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Title: The proficiency in Using English Language of the Fourth Year Students of Lawaan National High
School, School Year 2014-2015.

Researchers: Jessan Obeso, Jenelyn Callego, Lerio Amistoso, Miraflor Santos, Jaharra Lopez, and Roda Mae

Name of Institution: Talisay City College,BSED

Major: English

Name of Respondents: Fourth Year students of Lawaan National High School,school year 2014-2015.
Method: Descriptive Analytic

Findings: Researchers found out that students in Fourth Year are lacking of exposure in using English Language
.They have different levels of their written and spoken English but mostly of the students rate themselves as
they belong to average level. They also differ in the levels of their understanding of spoken and written English.
We also found out that the students have different emotion when they ask to speak or write in English. In terms
of their preferred language, most of the Fourth Year High School students of Lawaan prefer to use Filipino and
our native language because for them English is hard.

Conclusions: It is enough to conclude that the Fourth Year students of Lawaan National High School are having
limited proficiency in English language because they are lack of exposure and exploration towards using in
English Language.

Recommendations: Researchers humbly recommend to the Fourth Year students of Lawaan National High
School that they should read and read more in English like books, magazines and novels so that the more they
read the more they can broaden their vocabulary. Students also practice more to write and watch English movies
particularly educational movies. The researchers also recommend to all the teachers particularly English
teachers to use English in their daily interaction with their students. They can give activities in relevant to the
students proficiency in English like having spelling quiz, vocabulary test, reading and comprehension and etc.
Lastly the researchers to thee school administrators to implement the so-called English speaking policy, in
order for the students to enhance their English speaking skills. They may also make a school publication to give
their students an opportunity to engage in writing, or they may build an English dub to allow students to explore
more in English.