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A Note to Parents
Mary Kay Ash, who created one of the most successful cosmetic
companies in America, had a wonderful idea. One of the most crucial
concepts she taught her sales team was to imagine ever y person
they met had a banner on their foreheads declaring "Make Me Feel

Imagine if we applied her ideas to our children; the y would be filled
with a sense of hope and optimism and confidence; they would grow
into balanced and secure indi viduals who would in turn, make
wonderful parents. If children recognize and appreciate their gifts,
talent and endless potential, it frees them up to see t he same things
in others. And no – they will not be creating arrogant monsters!
Arrogance is usually a cover up for massive insecurit y anyway.
However, they may be shining a light in the dimness of someone
else's soul and letting them see their own talents.

Magic is a skill that is fairly easy to learn and can help children to feel
good about themselves. It will help develop hand eye coordination
and communication skills. Work with your children as they practice
these magic tricks. Gently critique them as they learn new routines
and encourage them to practice. Set aside a time of the day for
practicing. Keep it going for about fifteen minutes and then take a
break for about five or ten minutes. This would be a good time to help
them think about the story that goes along with the trick. Then have
them practice the same trick for another fifteen minutes. The trick will
be easier after a short break.

Practicing magic will help children learn that they have to work to
achieve their goals. The tricks in thi s book were designed to be easy
so children can start to de velop the disciplines they will need later on.

My Inspiration

When I was in the fifth grade, I saw something astounding. It was the
most amazing thing I've ever seen, and little did I know, this event
would change my life forever.

My life's ambition would be based on this one event. What could I
have seen that had such a strong impact on my life?

I saw Kermit the Frog riding a bicycle and I wondered how he was
able to do that. This was a magical moment.

So, my dream has been trying to create magical moments like that.
By combining magic, special effects and puppetry I've been able to
achieve my dream. If you would like to see how I’m achieving me
dream, just look up

I'd love to spark something in your imagination.

check provide you with helpful out The Magic Castle feedback. may not be appropriate for your particular skill level. If you live in friendly. title that you can get your other magicians can provide hands on. The Magic Bug If you’ve been bitten by the magic bug and are starting out 3. The tendency early on is to club. appreciative and can the Los Angeles area. you’ll have to Remember that knowing the know a member to get in. take them place where you may visit with other magicians.h can be overwhelming. visit it and ask if they host a 2. Try to you can meet and work with perform for those who are other magicians. something of a rarity. which often even teach you better methods. magic effects may or to support your magic store by purchasing tricks and supplies. And buying The local magic store is unfortunately becoming magic tricks can quickly become expensive. if you can. However. make use of everyday items Excellent magic organizations found around the home or include the International tough audience at this stage d/magicvenues/a/magiccastle. tm). However. It’s important that you get in in magic. buy a variety of effects. stage. here are three steps touch with other magicians. only can you freely show your new effects to other magicians 1. and practice and perform Brotherhood of Magicians. Not to get you on the right path. Just be sure home and try to learn them.magic. Performing for a (http://www. If secret and being able to you’re lucky enough to have a perform a trick is only part of local magic store in your area. choose your Both have local clubs where audiences wisely. At this Society of American Magicians. the success of a trick. In any event. most magic stores provide a gathering go to a magic store. . Check your public library for without having to worry about magic books and read every failure and exposing secrets. Learn a few tricks you with valuable feedback and from these books. and them for your friends.

This you like best. When your friends say to the audience. REPEATING: Never do MIRRORS: Always think the same trick again right about how the trick will look away. Sometimes insist. you. So when the magic trick and you will do them the best. so you must know how watching every move. do a different trick. watch. myself!" just go on to another trick. all the fun is gone. The best way "Do that again". and they won't watch try new tricks. knowing magic if people don't Stick to the ones that feel right. Once they learn the show it to anyone. They will watch it again. As you you. their eyes will be closely. It's not fun right for you. If you do friends will see. but next so you can see what your time they'll catch you. If they it looks to them. happens. it without practicing. never tell your friends how you did PRACTICE: Practice each a trick. BOASTING: Don't boast TRICKS: Choose the tricks about how good you are. or the trick fail. . act surprised. some will "feel" another trick. it means they is to practice in front of a mirror. If you show secrets. Rules for Good Magicians: SECRETS: Never. be polite and give the secret away or have say "I promised never to tell". Nobody could do will make your friends angry at every trick equally well. If you do mess up "I don't know how it works a trick in front of an audience. no matter how much trick many times before you they ask. were fooled this time. while others won't. or say you will see things that surprise the trick can only be done once. you'll just When they ask.

you should be able to simply open (straighten) all of your fingers to make the rubber band "jump" to your index and middle fingers. If you like. please review the ring. reversing the direction. you can also use a hair band. Rest your fingers in the rubber band against the palm of your Hold your hand naturally and hand. The back of your hand should be facing your audience (The picture shows your hand from your view). stretch the rubber band If the rubber band doesn’t and insert the tips of your pinky. With your other hand. Jumping Bands Effect: A rubber band mysteriously jumps from your pinkie and ring fingers to the first and middle fingers of the same hand and then back again. Note that by into it. Materials: A rubber band. middle and first fingers instructions. . this point. you can make the rubber band jump back to the original fingers. Let rubber band and how the band the rubber band rest at the is held against the fingertips. Notice how all of the wrap the rubber band around fingers are resting inside of the your pinkie and ring fingers. jump. At base of your fingers.

Don't let are: anybody watch you arrange the cards. and putting that card on the you could add a "false shuffle" bottom. or pretend you're over. and it will be the ace. ACE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE TEN JACK QUEEN KING Starting with the top card (three). you know by now it will work IF YOU PRACTICE!! . Put the rest of the deck table. course. Turn the next card or "false cut". Of Place the ace on the table. so the three is facedown on top. Card Spelling Before starting this trick. diamonds). the TWO. taking the card off the top for each letter. Continue away. and place it on the picture. Now hold the packet of cards face down. not sure if it will work. The list of cards to spell spades. cards. turn over the arrange them in order like the top card. clubs. spell the first card from the list below (ACE). It will be a two. take the cards out of the deck that Now spell out the next card in you see in the picture. It doesn't matter which with the rest of the arranged suits are used (hearts. and the list. To make this more entertaining.

and people will think you can read with your fingers. The the paper at the folds. The name in the middle will be the only one with two torn edges. and that you can. Pretend you're thinking hard. a girl and two boys. like the picture. Now tear paper. Mind Reading What if you could read with Here is how it works. etc. The paper your fingers? This trick shows is folded into three parts. and reach into a blindfold on. Cover pieces. and the pieces are your eyes with the dropped into a box or hat. With handkerchief. How do you tell which one is the girls name? Feel the edges of the paper carefully. The top and bottom names have only one torn edge. Of course. two teachers and one student. and drop paper is then torn in three the pieces in the hat. able to pull out the one girl’s name. . Three people the names are written on the write their names on a piece of paper. the magician is the hat. this could be done with two girls and one boy.

Before the table and rest the ace face trick. A spectator shuffles a deck and cuts it and drops it into the inner pocket of your coat. remove one of the You’ll need to wear a jacket aces. remove the aces from the down away from the packet. slip your hand inside the pocket to hide the aces. You ask the spectator to call out a number between "1" and "10. Reach into your pocket cards on the table. have removed all four aces. As . Aces from Your Pocket you hold open your pocket. the deck. and then lay down the next card on the table. deck and put them into the pocket of your jacket. Notice how the hand hides the aces that are already in the pocket. When Ask for a number between 1 you turn over the four separate and 10. with the Repeat the last step until you faces towards your body. This also puts the deck of cards against the outer edge of the pocket. When you get to the last number. they are all and count cards from the top of aces." You bring out the number of cards from the deck in your pocket. You repeat this three times. shuffle and cut. Turn over the cards on the Give the deck to someone to table to reveal the four aces. Place the packet on the with an inner pocket. Ask the spectator to put the deck into your pocket (the same one with the aces).

Pro versions with When the magician lifts the metal cups can cost up to three-cup stack. While professional three stackable cups and three magicians such as Tim Ellis. that cost less than thirty dollars. classic. . stacks two cups. The to have penetrated through the version depicted here features two cups and is found on the inexpensive aluminum cups table. the ball is seen hundreds of dollars. Suzanne. small balls. But the results will be satisfying to beginners and their audiences. The magician Johnny Ace Palmer. This one requires some time to learn as there is a set sequence to memorize. Cups and Balls Some consider the cups & balls to be the oldest recorded magic trick. the third cup over the entire advanced versions of this stack. beginning magicians can purchase simple. apparently depicted on the walls of Egypt’s Great The basic routine consists of Pyramids. pre- packaged versions that result in a mystifying sequence. Inexpensive plastic versions may be purchased for less than five dollars. places a ball Brian Ochab and Michael on top of the stack and places Ammar perform stunning.

For the finale. When the magician lifts the three-cup stack. The magician lifts the first cup to show that the third ball has mysteriously joined the other two under the first cup. A second ball on top of that cup and places is placed on top of the two-cup the last cup on top of the ball. the magician places one cup over the two The magician again stacks two balls on the table. rests another cups and places it over the ball cup on the table a short that has already journeyed distance away. puts the last ball through the cups. . the second ball is seen to have penetrated through the two cups and is found on the table with the first ball. stack and the third cup is placed over the entire stack.

. Keep the stick several pieces of clear crayon behind your back in tape on it. But. simple push a pin fingernail and see the color of in an untapped area. Ask them to hand you a Everybody knows that if you crayon behind your back but stick a pin in a balloon you will not tell you which one it is. If you push up to your forehead as if you the pins into the tape the are concentrating. Use a dark colored your left hand as you bring your balloon and the audience will right hand forward and hold it not see the tape. To destroy this sneak a look at your the evidence.” Dig your nothing is impossible. you can prove that you say. As pop it. the crayon you are holding behind your back. You then pretend to be feeling the color before announcing it. Crayon The No-Pop Prediction Balloon Get a number of different crayons and hand them to a helper. As you do balloon will not pop. “I can feel colors. I’ll with your magical powers prove it to you. Before fingernail into the crayon with the show blow up a balloon and your right hand.

for only a couple of either end. If you now pull the ends of the bill apart. Also. Jumping seconds. If you do this the rope without releasing quickly. Fold watch your angles-don't let the bill into an “S” shape and anyone view this illusion from clip it together as seen in the the side or back. . After your friends give up. Be sure to use a plastic cup and not a breakable glass one. Once they give up. with each hand. an opaque cup. the two paperclips will fly in the air and The Knot Tie link together all by themselves Challenge Balancing Cup You challenge your friends to tie a knot in a piece of rope. is better than a clear one. once they grab the rope they can’t let go. you show them how. balancing a plastic each end. Also. You may wish to experiment with different cups to see if some are easier to balance than For this trick you’ll need two others. Lay the rope on a table and ask your spectators to tie a knot in the rope. you explain. and make it look hard. But. drawing. cup on the edge of a playing When you uncross your arms. You will have to practice a bit as there is a knack to balancing the cup with your finger (the secret). you'll have to paperclips and a dollar bill. no one should notice that a Paperclips finger is missing. once they grab the rope. cross your Secret: Hold your hand as in arms and pick up the rope at the picture. they can’t let go. card and on the tip of your first you’ll tie a knot in the middle of (index finger). but the catch is. one that you can’t see through.

. fall and interlace. Your fingers are towards thumbs allowing the cards to the front of the deck. the cards. Notice that the bend of the bow is towards the table. use your hands to Here. bow the cards by squeezing Here’s how. Split the deck so half of the When you’re done interlacing deck is held by each hand. them between your thumb and fingers. the right hand is holding push the two sets of cards the top half of the deck and the together. step-by-step. Hold the deck in both hands with your fingers and thumbs holding the short ends of the Release the cards from your deck. The Shuffle Every magician needs to know Turn your hands and begin to how to perform a basic shuffle . Your shuffle is complete. left hand is holding the bottom half of the deck.

The grey lines are straight. This is a perfect circle. Visual Tricks Is the ball moving? Stare at the bulb for 30 sec. then look at a white piece of paper and watch the bulb glow. The lines are completely white. The center circles are the same size. .

Face or the word 'liar'? An endless triangle They are both the same size. Visual Tricks Woman or sax player? These dots are completely white. .

After the cards ( Ace of Spades. and concentrate hard on Ten of Hearts. he is really naming shuffle it thoroughly. the trick. theory is that out of those eight without the suit). they will eventually figure it out. cards. The (just the name of the card. Astonishingly. When you repeat the anything! If I have to say. Ten of Spades . may be a card between the Ace and the Ten. This trick works by probability . Ace of Clubs. you Hearts. That's all! This the same spectator a few times. don't overdo this one! cards (remember to tell him not . You can never only thing you have to do for find a trick that's easier than this trick is to act like you are this one! really concentrating very hard on the cards when you put your Note: This trick can be done to hand on them. at least the spectator to turn over the one of the Aces in the deck will deck of cards and fan through be next to one of the Tens. you ask Ten of Diamonds ). If that happens. simply tell the spectator that you are not concentrating hard Nothing! You really don't do enough. Ace of put your hand on the deck of Diamonds. Ten of Clubs . World's Simplest Trick Effect: You take out a deck of to name the suit). Ace of spectator names two cards. trick simply works! All by itself! but if you do it too many times. After a minute or so. it will work. let's say Ace cards and ask the spectator to and Ten. You Need: A deck of cards . there other. You then four cards of each kind since ask him to name any two cards the suit is not specified. When the spectator names two So. it. the cards that Don't believe this? Try it out! he names are right next to each About 10% of the time. it.

tell them to move UP or DOWN to the nearest BL ACK card. The Magic Secret: Tell your audience member to pick an y black card. tell them to move LEFT or RIGHT to the nearest BLACK card. After telling them to make several secret random moves. your audience member will always end up on the MIDDLE CARD ON THE BOTTOM ROW. Psychic Cards The Magic Effect: 12 cards are placed on the bar (using any red and black cards from the deck) in the same pattern you see in the diagram below here. you are able to tell them which card they have moved to. Next. Next. . You tell someone to secretly pick any BLACK card. If you follow these directions carefully. tell them to move DIAGONALLY To the Nearest RED card. Tell them to ne xt move UP or DOWN to the nearest R ED card. Finall y.

The right edge of the paper is then folded back behind the coin as shown in the picture. . 4. 3. Holding the piece of paper. The Magic Pouch This is a clever coin trick that can be done as impromptu magic using only two simple props. 1. The left edge of the paper is then folded back behind the coin a shown in the picture. This stunt is easy to do and gets an amazing reaction from your audience. A classsic of close up magic and an easy trick for beginners to perform. a coin and a square of paper. The next step is to fold the bottom edge of the paper up to cover the coin.The bottom edge should not be folded up all the way up to the top edge but should be about 5 millimetres below it. take the coin and place it in the centre of the paper 2.

Unknown to them there is actually an opening at the top of the paper pouch. where the audience see that the coin appears to have vanished. . you can tear the paper pouch in two. 7.5. 6. Use a little patter to make this trick more entertaining. Turn the paper pouch upside down in your hand and let the coin gently fall into your palm where you can conceal it from the audience. For a finale. The last fold is made by bending the top flap of the paper behind the coin. This will appear to the audience member to have completely sealed in the coin .

held by the into the handkerchief. This makes it look like the coin has disappeared. Then you place the handkerchief in that hand. Handkerchief and Vanishing Coin Trick Effect: The magician sticks the handkerchief. rubber band. With But it is really stuck in the your other hand place the coin handkerchief. Then let the rubber band slide off of your fingers and onto the . rubber band around your fingers and thumb. the coin and it is under the turns it over and then the coin handkerchief. so it surrounds coin into the handkerchief. disappears from inside the handkerchief. You then slide your hand up to the end of the handkerchief and Secret :You secretly wrap a shake it.

person. anticlockwise. true for you.e. See if this is move in different ways . thread lightly between the thumb and first two fingers of Experiment 2 one hand. . To use the effects of your mental intentions pendulum. and the shoulder height so that the ring experiments that follow.g. You will find that the while staying relaxed. Now simply simply WATCH the pendulum TELL the pendulum to move to see how it moves. move as directed. example. You should rather described above. it is hangs down freely. is female.. back and forth. slightly at You may find that the direction first and then with increasing of movement is different amplitude (keep up the mental depending on the sex of the intention). The Pendulum A simple pendulum may be Practice these tests until you made by tying a finger ring or have developed a good sense other small weight on a length of the ways in which the of fine thread (about 12-18 pendulum moves and the inches is fine). It is often said. find that the pendulum starts to apparently of its own volition. that if the person is The swing will quickly reduce male the ring will swing back until the pendulum stops and forth. for Now tell the pendulum to stop. hold the end of the on the movements. Your hand should be IMPORTANT: In this held comfortably at about experiment. You will ring will start to move. the ring will trace a Try telling the pendulum to circle or ellipse. important that you do NOT consciously intend any Experiment 1 particular movement of the Hold the pendulum as pendulum. clockwise. Do NOT try to Ask a friend to hold out a hand make it swing by moving your and allow the ring to dangle just hand . whereas if the person moving. left to right. In each case the pendulum will move in the intended direction. diagonally.keep your hand still above it.

The Mysteriously. there is nothing on the table. any of these experiments. to decide in advance what each Experiments 4 and 5 provide a direction of movement means. You will need extrasensory awareness. Comments It may help to rest your elbow Of course.Experiment 3 question. on a table. relation to the pendulum's use in dowsing is whether these Experiment 5 unconscious muscular Try using the pendulum to get movements may be produced answers to questions that you by super-sensory or are interested in. If you have a complex . you will need to break Think of a number between 5 it down into a sequence of yes- and 10. the ring will movements are caused by continue to swing so that it slight unconscious muscle strikes exactly the number of movements in the body. see if you can tell which cup the The interesting question in object is under. Have fun. way of investigating these A simple and sensible system possibilities. then and hand (if you don't believe it will slowly stop. From the movements. movements of the pendulum. Now hold the pendulum no questions. The pendulum coin under one of the cups. this then. when observing someone else using the Experiment 4 pendulum. without it touching the sides or bottom. but so that the ring hangs down don't take it too seriously. inside a glass tumbler. so that they can be more easily detected. ask a friend to hide a response. arm times you were thinking of. is to use a forward-and-back swing for "yes" and left-to-right for "no". Now turn back and hold the simply acts as an amplifier of these subconscious ideomotor pendulum over each of the cups in turn. The pendulum will "magical" about the actual start to swing until the ring movements of the pendulum in strikes the side of the tumbler. watch their HAND Get three cups and invert them rather than the pendulum). While you turn Psychologists call this phenomenon the ideomotor away.

and so has ever heard of the magic on until you have seven rows of word ABRACADABRA. Deal your hand. time! Deal them out again the same as before. total of 21 cards. having him tell you which column his card is now in. so that the column you spell ABRACADABRA with the chosen card is right. and and deal them out into three it's time to find his card! columns by dealing seven Hold the cards face down in cards in each column.( See picture below) you mean. pick up the cards so that the column he pointed to is between the other two. Again. It will column he chose. so you can still see the cards and that you'll show him what behind it. and for each any card in one of the columns. Spell the word Now have someone think of ABRACADABRA. letter deal one of the cards face and then tell you which column down on the table. and the other columns. pause. When you the card is in. Repeat the process of dealing out the cards. and then the be the chosen card! As long as last column. this trick will work every between the other two. Make sure but ABRACADABRA is a you deal out each of the rows magic word for finding things. Pick up one of reach the last " A". but row. Say cards in three columns for a that not many people know it. and have your volunteer tell you which column the card is now in. as if you were going three cards across for the first to deal them out again. then another card on top instead ask your volunteer if he of each for the next row. Abracadabra Card Trick This is a great self working card the cards so that the column trick! with his card is between the other two columns. then the then turn over that card. You have Performance: Take 21 cards now done this three times. and picking up .

To see if you have won. • You WIN the prediction challenge if you guessed right. you may continue. • If you think my prediction will be INCORRECT. Continue concentrating for a few more seconds. Otherwise you LOSE. • If you think my prediction will be CORRECT. The Challenge Test your powers of prediction against mine!! Stage 1 • I have made a prediction about your behavior. My prediction is sealed and will be revealed later. concentrate on the box. . turn the page. • I want you to guess whether my prediction will be CORRECT or INCORRECT. concentrate on circle. You guess my prediction will be CORRECT You guess my prediction will be INCORRECT Stage 2 • When you have completed Stage 1. and then turn the page.

My Prediction is: You guess my prediction will be INCORRECT Your guess was wrong. so I guess I win!! .

out of view of your audience. Method: Take an empty large paper or styrofoam cup. . you could even push your thumb straight through it. appear to be concentrating your mind on the cup and gradually open up both hands at the same time. Now. Hold the empty cup with both your hands and facing the others in your party. Have one thumb pushed through the nearest side of the cup to you. Then. discreetly slip your thumb out from the side of the cup. announce that you are going to try and make the cup float in mid air. While doing this. Practice in front of a mirror to make sure that you get the angles and the timing right. Carefully make a hole in one side of the empty cup. push your hands slightly forward as if you are following the floating cup and eventually grab the cup with both hands. They release their grip on the cup and it appears to float in mid air. Cup Levitation Effect: The magician announces that they are going to make an empty cup float. This is a simple illusion but it looks great when done at the right angle. If the empty cup is made of styrofoam. big enough for your thumb to stick through.

So bandana in a rope like manner. Then you are Tie a knot in one corner of the able to achieve this impossible bandana. Bandana Tricks The Secret: In Almost every one of my Fold the bandana in half. let the The secret: knotted corner drop down. With one end of the . you pick up the bandana. As Hold out the bandana by one you loosen and tighten the corner. Then lift the lower twists the bandana will appear corner and hold it in the same to grow. Hold this corner so task. Flip the bandana so it hangs down as before. No knot 3. Then you lean forward so you can hold one end of the bandana in each hand. Pull on the remaining corners 1. Stretching a fashion between your hands. Flip the can tie a knot without letting go bandana once more and a knot of the ends. When you want the knot to appear. You let several appears in the lower corner. hand. the official Now secretly let go of the front Brett Roberts Bandana corner with your left hand and Routine: the back corner with your right. cross your arms. so shows I do a routine with a you can hold two corners in bandana. Bandana Then place it on a table directly You notice that your bandana is in front of you. This routine is one of your right hand and two corners my all time favorites! It’s easy in your left hand. Knot Challenge appears so you try again. Twirl the to do and very entertaining. people try to tie a knot without letting go of the ends and they The secret: wont be able to. so terms of the challenge. Hold the bandana at opposite corners and twirl it in a rope-like 2. here you have it. To meet the too small for the next trick. before you stretch it out. Still You tell your audience that you no knot appears. One Handed Knot while twisting the bandana. you hide the knot.

Moving Bandana the coin behind the bandana. Mind Reading over the left. In reality. After bandana tight between your proving that it is impossible to hands then slowly release the see through you put it on. between your thumb and first simply cover it with your finger. slowly push the coin the center of the right side. The The secret: Lay the bandana on the table. Roll two of the opposing corners together. Move your left You turn the bandana into a hand up so you can hold the blindfold and let several people bandana in the center. finger. When you want to center. Twist the lower part of the bandana around the coin. The coin penetrates the bandana. you just put 6. You will be Hold the center of the bandana able to see through the cloth. you pass a one can see through the borrowed coin through the blindfold. It stands up and over the coin. You then crush the bandana and it audience as if the bandana is draped completely around the stands up again. no for examination. at Now. Fold the center of the bandana You twirl the bandana in a rope like fashion. covering it about halfway. Move your right hand above your left hand so the right end is directly 5.bandana tightly in each hand. After handing the bandana out If you hold the rolls together. and pretend to put the coin under it. It will appear to the moves back and forth. The Bandana rolls should meet in the center. will now have a knot in the center of the bandana. Twirl the bandana rope-like upwards in the bandana. coin. It will stand up straight . If a Now take the left hand corner little bit of the coin is exposed. Then grasp the hem. Pull the try to see through it. Coin Through a table. You what they are holding. between your hands. bandana from your right Several people hold objects in fingers. shape of the coin will become visible around the cloth. Secret: Start by laying the bandana on 4. see through the blindfold simply The secret: separate the rolls. the air and you can tell people simply uncross your arms.

Finally.and tall. bandana move back and forth. together and hold them with As you do. making her do a dance finishing with a high kick. Twirl it as tightly as the top of your left fist. Use your other hand right fingers to straighten the to hold on to her head and turn bandana. The other two corners will be Now. Grab hold of the motion. secretly use your one hand. Pretend to pluck a hair curtains close on the tiny from your head and mime tying dancer. As you pretend to pull the hair to The secret: the left push the bandana with Spread the bandana open and your left thumb. The knot is the imaginary hair. let go of one of Assistant her feet while pulling tight on You make a doll-like beautiful her other foot and head. This will bring the her upright. Quickly possible. it on the top of the bandana. If you use your bandana back to its upright imagination you can see a doll- position. the . For her final spinning kick. will spin while the bandana You animate the assistant. with a swift downward her feet. With practice head. Now bring her feet raise your right hand back up. like figure. bring your right hand corners that will make her feet down on the bandana. comes undone. The two corners closest you will be able to make the to the knot will be the hands. Wiggling her back and forth will make her look like 7. The bandana tie a knot in the center of one will appear to follow the side of the hem. She assistant out of the bandana. crushing and twirl the bandana towards it between your right palm and you. Your Beautiful she’s dancing.

as well as shop for more information. He made the Statue amonth. Magician’s clubs are all over . and sometimes Bill Severn’s Book of Magic by you may get to see the stars Bill Stevern backstage after the show. Read the TV schedule and circle the SAM: www.magicsam. These are a real treat to see. Brotherhood of Magicians and Harry Anderson. Orson Wells. Many can be found your The Amateur Magician’s school or local library. David Copperfield and the Now you See It Now You Don’t Pendragons tour a lot. Here’s a list of some good Some Magicians tour with large books to read: stage shows that have them. There are lots of things you can learn. Magic is (IBM). The Untold Story by There are many books about Milbourne Christopher magic. Study LaughMaker’s Magazine by them. They usually meet once magician. or a jet airplane. The two largest ones magicians: Steve Martin. Call your local magic of Liberty disappear. are the International Johnny whenever you can. And the Society of very popular. Look for by Bill Tarr other performers as well. puppetry and balloon animals. Also try juggling. Everyone knows American Magicians (SAM). check out their web sites: Try to watch magicians IBM: www. There’s more to learn! Many people started out as the world. and learn as much as Bob and Kathy Gibbons you can about the fascinating world of magic. Houdini. the name of David Copperfield. Most Handbook by Henry Hay magic books can be found around 793 in the library.