation. From being Social Listening: Text vs. Instagram is the important Twitter. extremely beneficial if we are targeting users in certain locales. Technology for being able to “listen” to what Instagram users are “saying” in their images is being developed as we speak. Instagram. While it might be tedious to search geolocation by geolocation for images Note that while Snapchat is included in the above image and has the that can lead us to conversations. the more value this approach will have. there goals are. Instead. Visual able to identify images with corporate logos to scanning images and With the growth of visual social media marketing.

you can see 9 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . While engaging with our cold call. LiSTEN TO PROSPECTS how you can begin to build rapport with a social media user one The Key to Establishing Relationships With notification at a time before you even directly reach out to them: Potential Customers: Sending Social Signals You’ve established your outposts. not businesses. Don’t you can understand how valuable social signals are and how they become one of them. Your company will always be As a social media influencer. the new tools that social media provides us while retaining the old rules of business. it kills me when businesses reach out at a disadvantage in terms of engaging with social media users. to me without any prior relationship and try to pitch me. generate engagement from your prospective client which might become a new inbound lead. By sending any one of the following social signals. As you begin to develop relationships with allow you to gain mindshare. Old Rules how those who used to wake up to read the newspaper are instead There are many in social media who try to do things differently from looking at their Facebook notifications first thing in the morning. Your attempt to directly contact a social media user out of the blue after spotting a relevant conversation will often be seen as a Social signals are a good example of this. If you think about Social Selling: New Tools. Social signals are ways of engaging with social media users who allow you to appear in their personal notifications. how they would in the real world of business because they can. In many cases. remember that Social Selling is all about using developing relationships that lead to business. which will be an invaluable asset in potential customers. which have not changed. begun to listen and have now  Follow the user found a potential customer on social media who you think would be  Favorite a user’s tweet an ideal candidate for prospecting: now what do you do?  Retweet a user  Add the user to a list At this juncture it’s important to remember that social media was made for people. using potential customers through social signals helps us build rapport. engagement that is possible on Twitter as an example. Use social That’s why it is critical that you take advantage of social signals to signals to your advantage by beginning to build a relationship before help establish rapport even before you begin a conversation with a you reach out. sending the social signals itself may potential customer.

That’s why. but it is indicative of the sheer amount of social media conversations happening all around us every second. but at some point you will need to continue the conversation offline or on your own website in order to convert that potential lead. you will need to create a system which includes the following ingredients: 10 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . in order to make your social selling program a success. might not be the most accurate data. The problem now becomes how to do so efficiently and profitably in a world where there are more tweets than human beings. LiSTEN TO PROSPECTS the only way to develop leads from that rapport is to help guide them into whatever marketing funnel or sales prospecting system your organization might have.) Conclusion: Creating a Social Selling System Once you realize how to apply the power of social signals and the concepts of social selling to your social listening. the sky is the limit as to how many leads you might generate from social conversations. While social networks continue to scale to manage hundreds of billions of status updates each year. In other words. Gary’s Social Media Count. human beings cannot scale. illustrated to the right. (Note: Keep an eye on the growing developments in social commerce to generate business without leaving social networks. social media provides you the vision to find your potential customers and context to better engage with them.

you do need employees who are well- brand entity amongst hundreds of millions of users.   Paid: Listening to social conversations is something you don’t need paid social for. you might need to potential customers are already following you before you need to send invest in multiple tools to help you get the job done. using custom audiences   Tools: Tools will be essential in helping your organization scale. it’s time to increase your staff or hire an agency to help you leverage the opportunity. From potential customers better find you in social media. and only through the kaizen of your processes will you generate the most leads from the most relevant conversations in the most relevant social networks. your internally.    People: While you don’t necessarily need data scientists to analyze   Leverage the Other: Social media can be a lonely place for a single social media conversations. though: Your employees. After all. if your social listening platforms like Cision to social CRM. The greatest expense for most companies in generating leads from social conversations is the cost of people. However. it will only help accelerate your lead generation activities. filter from website pixels and email databases will help your interested through.   Process: Documenting the process that your social selling team implements and continually optimizing it will be critical to achieve maximum ROI from your program. If your organization can’t keep up with the sheer amount of 11 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . Furthermore. LiSTEN TO PROSPECTS potential lead-generating conversations despite using savvy tools. them a social signal. utilizing keywords found in social conversations as a trigger to promote your brand to a relevant target audience is something that should be considered to help build rapport with your potential customers. and facilitate conversations with potential customers. There are others versed in social media and good communicators both externally and who can help your brand on your journey.

The future of social selling is now: What’s stopping you from taking action?  12 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . Social media has made it easier than ever to both listen to your prospects and engage with them for successful lead generation. All of these can play a role in helping generate more leads from social conversations through leveraging the voice of others to generate relevant dialogue. Leverage the Other is the term I created as a grouping for all of these. and Influencer Marketing respectively. which equate to implementing programs in Employee Advocacy. LiSTEN TO PROSPECTS customers. and even influencers. Brand Advocacy.

adidas. He is the President of Convince & Convert. 3M. He’s also an avid tequila collector. Jay is the host of the acclaimed "Social Pros" podcast. and was recently inducted into the Word of Mouth Marketing Hall of Fame. and a certified barbecue judge. LiSTEN TO CUSTOMERS By Jay Baer Jay Baer has created five multi-million dollar companies. 13 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . A New York Times best-selling author of five books. a consulting firm that helps the world’s most iconic brands like The United Nations. and Oracle turn their customers into volunteer marketers.

to triple the number of complaints we get from customers. considered. At every turn. Hug Your Haters.” most companies: to get fewer complaints. a chain of 200+ bakery cafes. Signage in the restaurants. you first must get more complaints. even Erin got a green light to add nudges for feedback to just about (perhaps especially) those that are upset? every customer touch point. Email. It’s a two-step process. That idea was NOT met with universal acclaim. What Erin Pepper understands is something true and And some of the areas where we’re not perfect may be because we profound. she announced to the management team a controversial plan: “I want And guess what happened? They got three times more complaints. Social. and guess what happened next? The complaints went away. Website. 14 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . LiSTEN TO CUSTOMERS Listen to Your Customers: Why You Need to Embrace Customer Complaints Are you listening—REALLY listening—to your customers. I talk more about Erin and her successes in my book. They addressed those issues. Le Pain Quotidien nearly begged When Erin Pepper began her job as head of marketing and guest customers to let the company know everything about their visit.” she Some of those complaints were about things the company hadn’t proclaimed. relations at Le Pain Quotidien. yet not part of the listening playbook for don’t even know we’re deficient. But we’re not perfect. But Erin explained. “We all agree we are a very good organization.

and in-person gripes. they are mathematically rare. Further. five percent of unhappy customers complain in a form or fashion Here’s how: that the business can know about it. DIY Searches All companies should at a minimum be using a combination of FIVE PERCENT! This means that the overwhelming majority of Google alerts and simple social media listening software. You can’t about whatever you sell. but in most cases the opposite is true. The Basics: Free. Even dissatisfied consumers stay silent and just stop giving you their free versions may be enough for small businesses. You can’t satisfy hang out. In fact. means that your unhappy Many businesses ignore these online venues. Spiceworks. we need to listen harder than ever. forums will show up in Google. You need to money. those customers spend Yelp. letters. and typically they would LOVE it if your company found a 15 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . online references to your company and your products or like you to improve upon are doing your company a favor. Consumer Affairs. review sites. including phone. manually review them every day or of business is that when customers have a problem. Recognize that of all your customers. are the ones that are spending their free use customer feedback to improve your time in a related online forum. IMPORTANT customers. That's where the hard core customers operations without listening. frustrating for businesses. The five percent that take the time to tell you what they’d find public. Most mentions of your business in discussion boards and should not be ignored. those that are most passionate But all of this starts with listening. LiSTEN TO CUSTOMERS It’s also important to understand that while complaints can be unhappy customers and trigger increased loyalty without listening. That is remarkable. but it may take a while. just And in an increasingly noisy world. and Do make sure to pay attention to discussion boards and forums. MORE and become MORE TrustRadius. Angie’s List. social. TripAdvisor. never had a problem at all. assuming they are “not customers are your MOST welcome” there. and your two and check for mentions. G2Crowd. and that services. or any of the hundreds of industry-specific loyal than customers that rating platforms. The same is true for review sites like organization successfully solves that issue. Glassdoor. If there are particular forums where your business is more likely to be referenced. one of the most powerful research findings in the history and there almost assuredly are. email.

dedicated listening and response software. and the like. “And that’s why we love discussion boards so much. like Instagram. we’re now seeing more and more customers interacting with businesses in other social platforms. as warranted. LiSTEN TO CUSTOMERS customer question or complaint there. and even Snapchat. an e-commerce portal for barbeque hobbyists. have many physical locations. but savers. with New York University on research that found that more than one- Facebook posts. These software packages find and analyze tweets. as the listening function is usually performed by a central team that then distributes key mentions to “I want to be close enough to my customers to smell them. a company Advanced: Comprehensive Listening Software that makes musical instruments and For bigger companies. This is especially important for businesses that perfect way to listen to devoted customers every day. across a wide swath of channels in social his team have robust forums set up for both organizations. ReviewTrackers. Messenger. and also owns Big Poppa such as Cision. This means that many mentions of your business like Yext. and more. Some of these platforms will online—on Twitter and beyond—may be indirect. providing a media and beyond. 16 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . told me. especially for small businesses that do not have personnel that only three percent incorporated the company’s Twitter username devoted entirely to customer service. Sterling Ball runs Ernie Ball.” Another reason software is important in the quest to find all customer Intermediate: Dedicated Customer Service and feedback is that much of that feedback doesn’t mention the Reviews Software company specifically. Yelp reviews. They can be real time. appropriate for B2C companies with physical locations. is often required to monitor and locate as many Smokers.” Sterling each location. great analysis tools to find issues that impact just one of your locations. and jumped Because these tools tend to be reviews-focused. Sterling and mentions as possible. companies should consider software that find mentions across many venues and roll them together in a unified Online customer service software company Conversocial partnered dashboard. Plus. third of all tweets to companies were about customer service issues. they are most in with an answer. or all of them. making it crucial that you also assist you in soliciting reviews from customers. and will provide have a system that surfaces those complaints and comments. accessories. There are many great options with the @ symbol. At the next level.

rather than ignore them. and businesspeople. et al. Gauge the satisfaction of complaints. Create a program where you ask customers (honestly. and parents. praise is massively overrated. especially now that Google is using first-party review volume as an organic SEO ranking factor. Every time a friend. we often immediately consider third-party sites like Google Reviews. Because in almost every case. family member. LiSTEN TO CUSTOMERS What makes us better marketers. don’t we? 17 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . don’t cherry pick only happy customers) for their feedback using an email survey or similar. right? But it teaches us NOTHING. and then encourage them to create a review for your business on your site and/or third-party destinations. A Great Addition: Proactive Feedback spouses. When we think of customer feedback online. and friends is negative feedback. we already know what we’re good at. Yelp. But first- party reviews (customer reviews located on your own website) are just as important. it feels terrific. which is why it’s so important to embrace Don’t just wait for customers to complain. or customer tells you how great you are. Praise is Overrated In business and in life. Criticism is the petri Solicitation dish for improvement. all of them (or at least a relevant cross-section) by using first-party reviews and/or satisfaction surveys.

LiSTEN TO COMPETITORS By Jeff Bullas Jeff Bullas is an entrepreneur. content. He is also the best-selling author of the book "Blogging the Smart Way ." Jeff is a top influencer of CMO and digital marketers. marketer and keynote speaker and works with businesses to grow and optimize their digital brand with emerging technologies. blogger. author.How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media" 18 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . social media and digital marketing. His mission: "Inspire and educate people to win at business and life in a digital world. and was named the #1 global digital marketing influencer in 2016.

They are stealing your It is predicted that within the next five to 10 years there will be lunch from the other side of the world. And it weighed about 20 kilograms (44 pounds)! My curiosity made me The global digital economy has produced an avalanche of content ask the next question. keep ahead of the game and compete globally? 19 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . LiSTEN TO COMPETITORS How to Spy on Your Competition & Steal Their Secrets Competition for attention and business has never been fiercer…ever. I remember taking a delivery from a courier that was meant for one of my colleagues. noise and competition. Your competitor is no longer the shop down the street or even a contender in your home state or country. including the shipping. Your business is not immune from this level of competition. It’s a big percent cheaper.” web world and growing at an exponential pace. On asking Pat what it was. “It was 40 and the battle for mind and market share is no longer local. How Do You Compete in a Digital World? So how do you keep an eye on your competition. “Why get it from there?” The reply. he said it was a car suspension part. London. This also means there will be a growing group of competitors to add to the 1 billion websites that This Is Happening Everywhere have residence in cyberspace. miles away. another three billion Internet users. It weighed a ton and was from a city thousands of That is a lot of clutter.

“I invented nothing new. YouTube. Google is still the "go-to" site to start the Today. and a search engine and you have the starter tools to begin this spying caper. Step 1: Google Your Competitors but the bin thing is maybe going a touch too far! If you know your industry. Information is everywhere. it was hard to know unless So where do you start and what are the steps? you asked your customers. the web. review. the advent of search engines and a social web. I don’t know about you. Now. poached a competitor’s employee or searched through their garbage bins. and what keywords they rank for. LiSTEN TO COMPETITORS In the past (I am talking pre-web). What must also be kept in mind is that creativity and innovation don’t come in a vacuum. 20 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . whether they pay for it. and all those other If you want to see who are seen as the best both by data and peer social networks. On Facebook. then you know your competitors. go and start checking out their digital “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas. You know the ones I mean.” assets. Find out how they drive traffic and get online attention.” will be revealing. I simply assembled the discoveries of other men behind whom there was centuries of work. The Inside Story on How to Spy on Competitors (& Innovators) A laptop. then typing a search term. such as “Top Content Marketers. – Steve Jobs One free website for discovering that is similarweb.” – Henry Ford Once you have found them. it is so much easier and it’s a lot more transparent with competition sleuthing. Despite its 1990s appearance. It shows the source of traffic.

What are you looking for?  Airbnb Here’s a simple checklist for a little social media  BuzzFeed competitor audit. Check Out the Innovators  Are calls to action part of their marketing tactics? Your competitors do not have a monopoly on good ideas. it’s time to tour their blogs. In fact the  D  o they rank well for keywords and phrases in your more traditional the industry. 21 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . great.  F acebook See how they market online. the most public and transparent to competitor and innovator online  Uber activity. Don’t just stop there. the less likely they will innovate. make content get shared. How do they drive traffic. Once you have their URLs. You have heard about them. and capture leads?  How do they publish to Facebook?  What’s the quantity and tone of the comments? You can find out what they do behind the scenes if you look for case  Do they use Facebook ads? studies (do a search for “case studies for company ’x’”) that take a  T witter deep dive into their innovative tactics. LiSTEN TO COMPETITORS The questions to ask include:  Do they capture leads via email with pop-ups?  Do they have a blog?  Is the content good. and marketing tactics.  How many followers do they have?  How many retweets do they get? Also take a tour of their websites and blogs. create  How many Likes? engaging content. or bland? Step 2. Digital industry niche? dinosaurs are dying in this fast-moving era of web commerce. websites. Step 3: Crawl Their Social Networks Remember Blockbuster and Kodak? Social networks will provide the most revealing insights as they are Look at companies that disrupt.

 Y ouTube  How many views do they get? You want to innovate and stand out. That  How active are they? makes you blend with the crowd. Watching them at work and weaving that into your business and surpass. and innovate. but it will take you only so far. 22 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . and tips that could lead you to becoming a leader in your industry. You only have to look at what Your aim in all of this activity is to spark your imagination. Modeling The insights gained from these investigations will display Modeling the best in your industry is a good place to start to compete weaknesses and strengths that you can capitalize on. Innovation If you are only watching your niche for ideas. Take the information you have  How many subscribers do they have? gleaned and imagine. SlideShare and even Periscope. build a list Apple’s iTunes did to the music industry to see that reality. ask similar   Gain insights from the global digital innovators and take your questions to those above about other social media properties business to a whole new level such as Pinterest. LiSTEN TO COMPETITORS Do they use visual tweets and hashtags? Why Should You Bother Spying &  Are they using Twitter for “calls to action?” Stealing Secrets?   Instagram The real value in spying and checking out the competitors and  How many followers do they have? innovators is not just to copy or add to industry sameness. globally. then you are going to miss out on a lot of insights. tactics. of creative ideas and then innovate.  Is there much engagement? Blandness is boring. Digital disruption often happens outside of your industry. copy. create. DNA is good.  What type of content are they creating? The real opportunity in using that information is twofold:  Miscellaneous social networks  Model best practices If you want to go a bit deeper and have the time.

and Movoto. such as links.000 to 18 million views per month in just two years! In the online publishing sector Upworthy. and Kissmetrics all do content get shared and go viral. So it wanted to reach an audience that wanted to link with them. as that meant (quality) success on the web 2. decided to model those tactics in great work. Case Study in Innovation Outside a Niche The Key Steps A great example of a blog that innovated and modeled its content 1. D  efine goals creation and marketing is Movoto. a real estate services company. In doing this. and this is what looked at what Upworthy was doing (and others) and used that as a that was: model even though it was outside their niche. A  lways keep the end game in mind Movoto’s end goal was getting “links” and lots of them. upon seeing how the big online publishers made their In the blogging space HubSpot. It then did research (using Google and Ahrefs) and created content based on ideas from a weekly brainstorming session. It Movoto wanted to know what success looked like. mentions. and even TV spots  Achieving a certain number of articles per week  Article quality as defined by the number of shares  S  hare rate defined quality. How did Movoto do it? Content marketing is content marketing. worth keeping an eye on are Red Bull and LEGO. Buffer. real estate. marketing and link hustling. 23 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . it has grown their real estate blog from 2.  Number of citations on the Web and offline. and ViralNova are innovative and very successful. LiSTEN TO COMPETITORS Some of the top content publishers in the big brand area that are Movoto has taken these ideas and woven it into its content creation. BuzzFeed.

Explain the benefit.  The Verge 5. For content. L earn from the innovators At Movoto. or value add. Each email pitch included these tactics:  Upworthy 1. the wheel?” So it looked at these (and more) content marketing innovators and modeled its tactics.  Gawker 4. this included:  Listicles  Heatmaps  B  ig full-screen images  Cool infographics  Curated video content The best sites that were doing this were:  ViralNova  Nieman Lab  Digiday  Upworthy  BuzzFeed 24 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . How would you describe the article to your mom?  Mashable 2. LiSTEN TO COMPETITORS 3.  BuzzFeed 3. I mplement viral marketing tactics Here is the workflow to achieve that: This started with researching what content was really successful and who was successful at this. Why we wrote about the topic. Hustle and pitch 4. each team member pitched the target The Movoto team asked the question “why reinvent audience using email. A specific call to action (click a link or email us back). for them to mention it.

LiSTEN TO COMPETITORS To sum it up. URL slugs (keywords in the URL). people gravitate to viral content that’s written about them. brainstorming. Movoto didn’t try and work it out on their own but  5. O  ptimize for search engines Search engines keep providing free traffic after the sharing frenzy has died down. Facebook persistence. 8. and titles  Website structure 6. 2.  Headline content creation.500 visits Again. Optimize click-through rate To get people to click on social media (and especially Facebook). Telling a story 3. So optimizing for search is a key component to ongoing success. For Movoto. and lots of hard work. and hustle?  Image  Meta description An average article gets:  37. 1. Focusing on self 25 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . The Results you need to perfect these tactics: So what were the results after all this research.  13 promotion emails  10 links 7. this on three things: is a journey and ongoing investment. Content marketing takes time. they focused They also get over 18 million page views a month. So what does Movoto focus on for SEO?  O n-page SEO such as keyword research.600 Facebook engagements modelled Upworthy. Optimize share rate To maximize share rate on social networks. optimization.

business. In of human worker bees is inefficient and doesn’t scale well. Artificial Intelligence and the Rise of the Robots The rise of the robots has been predicted since we watched HAL Managing that with a pencil. And…it’s costing you money. Marketing automation apps and platforms like Marketo. and cheaper to buy. the decades since. others are now essential tools for any grownup marketer. radio. Marketing Automation The splintering of media from TV. and analogue to digital multimedia and social has made marketing a complicated and messy endeavour. and The intersection of these technologies is changing entertainment. spreadsheet. the internet. or a room in “2001: A Space Odyssey” in what was another world in 1968. Hubspot. photo producers. and the mobile smart phone. social networks. The mobile and social networks are obsessive technologies that have If you aren’t using one today or thinking about it then you may find your made 7 billion of us publishers. piece of paper. LiSTEN TO COMPETITORS So what is the future for marketing innovation? The digital world is changing so fast and the intersection of technologies is disrupting business as usual. 26 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . Here are 3 things to keep your eye on that you need to start adopting if you haven’t already to stay ahead of your competition. The result? A content explosion. more intuitive. and writers that share by the billions every hour. selfie competition giving you a marketing wakeup call. and our lives. These are becoming smarter. we have seen the emergence of the personal computer. We are now all video creators.

It includes search on Google and Facebook. Newsfeed algorithms. and beyond. 27 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . LiSTEN TO COMPETITORS As the data volume has increased exponentially. and Facebook. Businesses will need to adopt these new tools and technologies to stay ahead of the game. the influencer and thought leaders image recognition and search who have built reach globally are the new niche gatekeepers. Twitter. and thousands of other niche passions. They constructed credibility and trust built on authentic content. and trending topics  LinkedIn uses “AI” to provide better job matching between business and candidate As the noise increases online and reaching your target customer gets  Pinterest uses the intelligence of the robots to boost harder because of content clutter. Bloggers created content on fashion. Influencer Marketing The social web gave rise to global topic tribes. the scale of the And this is just scratching the surface. Expect to see more of these noise means that making sense of it needs artificial intelligence and technologies and trends emerge in digital marketing automation tools machines with big powerful processors. Where is this artificial intelligence being used that maybe you don’t even notice on your favorite social media networks?  Tagging of friends on Facebook with facial recognition  Deep learning technology that is woven into Facebook’s suggestions. food. They also built loyal followers and advocates on Instagram.

You will need to keep reinventing to stay ahead of your competitors and the new innovators and start-ups. 28 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . you will need to let go of practices and tactics that are not effective as they once were. Your Challenge? John Maynard Keynes said. LiSTEN TO COMPETITORS To break through the clutter. brands are now paying influencers to reach their admirers and devotees. “The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones. We live in a fast changing world.” As marketers and entrepreneurs.

podcast ("The Marketing Companion"). keynote speaker. Schaefer is an acclaimed marketing consultant. He is the author of six books including "KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age." You can find his blog. and books at businessesGROW. LiSTEN TO INFLUENCERS By Mark W. and college 29 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . Schaefer Mark W.

engage with it. your content moves is not just a strategic priority. A share is different from a "Like. They are taking the time to read and understand. Your content has no value unless it “moves. People will trust a review or a comment by a stranger unless people see it. and actively share it. When people share content. they become advocates loyal customer who shares content can generate eight times his or for your ideas and products.” on the web. A focus on understanding how and why her own consumption through their advocacy. one ultra- your content. it’s an economic priority:  A study by The New York Times showed that 85 percent of the people who shared content said they better understood the product and the company. LiSTEN TO INFLUENCERS Borrowing Trust: The Surprising New Marketing Role of Citizen Influencers Digital marketing success is fueled by creating great content and  Similarly. more than they will trust an ad from a company. the same study showed that 70 percent of adults say building a targeted audience. 30 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 ." which is just a passive "wave" at  According to research by Boston Consulting Group. but there’s a third piece missing from their purchasing decision is affected by content they see shared that equation—ignition.

As traditional methods of reaching a mass audience dry up or become too competitive. influence marketing may become a In my book The Content Code. and sentiment. and print is drying up. 31 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . they found: content. and it’s important. While companies may Audience” and I contend that this elite group is the bedrock of your appear to be intimidating and detached. It takes a long time to build the reputation and earn the friends and we follow their advice. While we are awash in data tallying  32 percent planned to implement one mentions. It comes from the transmission of smart idea for most businesses to augment their digital outreach by content. When Altimeter polled social This suggests that we need to deeply understand who is sharing our media communicators. I find that most companies  19 percent were piloting a program don't know these basic facts. That’s why it’s a does not come from content. radio. but it's not. where they are sharing it. LiSTEN TO INFLUENCERS The key idea here is that the economic value of content marketing trust required to build this proprietary audience. Social media professionals agree. This chart demonstrates the power of shared content…even also “borrowing” trust from established online influencers. when it's “consumer opinions” coming from strangers: Influence marketing—a methodical plan to build relationships with trusted online personalities and experts who become advocates for your content—is real. Likes. connecting to a borrowed audience has become a mainstream marketing strategy. we may be out of touch with  Only 14 percent had no interest in doing so the specific individuals who are delivering the most value to our business—those who are sharing our content the most. In an era where paid advertising access to consumers on television. and why—and then get them to do more of it!  35 percent of social media professionals already have a mature influencer program This sounds straight-forward. I refer to this group as the “Alpha primary source of consumer connection. online influencers are trusted business.

Kentucky. or launch a record. The halls of online influence splits around the world. Charlie Chaplin and Babe Ruth became the Three Types of Influencers first celebrity advertisers. to be a celebrity. The Internet has enabled the self-made celebrity. And the cost? Well. but ignite it. dominates the news and public opinion. In the 1920s. you had to write celebrity can also be risky if a personal life turned scandalous and a book. He is now a multi- aren’t necessarily on Wall Street or Madison Avenue any longer. A with YouTube sensation PewDiePie over content deemed to be pro-Nazi. Disney dropped its alignment Not anymore. Let’s separate out three different types of online influencer and then look at the business benefits of putting an influencer “listening” strategy to work for you. Not all influencers are alike and not all influencers fit every business situation. Aligning with a  The celebrity: Not long ago. LiSTEN TO INFLUENCERS This is a marvelous. Consider this breakdown of three types of stars. it’s simply out of reach. it’s nuanced. The media entertainment. “Influence” tends to be jammed into one big category Today many companies still align themselves with the new internet when in fact. star in a television show or movie. 32 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . millionaire and moving into mainstream It’s in a cafe in Berlin. for most businesses. Aligning a brand with a celebrity is the oldest type of influence marketing. a deep connection to the products they’re promoting. Companies are learning to identify and tap into the conversations of these new cool kids on the block—the elite few who not only create content. inspiring period of history when anyone can young guy like Logan Paul became famous shed the traditional burdens of authority and build true influence for recording videos of himself doing on the web through their own merits. These celebrities have vast audiences and may not even have influencers and how they might impact a content ignition strategy. passionate person most responsible for moving your company’s content could be a 15-year-old Snapchat fanatic in Paducah. It’s in a college classroom in Wisconsin.

probably stick with you forever if you treat them right. Years ago. the skateboarder who is never seen without his can of Dr Pepper. shopping spree at your store. They may have a medium-to-weak connection to your actual product because they’re overwhelmed with requests from every brand in Your true advocates might be the teen who makes videos of her the category. the local power brokers. This is the Alpha Audience that is difficult to find and assemble. or even the quiet fan in the realms of For example. food. and the YouTubers and  Organic advocates: Advocates are the people who truly love Instagrammers with thousands of followers promoting everything your product and who need no convincing or cajoling. either content to establish their authority and expertise. It’s likely this type are powerful. These are the people who have always been at the heart of word-of- mouth marketing success. but with the incredible analytics 33 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . it became more difficult to accurately know who or where these power brokers were. self-made industry leaders consistently creating of influencer will want to be compensated for supporting you. LiSTEN TO INFLUENCERS Manger (French for “to eat”). or the respected business sage. and style. the most popular Pinterest stars posting about travel. love you and can’t get enough of whatever you’re doing. they were your neighbors. food. They already under the sun. a labor leader. They’re tech. Mimi Thorisson and her husband have combined dark social media who worships your work quietly and talks about it French style. These influencers sponsorship deals. Her commitment to quality content  The niche influencer: The niche influencer is the web star most and reader engagement has attracted a huge global audience…and sought-after today by agencies and marketers. cookbooks. photography. but they will Most of these people are only famous because of their content. and photography into a gorgeous site called with her friends and family. recipes. and workshops. As markets went global. directly or indirectly. and car bloggers.

repeatable. authorities can help shut down a problem in a crisis but you industry. When Audi ignite massive awareness for your ideas and products. valuable search engine optimization commodity. very quickly. there is probably no other more effective way to can ignite interest from new customer groups. If they’re that might result in links to your company or product. it held special influencer events across the nation targeted at well- Fast traction: One of the challenges of building an Alpha   known tech and design bloggers instead of the traditional Audience is that it takes time—often a long time. and region. then you’re trusted. how does a company build and deliverables that can come from influencer outreach: maintain audiences rapidly on every one of those platforms? One way is to connect with the established stars of those platforms. The problem is. getting your appeal to these diverse thought leaders. there are a number of reliable platforms   Crisis management: Having relationships with industry from Cision and others to track influential connections by topic. Social proof: Having your brand associated with a well-known   Links: Many influencers are happy to receive exclusive content   authority can help augment your reputation instantly. new   to many businesses today and certainly a strategy that can provide channels have emerged that provide access to valuable niche rapid. a very trusted. introduced a new A8 sedan into the American market. They figured their revolutionary car would starting from scratch and don’t have the time. Here are some of the demographics. and sustainable benefits. 34 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . Benefits of Borrowed Trust Working on an influencer outreach plan to ignite content is essential Access to new channels: In the past few years. LiSTEN TO INFLUENCERS available from Internet data. If you’re automotive crowd. need to have an established and ongoing relationship before you can call on them to help. and the result was message out through a trusted influencer can potentially give massive coverage that connected them with new audiences your business a jolt in a hurry. Awareness: If you can establish a long-term connection with   an influencer that results in a strong relationship and true New markets exposure: Combining products with influencers   advocacy.

 35 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . and shape social influence. LiSTEN TO INFLUENCERS Cost-effective reach: If your goal is exposure. methodical practice. in most cases. To achieve success on a massive scale. So influence marketing has a lot of potential benefits. it can also be extremely complicated for a large company. While it’s important to understand. not blind luck.   influencer outreach provides “impressions” at a cost that is more favorable than traditional advertising. but it relies on a strategic. you need an assist from software that automates the collection. measure. and analysis of all that data. filtering.

Deloitte. 36 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . Adobe. national sales training manager. and Fidelity Investments when they need help navigating their way through the landscape of business disruption. Hard Rock Cafe. Cirque du Soleil. and a Professor at the Sheridan College School of Business. Microsoft. IBM. LiSTEN TO EMPLOYEES By Scott Stratten Scott Stratten is the President of UnMarketing. He has written four best-selling business books and was formerly a music industry marketer. Saks Fifth Avenue. He is one of the leading speakers/ authors in the world when it comes to helping audiences embrace the age of disruption. He ran one of the most successful viral video agencies in the world for nearly a decade before solely focusing on speaking at events for companies like PepsiCo.

make it mandatory that if you are to This first example is actually of a customer sharing a good deed by have a social media profile. That nothing they say will hurt their and the brand’s “I made it all of 20 feet in the door and there were five employees. After choosing are my own and not a reflection of my employer” has become the Home Depot over Lowe’s (because they’re dog-friendly). greatly benefit your company in numerous ways. If you don’t trust someone to have a Twitter account. she was default go-to in policies. Beki Hall Scarbrough needed to build a ramp for her dog official spokesperson of the company. it’s telling them that they aren’t really a part of including the store manager Michael Kline. Even just listening for your brand mentions can dig up surprises. Whether it’s the company. all discussing how to help my dog—while handing the dog treat after treat from their apron 37 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . it needs to be clear that you are not an employees. brands are quick to try to distance themselves from employees on social media. This is dangerous in two ways. Secondly. a brand is burned into our psyche by the story we experience Empowering employees to speak and share on social channels can at the hands of the employees. 1. Numerous companies. that’s not a social media problem. that’s a hiring problem. First. LiSTEN TO EMPLOYEES Why Employee Opinions Are Their Own…& a Reflection Of Your Brand A brand is made up of the people who represent it. can make an employee feel they have a false sense of freedom of brand speech. it amazed by what happened next. reputation. a United Airlines employee following an archaic policy to “re. The statement “All tweets to help with a future hip replacement rehabilitation. accommodate passengers” or a worker reaching out to go above and beyond. Catch Them in the Act of Doing Good in conjunction with PR and HR. In the age of social media.

LiSTEN TO EMPLOYEES 2. width. but what about service Every detail. he Fully expecting to be called with an estimate for materials and labor. Michael Benson: She quickly shared this amazing experience on Instagram and Facebook.” As a joke. Devan Dannelly saw the snow day coming. materials. We immediately shared it and then talked about it on our show. After about 10 minutes the assistant manager asks if that goes above and beyond? I’ll be home next Thursday and gets my phone number. and they need to know it makes a difference. Ramp specifications. he tweeted to EKU president. had no urge to shovel his driveway so he could get to his soon-to-be the phone rings to confirm we will be home. Thursday morning cancelled classes at Eastern Kentucky University. materials in hand. the pitch.” 38 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . Quality customer service builds brand loyalty. Now if I could figure out how to thank them. tweet. and proceed to build a ramp for my dog. As Beki says: “There’s no email. Like most people. bright and early three HD employees show up. Listen for Opportunities to Go Above & Beyond pockets. Employees are doing good things for And President Benson replied: your brand right now. No charge at all. weight. or half off sale that any company can do that could trump my experience with the people at this Home Depot. logo. including posting it on our UnMarketing page.

Now. the good and bad of Students are customers. here was the result: employer”? When was the last time you saw an academic tweet retweeted and favorited hundreds of times? Other reasons to listen to your employees on social media:  Birthdays  Anniversaries  New baby  Children milestones  Personal milestones  Job satisfaction All of those things can be “Liked” or commented/replied to by their manager or colleagues. Educate them on the ins and outs. Let them talk. which would have prevented this wonderful real-time exchange. The university could have.  many. had a policy in place that all tweets need to be vetted. do you think this is a tweet that is “his own and not a reflection of his 39 LiSTEN E-BOOK | 2017 . and let the world look at your brand in a more than any other group of people. social media didn’t invent that. but that doesn’t mean a brand should lock down their employees and monitor them for infractions. like better light. with social media. They interact on social media channels social media accounts. Sure. Encouraging your employees is a nice way to build up spirits or acknowledge a big change worth noting. the talk is both public and permanent. LiSTEN TO EMPLOYEES Lo and behold. To the best reply of them all: People will always talk.