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Most Trusted Brands 2015 Chronicling a long, strange year when brands gained and lost trust at an unprecedented rate

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eeping track of a Lux is scripting a dramatic comeback
brand’s relation- [6] Surf Excel to the top or a painfully slow crawl

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Tata Horlicks [7]
ship with its cus-
[30] [25] Samsung up the trust ladder. ( Read Maa &
tomers i s toug h. Colgate (Consumer Maggi – Status: It’s Complicated for
[16] Dettol Lifebuoy Durables) Maaza
O n e d ay it ’s a l l 2014 Rank: [1] [3] [15] some indication.)

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r o s e s , r a i nb ow s But it’s not all about calamitous
Britannia Pond’s Samsung Pantene Glucon-D
and happy endings; [20] falls. If its good news you are look-

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[11] [22] Mobile Phones [57]
the next it’s a tragic, vodka-fuelled [17] ing for, Colgate has retained its
Russian novel. Just consider what Airtel Vim Fair & [29] Bournvita position as India’s Most Trusted
Dairy Milk
happened to Maggi, arguably one of [12] [18] Lovely [50] Brand for four years running. Tata

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the year’s biggest corporate stories. Salt has risen to No.2 from 16 last
The controversy over harmful lev- Pepsi Ariel Head & Sunsilk [34] year, and the reasons for its climb
[33] Vodafone [38]
els of lead and MSG in Maggi taste- Closeup [28] [32]
are chron-
makers got its 2-minutes of fame [21] icled in the
Coca-Cola Good knight Big Bazaar Pepsodent [24]
when it consumed our nation. Just issue. (Read
[26] [42] [52]

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last year, Maggi was celebrating its Salt Of The
standing in the hearts and minds of Parle [14] Rin [13] Tide [23]
AND WRIT- Earth.) If

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Indian consumers. LIC you are
The beloved brand that brings up Thums Up SBI [39] Clinic All Out
[69] E-COMMERCE looki ng for
all types of childhood, hostel and [37] Frooti Bata [9] BRANDS ARE bigger leaps
[10] Plus [8] [47]

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t r av e l m e m o -
ries, broke into IF ONE’S Amul CONSPICU- consider

the Top 5 Most LOOKING
Complan [31] Sprite Sony Titan [60] OUS BY THEIR pc aerer sbra onal

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[36] (Consumer nd
Trusted Brands FOR AN
Durables) ABSENCE IN Dove and
Idea [174] BSNL [66]
Slice [40] THE TOP 100. t e lc o I d e a .
for the first time
INDIAN Rasna [49] Limca [46] [71]
SURPRISED? Dove’s strat-

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i n 2 014, a lbeit
pl a c e d at t h e BRAND’S Mirinda [55] Moov [35] Godrej No 1 eg y to keep
lower end. In the RELA- [77]
Pears [78] it real has worked and consumers’
2015 edition of TIONSHIP faith in the brand has propelled it
Fanta Johnson & LG (Consumer
Brand Equity’s STATUS, Vaseline from No.30 last year to No.4. Idea,
[62] Johnson [75] [70] 7UP [54] Durables) [53]

63 64 65 66 67 68 69
Mo s t T r u s t e d LOOK NO

on the other hand, has travelled a
Brands survey, massive 131 spots to inch closer to
FURTHER Eno [113] Tata Tea [51] Zandu

62 70
however, Maggi its rivals Vodafone and Airtel, the
has plummeted THAN
Balm [68]
Godrej [58] latter sitting pretty at 11.
to 95. This poll MOST Vicks Sunfeast [59] Hair Dye[122] Santoor [81] Lay’s [56] Depending on your point of view,
Fevicol [45]
finding proves TRUSTED

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it’s either surprising (or hardly
t h a t i f o n e ’s BRANDS Garnier [73] Aashirvaad so) that the much talked and writ-
Iodex [87] Taj Mahal Parachute [43]

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looking for an [79] ten about ecommerce brands are
Indian brand’s relationship status,
Tea conspicuously absent in the Top 100
Hero (two Philips [108]
forget Facebook, look no further Dabur Usha [116] (Consumer Harpic [76] Most Trusted Brands list. A find-
wheelers) [103]
than BE’s Most Trusted Brands. [124] Hair Oil Durables) [85] ing that reinforces what we had

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Of course, turns out meri Maggi Tata long suspected; consumer loy-


is safe. And now its Swiss mother, alty and trust, takes more

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Whirlpool [83] [102] [143] Docomo
Nestle is going out of its way to win [100] than big sales and bigger
Cadbury (Consumer Godrej [115] Vicco
back consumers’ trust, especially Ujala [99] Choclairs [NA] Durables) [93]
Appliances Turmeric Perk [92] ad budgets.
that of Indian mothers, who put Maruti [112] Stay tuned for our next is-

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their faith in Maggi every time Videocon sue for more stories analys-
Vivel [107] Nestle Milk Bingo Dabur [NA]
they served up a bowl at snack Nescafe [95] ing why India’s Most Trusted

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(Consumer (Toothpaste)

time. Only time, or the next Durables) Chocolate [72] [146]
Brands got to where they are
edition of Most Trusted Maggi LG Mobile Himalaya and how they intend to stay
Wheel [67] [5]
Phones [106]
Brands, will tell if Maggi the course.

Most Trusted Brands Inside
Salt of the
Maggi’s back
Trust in a Time
Where Do

Methodology 2015 Earth of Mistrust They Stand
But will its core
audience return? By Ogilvy’s Madhukar Sabnavis Trust By Category
Tata Salt Scores Big

Trust by Trust by Gainers & Size of the
Gender Zone Losers Wallet

ost Trusted Brands iden- „ Housewife (HW) – Any married know it quite well
tifies brands that have female and unemployed, age 15-60 Stage 2: The respondent evaluated
that most special ingre- years all brands that have been rated by
dient: the consumer’s „ Youth –15-25 years and not CWE/ him/her, 3 or 4 on the familiarity
trust. HW scale stated above. Those who rated
C onduc t e d by Niel s en , Mo s t „ Older - 26-60 years and not CWE/ a brand 1 or 2 on familiarity scale
Trusted Brands remains among HW. were not asked to evaluate the brand
the largest researches of its kind The survey was restricted to NCCS (their individual brand trust score is
in India, with a design sample of ( New Consumer Classi f ication considered to be 0)
7,200 - distributed across socio- System) AB with a view to focusing „ Overall rating : The evaluation
economic classifications, age, on the prime target audience for was done at an overall level for each
income and geography. most branded products and services. brand by indicating his/her rating
This year, at the first stage, sales on a 10 point scale where 1 stands
and media visibility data was anal- BRANDS & ATTRIBUTES for “Extremely poor” and the 10 for
ysed to arrive at a list of brands for All brands were divided into 12 “Perfect in every way”
further discussion and shortlisting different panels; each panel was „ Respondents were then asked to re-
for the MTB 2015 consumer survey. exposed to a matched set of respon- spond to a battery of four statements
After considerable brainstorming dents in terms of demographic vari- that define brand trust on a ‘1’ to ‘10’
between Brand Equity and the re- ables of NCCS, age group, gender scale where ‘1’ would mean that the
search team at Nielsen, a few brands and respondent category. Each re- statement ‘doesn’t apply to the brand
from the list were dropped and new spondent evaluated 31 or 32 brands at all’ and ‘10’ would mean that the
ones were added. 56 new brands - each brand was evaluated by 600 statement is ‘completely applicable
were added to the list this year - re- respondents. to the brand’.
placing brands scoring very low in The list of statements used to evalu- Stage 3: The final brand rating is ar-
previous year’s ranking. Categories ate the most trusted brands and the rived at through the following steps:-
such as mineral water made way attributes they represented. „ Step 1: Calculate a
for more contemporary ones like brand trust score for each re-
e-commerce and services. In total, spondent = [(0.5*Overal l) +
Statements Attributes rep-
373 brands were considered for the (0.5*(Attr1+Attr2…+Attr4)/4)]
resented by the
consumer survey this year. „ Step 2 : Multiply the brand
statements score by the familiarity score /
ATTR1: Always maintains a
RESPONDENT PROFILE weight. This were either 3 or 4
high level of qual-
„ Chief Wage Earner (CWE) – The as those rating the brand 1 or 2
ity Quality
person who makes the highest on familiarity are directly con-
ATTR2: It is worth the price
contribution towards household sidered to have a brand trust
it commands Value
upkeep. score of 0
for Money
„ Step 3: The total of all the
ATTR3: I would always
brand scores (across re-
recommend this
COVERAGE spondents) is calculat-
brand to my fam-
The study was carried out in the ily and friends ed and then divided by
following 12 cities across India. Recommendation the total number of re-
ATTR4: This brand meets spondents (including
Zone Pop starta City my needs. those who give brand
classification Understanding scores of 0) i.e. the aver-
North Top 4 Metro Delhi consumer need age is taken on the overall
10L-40L Lucknow base of respondents who
5L-10L Chandigarh were asked about that
brand, i.e. coded 1/2/3/4
East Top 4 Metro Kolkata
BRAND EVALUATION: in familiarity scale. to get
10L-40L Patna Stage 1: Each respondent was the overall brand score
5L-10L Bhubaneswar asked to indicate the familiar- Thus, the final score for each
West Top 4 Metro Mumbai ity for each brand on a four-point brand is on a base of all respondents,
40L+ Ahmedabad scale. The scale range would be: 1 irrespective of their level of famil-
10L-40L Indore - I have not heard of this brand; 2 - I iarity.

have heard of this brand, but know This final rating for all the brands
South Top 4 Metro Chennai
nothing about it; 3 - I have heard of is directly compared and sorted in
40L+ Bangalore this brand and know a little about descending order to determine the
10L-40L Vijayawada it; 4 - I have heard of this brand and Most Trusted Brands.

The focus is of our country. regional flavour and appeal. Tata tate increased distribution and coverage. etc all of which have brand has been a rather sweet one. 7 Tata Salt tage: it pioneered branded salt in India munication packages 8 Clinic Plus when it was launched in 1983 and today with relevant messaging. women and the I It was not too long ago that the eponymous ‘desh ka namak’. for sure) Tata Salt portfolio plus population strata towns. nicate the brand’s superiority in terms of 12 Cadbury Dairy Milk tified salt). Tata Chemicals helped it remain at the top. standardized POPs. has been enhanced in lockstep across segments by deploying smaller SKUs (1/2 different brands they Tata Salt. For instance it has for the high connect and recall. shares Arora. RANK ing the equity of Tata 7 Dove Helping it along is first mover advan.” Very few brands in Salt broke the mould and opted for the 14 Big Bazaar 15 Pond’s India. the top of the trust-mountain for the salt 25 BSNL 25 Glucon-D COO – Consumer Product Business. Kapda Aur Dukaan Trust is not merely about gender. “The upped the on-ground visibility of the Indian idiom of ‘desh ka namak khaya 20 Titan 20 Ariel brand at the last mile of truth – the retail hai’ captured the dominant senti- store. Salt by creating com. 2015 2 Salt of The Earth It’s moved up the ranks to be second only to the seemingly unassailable Colgate. he says. the team working on the ground. It’s also about age and vocation CHIEF WAGE HOUSEWIFE 15-25 YEARS 26-60 YEARS EARNER (CWE) (HW) EXCLUDING CWE/HW EXCLUDING CWE/HW 1 Dettol 1 Fair & Lovely 1 Dove 1 Colgate 2 Dove 2 Tata Salt 2 Cadbury Dairy Milk 2 Horlicks 3 Lifebuoy 3 Clinic Plus 3 Dettol 3 Vim 4 Colgate 4 Dove 4 Colgate 4 Lux 5 Samsung (Consumer Durables) 5 Glucon-D 5 Tata Salt 5 Bournvita 6 Horlicks 6 Colgate 6 Maaza 6 Pepsi 7 Airtel 7 Samsung (Consumer Durables) 7 Lifebuoy 7 Tata Salt 8 Surf Excel 8 Dettol 8 Lux 8 Surf Excel 9 Big Bazaar 9 Vaseline 9 Samsung (Consumer Durables) 9 Glucon-D 10 Maaza 10 Surf Excel 10 Samsung Mobile Phones 10 Airtel 11 Samsung Mobile Phones 11 Sunsilk 11 Coca-Cola 11 Britannia 12 Lux 12 Pepsodent 12 Pantene 12 Lifebuoy 13 Britannia 13 Closeup 13 Pond’s 13 Ariel 14 Vodafone 14 Maaza 14 Airtel 14 State Bank Of India 15 Coca-Cola 15 Vim 15 Thums Up 15 Pond’s 16 Parle 16 Pantene 16 Horlicks 16 Good knight 17 Pond’s 17 Britannia 17 Closeup 17 Dettol 18 State Bank Of India 18 Lifebuoy 18 Vodafone 18 Pantene 19 Pantene 19 Amul 19 Bournvita 19 BSNL 20 Head & Shoulders 20 Pond’s 20 Frooti 20 Sunsilk 21 Vim 21 Horlicks 21 Glucon-D 21 Samsung Mobile Phones 22 Bournvita 22 Airtel 22 Big Bazaar 22 Rin 23 Tata Salt 23 Complan 23 Britannia 23 Limca 24 Ariel 24 Godrej Hair Dye 24 Fair & Lovely 24 Maaza 25 All Out 25 Tide 25 Good knight 25 Vodafone 26 Cadbury Dairy Milk 26 Cadbury Dairy Milk 26 Pepsi 26 Dove 27 Good knight 27 Pepsi 27 Surf Excel 27 Closeup 28 Rin 28 Head & Shoulders 28 Clinic Plus 28 Samsung (Consumer Durables) 29 Maruti 29 Idea 29 All Out 29 LIC (Life Insurance Corporation ) 30 Moov 30 Frooti 30 Kurkure 30 Head & Shoulders . Alongside 9 Dettol As per Richa Arora. in the store room. 10 Pantene 10 Maaza Chemicals. 17 Closeup sitting easy on the laurels of owning a As per Satbir Singh. Tata was chosen as the ‘expert’ to help commu. 2015 initiatives tailored to 3 Lifebuoy 3 Tata Salt RANK We assume the same degree of attention their unique charac- to its consumers has led it to win a trophy teristics. 6 Samsung Mobile Phones in 2013. 12 Bournvita Salt Lite and Tata Salt Plus (double for. helping it cut through 24 Bournvita 24 Pepsi on the nuts and bolts like merchandising clutter superbly. display win. to being visible star from a sport not generally known 22 Frooti 22 Britannia We have created a singular brand on shelves it has rolled out structured for women and from a largely underrep. chief creative 18 Coca-Cola humongous marketshare and has been officer. following in the South. something that has helped it 16 Pond’s aspiration. 16 Sunsilk brand can stake claim to that unique tioning. the efforts 5 Horlicks 6 Lux 16 a startling rise to 2 from 16 in 2014 and 28 2014 have been around boost. Availability amit. Tata 14 Lifebuoy brand identity. so irrespective of which salt consistency of saltiness. locally 11 Maaza brand identity across all products in popular celebrity chef ‘Sanjay Thumma’ 11 Britannia the Tata salt portfolio viz Tata salt. norms. can lay claim lady boxer from Manipur Mary Kom 15 Glucon-D to be ‘desh ka. FCB Ulka (the agency behind 18 Pepsi 19 Samsung actively pursuing growth through a the campaign) there were two reasons 19 Airtel (Consumer Durables) variety of initiatives. in some of (Consumer Durables) body can hand out — runnerup in the BE its significant markets 5 Vim Most Trusted Brands Survey. Here’s what Tata Salt did right to get to No 2. dows at key outlets. What current go in for local or regional brands.’ And the ubiquitous salt to represent it’s ‘desh ka namak’ posi. “We have created a singular For instance in Andhra Pradesh. The journey to Richa Arora. it is essential to treat 1 Dettol 1 Colgate client Tata Salt showing the advertising key states/regions as industry that it took its rather lofty tag. packaged in a 8 Surf Excel occupies more than half of the Roti. consumer products business. distinct markets. which is more perfidy was outed by none other than the like a continent. was in the midst of a kg and 100g) to drive distribution reach choose to trust controversy: when two radio in lower pop strata towns. across categories. in the BE Most Trusted Brands Ranking 2015 By Amit Bapna Bunty Aur Babli Men. From being kept at the back of the ment of doing something for the nation. chief operating of. 13 Horlicks the consumer chooses to buy. 4 Samsung 4 Airtel 2 more prized than anything any ad award Accordingly. remain top of mind in a category that 17 Surf Excel The brand to its credit has not been is not particularly high involvement. as they offer an spots were termed scams at affordable entry option for new users who the Goafest Abby 2013. to facili. THE ECONOMIC TIMES NOVEMBER 25-DECEMBER 01.” 21 All Out 21 Amul Added to that was a much loved female shop. Male Female was surprising is the agency’s In a country like India. there In a world where brands mostly resort 13 Lux is a reinforcement of a consistent to either Bollywood or cricket. 23 Fevicol 23 Parle identity across all products in the visibility programmes in select 10 lakh resented part (in advertising. 9 Colgate ficer. with 2 Dove 2 Fair & Lovely line very seriously indeed.bapna@timesgroup.

instant noodle brand Maggi has identified winning back the mother’s trust as the key to its chances of survival and succeeding in India.” she says. all to eat their favorite noodles but it’s pangs and cravings.” num pan. takes a long time to come back. The trust cannot be taken for granted however big HOWEVER brand is in a bit of a catch-22 situation. but it has always been a senior producer.” leagues were sharing funny forwards.” (it ranked at number 5 in 2014) is quite a NOT BE The doubts are at best small and niggling and if they are shocker.” she says. whether they be permissible or that’s faced any controversy. print even as it gets ready to re-establish it- and digital media. more limited to rewards for doing some- harmful levels of lead. Occasionally from it till he was about 2. and she recalls hav- kids.” less passion and enthusiasm and could always find at least one pack- packets whenever they found some still on But he never did.” she tells us. Rao’s turn to request for a spoonful or two. Are moms listening? Amit Bapna & Delshad Irani find out Status: It’s Complicated 2015 RANK 95 I t’s a grand fall by any stan. Which itself may be a task popular noodle brand has since in the wake of the controversy.” And as for doubting parent. too. shattering the one solace for some of us who are in per. didn’t quite take a liking to it so no real either. college. from the Swiss Feels Dheeraj Sinha. Citibank (online community for Indian moms) Content Studio F or Pallavi. which take a minimum though: real mums with real worries and stories. A zone-wise peep into rankings across India PRODUCT SERVICE EAST WEST NORTH SOUTH BRANDS BRANDS 1 Colgate 1 Cadbury Dairy Milk 1 Tata Salt 1 Dove 1 Colgate 1 Airtel 2 Horlicks 2 Idea 2 Dettol 2 Colgate 2 Tata Salt 2 Vodafone 3 Lifebuoy 3 Parle 3 Fair & Lovely 3 Samsung (Consumer Durables) 3 Dettol 3 Big Bazaar 4 Tata Salt 4 Godrej No 1 4 Lux 4 Horlicks 4 Dove 4 SBI 5 Dettol 5 Colgate 5 Samsung Mobile Phones 5 Rin 5 Lifebuoy 5 LIC 6 State Bank Of India 6 Pantene 6 Colgate 6 Pantene 6 Horlicks 6 Idea 7 Surf Excel 7 Samsung Mobile Phones 7 Haldiram’s 7 Tata Salt 7 Samsung (Consumer Durables) 7 BSNL 8 LIC 8 Coca-Cola 8 Tata Tea 8 Dettol 8 Lux 8 Tata Docomo 9 Dove 9 Dove 9 Maaza 9 Complan 9 Maaza 9 Aircel 10 Pond’s 10 Lifebuoy 10 Dove 10 Pond’s 10 Surf Excel 10 I C I C I Bank . eating Maggi brings back I hiatus this year. when Maggi was accused of being “unsafe”. them Maggi. as ing noodles for her then boyfriend Aloba (12) would eat Maggi about twice or a mother she has refrained from consuming it especially since she has (and now husband) on a single thrice in a week. chief strategy of- headquartered Nestle. Dar s a mother. the cues of reassurance. Maggi was her A A n ex-advertising professional. et in my kitchen any time of the shelves in smaller cities. are not too sure about able 95th rank in this year’s BE Most how good or bad the noodle is for her Trusted Brand Survey.” Zoning It Out At Your Service Here are the goods and services that managed Change of geographies alters the way consumers place trust in the to bag the consumer’s elusive seal of approval brands. top. The controversy has made call of sorts. like to see clear evidence on every pack a battle tactic was not beneath her. Vivaan (10) and Jai (6). This for a cate. that has been amongst Grey.” kitchen. (Read ‘What Maa Wants’). at least. I personally feel let down. “It made me think if controversy. mothers are masters of the art of persuasion. on the hand. her daughter. while not a great creative solution did fit other to a 3 year old boy. 2014 lead content and MSG levels ally be the gate-keeper to a successful RANK 5 in Maggi. It also mirrors TAKEN FOR addressed upfront. thrice before buying anything bowls full of masala lead? “I haven’t seen the to speak to moms. THE ECONOMIC TIMES NOVEMBER 25-DECEMBER 01.” reassuring me that it’s safe to consume. when my friends and col. ficer. Her family would still love nience. “I used to enjoy eating want to know about MSG levels. 2015 4 Maa & Maggi Post the controversial exit. Talking directly the brand may be. resolved may remove doubts from their at supermarkets. “I even of other healthier alternatives The fact is Maggi to Acharya was never about For mothers. It’s a predicament on a gameplan to reclaim consumer that the noodle brand has to resolve trust with messages across TV. Payal is not first love in high school and Shah is a mother of two precocious yet convinced about giv. If personally would like to buy some to begin with. South & South East Asia. She feels either they are But after her son was born (she is Dr Ashima Acharya [45] impact made on her life with or without being too wary or too smart about it. putting the whole we bought regularly. Once Rao’s son was old enough lergy with all processed foods and meal options during vacations. The Word Jockey AVP. justified?” she asks. children. she says. plummeted to an unbeliev. better off showing the kids rejoicing and it himself. That’s despite ads assuring to not get it categorised as junk With growing awareness towards ers express their anxiety about having failed convenient treat for their children and her and other Indian mothers that Maggi has been tested and was found food. BRAND the brand can ill-afford ow- ing to the global charter that The Indian regulatory MAYBE the parent brand Nestle has authorities. she in a way since it was a wake-up tions. Pink and Pari. I would have blogger fact that the noodle brand is not ‘‘M umma! I’m hungry!” calls in troversy was that it made me really think no issue letting them have it once in a week or so”. processed or semi processed foods. and BIG THE to the kids is something that however well planned its comeback strategy. “I’d and employing “emotional blackmail” as and for a long time she avoided all items that we buy constantly. for now. he didn’t need his mum’s permission Maggi was cooked to celebrate. now Maggi is back and Rao’s son. She says her family has never been Kshama Rao [42] and the taste of that Maggi shared “hooked” on Maggi. of course.” So. signed to stop advertising and have given a go-ahead to the brand promotional activities targeted at chil- and it has been in a huddle working dren below 12 years.” All someone would have checked or said some. Mother. She kept her son away day although its consumption was Maggi’s unsafe status and the presence of consumption to twice a What Maa Wants? We spoke to a few mothers who are still figuring out whether or not to trust Maggi again Ruchita Dar Shah [39] Payal Shah Karwa [36] Pallavi Malik [34] founder . on condition of anonymity. “If Maggi convinces me through mother to 8 year old Arjun). Says Acharya about son duo would restrict their instant noodles she adds. gory-creator like Maggi. “Moms always looked at it as a cautious. while the controversy being was conspicuously absent from the section that houses instant noodles bought a noodle maker lest Maggi and chuck out the junk from her nutrition and health. Maggi. taste and satisfying sudden hunger minds. to my grocery list. controversy) that it is absolutely safe for my kids as well. “It was a troduced to Maggi at the of 10 minutes to make. half the water as recommended vours. “I didn’t hear about Rao’s mother-in-law would eat a bowl of because he was prone to an al.” And. “If Maggi was poisonous surely If it was about Maggi. Acharya has been kids in the house. amit. point out that the brand is pretty sure dard. burner stove in a broken alumi- a Maggi consumer since her medical college it wouldn’t be a very happy moment.” If they wanted to be absolutely safe for human consumption. how does having it more time and make sure it’s abso- ing skills. To make me a Maggi consumer. Because the mother. topped my grocery list and one often. “We did what we did. It was now her rethink the way she shops for a staple food like Maggi could be episode down to the possibility of corporate started looking for healthier alternatives. optimism of conquering the world. thing good. she feels. But.” Post which. for one. well strategically given the situation. really.” changed. It was always conve. we all know within permissible limits makes it lutely safe for my kid before I add it keep calm and eat Maggi. reck. He’ll just buy non-permissible. Soon it preservative and colour. she adds. she has stuff whenever he was hungry. she feels. she says. evening snacks and this till much later. the Acharya family would f Kshama Rao’s teenage son Sarthak had those memories of romance. But I certainly will not encourage it and I will try to talk him it’s harmful. In the wake of the recent controversy surrounding and clear that it has to work hard on convincing the mother. “To be honest the only good thing an official announcement or an ad (like Cadbury did during the worm Bulbul Satsangi [36] recalls becoming cognisant of the that came out from the whole Maggi con. “The mother would the top ranking brands CONSUMER certainly be looking out for for the past many years TRUST CAN. she surgeon Maggi. many parents think twice/ as mothers when they fed their offspring not as a superior snack. Nikki (15) and son. So how does she react to their children is stretching it a bit too far. and the one could have (including raw Noodles or being sentimental about it comeback communication so far Maggi sprinkled with tastemaker) and for better or worse her children also has not done much to convince her and at all possible time zones. though it is an age-old trusted brand which we have grown up with. is somewhere between indifferent and they have to do is try to find a way a slightly long road for us.First Moms Club content director. while their methods might vary. she says. The controversy to her was a relief even then I didn’t bother about these accusa. Dr Ashima serious issue and I found the videos too dramatically scripted. we are a the fact that consumer GRANTED forgiving nation. he adds. company. She recalls mak- Acharya.bapna@timesgroup. for starters. the advertising profes. “I don’t trust them. The digital high on nutrition. pick up Maggi his way he’d eat Maggi “all the time. “They too like Maggi. But to operate heavy machinery and a stove the day he was declared all clear. Sources close to the self in its biggest market. however. And during Maggi’s then. the country’s most re-entry.” Since I was a teen go-to snacking option. Maggi’s comeback campaign in which moth. who would re. “I want it out. Her son’s devotion. most mothers. “Maggi still M the Acharya household were campaign talking to mums. They could have been more real Satsangi recalls being in- ute Maggi noodles. All big companies run into some major of all the other packaged food items that to whip up a 2-minute batch of the squiggly shares. contaminated so could other food sabotage. She ing Maggi to her twin ing had Maggi in whatever form confesses to never being a big fan of Maggi daughters. “I know I can’t stop him from eating Maggi. But I didn’t believe the charges sional in her thinks they would have been is unwavering. “We would dry roast days when Nestle had more adventurous Maggi in butter and then add just tastes like sweet ‘n’ sour and lasagna fla.” Even young age of 12. is happy. Hotstar still lingers. during their travels. All that canned foods and anything with of a sudden she was forced to think thing during the decades it’s been around. positioning Maggi as the best for petual and deep lethargy. the mom agreeing to go with it and giving out of eating Maggi. “I commercials. usually quietened with 2-min. so if we are seen consuming it. And she does not health. Maggi.

all. But knowledge can also create way they are made including details stakeholders in the process cut today could harm doubts and fears of which the ignorant of inputs that go into their making. Marketers need to assess early and action needs to be taken Vice Chairman. we need to work the game. Biggest Gainers Biggest Declines in the in the Top 100 Top 100 Brands of 2015 Brands of 2015 2015 2014 Rank Rank Brands 2015 2014 Rank Rank Brands 58 19 Kurkure 80 43 Parachute 43 174 Idea 36 8 Clinic Plus 65 122 Godrej Hair Dye 37 9 Bata 88 143 Vicco Turmeric 93 67 Wheel 62 113 Eno 96 72 Nestle Milk Chocolate 73 124 Dabur Hair Oil 33 10 Frooti 97 146 LG Mobile Phones 68 45 Fevicol 75 116 Usha 34 13 Rin 18 57 Pantene 61 41 Vicks 13 48 Vim 71 103 Hero (two wheelers) To Be Or Knot To Be Unmarried consumers tend to be more hedonistic Married Unmarried 1 Colgate 1 Dove 2 Tata Salt 2 Dettol 3 Dettol 3 Maaza 4 Lux 4 Colgate 5 Dove 5 Samsung Mobile Phones 6 Airtel 6 Cadbury Dairy Milk 7 Horlicks 7 Samsung (Consumer Durables) 8 Lifebuoy 8 Lifebuoy 9 Vim 9 Tata Salt 10 Fair & Lovely 10 Horlicks The New Consumer Move over SEC. brands live in a tougher pen: upgradation and quick reaction. Doctors have to an. it is exciting for brands to send inspi- of stronger. point — from production to product or a brand overhaul has to be thought commoditised. So points from competitors. Many come with asterisks. Second. a brand is a public promise and a problem is localised or too small to Madhukar Sabnavis is SELVES. It is the brand’s responsibil. tion. the end consumers. better. besides the marketer and brand trust few quarters would be unaware. An automo. The regulators later. Any shortfall. bile with ‘defective air bags’ in just everything they say and do. is as important as reaching against short ers for making judge- of information on illnesses. in the product and its process have promised and do so hasn’t helped its cause either by send. Transparency and hon- pose’. a few cars in a batch isn’t insulated. else spread faster than ‘good’. subjecting brands to higher standards spreading faster than ever before. many categories. news and views are and safer than the commodity stuff. Finally. lished than ever before. One doesn’t performance to promotional mes. it could be half knowledge consumer. They cars. Sometimes. So. harder to earn the trust and Corporates need to the basic reason for brand’s existence First. ability and fragility. constantly upgraded in keeping with in a socially conscious way. SABNAVIS ers to live fuller and better lives. with the growth of traditional before. has to be an ongoing taneously guard the trust earned. the can’t take refuge in claims like “street nurture the relationship. Marketing and advertising socially conscious. First. thinking that can affect Ignorance is bliss. Winning them Corporates to regain. subjected to higher scrutiny than ever Three things could be term trust have the responsibility confusion and doubts in the minds of Second. they are and social media. Yet.Ogilvy and Mather India. Presenting the first round of MTB with NCCS NCCS A NCCS B 1 Colgate 1 Dove 2 Tata Salt 2 Lifebuoy 3 Dettol 3 Dettol 4 Dove 4 Horlicks 5 Samsung (Consumer Durables) 5 Samsung Mobile Phones 6 Britannia 6 Tata Salt 7 Lux 7 Good knight 8 Cadbury Dairy Milk 8 Maaza 9 Horlicks 9 Glucon-D 10 Lifebuoy 10 Surf Excel . consumer to ensure the above two hap- communication: from spots in the minds of the receivers. now need to be more accountable for process. As said already. or their medical reports. So. ‘proposition’ to ‘pur. we need to recog. this ignore. Views expressed ABLE FOR EVERYTHING THEY SAY AND DO All this means brands are being quality needs to be delivered at every fast. they need to simul- healthier. are part of the brand build. as patients come armed that. sages. Upping safety standards of food and rational messages. Clearly. The fact that they are better done. affecting consumer trust in brands. guard against short term is coming under question — trust. the democratisation of informa. THE ECONOMIC TIMES NOVEMBER 25-DECEMBER 01. After right is not good enough. Three environmental factors are creators. affect long our problems. Whether it is just a local action are personal. term thinking ments based on half are more scientific researches pub. And in a choice filled world. A short power. in the past. And we know adequate answer. of sub normal wages to immigrant ‘bad’ news has the propensity to ated halos around themselves.” workers will be seen as exploitative. consumers are getting more Third. Brands results in the public domain creates food being twice as unhealthy. from ‘fulfilling’ and noise a consumer is exposed to. A world of account. reassurance of quality on the back of which it charges a premium. THEY NOW NEED TO BE MORE ACCOUNT. for example. It doesn’t solve could be of questionable protocol. Consumers are getting to know For this. is not good enough. no BRANDS HAVE CREATED HALOS AROUND THEM. Though some opt for something else easily. Hence. faster. Brands have cre. affinity of our consumers. tastier and giving everyday low prices on the back to voice their opinions. she can To keep the trust going. being legally the emotions will sound hollow. will be a breach constant dialogue between brand and to the next level of ally credible or have become blind of trust. A super market And consumers now have a platform Neither is being “legally right” an the changing social environment. There ceptable to a health conscious mother. Social media ensures it spreads like wild fire. And as esty is the name of MADHUKAR human desires to ‘inspiring’ consum. This adds to the information overload world. And we know from swer many more questions today than but one can’t blame consumers for and the social influencers everyday relationships. while ing out so many ‘fact based’ messages of social behaviour. 2015 5 Trust in a time of mistrust Ogilvy’s Madhukar Sabnavis on what brands can do in an age where even the rumour of scandal can cause lasting damage P roducts are getting Often they are challenged by counter. An ing process. there needs to be brands are moving know whether they are seen as actu. Brands ANIRBAN BORA brands need to consciously that can knowledge floating around. a need to keep to stay true to what they readers. through. Knowledge is more and more about products and the nise that there are other long term trust. Doctors are unhealthy ingredient to make a food over and keeping them won need to guard We can blame consum- also no longer the only credible source product look and taste better is unac. trust once broken is hard with Googled knowledge on symptoms ity to correct such information.

Rahman re-arranged from Mozart’s 17 Chlormint ered variant The reason Lalitaji came to be. as 50% extra. Founded in 1956 with the merger of 245 Subo (aka Vinay Pathak) for their campaign. 2 Bank of India for its 21. The 10 Panasonic Emami’s reacted to 3 Action Shoes ad focused on 4 Peter England 2 Moov inadvertently being co. 5 Bajaj Almond Drop 4 Hyundai ment as recently as 2007. (Bullet) 4 Motorola lion for 2008. 12 Saridon with its relaunch campaign that 2 Tata Motors in its earliest form. insurance companies and provident socie. 7 Crocin 35% growth in the quar- 16 Havells ter following the film. 14 Band-Aid er parts of the internet. Chocolates/Confectionery 6 Sony Xperia pany had sold 700 million iPhones. 15 Genteel 2 Sonata watches excerpt (from 1:31 to 2:00) that A R gold foil cov. Time for some 20 Strepsils 2 HSBC 10 Renault 7 Jabong cold calls from the other end. “Don’t look at it as 2% more but 2015. 7 Vicco Vajradanti er brand that rattled Surf to its very core. 2 Sony rumored to be responsible for roughly 20% of South poster child tos from Air India’s bygone 3 Indigo Airlines Korea’s GDP. Another Korean warhorse 4 Dulux Paints 4 Ruchi Gold extended to rated with images from Indi. having 4 Spicejet the top deck and walls deco.7% reduction in 13 Comfort (Fabric Conditioner) include green 4 Dabur (Toothpaste) greenhouse gas inten- 15 Boomer tea. 2) Could be wit. 1 Cadbury Dairy Milk 7 iPhone Fabric Care 8 Intex PSU Banks 2 Cadbury Choclairs 1 Surf Excel almostHindustan Lever O&M’s Piyush Pandey took Lalitaji. 5 Oral-B you think ‘Titan’ is a 30 second 16 Candy Man and the soon to be launched Not all things ending with ‘Gate’ are scandal. it was tout. com. interest rate. In 1954. 9 Onida 2 Reebok with endorse- ments began with 3 Siyaram’s 1 Glucon-D Liberty shoes. 7 Limca sutra’ campaign in 12 7UP old Mountain Dew sign read: 17 Tang ularly strong dislike for the 2008-09. When Katrina Kaif Also a slang term for moon- 3) Because the ‘B’ in ‘thumb’ featured in the ‘Aam. 12 FreeCharge cut in the shape of movie tickets as well. He also 13 MakeMyTrip visited them twice a 5 Birla Sun Life 4 Kotak Mahindra 4 TVS year without bagging any business. however. 4 Usha where LG stands for Lucky oats and muesli. In an early crowdsourced campaign. with `500 as the prize. blueber- ry cheesecake sity as compared to 14 Vanish (Stain Remover) 1 Titan The inimitable background score that plays in your head the moment the year ending 2005. Apparel They received 47. 5 Frooti 10 Fanta 15 Tropicana 20 Paperboat .Prem Chopra. 6 Babool ous. 1 Flipkart Tiger Global was the 6 Nihar The country’s largest second VC fund to 15 Boroline 5 Mahindra automobile company. it cold 16 Krack Cream 6 Toyota ger cars segment. the com. 7 Nike 8 Allen Solly Ranjeet and Shakti Kapoor 6 Iodex with Zandu settling out 15 Voltas appeared in a commercial of court and recording a 8 Puma 9 Van Heusen for Havells together. 20 Poppins Cold Beverages 1 Maaza 6 Rasna 11 Mirinda 16 Mountain Dew 1) A typo. most iconic brand mascots. Some 43 toothbrush brands only. off air when a networks across India. featured risqué situations right 4 Hair & Care ed to be the unfulfilled brain- wave of Sanjay Gandhi. of course. 6 Central Bank Of India 8 Gems 14 Gionee 7 Nirma 7 Bank Of Baroda 9 Munch 15 OPPO 8 Robin Blue 8 Union Bank of India 10 Nestle Eclairs 9 Godrej Ezee 9 IDBI Bank 11 Mentos While India Oral Care has just about 10 Henko 10 Dena Bank got Kit-Kat 1 Colgate As of the year ending 12 Mint-o Dark. 10 Arrow 8 Nycil 17 Hitachi Hair Oils 9 Hajmola 18 Blue Star 1 Dabur Hair Oil 10 Amrutanjan Balm Auto Four wheelers 19 TTK Prestige 2 Parachute 11 Disprin If Zandu Balm shied away 1 Maruti The car with the highest mar- ket share had a rather choked 20 IFB from raunch. it’s also a Recently discovered pho. 4 Indian Bank countries? 6 5 Star pitch to retain Cadbury 12 Panasonic 5 Ujala ing. But by March Vahamyaham translates to “Your welfare is our responsibility” instead of 4%. Amrutanjan embraced it wholeheartedly 3 Himani Navratna start. and gave us 18 Kinder Joy the jingle that became a generational soundtrack: 4 Fastrack “Doodh si safedi Nirma se aaye. revealed Dairy Milk. shine. But the company still needed a name for him. 1 Samsung In June 2007. jals every three months B2B marketing 3. In 8 Videocon 1 Bata King Khan’s 1992. THE ECONOMIC TIMES NOVEMBER 25-DECEMBER 01. Its Sanskrit slogan Yogakshemam the bank for they were offering 6% interest 5 Karbonn it. Nexus Equity created ‘The OTC long dalliance 2 Lee Complete Man’. who urged people to open a savings account in They didn’t meet ties. The winning Raymond began life in 1925 as a 7 Godrej Appliances entry was the name “Gattu”. Soccer icon Lionel Messi has 3 Olx called Flipkart’s cus- been appointed as the tomer service number 17 Itch Guard 4 Snapdeal to speak to the Bansal- 7 Ford global brand ambassador to change its passenger- duo and make an offer. ambassador. you see. 9 Royal Enfield scooter’s popularity and sales cally. 8 Tata AIA Life 7 The Federal Bank 7 Mahindra Apple launched the “Jesus Once Audrey Hepburn 2 LG Phone”. that samajdar Lalitaji was also the most 5 Punjab National Bank 7 Center Fresh 13 Microsoft Lumia 6 Wheel watched. This 6 HDFC Life 5 Yes Bank 5 Yamaha dogged pursuit got Law & Kenneth the Hero MotoCorp Mobile Handsets/Tablets 7 Bajaj Allianz Life 6 IndusInd 6 Suzuki account in 2011. the 3 Micromax uncharacteristi. 4) Could be a partic.” resounded with many. Goldstar that eventually 5 Gemini A far cry from the rather functional planes of today.000 plus ATM 4 Nestle Milk Chocolate campaign on a boarding 10 HTC 3 Rin ers on behalf of Surf in the 80s. Steve 9 Max Life With RBI’s deregulation on Savings Account 8 Vespa hopped on Gregory Peck’s Jobs had. Japan 2014. Apparently. rangeen kapda bhi 8 Anchor khil khil jaye” Although it’s no longer on air. G minor. Nirma is the challeng. they ran a ‘Give Me 6 Whirlpool A Name’ contest. All possible answers 8 Sprite the first brand in the 13 Amul Kool siCo launched it in India in 18 Minute Maid to ‘Why there’s no letter ‘B’ in juice and juice drinks 2003 with the tag line ‘Chee- 4 Thums Up Thums Up’ The company has left it to the devices of urban 9 Slice category to sign a Bolly- wood actress as a brand 14 Real Juice tah Bhi Peeta Hai’ before eventually moving on to ‘Do 19 Red Bull myth makers. 3 Berger Paints 3 Sundrop for life Flying Palace era in the 1970s show an actual bar in 3 LG beyond oil.000 entries. The Dew’. RK Laxman created one of India’s 5 GoAir an mythology and history. The cards are 3 Reliance Life 2 Axis 2 Honda Saatchi’s Praveen Ken- neth wrote to the Mun. DJs are 19 Tic Tac scripting its revival with millennials dancing to the 5 Ray-Ban 9 Sensodyne track the iconic Nirma girl in a white dress twirled to.0 4 ICICI Prudential Life 3 HDFC 3 Bajaj for nine years. It was Ecommerce and services 13 D’cold out of seedy books sold outside railway stations and the seami- 3 Honda partially owned by the govern. The same year. is 2 Quikr have invested in Flip- kart after Accel India. perhaps? 3 Standard Chartered 8 Myntra The employees of the Life Insurance 9 Paytm Auto Two wheelers online event and movie ticket booking 1 LIC Private Sector Banks 10 BookMyShow site/app give discount The ‘Hum mein hai coupons printed at the 2 SBI Life 1 ICICI 1 Hero Hero’ campaign came to 11 Cleartrip back of their business light after L&K Saatchi & cards. set a sales They got Cartwheel to introduce Mr know-it-all soared even outside Europe goal of 10 mil. after conclusion though. 2015 6 Where Do They Stand? TRUST BY CATEGORY: HOW BRANDS STACK UP IN THEIR RESPECTIVE TERRITORIES Airlines Consumer Durables Paints Edible Oils (Refined) 1 Air India 1 Asian Paints 1 Saffola 1 Samsung While it heads the leaderboard The Samsung Group is 2 Jet Airways 2 Nerolac Paints 2 Fortune on oil. 10 Kotak Life the marketing history of Kotak Mahindra Bank. Tiger Global has 18 Pudin Hara Foreign Banks 8 Fiat vehicle’s fortunes 5 Amazon recently raised stake in the Bansal’s rival and 19 Volini 1 Citibank 9 Skoda 6 Yatra ex-employer Amazon. 12 Fena of the more 3 Pepsodent Colgate also claimed Watches /Accessories 14 Halls outré ones 19. not in the Franken- stein sense. pass on the way back poll revealed she was 3 Canara Bank but did you know SBI 5 Kit Kat from a long awaited vacation in America 11 Lenovo 4 Tide the most hated woman had 194 offices in 36 which got cut short by a on TV. 5 Philips became synonymous with the tagline ‘Life Is Good’. No wonder then one 2 Coca-Cola is silent. Footwear 1 Raymond woolen blankets manufacturer. Slice became “It’ll tickle yore innards!” Pep- 3 Pepsi letter ‘B’. Colgate globally 11 Ghari has seen 2 Closeup had 30 toothpaste and 13 Alpenliebe over 200 fla- vours. SRK’s feet and didn’t have a sin- 11 Bajaj Appliances opted into pop-culture by suing the producers 4 Adidas gle shot of his face 5 Levi’s 3 Vicks of Dabangg for the song 12 Kelvinator Munni Badnaam Hui 5 Liberty Shoes 6 Killer 4 Eno which included the line 13 Orient Fans Main Zandu balm hui… The story had a typical 6 Woodland 7 Pepe Jeans 5 Zandu Balm Bollywood happily ever 14 Sansui The trio of Bollywood baddies . Way back in the late 70s. 3 Timex Symphony No 25. 7 Keo Karpin a laggard in the passen. The next find. 2011 became a game changer in Vespa in Roman Holiday. 1 State Bank Of India 3 Perk wrote the jingle for the 9 Lava 2 Ariel the sharp housewife It is justifiably famous iconic Real Taste of Life who spoke to consum.

by R. 7 Lay’s ing bars of Lifebuoy soap 8 Lizol 2 Dove landed in 1895 at Bombay Harbour. Navi Mumbai-400708 and (3) TIMES PRESS. The next time 18 Head & Vodafone pulled off a campaign 27 Gillette 17 Thums Up 2 Vodafone that became a cultural reference it was with the pot-bellied aliens. 11 Kissan 12 Mr. Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd. ‘Wah Taj!’ ad featuring tabla. Fax. Plot No. tootega 3 All Out 3 Parle Me The nahin. Though tea connoisseurs (and even those who never cared for a sip) would agree the premi- Gordon Bowker. 2015 7 Household Care Food Products 1 Vim 1 Tata Salt Show You have real-life Pundits chanting mantras with an add. Mumbai 400 001 Tel. Shoulders Zoozoos in 2009. obsessed with food franchise makes 40 Livon 7 Boost #MadeUpStats) 3 McDonald’s enough sandwiches in a year to wrap around the Earth 14 times. Design: Shubhra Dey. Reproduction in whole or in part without the written permission of the Publisher is prohibited.N. 47Published for the Proprietors. We found her after we spotted 15 Surf Excel 24 Lakme this in the comment’s section 14 Lux of the YouTube video featuring 16 Frooti 25 Medimix the famous ad: “Damn! That’s 15 Pantene Telecom In 2003. Dr. 10 Tata Salt 10 Lifebuoy Editorial: Ravi Balakrishnan. Western Express Highway. Thane Belapur Road. Karen Lunel. Did 41 Set Wet 8 Red Label 4 Café Coffee Day the made-up stat remind you of a certain 42 Fogg 9 Brooke Bond Taaza 5 KFC Indian biscuit brand? 43 Kotex 10 Bru 6 Subway 44 Wild Stone WORKING NOT-WORKING 7 Costa Coffee Born in the Brooke Bond fam- 45 Revlon ily of Unilever in 1966. Krishnamurthyat The Times Of India Building. who followed you my mum!!” 17 Bournvita wherever you went. 5A. his favourite novels – 3 Lifebuoy 3 Colgate Moby Dick. 28 Fair & Handsome 18 Pepsodent 3 Idea 19 Samsung 29 Rexona (Consumer Durables) 19 Maaza 4 BSNL 20 Fair & Lovely 30 Nivea 20 Fair & Lovely 5 Tata Docomo 31 Whisper 6 Aircel 32 Savlon 7 Reliance Communications 33 Park Avenue Hot Beverages 8 9 MTS Uninor 34 35 Chik Stayfree 1 2 Horlicks Bournvita As per GlaxoS- mithKline’s web- Brands That 10 MTNL 36 37 Olay L’Oreal 3 4 Complan Tata Tea site: All Horlicks bottles sold in India in a year.Road. (022) 28872324. 1 Dettol 1 Tata Salt founder of Starbucks. (Clearly.MAHENG/2002/6711 Volume 14 Issue No. won the 26 Liril 16 Pepsi 1 Airtel nation’s heart. co. . Production: Vilas Pai. Water Purifier um quotient of the brand was more an outcome of the timeless wanted to name the com. No.T. 28872930. Aquaguard and Kent (Consumer Durables) 8 Clinic Plus have an extensive history of squabbling including legal threats and having the competi- 9 Vim 9 Surf Excel tion’s ads pulled off air. Airoli.C. 5 ZeroB 7 Airtel 7 Samsung (Consumer Durables) Nevermind the cola wars. 39 Axe 6 Nescafe brands are 2 Domino’s Legend says the fast. © All rights reserved. water wars is where the action 8 Samsung is. When his 2 Pure-it then creative partner 4 Dove 4 Dove Terry Heckler suggested 3 Kent RO no one would want to drink a cup of ‘pee-quod’. 2273 3535. 1. 4. the Hutch dog.(022)-2273 1144 and printed by him at (1) The Times of India Suburban Press. Industrial Area. Delshad Irani & Shephali Bhatt. Mumbai 400 101. BE tracked down 12 Surf Excel the original. 5 Horlicks 5 Dettol they decided to name the 4 Tata Swach chain after Pequod’s top 6 Lux 6 Maaza officer Starbuck. Taj Mahal Tea was India’s first premium chai 8 Starbucks brand. Plot No. 2 Colgate 2 Fair & Lovely pany ‘Pequod’ after the eponymous ship in one of 1 Aquaguard maestro Zakir Hussain. Akurli Road. would form a Work Food Services chain six times the Trust by working status 38 Palmolive 5 Taj Mahal Tea length of The Great Wall of 1 Pizza Hut China. Muscle 6 Fair & Lovely 12 Haldiram’s `10000 - 7 Pantene 13 Annapurna `25000 `25000+ MONTHLY MONTHLY 8 Head & Shoulders 14 Mother Dairy HOUSEHOLD INCOME HOUSEHOLD INCOME Retailers 9 Sunsilk 15 Saffola Oats 1 Colgate 1 Tata Salt 1 Big Bazaar 10 Clinic Plus 16 Kellogg’s 2 Dettol 2 Dove 2 Reliance Fresh 11 Johnson & Johnson 17 Top Ramen 3 Pond’s 3 Samsung 3 Pantaloons 12 Vaseline 18 Kwality Walls (Consumer Durables) 4 Tata Salt 4 Reliance Digital 13 Godrej No 1 4 Colgate 19 Yipee 5 Dove 5 Lifestyle 14 Pears 5 Horlicks 20 Oreo 6 Vim 6 Reliance Trends 15 Godrej Hair Dye 6 Glucon-D 21 Pillsbury 7 Lux 7 Spencer’s 16 Santoor 7 LIC 22 Knorr 8 Britannia 8 Shoppers Stop 17 Cinthol 8 Samsung 23 Quaker 9 Lifebuoy Mobile Phones 9 HyperCity 18 Garnier 24 Heinz 9 Dettol 10 Airtel 10 Croma 19 Boroplus 25 Ching’s 10 Lifebuoy 11 Maaza 11 Westside 20 Hamam 11 Cadbury 12 Horlicks 12 Ezone 21 Vicco Turmeric Dairy Milk 13 Coca-Cola 13 Fabindia 22 Vivel In 2009.(022) 28874230 (2) The Times of India Print City. Illustrations: Thinkstock / Anirban Bora. D. placed end to end. Pureit. who 13 BSNL lives in New Zealand. Amit Bapna. Editor: Ravi Balakrishnan(Responsible for selection of news under PRB Act). Fax.No. No. a pug called Cheeka. THE ECONOMIC TIMES NOVEMBER 25-DECEMBER 01. Hyd- erabad-500076. IDA Nacharam Ranga Reddy District. The brand has 8 Aashirvaad Trust by monthly 3 Lifebuoy been at the forefront of 9 Maggi household 9 Domex innovative marketing from 4 Lux the early days of ‘Lifebuoy hai jahan tandurusti hai income 10 Colin wahan’ to today’s ‘Help A 10 Bingo 11 Pril 5 Pond’s Child Reach 5’. Tel. green bikini-clad 14 Ariel 14 Crossword 23 Himalaya Liril girl.” With friends like these. (022) 6635 3535. T. Sandeep Dutta & Mumbai Team Regn. Kandivili (E). who Personal Care needs validation? 6 Mortein 6 Sunfeast 7 HIT 1 Dettol The first container carry. 2 Good knight 2 Britannia on: Yeh guttbandhan (commun- ion) Fevicol ka jod hai. You have reel-life celebri- ties like Kareena Kapoor swing- ing on item songs where she’s 4 Fevicol 4 Amul urging Salman Khan to stick her 5 Harpic 5 Kurkure Money “photo” on his heart “Fevicol se. Road No.