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It is immense pleasure to thank all the person and dignitaries for the supports,
guidance and cooperation who helped me to complete these words. This small scale study was
not only the result of single mine but also accompanied by many helping hands.

First of all I would like to express my sincere thanks to Tribhuvan University for
granting me opportunity to carry out this research study and partial fulfillment of the course
requirement of bachelor of business studies. I would also like to express my deep sense of
gratitude towards the Bagishwori College and irs management board campus chief Krishna
Prasad Dhanccha, BBS in charge Gayendra Prasad Dahal & Subject teacher Badri Prasad Upreti
for their valuable guideline, suggestion and help in preparation of this repot.

I am more thankful to ‘Bio-Gas Project’ and the staff for providing me relevant
data, reports journals and other necessary information related ti the topics and for providing me
their precious and valuable time. I am pleased and grateful to my entire classmate who helped
me from behind scenes, especially to my group members who directly and indirectly help me to
finish this project in various ways.

Finally I want to thank all my classmates for helping me, More grateful to my
family members because without their support and inspiration. I could not complete this report
on time.

Shanta Raut

BBS Third Year

Bagiswori College

Tribhuvan University

Methods and Procedure 6 Chapter II : 7 2. Summary 17 3.1. Cost of Bio-gas 9 2.2. Saving on time 7 2.7.3. Saving in time. Presentation and analysis of Data 7 2. How Biogas is generated 3 1. Conclusion 18 . Uses of Bio-Slurry By the Farmer. Recommendation and Conclusion 17 3. Sanitation and Health 5 1. Chart Abbreviations Title Page no: Chapter I : 1 1.Background 1 1. Recommendation 17 3.7. What is Bio-gas 3 1.9.Biogas Supports Programmed 1 1.3. Summary.3. User’s sanitation 10 2. Benefit to Environment. Table of content: Acknowledgement Table of Contents List of Table. Major finding 16 Chapter III : 17 Cost of subsides 15 2. The Effect of Biogas Plant on Workload of woman 5 Limitation of Study 6 1. Frequency of visit to health or medical clinic 9 2.2. Some important Assumption before Analysis the above data 8 Feeding and plant size 11 2. Potentiality of Bio-gas Production 11 2. Introduction 1 1.Operation and maintenance 4 1. processing Bio-Gas 6 1.Purpose of the field work 3 1. Money and Fuel 5 1.3. Potential of Bio-gas 11 2.4. The effect of Bio-gas Plant on Users 5

Performance of Bio-gas 10 2. Geographical Reason wise Production 15 . 1) Household workload before and after plant installation 7 2) Demand of firewood and Kerosene and after installation 7 3) Monthly Saving of Different sources 8 4) Prevalent Diseases Before/ after Installation of BGP 8 5) Frequency of Visit to Health Post before/ after installation 9 6) Cost of Bio-gas 9 7) District/ Year Wise Production of Bio-gas 11 8) Plant Costs for Terai Region 16 9) Plant Costs for Hill Region 16 List of Tables 1.Bibliography Appendix I. User’s Sanitation 10 3. II List of Tables Page no.

ABBREVIATIONS BSP : Bio-gas Support Programmed Ch4 : Methane Co2 : carbon-dioxide H2s : Hydrogen sulphide LPG : Liquefied petroleum Gas NEDA : Netherland Development Agency S.H : His/ Her imperial highness P. : Serial Number Hh : hour Yr : Year Rs : Rupees H.B : Private Branch Cub : Cubic Mtr : Meter Kg : kilogram # : Measurement symbol for angstrom Ltr : liter Approp. : Approximate NBG : Nepal Biogas Company .N.