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Shizuoka University (Shizuoka Prefecture


You can learn Japanese and continue your studies surrounded by the rich natural setting of our campus

◇ University overview ◇ Outline of the course for ◇ Accommodations
○ Number of rooms
○ Characteristics and history
Teacher Training students ・ Single room /30 Rooms
Shizuoka University was founded in 1949 as a ○ Characteristics of the program ・ Couple room /3 Rooms
national university. The university has six faculties in
Our teacher-training program started in 1982. Since then we have ・ Family room /2 Rooms
two campuses: Humanities and Social Sciences,
been doing our best to provide practicing teachers around the world ○ Monthly rent Single: ¥5,900/ Couple: ¥11,900/
Education, and Science, Agriculture (Shizuoka City),
with a well-balanced program in Japanese language and training in
Informatics, and Engineering (Hamamatsu City). The
their field of specialization. Family: ¥14,200
Faculty of Education has six attached schools and a
kindergarten. ○ Number of students to be accepted: ○ Facilities
Shizuoka City is the prefectural capital of Shizuoka About two students. In each apartment the following are provided in
with population over 700,000. It is located in the
○ Outline of the course addition to air-conditioning, a water-heater and a
approximate center of Japan, with the Pacific ocean bathroom. (Bed, locker, desk, chair, lamp stand, book
to the south and Mt.Fuji to the northeast. Shizuoka ・ Japanese language education shelves cupboard and electric refrigerator)
City boasts a warm pleasant climate with four During the first six months beginning in October, students will take
distinct seasons and an abundance of diverse language classes at Center for International Education and Exchange. ○ Information for Daily Life
cultural opportunities. The program is designed to help students develop basic skills in Shizuoka International Residence is located in a quiet
Japanese Language needed in life and research at the graduate level. residential district of central Shizuoka city.
○ International Exchange
a) Elementary Course: 17 classes a week
・ Number of International students The center also offers more advanced courses to meet the students’ Shizuoka University International Residence is located
needs about 8 km from the university. It takes about 40
3 undergraduate students and 5 graduate students
b) Beginning: 3 classes a week minutes by bus and about 30 minutes by bicycle.
coming from China, Laos, Indonesia (as of May 1,
c) Elementary: 3 classes a week
2014 at Faculty of Education and Graduate School
of Education).
d) Lower ・intermediate: 3 classes a week ◇ Contact
e) Upper ・intermediate: 3 classes a week
f) Advanced: 2 classes a week Address 836 Ohya, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi,
Shizuoka-ken 422-8529, JAPAN
・ Number of Teacher Training students ・ Specialized training
Department/ Faculty of Education
About two people will be accepted in the past three Students select a viable topic of research and undertake their
years in the pedagogy research course every year. individual research projects under supervision by a graduate faculty TEL(054)238-4653
member specializing in the students’ field of interest. Students may
audit courses of their interest including those outside of their field of FAX(054)237-6254
study. The language of instruction is Japanese. E-mail/
・ Others:

/ School Health P. and applicant requirements. Mathematics Ed.shizuoka. Sports Science 1 (Professor) s- S.Akada Art Ed. Graduate School of Education Number of Qualification and Requirement for H.Itagaki Science Ed.shizuoka. Painting Contemporary jp Painting Contemporary Art 1 English to some extent (Professor) Art 25004 M.Haga emhaga@ipc. H.Ohtsuka eahohtu@ipc. 1 English conversation Thai 1 (Professor) a. 1 Korea 1. Polymer Science 1 English conversation Paraguay 1 (Professor) .jp Physical Principles Physical Principles 1 (Professor) K.Sugiyama sugiyama.j P.a c. Science Ed.shizuok Biology Ed. Thai 1 (Professor) ka.E.a 25002 S. Number of Course Code Name of adviser E-mail Teaching field(s) Course Description students to be accepted students in past 5 years. etc. School Art 1 English to some extent (Professor) K.Tani 25001 Educational Linguisitics.shizuoka.shizuo Mathematics Ed. 1 English to some extent (Professor) Science Y.Kumano edykuma@ipc.shizuoka.shizuo Japanese Ed.shizu 25003 (Professor) oka. 1 (Professor) Y.Shirai efysira@ipc. Japanese Ed. P. Science Health Science Health Science 1 (Professor) A.Shimbo ehashin@ipc.shizu Mathematics Ed. H.Utsunomiya eahutsu@ipc.shizuo Teaching Japanese as a Japanese Ed.25) ◇Academic Second Language H.Matsumoto esmatsu@ipc. 25005 (Professor) Polymer Chemistry.a c.koji@shizuoka.Kumakura ehkumak@ipc.Shizuoka University(No.shizuoka. Science Sports Physiology Sports Science 1 English to some extent T.Okahana ehtokah@ipc. 1 English to some extent (Professor) 1 English conversation Myanmar 1 T.Tanzawa edttanz@ipc. Mathematics Ed. School Health 1 (Associate Professor) p .

Murayama murayama@certd.shizuoka.shi 25015 (Associate Professor) zuoka.a 25011 (Professor) c. Technology Home Economics Number of Course Code Name of adviser E-mail Teaching field(s) Course Description students to be accepted students in past 5 years.Yamazaki Chinese or Taiwanese teacher 25013 (Professor) Management Educational Systems 1 English ・(French) S.Murakoshi Handicapped Children Psychology for Handicapped Children 1 English School curriculum . and applicant requirements.shizuoka. Graduate School of Education Number of Qualification and Requirement for students.Yazaki yazaki@certd. 1 (Professor) C.Sawatari Education for Young Elementary & Secondary School 1 Learners Students School education training 1 (best) Teachers Development I.j p Domestic science Family Economics 1 (Professor) T.Shirahata Information Education Jananese Language Japanese Language Teaching for M.shi Classroom Lessons in Japan. H.Ogawa ejhogaw@ipc.shizuoka.shizuoka.shizuoka.a Developmental 25009 (Professor) c.a Education for 25012 (Associate Professor) c.and Learnining 1 English T.Kouno English Linguistics English Linguistics 1 English conversation Indonesian 1. In-service Y. Home Economics Ed.shizuoka.ed. jp English Teaching English Teaching 1 English conversation (Professor) 25008 M.Kawamura michi@ed.a Educational 25010 (Professor) Educational Psychology Cognition.Laos1 (Associate Professor) T.Harada Domestic science Fiber& Polymer Science 1 English to some extent T.Irokawa ejtirok@ipc. / Engineering 1 English to some extent (Professor) 25006 M.Fujii Technology Technology Ed. 25014 Cognitive Psychology 1 English to some extent (Professor) University(No.shizuoka. / Agronomy. jp Technology 1 English to some extent (Professor) Environmental Ed.25) ◇Academic advisers.ed.shizuoka.a c. Y.Matsunaga eiymatu@ipc. Psychology Child and Adolescent Psychology 1 English Philippines 1 O.Umezawa eloumez@ipc.shizuoka.a Textile Material Science 25007 (Professor) c.