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Transmission for tracked vehicles

HSWL 354
900-1300 kW

Source: KMW


for typical vehicle weight class 50-70 t
Power Range: 900-1,300 kW
(Power range is for guidance only, dependent
on vehicle weight and speed)

The HSWL 354 transmission is 4 speed, with all vehicle steering and service braking
functions incorporated in this drop-in unit, for rear vehicle installation.

A high performance transmission offering proven extraordinary reliability for mis-
sion and crew assurance that meetings all the requirements of modern vehicles,
with excellent brake performance, electric control and mechanical emergency gear
shift system; it is best known for its success in all ‘Leopard 2’ Main Battle Tanks, in
service with 24 countries, all fully supported by RENK.

250 kg Brake system Internet: www.800 HP) Vehicle weight.140 x 785 mm Maximum engine power 1.5 Transmission weight (dry) 2. typical 50-70t 4 speed forward Power shift transmission 4 speed reverse Overall ratio mechanical 4.renk. high performance Reference Vehicles • MBT Leopard 2 and family vehicles RENK Aktiengesellschaft Gögginger Straße 73 86159 Augsburg Germany Phone: +49 (821) 5700-221 Fax: +49 (821) 5700-595 E-Mail: Finfo@renk.722 x 1.Technical Characteristics • Direction of output shaft rotation forward/reverse is freely selectable • Front or rear vehicle installation • Powerpack design • Manual and fully automatic power shifting with electrical remote control • Mechanical emergency gear shift system • Torque converter with automatic lock-up clutch • Infinitely variable hydrostatic/hydrodynamic superimposed steering system • Pivot turn and neutral turn around the vertical vehicle axis at infinitely variable speed • Hydrodynamic/mechanical integrated brake system • Secondary side heavy duty retarder for service and sustained braking action • Service and parking brake • Power-take-off for fan drive • Engine can be started by towing the vehicle Technical Information Dimensions (AxBxC) 1.300 kW (1.5 Stall torque ratio .