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In a fluential ruler with a potent ancestral lineage. On the other hand. bled lives. possession of unique powers also influence how people behave. Bloodrage savages struggle to contain the rage when it erupts and in a moment of uncontrolled fury. to redress past wrongs of an ancient blood relative. While many find bloodline sorcerers cor- nessed to it. Blood mages often forgo tradition. dangerous world filled with mythic beasts and terrible dan. blood mages travel in search for knowledge. unique lineage. Blood Thralls. bloodline sorcerers learn to develop a rapport harm on oneself when patience and careful with strangers. see- gers. Other. While blood mages do not ignore ancient texts. Bloodrage savages This is often a misperception. often overin- dulging in whims. see the practice as barbaric and dial and inviting. Blood Mages. severing cultural mages may not confine themselves to the ties. it may also be a mask to hide the nightmares of Practitioners of blood magic often lead trou. Anger simmers in the veins of bloodrage savages. Blood Thralls. more learned scholars do Bloodline Sorcerers. Most blood thralls have a lood MAGIC B new appreciation for both freedom and life. CHARACTERISTICS While traumatic and piv- otal events can define the core being of an individ- ual. those with a perverse mind often strive to nurture their supernatural blood to gain power over others. Since very few understand their mo- Bloodrage Savage. laborious task of scribing spells. Others make use of their affable and sociable charms to position themselves behind the throne of an in- ADVENTURERS All great stories have a beginning. Curious of the inborn magic not understand the need or desire to inflict they possess. Blood sorcerers often travel to dis- cover ancient or unique bloodlines to harness their untamed talent. Like most wizards. It is a constant thrum upon the heart causing many to inflict wounds upon them- selves to allow the anger to flow free. Good-hearted individuals attempt to right the wrongs they committed while under the influence of an evil master. Unlike those who study the traditional schools of magic. Blood Mages. these practitioners of blood magic learn to harness the raw energy within by spilling the blood of others. what drives someone to leave home and take the road ing it as a hindrance toward obtaining knowledge rather toward adventure? than a foundation. Bloodrage savages have a primal tives and lack of regard for proven arcane conventions. While their brash behavior could be genuine. enlighten- ment must come from within rather than discov- ered in a library surrounded by dusty tomes. Bloodline Sorcerers. but will in- stead focus that energy into a structured Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . especially with those that appear to have a study yields similar results. they possess an unbridled confidence. connection to the blood of their ancestors and often draw many believe they are free spirits. Bloodrage Savage. these wiz- ards often learn their craft through experimentation and performing rituals in places steeped in arcane energy. While those wit. upon generations of pain and hardship. anxious for release just be- neath the skin. Most blood thralls begin their journey after a dramatic upheaval leads them to freedom from servitude. it is often a ruse to ensnare a vial or two Artwork: Wizards of the Coast self-loathing. Blood 3 travel beyond their primal beginnings. of blood. Known as king's blood sorcerers. their past imprisonment. With the blood of their former master still pumping in their veins. they can hurt fellow companions.

continue to offer victims to Malar. alternative to make their characters unique. It arcane fundamentals now studied. Blood- spellcasting attribute this endowment to blood. Scholars believe this limitation is what led thralls find it hard to revert to a life of laws and traditions. There is also a variant to create a human half. Character Themes. This guide introduces a new subrace. Others. Worshippers Half-spawns are creatures birthed during or sometime after focus on the aspects of endurance and internal suffering their mother transformed into a vampire spawn. few that see injury and death as a part of life may look to- Bloodrage Savage. The super. Blood Mages. feeling unparalleled when compared to other motivating Practitioners of bloodline sorcery. For enchanted creatures and power. a few blood thralls seek guidance from Kelemvor. find themselves in mur- with the Weave. their supernatural gifts set them apart from others. spiritual rebirth. dragons. bind their magic with potent lineages. and wizard classes. the half-spawn. While many bloodrage savages the blood magic tradition seek to tether their own blood to worship Malar. bloodline sorcerers oftentimes betray those even vampires. The inclusion of new spells and viewing their freedom from servitude as a renewal of life or variants in your campaign can introduce players to the an. There are a total of four themes for the barbarian. their ideals bond to magic. While secret wizard covens consumed with world and possesses a compass that dictates what bloodlust might venerate Bhaal. blood than 5th level. though good-aligned barbarians exposed to the Weave. Al- This guide explores the power of blood and its supernatural though most blood mages distaste tradition. to empower their magic. we will work to might stem from a strong sense to acquire power through develop this product into a definitive guide. as well as other supernatural creatures. makes it hard to settle into a normal life. the is right and wrong. blood magic is not bound to the world of spell. sorcerer. Bloodline Sorcerers. which craft and arcane study. friends should they return home. Blood thralls discover However. fair and natural. Blood mages that revere the Pitiless Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . Blood thralls invoke the blood of their former masters to empower their abilities. To understand the nature of spawn. This guidebook presents several new magic sorcerers pray to Tempus for a good harvest of life sparks items that expound the nature of blood magic. ful monstrosities. good-natured The subrace is available to all races that offer a selection blood thralls oftentimes turn to Ilmater to shoulder their of a subrace. abnormal gifts. Blood cient practices of blood magic. derous temples dedicated to Bhaal. however. ship the Broken God. the Beastlord. empower their spells. sorcerers. Historians find evidence takes a strong will to stave off the pounding drums of one's of its primitive magic in archaic spells. as evidence suggests and insincere gestures. As past servants to evil masters. rather than shouldering the burden of the weak or op- natural vampiric blood invigorates the newborn child with pressed. do so in cults. Bloodline body increases the flow of blood and intertwines its power sorcerers with evil in their heart. magic infuses to the nature of blood itself. Blood magic is a learned craft that re- quires intense control over the body. Wizards of Bloodrage Savage. the teachings of Ilmater discover a quiet countenance never before experienced. With continued support. the Lord of Murder. Variants can offer players an thralls who embraced the savagery of their former masters. Blood Mages. therefore. The temptation to channel the Several academics surmise that creatures possessing innate raw magic that seethes within is too great to resist. Knights with ancient lineages abound in battle-stricken Faerûn and bloodline sorcerers dance and exercise. while others who dark path of blood sacrifice often seek ancient remnants ascribed to Jergal. known as king's blood determinants. most wiz- WHAT IS IN THIS GUIDEBOOK ards who follow this arcane path are lawful in nature. WHAT IS BLOOD MAGIC hunger for malice find the unbridled fury exhilarating. Those good of heart ward Kelemvor. Bloodrage savages inflict harm upon themselves to release RELIGION Commitment to a religious faith can arouse a the burning rage in their hearts. This deliberate movement of the often reap the rewards when dead or captured. Bloodline Sorcerers. place their faith in Lathander. A myriad of gods have blood magicians ALIGNMENT Each person has a unique view of the as worshippers. past burdens and anguish. None of these primor. Blood magic is ancient and many scholars discern that the The ferocious demand for totemic vengeance leads many first wizards employed blood magic before understanding the bloodrage savages to chaotic and often evil tendencies. Ancient line sorcerers hide their selfish nature behind coy smiles practitioners also believe this to be true. Bloodrage savages who do wor- Races. Magic Items. They often find themselves estranged from family and power spells. On the other hand. dial arcane formulas has the power to achieve magic higher Blood Thralls. the dark blood that binds them with their undead masters. innovative mages to explore other magical sources to em. As once servants to evil. Upon blood-soaked battlefields. to closest to them should it unlock more power. therefore they may not uphold a particular ideal. While others commit them- selves to certain people able to aid in their quest for power. New Spells and Variants. Blood Thralls. own heart. fighter. With such a strained ethical and that the first mages sought the blood of fey. and moral behavior. hard work and determination. those that begin the 4 accept the ancestral burden and attempt to harness the primal power.

With such a position. RACES Humans. Others might spend some of their early life amongst soldiers. which forges a long bond between master and slave. A vampire infiltrating a secluded monastery might select an acolyte to become a blood thrall. Others sought solace in the roar of the crowd as a gladiator. 5 Furthermore. Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . especially as a monk in a secluded monastery. the life of an elf spans several generations. while bloodrage savages who fear the primal power within live in seclusion as hermits. spending years in seclusion while investigating foreboding ruins. In tribal societies. murderous rage begin adventuring with a criminal background and often on the run. With a turbulent beginning. BACKGROUNDS Very few adventurers have idyllic. In those cases. the second son of a noble family commits to a life of servitude to a church. The chosen background of a blood thrall often intertwines with the motivations of their former master. half-elf blood mages relish the opportunity to forge their own path be- tween human tradition and elven heritage. with such short life spans compared to other races. quiet beginnings. Bloodrage savages who killed in an uncontrolled. sorcerers become acolytes to learn religious rites to supplant the role of shaman. haunting strange and foreboding ruins at the edge of the world to seek ancestral vengeance. Blood mages often live life as a hermit. Blood Mages. or a savage attuned to the wilderness. king's blood sorcerers discover that becom- ing an acolyte proves rewarding. seek to understand the nature of their own body and thus entice wizards to become blood mages or king's blood sorcerers. or soldiers as well as squires to prominent knights. While elves lack the physical build and likewise disdain such arcane practices. Practitioners of blood magic are no ex- ception. a member of a merchant guild. While many attempt to return to a life before en- slavement. it proves difficult since a past connection led them to imprisonment. blood thralls only realize their potential once freed from servi- tude. One ignore his now contemporary role as a servant to Kelemvor. Bloodline Sorcerers. An outlander is also a good fit for bloodrage savages. Many learn dance and acrobatics to better shape and control circulation within the body. Bloodrage Savage. Oftentimes. and thus enlist elves or half-elves to serve their needs. hiring safe trans- port during the day. Blood Thralls. Those that seek to exploit a po- tent heritage align their services with that of the nobility. Bloodline sorcerers insinuate themselves into such cultures under the guise of heralds. the presence of a bloodline sorcerer bolsters the lineage of the chief or war- lord and solidifies his claim to govern his people. a hermit or outlander. These adventurers instead hunt the ruins of Netheril for forgotten rituals that promise to bind their blood to the Weave. vam- pires often prefer fey blood because of its enchanted na- ture. minstrels. pursuing the art of battlefield medicine or understanding the circulatory sys- tem from those slain in conflict. While blood thralls host an array of different races.

BLOOD RAGE Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level. If the target drops to 0 hit points. Until blood rage ends. BARBARIAN PRIMAL PATH Blood magic pumps in the heart of savages in the form of ancestral ties. you feed from the pain and anguish suffered in combat to inflame your rage. While raging. as well as on Intelligence checks to recall information about them. you can expend 2 Hit Dice as a bonus action to choose a crea- ture you can see within 10 feet. each other creature within 5 feet of you takes damage equal to your Rage Damage bonus. or you attack a creature other than the target. 6 Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . when a creature ends its movement at least 20 feet from you. You can also enter a rage as part of the reaction. blood rage ends. BLOOD TRACKER At 6th level. BLOODRAGE SAVAGE As a bloodrage savage. when you hit with a Reckless Attack while raging. you have advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks to track any creature you previously injured. you can use your reaction to move up to half your speed toward it. ancestral spirits burdens your heart with a murderous lust quenched for a brief moment when your blade bites skin. EAGER FOR BLOOD Starting at 10th level. RECKLESS CLEAVE Beginning at 14th level. you can inflict a wound upon yourself as an offering to the spirits for a more grievous strike. you deal an extra 1d6 damage to the target whenever you hit it Artwork: Mehrdad with a melee weapon attack. The shared blood of vengeful. the rage ends. The damage type is the same as the melee weapon damage type you used for the attack.

Furthermore. As a bonus action. You gain one of the following features of your choice. it again until you finish a rest. If the target is Large or smaller. Dark Sight. bound through blood Blood Drinker save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + to serve a vampire or demonic overlord. you cannot use + your Strength or Dexterity modifier (your choice). you must finish a short or long rest before you can use it again. it must also make turns in combat to take the Dash action. Creatures immune to the charmed condition are unaffected by gaze of the hunter. The your Strength or Dexterity modifier (your choice). Freed Mind. the haunting must finish a short or long rest before you can use it again. As a bonus action. You can cast charm person at will as temporary hit points equal to the roll of your extra damage a 1st-level spell. the points you regain is instead equal to 2d8 + your fighter level. AGILE EVASION At 18th level. a Strength saving throw. you gain Charming Gaze. flourishes. you Though free from loathsome servitude. weapon attack. you learn to draw upon the wield these dark boons without succumbing to savagery. On a failed save. the extra damage die becomes a d10. blood thrall warriors fight to maintain their identity every day. In a place where evil often transfer such gifts to minions. a turn. You benefit from the chosen dark gift until you no longer have temporary hit points. FIGHTER ARCHETYPE BLOOD THRALLS IN BAROVIA While Blood Mage wizards and King’s Blood sorcerers both fit into the macabre atmosphere of Ravenloft. SHADOWED BLOOD At 10th level. you can gain nourishment from the blood of your climbing speed equal to your current speed until the end victims. Gaze of the Hunter. select one dark gift for every 5 points you receive. At Blood thralls learn to draw strength from the dark gifts 18th level. At 18th level. when you use the second wind feature while you are in darkness. DARK STRENGTH At 15th level. you can regain hit points equal to 2d6 + your fighter level instead of normal. Shadow Life. your attack deals an extra 1d8 points of Celerity. BLOOD THRALL Within the deepest reaches of night. it becomes a d12. you gain 5 additional temporary hit points. Once you use this feature. creatures have a disadvantage to Strength saving throws against your blood drinker feature. Blood Thrall Blood magic flows in the veins of powerful masters and fighters are born to the setting. blood of your patron that still courses through your veins. At 10th level. You can take a bonus action on each of your damage. it You can use this feature twice between rests and only once empowers your resolve. strength of your dark master pulsates through your veins and whether from a forbidden ritual or enthralling kiss. one creature within 5 feet cannot make an opportunity attack until the start of your next turn. bestowed upon them by the perverse beings who once bound them to service. you can use 7 the Dodge action as a bonus action. you linger in a realm of madness from which few ever return. When you hit a living creature with a melee of your turn. whenever you gain temporary hit points. You can cast darkvision on yourself at will. voice of your master forever beckons you to return. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed. BLOOD DRINKER When you select this archetype at 3rd Aberrant Climber. you gain a level. Once you expended all uses of this feature. Artwork: Dusan Kostic Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . Once you use this feature. When a target fails its Strength saving throw against your blood drinker feature. The guilt of horrible deeds they committed haunts many good-aligned souls. It requires a deep inner resolve to DARK GIFT At 7th level. without expending material components.

SORCEROUS ORIGIN The arcane tradition of blood magic spawns less studious pupils to unlock its potential. believe it a sinister form of blood magic and hunt the purveyors with zeal. The chosen creatures gain a +1 bonus to initiative checks. forge 1 life spark. You can hold a number of life sparks equal to your Elemental. only a few able to harness its secrets reserve such power. Once per turn. You cannot use the fea- ture again until you finish a rest. The extra damage can be Some life spark powers require your target to make a either bludgeoning or fire (your choice). Fiend. When you hit a creature with a weapon or Constitution modifier. you can expend a fey life spark as a bonus action to beguile or frighten the target. you can expend a life Dragon. KING’s BLOOD (BLOODLINE SORCERY) Bloodlines are a powerful source of magic. Humanoid. an extra 1d8 points of damage. when you cast a divination spell. saving throw to resist its effects. When you hit a creature with a weapon or spell throw DC as follows: attack. your next turn. The target must make a Life Spark save DC = 8 + your proficiency Wisdom saving throw. Though the rumors and suspicions are true. you can select guidance when you learn a sorcerer cantrip. LIFE SPARK Starting at 6th level. On the other hand. You can expend a celestial life spark as a hostile creature to 0 hit points with a melee weapon or bonus action to gain resistance to all damage until the end spell attack. until the end of your next turn. PROPHETIC REFLEXES At 1st level. You can expend a beast life spark as an action to advantage to Strength checks until the end of your next cast speak with animals without the expendi. You can expend an aberration life spark as action to gain resistance to fire damage until the end of a bonus action to gain a +2 bonus to AC until the end of your next turn. several serve as advisors to immoral rulers. Calculate the saving Fey. Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . it is charmed or bonus + your Charisma modifier. Giant. This advantage lasts whose essence you captured. along with great tribal chieftains. You can expend a giant life spark to gain Beast. any spell attack. kings and queens. Nevertheless. you can choose a number of creatures you can see equal to 1 + the spell's level. At the end of a long rest. Most kingdoms forbid the practice of blood sorcery since many believe it relies on the strength of a noble line- age. The depraved sovereigns often surround themselves with unwitting courtiers of strong heritage as a source for their blood sorcerer. you can expend an elemental life spark to deal unspent life sparks fade into the great beyond. frightened (your choice) until the end of your next turn. you capture a portion of its fleeting soul and of your next turn. This bonus lasts until you are incapacitated or you take a short or long rest. when you reduce a Celestial. You can expend a humanoid life spark as an action to cast augury without expending a spell slot or 8 material components. On a failed save. turn. when you choose this origin. You can expend a fiend life spark as a bonus Artwork: Maciej Zagorski Aberration. PORTENT OF BLOOD Beginning at 1st level. ture of a spell slot. You can expend a dragon life spark to gain an spark to gain a benefit depending on the nature of creature advantage on your next saving throw.

9 Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . Once you use this feature. you can retain the fleeting essence contained within a life spark. a powerful giant king or demon prince can hold great power in their veins. If you possess at least one life spark at the end of a short rest. as you advance. when you expend a humanoid life spark of an uncommon lineage. Instead of gaining hit points. such as an distant heir to a throne or even a member of royalty. You can expend a monstrosity life spark as a bonus action to gain temporary hit points equal to 1d6 + half your sorcerer level. Your Game Master reserves the right to decide the potency of the lineage a humanoid life sparks holds. you can expend one or more hit dice. you can cast either Arcane Eye or Divination (your choice) using a sorcerer spell slot of the same level. such as a knight or courtier. Monstrosity. Rare Lineage: A humanoid with a rare lineage. As it stands. However. Beginning at 7th level. A minor noble. though holds little power. At the end of a long rest. bears the potential of great power. When you expend a life spark. the power assumes the life spark originates from one with a common ancestry. you or one other creature within 10 feet can regain hit points as if you expended 1 hit die. Beginning at 9th level. VARIANT: BLOODLINES WITH GREAT LINEAGE With the permission of your Game Master. the very presence of a life spark revitalizes your strength and well-being. Although not humanoids. you can prevent 1 life spark from disappearing with each hit die you expend. VESSEL OF GHOSTS At 14th level. you can manipulate the fleeting essence contained within a life spark. you cannot use it again after a long rest. WELLSPRING OF LIFE At 14th level. you can expand the power gained from a humanoid life spark should the life you extinguish bear a great lineage. Uncommon Lineage: A humanoid with an uncommon lineage has a rich heritage. you can benefit from any one of the listed life spark powers regardless of the creature's nature when you captured it. you can cast either Legend Lore or Scrying (your choice) using a sorcerer spell slot of the same level. when you expend a humanoid life spark with a rare lineage. you can achieve further power from a humanoid life spark of grand lineage to cast potent divination magic. SHAPE LIFE SPARK When you achieve 18th level. such as a peasant or warrior. serve as examples of a humanoid with an uncommon lineage.

you know the location of any beast. Inflicting a severe wound requires  Blood Siphon. You know the type of any being whose presence you sense. begin casting a spell of 1st level or higher that deals Furthermore. creatures. When you finish a short or long rest. you learn to Minor Wound. you regain 1d6 hit points instead of normal. to expenditure of 1 hit die. Inflicting a minor wound requires the manipulate the flow blood. you their veins as a wellspring of arcane power. reset the DC to 10. plus 1d6 for each additional blood point. a wave of pain and anguish erupts feature. When you reduce a creature to 0 hit the expenditure of 2 hit dice. CULL THE BLOOD At 6th level. though wizards that travel modifier (minimum of +1). either stem death or empower your blood magic. the DC by 5. The sound of blood pumping in the ARCANE TRADITION veins of the living registers upon your senses like a soothing rhythm upon your being. Should to deal psychic damage to the target. When you select this arcane tradition at 2nd level.  Lifeblood. action to call upon the power of blood by either inflicting a minor or severe wound upon yourself. when you perform the Arcane Recovery psychic or fire damage. Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . you gain proficiency in Medicine and double your proficiency bonus BURN THE BLOOD At 6th level. creature. in a fevered hunger to point as an action to focus your awareness upon the unlock arcane secrets of ancient empires. increase the damage die of Each time you use this feature after the first. and the creature points. When you make a death saving saving throw of the day. you can invoke or spell attack. While you possess one or more blood points. Furthermore. Instead of regaining hit points with a melee or spell attack. When you do not wear armor. in addition to the you drop to 0 hit points and do not die outright. If you succeed. giant. You can use a bonus wizard level. blood point. After a long rest. equal to your Intelligence and arcane might. increase 10 Blood Agony to a d8. this path of magic view the sanguine fluid flowing through You can invoke this ritual twice.  Blood Sense.  Blood Agony. but not the "My blood courses with arcane power while your blood. you regain 1d6 hits points when you following blood rituals: instead roll a 18-20 on a death saving throw. When an attack scores a critical hit following features: against a living creature within 10 feet. one willing creature within 30 feet can expend one hit die to a maximum of 5d6. you gain the  Mark of Blood. instead of your normal psychic and fire damage. you gain resistance to to any check made with the skill. you gain 2 blood points. you can spend 1 blood point as a reaction. Expend 1 blood Wizards in the Forgotten Realms. or humanoid. will simply spill from your body. Instead of regaining hit points. you can expend blood points to perform the At 14th level. you gain 1 blood point. when I begin. unexpended blood points vanish. even if it is not your own. dies. and you regain a number of hit points equal to the result. often follow immediate area to reveal the presence of living untapped paths of the Weave. Furthermore. you gain advantage on attack rolls against the your AC equals 13 + your Constitution modifier. BLOOD SAVANT You combine the source of your arcane power with the blood flowing through your veins. whenever you proficiency bonus. you invoke blood each time you activate this feature) equal to half your magic to gain supernatural powers. You gain advantage on your first death  Wellspring of Life. Until the end of your next  Armor of Vitality. turn. you can expend 1 or more blood points the power of blood in others to bind your wounds. manipulating the Weave and uniting the power of blood which lasts for 1 minute. you also regain 1 expended hit die. Severe Wound. When you hit a creature with a melee INHERITOR OF BLOOD At 10th level. throw and roll a 19-20 on the d20. you can damage of the attack. At 14th level. Afterward. The extra damage is 1d6 for 1 make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw. Blood is life. you gain 1 blood point. This wave causes creatures of your choice within 10 feet to suffer psychic or fire damage (you choose BLOOD MAGIC Starting at 2nd level."  Fortitude of Blood. identity of the creature. Until the end of your next turn. Expend 1 blood point as a bonus Blood mages learn to heighten their spellcraft through action to gain a bonus to Constitution saving throws. cannot perform it again until you finish a short or long rest. within 60 BLOOD MAGIC (Version 1) feet that is not behind total cover. from you.

When you inflict a minor wound. When you inflict a minor or severe wound through your Blood Magic feature. expend one or more blood points to create one spell slot. For each blood point you expend. As a bonus action on your turn. SOUL BURN At 10th level. you can transform the blood within your veins into raw arcane power. You cannot create a spell slot higher than 5th level. CREATING SPELL SLOTS Spell Slot Gained Dice Result 1st 7-9 2nd 10-16 3rd 17-20 4th 21-23 5th 24+ BLOOD SOUL MAGUS When you achieve 14th level. you learned the final secret of weaving blood and raw arcane power into one source of magic. 11 Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . while a severe wound yields 4 blood points. roll 1d6 and consult the following Creating Spell Slots table for the result. you gain a greater number blood points. instead gain 2 blood points.

you can bestow consciousness upon the blood of a dead creature BLOOD POOL causing the lifeblood to reinvigorate the corpse. you can form a from one another. the you finish a long rest. detailed below under Blood Rites. Blood is life. arcane power with the blood flowing through your veins. I discovered Mike Mearls and Chris Lindsey highlighted the When you select this arcane tradition at 2nd level. You have a number of blood points same turn. I included both versions. The pressure ruptures tissues and organs causing intense pain. you cannot use it again until point. you can reroll a number of damage dice When you inflict a hemophilic wound. Once you use this feature. Blood Rites. you regain one or more hit points. Hit dice seemed when I begin. You can have more blood points than shown on the table for your level. in this proficiency bonus. the character does not need their veins as a wellspring of arcane power. Once you must use the new result. bond between your lifeblood and the magical energies of the Weave. update. As an action. You to a pool of blood points (described below). Once you staunch the flow of blood. Level Blood Points You can cast revivify once using a wizard spell slot. Starting at 14th level. character tempted to risk life for power. when you roll weaken the connection to the Weave. I wanted the "My blood courses with arcane power while your blood. manipulating the Weave and uniting the power of blood In the end. In an adventuring group with a cleric or bard this path of magic view the sanguine fluid flowing through with powerful healing abilities. you can manipulate 9-12 4 the blood of another creature and cull it free from its 13-16 5 confinement. 5-8 3 CULL THE BLOOD At 14th level. BLOOD MAGIC (Version 2) A TALE OF TWO TRADITIONS You may wonder why there are two wizard traditions with the same name? When I first designed the class. when you perform the Arcane Recovery Feel free to include one or both versions in your game. BLOOD RITES The blood rites are in alphabetical order. you EMPOWERED BLOOD At 6th level. 12 When you gain a level in the wizard class. BLOOD AWAKENING Starting at 10th level. Furthermore. inflict a hemophilic wound. You learn two blood rituals of your choice. concentration. I nixed it during the latest update and to any check made with the skill. drawing it from the body all at once. the original felt overpowered in the right and arcane might. you can use it twice before a rest. but only once in the Blood Pool. you also regain 1 expended hit die. long rest before you can use it again. Therefore. though wizards that travel circumstances. blood mages can differ BLOOD MAGIC Starting at 2nd level. you can choose one of the blood rites you Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . Since blood magic is an ancient tradition and learned through discovery rather than proper training. and flow of blood and can close the hemophilic wound. will simply spill from your body. you gain access up to your Constitution modifier (minimum of one). you gain virtues of the original in an Unearthed Arcana article. damage for a spell. oozes. taking 10d10 necrotic damage on a failed save or half as much on successful one. plants. When undead. it is a hemophilic wound and therefore remains open. feature. instead of your normal it no longer existed in the product. Any form of healing you receive staunches the feature has no effect on constructs. proficiency in Medicine and double your proficiency bonus Much to my horror. one creature within 30 feet must make a Constitution saving throw. to exert hit dice during a rest. you call upon the power of blood by inflicting a ritualistic wound upon yourself." the obvious choice although I felt uneasy about the trade off (I never liked the idea of characters giving up something Blood mages learn to heighten their spellcraft through inherent to access class features). After I made the changes and updated the product with BLOOD SAVANT You combine the source of your the second version (which overhauled the tradition entirely). This Healing. you cannot use it again until you 2-4 2 finish a long rest. know and replace it with another blood rite that you can While the wound does not deal damage or break learn. determined by your wizard level. you cannot inflict another such Once you use this feature. hemophilic wound heals. you must finish a short or wound again until you finish a long rest. 17-20 6 As an action. When you no longer have any blood points. you also lose 1 blood Once you use this feature.

you cannot use this feature again until you finish a long rest. and take 1 point of necrotic damage for each level of the spell. When you cast a wizard cantrip. This extra hit die cannot exceed your hit dice maximum. you can expend 1 blood point to add your proficiency bonus to the WIZARD VARIANT: BLOOD CHANNELER damage. For example. CASTING A SPELL Spell Level Blood Point Cost Level 1st 2 2nd 2nd 3 5th 3rd 5 13th 4th 6 17th 13 Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . the char- acter recovers 3. To cast a spell. This damage does not break concentration and ignores Phantom Vigor. Blood Spell. you can spend 1 blood point to cast the spell without material components. instead of regaining 2 hit dice as normal. spend 1 blood point as a bonus action to gain 1d4 + 4 You cannot use the blood component feature if a spell temporary hit points. Blood Focus. a 4th-level wizard spent 3 hit dice. you can replace the arcane recovery class feature with blood channeler. psychic damage does not cause you to break concen- without expending a spell slot. Beginning at 1st level. After a long rest. Blood Ritual. You can cast a spell no higher level than 4th and must meet the minimum level required to cast the spell. You must cast the spell as a ritual. You must have that specific component before you can cast the spell. You can expend 2 blood points to cast a 1st level spell with the ritual tag from a spell list from any class. When you cast a wizard cantrip. VARIANT RULE: BLOOD COMPONENT Fortitude of Blood. You can spend blood points to cast a spell that you prepared without expending a spell slot on your turn. you instead regain the extra hit die from blood sa- vant after a long rest. you can ex- pend a combined total of 2 hit dice to cast either a 2nd-level spell or two 1st-level spells before requiring a long rest. You can expend 1 blood point and You can use blood as a spellcasting focus for your wizard concentrate (as if concentrating on a spell) to gain profi- spells. if you are a 4th-level wizard. Silence the Pain. you can resistance and immunity. Once you expended a number of hit dice equal to half your wizard level (rounded up). When you select the Blood Magic Arcane Tradition and choose to replace arcane recovery with the blood channeler feature. For example. you can choose to resistance to psychic damage. The spell you cast cannot be 6th level or higher. While you invoke this blood inflict a wound upon yourself to cast a spell you prepared rite. When you cast a spell that does not indicate a cost for a component. When you cast a spell. The Casting a Spell table shows the cost of casting a spell of a given level. you expend a tration. indicates a cost for a component. Potent Blood. number of hit dice equal to the level of the spell. inflict a wound upon yourself ciency in Constitution saving throws. You can expend 1 blood point and concentrate (as if concentrating on a spell) to gain BLOOD CHANNELER Once per turn.

only shades of gray. you then in- stead have superior darkvision. by 1. and in darkness as if it were dim light. you are instead re- duced to 1 hit point. Player's Handbook. Your darkvision has a radius of 120 feet. you also suffer from one of the following flaws of your choice: Forbiddance Susceptibility. Subrace Traits. vampire transformed you into a being unfamiliar to most of you can communicate simple ideas with bats. Sharing the dominate fea. Intimidation. for planetouched tieflings and dragonborn to have a vam- Darkvision. Superior Darkvision. Constitution. While you can walk Skills. Traumatic Beginnings. Half-Spawn Weaknesses. or restrained. you have disadvantage on attack rolls and Strength checks until the end of your next turn. plus the subrace traits listed below. ever you tread in the form of whispers and suspicion. you have disadvantage on attack rolls and on Charisma checks until you leave the residence. If you are able to der Half-Spawn Subrace Traits. As described under Half- Ability Score Increase. Unnerving Appearance. You have disadvantage on attack rolls and on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight when you. You gain proficiency in one of the following skills of your choice: Athletics. you cannot use it again until you complete a rest. and your kin. While the vampire blood that runs in your veins grants you supernatural gifts. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light. Therefore. As described under Half-Spawn Subrace Traits. The vampire blood bestowed upon you pire spawn mother. in wolves. you possess an ashen and Dexterity scores increase by 1. Your Strength. a dark shadow looms wher. the Your Dungeon Master might allow these variant traits. teeth. exposure to the blood of a Speak with Children of the Night. incapacitated. eyes appear dilated most of the time and you have canine Bite. Through speech. Running Water Sensitivity. mals and often attempt to gain their trust. armed strike to bite one willing creature. grants you superior vision over others of your kind. When you were an unborn child. Player's Handbook. unless the damage is radiant. your mother experienced the awful fate of VARIANT: HALF-SPAWN HUMANS becoming a vampire spawn. tures of your mother and her race. their already potent lineage dominates grants you superior vision over others of your kind. this attack replaces one of them. Relentless Fortitude. Sunlight Sensitivity. or whatever you are trying to perceive is in direct sunlight. only shades of gray. you gain temporary hit points equal TIEFLINGS AND DRAGONBORN While it is possible to the amount of damage dealt. all of shock to her body induced labor and through a miracle of which replaces the human's Ability Score Increase trait in the the fates. You can use your Attack action to make an un. You and often prevents the transformation process. can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were half-spawn tieflings and dragonborn are rare to exhibit the bright light. rats. After you use this feature. you survived. You cannot discern has the dwarf. pallor and an able-bodied physique. If damage reduces you to 0 hit HALF-SPAWN Subrace points. your sion. make multiple attacks with the Attack action. As described un- pled by you. Perception. or Persua- amongst your kinfolk without notice in brief passing. You supernatural gifts of their vampiric heritage. or halfling racial traits in the color in darkness. At one point near the end of her pregnancy. As described under Half-Spawn Bite. If you enter a residence without an invitation from one of the occupants. Although not long and thin like fangs. Speak with Children of the Night. Relentless Fortitude. Whenever you hit a creature with an unarmed strike granted by your bite. HALF-SPAWN SUBRACE TRAITS The half-spawn and in darkness as if it were dim light. elf. Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . the target 14 of your attack. You walk the worlds between the living and the dead. While you bear the hereditariness of your race. Half-Spawn Weaknesses. If your racial traits grant you darkvision. Ability Score Increase. cannot discern color in darkness. The vampire blood bestowed upon you are sharp and protrude out enough to draw blood. Half-spawns find comfort confiding in these ani- both quality and appearance. gnome. When you end your turn in running water. During transformation. or a creature grap. the incisors Darkvision. Your Strength score increases Spawn Subrace Traits.

At Higher Levels. You pierce the corpse with the specially prepared quill and as it siphons the The spells introduced in this chapter allows other spell. M (a quill made from the feather of an 15 exotic monstrosity worth at least 100 gp) A creature poisoned by this spell must Duration: 1 day make another Constitution saving throw at Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . RANGER BLOOD RAGE 3rd-level enchantment (blood magic) 2nd Level Reaping Strike Casting Time: 1 action Range: 90 feet SORCERER Components: V. At the end of the duration. select one wizard spell prepared or casters to experience and explore blood magic. On a Casting Time: 1 action failed save. S. you may take the DRUID time to transcribe it into your spellbook using the normal rules for copying a spell. up to 1 minute. On a failed check. M (a pint of the caster's blood) Duration: Concentration. gain one level of ex- haustion (as described in appendix A of the Player's Hand- 3rd Level book). Boiling Blood If the target drops to 0 hit points before the spell ends. up to 1 minute 1st Level Caustic Wound You choose a willing creature you can see within range and incite the blood within its veins with an unquenchable fury. Once the quill absorbs the spell. blood from the cadaver. Duration: Concentration. it is poisoned and takes 2d6 fire Range: Touch damage as its blood begins to heat to a boil. You can also increase the extra damage one die step 4th Level as an action. S. known to the deceased spellcaster. This level of exhaustion lasts until you finish a short Blood Rage rest. Blood Magic. When you cast this spell using a 1st Level spell slot of 4th level or higher. When you cast this spell. whichever happens first. 3rd Level Until the spell ends. Components: V. the Blood Rage spell ends and consumes the quill. increase the extra damage by Caustic Wound one die step to a maximum of 1d12 for every slot above 3rd. M (one ounce of flammable oil) The spells are in alphabetical order. 4th Level BOILING BLOOD Boiling Blood 4th-level transmutation Casting Time: 1 action SPELL DESCRIPTIONS Range: 60 feet Components: V. S. BLOOD QUILL You attempt to boil the blood of one creature that you can 2nd-level divination (ritual) see within range. the creature must make a Constitution saving throw. you can use a bonus action on a subsequent turn of yours to WIZARD incite a new willing creature. the target deals an extra 1d4 damage to Blood Rage the target whenever it hits with a melee weapon attack. WARLOCK increase the extra damage one die step to a maximum of 1d12. If the body of the target has blood. each time the target takes damage. The spell must be of a level for which you have a spell BARD slot and you must make an Intelligence (Arcana) check to determine whether the quill absorbs it successfully. you must ex- 2nd Level pend 3 hit dice plus an additional 1 hit dice for every slot Blood Quill above 3rd. SPELLS You can attempt to learn a wizard spell from a spellcaster within 24 hours of his or her death. The quill crumbles into dust at 2nd Level the end of the duration or once you copy the absorbed spell Crimson Blade into a spellbook. Until the spell ends. The 3rd Level DC equals 10 + the spell's level.

up to 10 minutes blade. At the end of the duration. If you let go of the blade. or half as much damage on a successful one. It should must make a Dexterity saving or suffer 1d6 necrotic damage. blood magic spells are more powerful than those You inflict a wound upon yourself and sculpt the flowing. On a hit. the extra damage is 1d12. and lasts for the dura- of the spellcaster offsets this increase in power. tion. At Higher Levels. Are While frightened by this spell. One creature in a 10-foot When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 5th level or cone must make a Dexterity saving throw. S. When you cast this spell. the extra damage is 1d10. for example. On a failed save. gain one level of The successes and failure do not need to be consecutive. from the triggering response. the damage increases by 1d10 for each slot level above 1st. A personal sacrifice on the part similar in size and shape to a scimitar. slots above 2nd. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or 6th level. also want to hear other suggestions or improvements. you must ex- times. provoke an internal debate within the character before he or You can use you action to make a melee spell attack with she unleashes its power. it splatters blood in a 5-foot The design behind a blood spell is to entice players with a radius and the spell ends. The spell crimson Duration: Concentration. takes 2d10 acid damage on a failed save. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher. M (a pint of the caster's blood) the ancient magic of early practitioners. the spell ends. not enough. the extra damage is 1d8. It is forbidden and primordial magic. A creature higher. fire damage. certain spells in this guide present another Casting Time: 1 bonus action direction we can explore blood magic. 2nd-level necromancy CAUSTIC WOUND Casting Time: 1 reaction. which you take in response to Range: Self being damaged by a creature with either piercing or slashing Components: V damage Duration: Instantaneous Range: Self Components: V. PLAYTEST VARIANT: BLOOD MAGIC SPELLS CRIMSON BLADE While the blood channeler and blood component variants 2nd-level necromancy (blood magic) are sufficient to introduce a unique magical atmosphere to your campaign. exhaustion (as described in appendix A of the Player's Hand- keep track of both until the target collects three of a kind. unless there is nowhere to move. The blade is well as being a bit reckless. book). The acid destroys any susceptible objects in the area that are not worn or carried. Range: Self Blood spells (marked with the blood magic tag) represent Components: V. spell slot of 3rd level. 16 Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . including use a spell slot of 4th level. Second. You infuse your blood with caustic acid. of an equivalent level. spell slot of 5th level or higher. let us know your opinion and whether we should damage and must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be- further explore this playtest variant in future updates. or fail to fit the Dash action and move away from you by the safest route theme of blood magic? available on its turn. When you cast this spell using a rest. is perhaps the predecessor of flame blade. as crimson blood into a blade in your free hand. when you take piercing or slashing damage. We come frightened until the end of its next turn. When you a spray of acidic blood bursts from the wound. it takes 2d6 2d6 for every two slots above 2nd. If it fails its save three times. Each other creature in the radius potent alternative during a desperate situation. the crimson blade. you can target one addi- tional creature and the damage increases by 1d6 for each REAPING STRIKE spell slot level above 4th. the target takes 4d6 necrotic Lastly. it takes pend 2 hit dice plus an additional 2 hit dice for every two 2d6 damage at the end of each of its turns for the duration. which you take when you hit a 1st-level transmutation living creature with a melee weapon attack and it is a critical hit Casting Time: 1 reaction. S The blood culled from a grievous wound of another binds Duration: 1 round your injuries. At Higher Levels. This level of exhaustion lasts until you finish a short At Higher Levels. Until the start of At Higher Levels. If it successfully saves against this spell three Blood Magic. the damage increases by the end of each of its turns. a creature must take the the limitations too restrictive. You deal an extra 1d6 damage and regain hit points equal to the damage. When you cast this spell using a your next turn.

the following magic items exist in a campaign that functions as a normal sword. rare (requires attunement) creature with the blade. BLOOD LEECH Weapon (any sword). Otherwise. Curse. if you did not hit at least one target. you feint and fall unconscious. The liquid appears as coagulated blood. when you deal damage to a living Weapon (any sword). further potions of cruor have no effect until you first finish a long rest. it blood. You can break the cursed enchantment as normal. the next attack you make deals an extra 2d6 points of necrotic damage to the first target it hits. the wielder cannot benefit from a Curse. blood leech deals 5 (1d10) necrotic damage to you (this damage cannot be avoided and overcomes all immunities and resistances). While unsheathed. Furthermore. you regain expended hit dice determined on the rarity of the potion. SANGUINE BLADE MAGIC ITEMS Weapon (any sword). the sword becomes a +1 weapon with no other You can repeat the saving throw at the end of each turn. POTIONS OF CRUOR Potency Rarity HD Regained Normal Uncommon 1 Greater Rare 2 Superior Very Rare 3 17 Rick Johnson (order #8504190) . you must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving You can release the sword of its curse as normal. shown on the following table. allows the Blood Magic Arcane Tradition. uncommon (requires attunement) You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. varies When you consume this potion. the sword becomes a +1 weapon with no other properties. rare (requires attunement) Adventurers discover strange and interesting relics over the You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with course of their journeys within the Realms. POTION OF CRUOR Potion. it functions as a normal sword. the creature to make a melee attack against it. If you make an attack using this weapon. Otherwise. at the end of your turn. When you deal damage to a living creature with long or short rest. Afterward. properties. thick and syrupy. Forged in this magic weapon against living creatures. ending the effect with a success. Until the end of your next turn. This is a cursed sword and once drawn. this blade. Once consumed. throw. you must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or continue to attack until you or the You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with creature drops to 0 hit points. Afterward. On a failed save. it will not allow the wielder to sheath the blade unless it spills BLOOD-DREADER blood. or you are unable to reach this magic weapon against nonliving creatures.