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Lewis and Clark Historic Interview

Directions: Over the past week, we have been studying Lewis and Clarks
expedition out west to explore the Louisiana Territory acquired by Thomas
Jefferson from Napoleon. Now its time to put your knowledge to the test and
take on the ultimate task. You and two group members will stage an interview
with Lewis, Clark, and/or Sacagawea. One group member will be the
interviewer and the other two group members may choose if they would like to
be Lewis, Clark, or Sacagawea. You need to work together to create a script
composed of at least 10 questions to ask the explorers and historically-
accurate answers that answer each question. The script needs to be written (or
typed) and turned in. You will perform your script in front of your classmates
on Friday, April 21st. You may choose to dress the part or bring in props,
however, it is not a requirement. You will be given ample time in class to
complete this project. You will be graded according to the rubric listed on the
back of this sheet. I will be grading not only the historical accuracy of the
information you present, but also the teamwork from all members and your
oral presentation skills.
1. Kara Wilhelm, Landon Driggers, Raymond Vreeland
2. Lauren Klinger, Landon Hostetter, Savannah Yount
3. Chinmay Govind, Alec Phillips, Wade Shaffer
4. Ian Owens, Eli Shaffer, Ava Bowen
5. Ben Lauver, Eden Daku-Treas, Malachi Mitchell
6. Lucy Crago, Nathan Lytle, Sam Garvin
7. Samantha Hudson, Derek Brubaker, Sarah Decker