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I. Fill in the missing words into the gaps.

Positive Comparative Superlative

II. Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets (comparative or superlative).

1. My house is (big) than yours.
2. This flower is (beautiful) than that one.
3. This is the (interesting) book I have ever read.
4. Non-smokers usually live (long) than smokers.
5. Which is the (dangerous) animal in the world?
6. A holiday by the sea is (good) than a holiday in the mountains.
7. It is strange but often a coke is (expensive) than a beer.
8. Who is the (rich) woman on earth?
9. The weather this summer is even (bad) than last summer.
10. He was the (clever) thief of all.

III. For each sentence, choose the best word or phrase to complete the gap from the choices

1. Please can I have a clean plate? This one is very _____.

A bad B dirty C ugly D dark

2. Please put the light on. It's very ____ in here.

In my country. It's not ____ to remember all the new words when you are learning a language. Don't sit on the grass. A thin B short C small D high 7. It's a very ___ story. a few people are very rich. A weak B bad C thin D dark 3. A full B weak C old D sad 4. He learns very ____. These ones are really ___. I need some new shoes. It made me cry when I read it. I couldn't eat anything more. A poor B weak C low D fast 11. but many people are ____. I look really ____. I'm completely ____. A slow B easy C empty D light 10. A wet B low C dry D light 8. Don't touch that! It's very ___ and it will burn you. I don't like that photo. but when I was younger I was very ____. A full B empty C thin D strong 5. I'm quite heavy now. A closed B ugly C difficult D open 6. A fast B slowly C openly D highly 12. He's a good student. A clean B bad C sad D weak 9. A difficult B hot C strong D cold . It's still ___ because it was raining earlier today.