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Full moon night had already gone by.

The uncontainable beast was no longer, and Selene had
returned (more or less) to her senses. Under the effects of the Queen of the Night, perhaps not
even her Mistress would’ve been able to keep her in check. That is why Selene had been reduced
to solitary confinement in the innermost area of the prison. And it was not an unnecessary
precaution! This was precisely that mad dog, the one crazy bitch that slaughtered a whole squad
with her claws alone and bathed in their fresh blood, feeding upon their tender viscera.

[b] For some reason, however [/b] the wolf was obedient to her Mistress. How had she done it, it
was a mystery even the upper brass pondered upon. Some claimed that Miss Blackthorn had very
[i]peculiar[/i] methods to herself, and in so doing, had managed to tame the wild beast. She was a
bitch exclusively loyal to her Owner; no one else could take the luxury of placing a hand on
Selene’s head to pet her without having said hand amputated. Then again, right now, as she could
vaguely perceive the doors opening due to the noise, her tail started wagging. Was it her Mistress
coming for her after this cruel punishment?

Miranda Blackthorn walked down the hallway toward the solitary confinement cells, horribly
torturous concrete cubes with no light or furnishings. She heard the whispers of her soldiers while
she walked by them, talking about the noises that breached even the concrete walls, no doubt the
sounds of her loyal dog testing the limits of her concrete prison in her wild state. She pushed open
the door to the cell with a loud creaking, bathing the once pitch black room in light. Her shadow
reached across the floor, sparing the girl from the pain of direct light on her eyes. She said nothing
for a few moments, merely standing in the prescence of the wolf girl, looking around the room and
noting the deep claw marks that marred the walls of the room now. Turning her eyes to her pet,
she smiled gently and unfolded her arms from behind her, holding out a turkey leg toward the no
doubt hungry creature. "come."

The wolf turned away from the light, until her eyes got used to it little by little. The moment the
light hit her eyes, a set of twin rubies was easily observed, piercing through darkness and looking
straight at the woman standing before her. Who was she? Was she a foe? Was she prey? Selene
adopted her usual hunting position, getting on all fours and putting pressure on her hindquarters,
to propel herself forward and attack. The wild animal started growling, ready to kill… and then she
heard the voice, the unmistakable sound of the woman she was loyal to. Her switch got flipped
and, instead of attacking, she calmly made her way forward, on her fours still, saying in a cute
voice: “Mistress! Welcome back!” Selene had a very bright smile on her face, her furry ears
twitching and her fluffy tail wagging about happily. The moment she took notice of her Owner
offering her some food, she promptly ate it (off her hand naturally) and gave her palm a few
submissive licks. “Mistress, are we going to kill someone today. [color=red] I feel an itch for
blood…[/color]” the wolf growled again, taking a quick glance at the woman’s soldiers.

' a sorry looking rubber mat on a metal frame. giggling gently at the girl's eager bloodlust. watching with amusement as soldiers and prisoners alike watched themselves before the commander and her obedient beast girl. Without her Mistress by her side. but [i]oh. "You're in luck. it was always nice to see her pet at work. get the scent. She set the bone between the girl's teeth to chew on." She watched with a look of amusement and cruel intent. admiring her dark.' a sorry looking rubber mat on a metal frame. "Calm. Selene would’ve made for a fine unit commander in that (now torn apart) uniform. how sad[/i] after a single bite the bone had become white dust in the canine’s mouth. She spat it out and then licked the remnants off on her beautiful uniform. She retrieved a leash from her belt. But alas. "heel" and began to walk toward the east wing cells." She leaned forward and kissed the wolf on the forehead. "We shall see. good girl." she led the wolf toward an empty cell. her eyes shining bright just as they had done the moment before. She knelt next to the girl and scratched her behind the ears while she waited for the girl to catch the prisoner's scent off the bed. "good girl. stepping in and guiding her up to the 'mattress. She knelt next to the girl and scratched her behind the ears while she waited for the girl to catch the prisoner's scent off the bed. get the scent. good girl. deep breaths. . For now I simply want you to hunt and track. as she was now walking behind her Owner in such an obedient manner. tattered from the night's events. a prisoner has gone missing. stepping in and guiding her up to the 'mattress. pet. watching with amusement as soldiers and prisoners alike watched themselves before the commander and her obedient beast girl. guiding the girl up to it. the sight of a fang made of silver from one of their first training sessions. “Does Mistress have something that belonged to the prisoner? I’ll sniff and bring him to you~” Miranda Blackthorn chuckled." She watched with a look of amusement and cruel intent. beastial gaze which looked upon her with such admiration. For now I simply want you to hunt and track. she gave the leash a single tug. she'd need a new one soon. no one would’ve believed it. “[color=red] Oh~ Can I do as I please with him…?[/color]” Selene asked. clipping it to the girl's collar. deep breaths. pet. guiding the girl up to it. kneeling down to her level and scratching her behind the ears. "We shall see. it was the first and only time the girl bit her. it was always nice to see her pet at work." The wolf gladly accepted the bone. her eyes glanced toward the girl's mouth. we suspect inside involvement. when she saw the turkey leg." she led the wolf toward an empty cell. "good girl. Standing up.Miranda Blackthorn pet the girl's head gently while she ate. Miranda Blackthorn chuckled. pet.

She sniffed it around. standing back up and staring down at her primal hunter.The wolfgirl sat on her hindquarters and lightly leaned forward. readying herself to run after the girl and keep pace. After that. Miranda Blackthorn chuckled demonically. He’s not very far from here. Selene had to do as her Mistress said and take a few nice. With a soft grin. the instant Miranda ‘released’ her. meeting her bloodlusted gaze. her word is the word of God. taking her sweet time to get acquainted with the man’s scent. obeyed and worshipped. . But when the woman broke the kiss and ordered her to ‘go fetch’. She knelt down to the wolf's level and leaned in to kiss her gently. she desired to [b]pound Miranda senseless while fucking her from behind until she was nothing but a pathetic. “I can feel it not so far away…” Selene licked her lips and slid her tongue along her silver fang." The daughter of the moon kissed right back at her Mistress with passion. her hand stroking that bulge gently. pressing her nose against the ‘matress’. licking her lips and sliding her tongue along her devilish fangs. given the cute little place they were confined into. the Wolf propelled herself forward. tongue sticking out and her mouth full of saliva. "go fetch. she released the collar. Of course. almost as if she were imitating a purring cat. After a few moments. she obeyed without a second thought! Why did she hold back!? Why didn’t she just pounce that woman and show her what it is like to be a bitch? [i] Selene did not have a clue [/i]. she unclipped the leash but held to the collar. she wanted to. her lower limbs tenses up to the point her veins became visible and. awaiting her orders. the kiss broken. A single warning was issued. orgasming bitch [/b]. she needed to fuck her Mistress.” Selene said while assuming a very shameful ‘begging’ position next to her owner. as if she were about to break a peace-treaty: a very perceptible howl that echoed all around the prison-island. but rather by the presence of a nice. looking up at Miranda with loving eyes and…something else? The aftereffects of her full moon night were still there! A quick look at the girl’s pants quickly revealed that she was getting aroused. something she had seen the last time the girl had gone wild. Mistress Miranda is to be respected. “[b] Mmm…I can already taste it…[/b]” Selene said as she sat on her hindquarters. “I got it Ma’am. not by getting wet. Selene growled lightly. as if sharpening them. Her tail also seemed more alive when she received those little signs of affection from Miranda. deep breaths in order to get the man’s real scent. rocking her hips back and forward as if she wanted to penetrate that hand! She needed it. All she knew was that Mistress Miranda was always right. It was slightly musky. just for a teasing moment before slipping away. I can catch him in…1 hour or less. Selene nodded and looked at her trainer. She took note of the bulge forming in her torn and ruined uniform. scratching the girl gently under the chin. ready to be released. she got on her fours again. dirty and gave of a very poor image. yes. every prisoner had that to account for. Selene smirked. thick bulge in there. making any individual nearby know that the wolf was on the hunt. though with far less blood this time. In response to Miranda’s ear scratching. Thus.

They prey was nearby. see the wheels turning in her head while she sniffed the air. With a soft kiss on the forehead. and she needed it soon! As her 9 inches long. "Good girl Selene. . She was surprised to see the girl fall out of the tree. the hunt got a bit slower. Quickly the woman’s hips started to go full throttle: without a care in the world. to the time when she was free out there in the wilderness. they were already on the nearby forest of the island. "Pathetic trash. demonic grin on her face. Until she got it. looking up at the woman for further orders. letting her stare at it while she stroked her throbbing member. She loved to watch her pet work. to a tree. The girl's chin on her boot." She knelt down and unbuttoned the girl's tattered pants. 2 and a half inches thick penis was released. Miranda Blackthorn kept pace as well as she could with the speedy hound. "did you really think you could run from me? you pathetic little bitch. this brought her back. She guided the wolf girl's gaze down to that ass." She spit on the girl's face.15 minutes later. from it." Her fangs were exposed. without minding her Mistress. producing a smack loud enough to be heard through the woods. perky but. hunting. likely as fast as a horse. forcing her to look the commander in the eye. No longer able to produce human speech. Selene merely growled: "Grrrr. At this point. Selene tossed her to the floor directly in front of Miranda. stroking it gently. she released her pet from her gasp and stood back up. Selene could clearly perceive a pathetic prisoner sweating from how fuckin’ scared it was… Ah. forced the escapee to kiss the Mistress’ boots. She had been holding back for a while now… She needed to feel something wrapping her member. This is one cunning bitch that tried to run away…[/b] Selene then run. reaching in and letting her bestial cock free. Selene continued to walk on her fours. releasing even a tiny bark as she was given authorization to do it with the prisoner. Selene had obediently ‘fetched’ her. the air was full of fear. Her other hand moved to the pinned girl's underwear. a male. caught the scents and sounds of the forest. The sensation of that almost virginal womanhood wrapping around her temporary male appendage…It was amazing.. sharp and deadly. a delighted. "Breed. [/i] dressed up in the uniform of one of her fellow cellmates. blonde and very tomboyish girl. brought down [i] a slightly tanned. a few moments behind her when she took off into the tree. What could such a fine woman do to a wolf that was already insane?! The Beast's pupils disappeared from her eyes: she was possessed. watching it wash with her tears. or any fellow soldier feasting their eyes upon the image of a prisoner being raped in the woods. She gave the girl her distance while she hunted. She climbed it by using her claws to go up and.. stepping to the side and petting her pet's head gently. it was enough to make a sane man lose his mind. by chocking her with one hand and holding her hands behind her back with the other. she knelt down and grabbed her by the hair. she immediately forced it inside the prisoner’s tight pussy." The wolf growled. her nose clinging to the floor. pulling them down and revealing her toned. very good girl. and kept her firmly pinned down there. “[b] Mistress. Selene fucked her without mercy and banged the tomboy." She stood back up. well toned. not quite what she was expecting.

It was a calm flow. her tail wagging and looking at her Mistress.” . “Mrrrr…. She was near the edge. all except for the tiny beings there. Selene’s penis twitched inside the thigh walls that surrounded it. penetrating the frail human. She didn’t care whether or not the prisoner achieved an orgasm. But when it came to her hands and mouth. thanking her for this delightful threat. white fluid similar to semen in every aspect. The Animal had finally found what she wanted: with a single spasmodic movement. Of course. she buried her penis down to the base and a thick. the calm after the storm. Saliva covered it all and a spank came quickly after. Selene’s tongue stuck out and she fell completely over the tomboy. began to flow. it was simply wild and messy. or if she had enjoyed it. The animal grabbed the girl’s hair and forced her to literally lick Miranda’s boots clean. being a female.The wolf’s hips moved with the same efficiency that is to be expected from the finest piece of machinery when it came to the piston down there. she didn’t have any capacity of impregnating someone else. leaving her claw’s marks behind.

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