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1. Advertising is defined as the action of attracting a.

to refund the money

the publics attention b. to have dropped by another 10%
2. Over the years, sophisticated methods have c. to clothes and shoes
developed d. to a shop or business
3. When they arrived at the airport they were e. to owe more than 10,000
forced f. to the rise in the number of
4. The travel agent has apologised and promised consumer complaints
5. Problems with online flight bookings have g. to drive to the shop, load up and
contributed come home
6. By the end of the summer sales are expected h. to attract consumers attention
7. Inflation is running at about 5%, according i. to the most recent consumer survey
8. Everything is reduced, from household goods j. to pay 40 for excess baggage
9. Shopping online took longer than it would have
10. Its not unusual for college leavers