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BADM 320: Principles of Marketing (3 Credit Hours

Spring 2015, Blended Section

Instructor: Dr. Shahbaz Shabbir

Online Office Hours: Visit weekly agenda in Compass

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general questions.
2. Dr. Shahbaz Shabbir:
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In this course, we will study the functions, institutions and basic problems involved in marketing
goods and services. You will be introduced to the terminology of marketing, the foundations of
marketing strategy and the concepts of marketing planning.


 To gain a basic understanding of the functions of marketing.
 To develop a working vocabulary of marketing terminology and become familiar with marketing
 To understand the role of marketing in an organization and the development of marketing
strategy in both domestic and global markets.
 To understand the application of marketing techniques to real world problems.


The learning outcomes of this course are as follows:

 Students will possess knowledge of marketing terminology, the foundations of marketing
strategy & the elements of a marketing plan.
 Students will make decisions based on ethical knowledge.
 Students will solve marketing related problems, incl. but not limited to the application of pricing
tactics, and calculating markups, markdowns & breakeven points.
 Students will demonstrate an awareness of global & cultural differences in marketing practice.
 Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills by analyzing marketing problems, applying
proper logic.


1. Required Textbook: Principles of Marketing, University of Illinois Edition,
ISBN 0077696204, McGraw Hill.
Authors: Grewal, Levy, Etzel, Walker, Stanton, Perreault, Cannon, and McCarthy


 There may be other assignments as well during a specific week. We will have a F2F lecture every Monday. I want my students to learn the skills.  Each week will have assigned reading(s) from the text. and/or provide a summary to close discussion on a topic. If you did not purchase a code with the 4. This means that we will replace some in class sessions with online activities. concepts. and importance of information technology. Instructions to be posted on Compass. You will be prompted to register when you access the first Connect activity (from within the Week 1 Module in the Compass course site). I want my students to do more than compete. a typical week begins on Monday and ends Sundays at midnight. The discussions are a critical part of the course. Depending on the particular assignment. Cost will be $10-$15. if (and when) you need it. We will try to post pedagogical materials for two (2) weeks at a time so that you can prepare your work ahead if you need to. or online. 2 . from other perspectives on an issue. these discussions would be open to the entire class or to groups within the class. The class sessions will be used to initiate discussion on the topics relevant for the week based on textbooks. RESPONSIBILITIES OF STUDENTS  For this BA320 class. How will it be delivered? Why we are offering a blended course? I understand the crucial role played by information technology in business and in society.  The weekly agenda will highlight the student responsibilities for the week. This can be purchased as a bundle with the text listed above. Required: McGraw-Hill Connect registration. Please see Compass for details. Ask for help.m. as from your own interpretations. I want to use the best of both online and face-to-face (F2F) learning together into a BLENDED learning model.hbsp. I want them to succeed. to be precise.  All assignments are due on Sunday at 11:59 p. marketing articles or other materials. from 5:00pm-6:30pm. To register for the simulation visit: https://cb. Read these chapters and complete post chapter quiz and Connect activities. Broadband access to the Internet and your IL Compass account.  Keep abreast of what is happening in the course. 3. 2. you may purchase one online during the registration process. You may also purchase the etext during this process if you prefer. When you register you will be asked for the access code that you purchased with your text. I have been teaching online courses since 2011 and it has changed the way I think about teaching.harvard. as you will learn as much. if not more. We may do discussions F2F or online. Required purchase of Harvard Business School Pricing Simulation: Universal Rental Car V2. Do not feel intimidated.

The pedagogical purpose of these exercises is to help you become familiar with applying the chapter concepts that you have read about. University probation or suspension. For your security. Interactive activities 150 15% 2. Point / Counterpoint discussions 50 5% 5. 600 .GRADING Your final grade in this class will be determined by your performance on: Component Points % 1. 700 – 724 = C.874 = B 725 – 774 = C 625 – 674 = D 800 . Grades can be changed only if I have made an input or calculation error. In order for your scores on the Connect activities to transfer to the Compass gradebook. graduation. Class attendance and participation 50 5% Final grades will be assigned strictly based on the following point scale. Final exam 200 20% 8. NO FINAL GRADE WILL BE ROUNDED. and then answer some concept check questions at the end.g. Some of these are “drag and drop” exercises which amount to a matching game where you connect a specific situation with a chapter concept. Exceptions will not be made for individual students. 825 . Marketing Article Analysis Assignment 100 10% 4.824 = B. loss of a job offer. etc. Students with extenuating circumstances which require them to receive a certain grade or maintain a particular GPA (e. Harvard Pricing Simulation 100 10% 7. Team assignment 100 10% 9. online interactive exercises for each chapter. McGraw-Hill Connect Interactive Activities The McGraw-Hill Connect online assignments are short. loss of a scholarship. It is important that you check your class grades and immediately notify me of any discrepancies. Self-branding assignment 100 10% 6. Post chapter quizzes 150 15% 3. Grading Components 1. grades will not be provided by phone or email.799 = C+ 675 . revocation of student Visa. A B C D F 940-1000 = A 875 – 909 = B+ 775 . it is important that you access these activities via the 3 ..624 = D- Grades will be accessible by password on IL Compass only. Others are video exercises in which you answer multiple choice questions at several points during a video that emphasizes chapter concepts. Grades are not negotiable.) need to realize that they are responsible for working hard to achieve the needed class grade.699 = < 600 = F D+ 910 – 939 = A.

12 pts font and standard margin. single-spaced. As such. That is to say. You have to respond to these questions. and a post-discussion summary is required. with 30% for your presentation and 70% for class participation and post-discussion summaries. before class begins. Each quiz will cover material from specific chapters of the book plus questions from the video lectures and the articles from the Marketing Article Analysis. Please do not confuse the Connect activities with the chapter post quizzes. The total grades for marketing article are 100 points. The summary should be up to one page. The pedagogical purpose of these quizzes is to ensure that you have read and understood the textbook chapters. raising 2- 3 questions based on the article and leading class discussion. participation in discussion and questioning are assumed. you’ll need to form a group of 4 people in size. We will take the best 10 out of these 12 quizzes towards your final grade. These questions attempt to elicit your opinions about a particular topic. stating your opinion about the topic. At the first class. the issues or problems raised in the article. A hard copy of the summary should be turned in the following week of the presentation. You are supposed to include the main idea of the article. Students will have 40 Minutes to complete the 15-20 question quizzes once they begin. there will be two questions that aim to get your thoughtful opinion or reaction to some of the relevant topics discussed in the semester. These opinions are likely to be disparate. your opinion on the topic. for which you’ll work together for both the marketing article and the team project. but also develop strategic and critical thinking. Clicking the links will take you to the Connect site where you will complete the activities. 2. concluding main idea. For other weeks you are not presenting the article. Late submission will not be accepted. they are different assignments and worth additional points. links in the Weekly Modules in the Compass course site. Point / Counterpoint discussion During the semester. each group is responsible for presenting ONE article (exempt from the post-discussion summary) and submitting summaries for the rest NINE articles. Each team should sign up for ONE article that may be of interest of you at the first class and is responsible for presenting the article you pick in front of the class. All Connect activity scores will count toward your final grade. Post (chapter) quizzes Throughout the semester there will be 12 online quizzes. and what you have leant from the class discussion in the summary. identifying issues or problems raised. 4 . Marketing article assignment provides you a great opportunity to not only understand newest marketing trends and hotspots. 4. there is no right or wrong answer. 3. analyzing affecting factors. Marketing Article Analysis Assignment We will have 10 marketing articles during the semester.

Every feature a product offers yields an identifiable and distinguishable benefit for their customer or client. Today. the famous consultant wrote the following in Fast Company: “Big companies understand the importance of brands. you’re lucky. we hope that the discussion forum will be an active learning experience for students. you need to be differentiated and stand out. our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You. A well done assignment can help you understand what makes you tick and help you communicate that message effectively. To be in business today. Step 4. in the Age of the Individual. what is the “feature-benefit” model that you offer. External analysis: Talk to your family and friends. Tom Peters. audio or text file. or reacting to. why not? What direction is the incongruence? How would you reposition yourself? Remember it does not matter what you think of yourself. thoughtful reactions of other students. regardless of position. and will be delivered as a video.” This assignment is about creating your own personal/professional brand strategy. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. A dominant feature of Nordstrom is the personalized service but the customer benefit is a feeling of being accorded individualized attention. Here you will see some guidelines but feel free to innovate. What do they say about you? What do they say is your greatest and clearest strength? Your best personal trait? Your weaknesses? Step 3. Delivery options: It is important that you show your creativity in this assignment. they tend to teach themselves and tend to reach a deeper understanding of the concepts and ideas than they would have if they only read the text. Regardless of age. they sell that the car can seat four people comfortably. Other people’s perception of you is the reality. Your assignment has to include the elements below.In a discussion forum where students interact with each other by reading. Car companies don’t sell 60” back seat. you have to be your own brand. all of us need to understand the importance of branding. get a job in a corporation. Self-analysis: Do a strengths / weaknesses analysis of yourself. that perception is how the world sees you. 5 . 5. The output of this exercise is for you to have a clear understanding of what makes you different from your peers. or enroll in graduate school. Step 2. regardless of the business we happen to be in. What are the attributes / characteristics that make you distinctive from your colleagues or competitors? What is your strong suit? What needs improvement? This will help you understand what you must focus on in the future. After your stint at Illinois. Step 1. whether you want to be an entrepreneur. While what your friends and family say may not be completely true. In other words. If not. Details about the delivery included at the end. Based on the analyses above. Is there congruence between your self-analysis and the external analysis? If so. Self-branding assignment In 1997.

blogspot. The simulation plays like a game. We hope that students find that simulation not only interesting.wix. b and c) to meet specific learning objectives. wiki. or web site. Learning Objectives:  Understand the nature and dynamics of consumer response to price (price elasticity).com/voiceunsounded/badm-320 http://selfbranding-oksanadovbak. you will analyze the economic. Samples for Brand yourself assignments completed by students for BA320 in Spring 2011 http://stevethebrand. Orlando. or else. you will analyze price sensitivity between leisure and business travelers and consider strategies that maximize rentals across weekdays and weekends in each city. You will play this Simulation for three weeks starting from week You can make periodic inventory adjustments among the locations to match anticipated demand.  Understand and plan for seasonal variations in demand. you can also create a blog.(Option a) You can create a 5 minute video that you can post in YouTube. Ultimately.html 6. in week 11 Scenario “B” and in week 12 Scenario “C”. Harvard Pricing Simulation: Universal Rental Car V2 All students will participate in the Pricing Simulation: Universal Rental Car V2. you assume the role of a district manager responsible for setting prices for rental cars across three Florida cities: http://www. This single-player simulation includes three pre-set scenarios (a. You will benefit from running the simulation multiple times with increasing complexity (scenarios). Unrented cars have associated holding costs while running out of cars is lost opportunity for profit.  Account for demand differences across customer segments and regions. you may go overtime or miss some of the points you want to make. or in the server of your choice. Description: At a Florida rental car agency. The market for rental cars in Florida is intensely competitive and you must also consider the likely competitive response to their pricing decisions. and competitive forces of the rental car market and develop a pricing strategy to maximize the cumulative profit for the firm.blogspot. but a powerful learning experience where you see the results of effective and ineffective application of course concepts. (Option b) If you prefer to do more text or combine files. and Tampa. 6 . Demand for rental cars can vary depending on the month and whether the location is more popular with business or leisure travelers. In week 10 you will play Scenario “A”. Over 12 simulated months. and we have found it very engaging. published through Harvard Business School publishing. seasonal. It is a good idea to create a script to follow as you record this video.

30 points for the weekly millstones/deadlines and 20 points would be awarded on the basis of individual’s performance (contribution at each step his/her coordination.hbsp. The exams will consist of multiple choice questions from the text. Your project will be an important contribution to BADM320 because we will use the information you gather in this class and in upcoming semesters of the course. You are required to purchase/registered for the Simulation before week 6.  Understand how price and general economic conditions affect overall market demand. There are different milestones/deadlines for the group project. You are expected to do research and develop a webpage (in the Google space) on the assigned topic. and articles assigned from the popular press. Final Exam There will be a final exam in the course. Each student will sign up to be part of team. To register and buy the CMS please visit: https://cb. video. your submission will be checked/tested through an anti-plagiarism software. The grading criteria: 35 points for the group output/final product developed by the group members.harvard. you are required to submit your work according to these deadlines. The final exam will not be comprehensive. There will be several milestones along the semester as the teams work on this assignment. audio and other type of multimedia resources created by your team or from other sources as long as your paper gives proper credit to the authors. communication and sense of responsibility as a team member assessed by the instructor and other group members).  Anticipate and understand competitive reactions to pricing decisions.  Use pricing strategies to optimize inventory. 9. The teams will then choose a topic to develop as a webpage (Google). The paper may include text. Team paper (Group Paper) This team-based assignment requires you to write a group project based on an assigned topic. 8. Class Attendance Students are required to attend all the classes. video lectures. The details of the exams will be posted on the Compass website. The project should be 12 to 15 pages long or 6000 words at-least.  Explore the impact of pricing decisions on firm profitability. It will be a timed exam. 7 . Your team assignment consists of writing about a topic / subtopic with your 7.

extra credit and final grades are non-negotiable and final. A NOTE ABOUT EMERGENCIES AND EXAM DATES: In order to be as fair as possible to everyone in the class. (Source: The Student Handbook). quiz grades. You will have plenty of time to complete exams. CLASS POLICIES:  Policy on academic misconduct: Illinois is committed to a policy of honesty in academics. You are required to add a wiki page to this roster with a little information about yourself. technical problems. Cheating is a violation of student academic behavior standards. Your submissions will be checked/tested through an 8 . issues such as illness or problems with the University server might make it impossible for you to complete the assignments. Any student who violates or knowingly helps another student violate academic behavioral standards will be pursued through the Office of the Dean of the College of Business Administration and through the Dean of Students at UI. Conduct compromising this policy may result in academic and/or disciplinary action. no corrections or recalculations will be made. Grades will only be changed if the grade results from a mathematical or record-keeping error. STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS: Exam grades. If you wait until the deadline. After this time period. It is important that each student frequently checks their class grades and immediately notifies the instructor of any discrepancies that have been discovered. you will have one week to notify the instructor about any grading issues or errors. so please DO NOT wait until the last minute. Instructions for how to do this assignment can be found in the weekly module for the week one. Compass Survey Each student will complete a pre and post-course Compass survey and ICES survey. Important Point for all the quizzes and exams Occasionally. If you want to make sure that your quiz was recorded go to the quiz in IL Compass and click on VIEW Submission. Student Roster Each student is required to complete Student Roster or Class Roster. chapter quizzes. let us know no later than one week after you take the quiz. etc. If you don’t see that button in the quiz it means it was not submitted properly. If this happens to you. regardless of personal emergencies. IL Compass may not record your submission because of a wireless or faulty connection. online component quizzes. deadlines will be strictly enforced. After the posting of grades.

Also. It is the students’ responsibility to stay aware of any changes made. Changes to the syllabus may be made to reflect the needs of the class. FINAL NOTE: The tentative schedule is provided on Compass. Any changes will be announced in class and/or on the course web site (Compass). SPECIAL NEEDS: The University of Illinois is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in order to allow for equal learning opportunities. if you are likely to have religious obligations that will conflict with the due dates for particular assignments. please contact the Disability Resources and Educational Services at (217) 333-1970. please contact the instructor immediately. 9 . If you need such accommodations. anti-plagiarism software.