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Amber Gilbert

C&T 709: Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction

Final Paper

Response Paper


The purpose of the final paper was to reflect upon the curriculum theorist that had been

introduced throughout the course, and determine if the theories presented had an impact on

my previous or current beliefs regarding curriculum.

How you addressed the assignment requirements (if relevant)

For this assignment, as I was looking back on my previous two papers for the course, I

summarized the theories presented and added my reflections combining three parts into one

cohesive response paper. For part one of my paper, I chose to focus on Maria Montessori and

Jerome S. Bruner. I was comparing their theories of putting the learner first, while also focusing

on the assignment questions of, How do the theorists position the learner, or child, in the

theory of curriculum that they advocate for? How do the theorists position the teacher? The

subject matter?

For part two of my paper, I spoke of what I saw as one of the issues that I am most bothered by

with current curriculum; that of standardized testing. Finally for the third part of my paper, I

provided a framework for my philosophy of curriculum.

Why you chose to revise (if you did)

There was no revision needed for this assignment.

Amber Gilbert
C&T 709: Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction
Final Paper

What you learned from this assignment and its contribution to your development as a special


My final paper for this course was a reflection of the course as a whole. I have always felt

strongly about standardized testing, which allowed me to make meaningful connections to

some of the theories presented in this course. I was able to learn about curriculum theorists

and their ideas on learning and instruction.

Reflecting upon my own ideas and how they connected or didnt connect to the theories

presented, reminded me of why I feel so strongly about standardized instruction. When we are

asking learners to recite information that has been presented to them, I do not believe that is a

true measure of their learning capabilities. To present material in this manner, I think is an

injustice to the learners we are trying to educate and does not truly utilize the full potential of

the learning process. Being able to make these connections between my beliefs on learning and

the beliefs of curriculum theorists of the past, was a great experience.