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Choose the correct adjective:

1. My nephew was (amusing / amused) by the clown.

2. It’s so (frustrating / frustrated)! No matter how much I study I can’t seem to remember this vocabulary.

3. This lesson is so (boring / bored)!

4. I’m feeling (depressed / depressing), so I’m going to go home, eat some chocolate, and go to bed early
with a good book.

5. I thought her new idea was absolutely (fascinated / fascinating).

6. This maths problem is so (confusing / confused). Can you help me?

7. The teacher was really (amusing / amused) so the lesson passed quickly.

8. The journey was (exhausting / exhausted)! Twelve hours by bus.

9. The plane began to move in a rather (alarming / alarmed) way.

10. He was (frightening / frightened) when he saw the spider.

11. I was really (embarrassing / embarrassed) when I fell over in the street.

12. That film was so (depressing / depressed)! There was no happy ending for any of the characters.

13. I’m sorry, I can’t come tonight. I’m completely (exhausting / exhausted).

14. We are going in a helicopter? How (exciting / excited)!

15. Don’t show my baby photos to people, Mum! It’s so (embarrassing / embarrassed)!

16. It’s okay, it’s only me. Don’t be (alarming / alarmed).

17. My sister is so (exciting / excited) because she is going on holiday tomorrow.

18. I hate long flights, I’m always really (boring / bored).

19. She looked very (confusing / confused) when I told her we had to change the plan.

20. John was (fascinated / fascinating) by Mandarin when he first started learning languages. He decided
to study more and now he can speak it fluently.

II. -ED or – ING? Choose the correct form of the words in brackets.

Sue: Hi, Jane. Have you had an (interest) day?
Jane: I've had a very (excite) day. It's my birthday today.

I was always (worry) that they would break up. that they can't come till next week. Mark: They say that it will take about two weeks to finish. But you're right. (disappointed / disappointing) 3 I had such a ________________ day I went straight to bed. I was pretty (shock) when I heard about it myself. yet again. Yes. Amy: I agree with you. I'm getting very (annoy) with them. I was absolutely (astonish) when I heard about it. Mark: You're not wrong! I'm starting to get very (bore) with all the delays. I'm starting to believe that it will never be finished. I have. But when they will start I don't know. Now I can relax. Mark: I hope you're right. Mark: That's the (frighten) thing. III. Why don't we go shopping and get you a present right now? That way we can get you something really (please). When do they think they will finish painting you house. It's (distress). You look (tire). They're always fighting like cats and dogs. Bill: That's (disappoint). (tired / tiring) . that's my brother's birthday. Never mind. I didn't get you a present. I'm (relieve).. (bored / boring) 2 Most sequels are ________________. I'm totally (exhaust) Bill: Why? What have you been doing? Mark: I've been getting my house ready for the painters to come tomorrow. That would be an (upset) thing to happen. Jane: What an (enchant) idea. 1 He's such a monotonous speaker.Sue: I'm a little (confuse). Amy: Have you heard the (suprise) news about Alice and Ted? Cathy: You mean about their getting married. I thought your birthday was next month. I was ________________ stiff. Mark: I am. Mark. Now they ring me to tell me. Where shall we start? Sue: What about right here? Bill: Hi. Cathy: Actually. Mine is today. I've just had a (fascinate) idea. I thought it was the most (astound) thing I'd heard in a long time. Hey. Amy: What a (depress) idea. Fill the gaps with the adjectives in brackets. Bill: You must be so (frustrate). Sue: Now I'm (depress). Bill: What a (shock) thought. I'll bet that you'll be (please) when it's finished. But it's OK. too. Jane: That's (disappoint). Just think of how (relieve) you'll be when it's finished. One day soon you'll wake up with the (relax) thought that it's finished and you don't have to worry about it anymore. Sue: Oh! Now I'm (embarrass). Bill: Don't be too (depress). Jane No.

(pleased / pleasing) 6 The whole school was ________________ by the tragic event. (excited / exciting) 5 That lamp produces a very ________________ effect. It's really ________________ . adding the "ly" termination: love-lovely -nervous -day -quiet -month -soft -sad -happy -week -terrible -month Write sentences with the "ly" form being an adjective. (surprised / surprising) 14 His mother was ________________ by what she found under his bed. (bored / boring) 10 I'm very ________________ in films and theatre. (interested / interesting) 11 No one knew what would happen next. (saddened / saddening) 7 I don't like watching ________________ films on my own. (depressed / depressing) 8 I was ________________ when she told me she'd got divorced. It was rather ________________ . (disgusted / disgusting) 16 Dad always arrives home from work thoroughly ________________ . (annoyed / annoying) 19 I walked into this restaurant and there was Andy with a strange woman. 4 Everyone's very ________________ about the news. Change the word form like the one in the example. (embarrassed / embarrassing) 20 She kept talking about her boyfriend problems all night. (exhausted / exhausting) 17 He's always showing off. He can't keep still for a second. We were all ________________ . He seemed really ________________ . (disgusted / disgusting) 15 Their hamburgers are ________________ . He only ever talks about himself. (annoyed / annoying) 18 I think Alex is one of the most ________________ people I've ever met. (interested / interesting) 13 There's been some very ________________ news. (embarrassed / embarrassing) IV. (intrigued / intriguing) 12 It was a very ________________ situation. . (amazed / amazing) 9 He's such a ________________ guy.