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Amber Gilbert

C&T 709: Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction

Response Paper

Response Paper


For this assignment I was asked to reflect on the reading for that week. The actual directions

are as follows: Module 6 presented you with ideas about where the field of curriculum studies

has moved since the era of reconceptualization. In this response paper, comment on the vision

you see as most promising for curriculum studies in this new era. Drawing on Chapters 19 and

20 will help you articulate the ideas that most resonate with you.

How you addressed the assignment requirements (if relevant)

For this assignment, William Doll stood out to me as a transformative thinker in his approach

and theory. Doll presented what he referred to as the four Rs, richness, recursion, relations,

and rigor. His thoughts on how to present information as a learning process and not just as

material to be memorized and tested was thought provoking for me. I focused on his ideas and

how I could relate them into the classroom.

Why you chose to revise (if you did)

There was no revision needed for this assignment.

What you learned from this assignment and its contribution to your development as a special

Amber Gilbert
C&T 709: Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction
Response Paper
This assignment was especially important for me to reflect upon on a personal level. I have

never been someone who has been very good at standardized tests. The whole premise of

memorization and replication of information being presented is one that I do not connect

completely to the learning process. I felt the way Doll explained making valuable connections

with materials, better described learning than standardized tests do.

When I reflect on past assignments that have been completed over a year ago, the ones that

stand out to me the most are the ones that I have made those meaningful connections to, such

as this one. For me as a learner and as a future educator, helping other learners navigate their

way to these types of connections is where the true learning happens and the best way to be

an effective educator.