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This intensive 12-month program will teach you to think differently about business, about yourself, and about your personal potential.


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Information in this brochure is accurate at time of publication.

In the Queen’s MBA program. Working one-on-one with your Personal Development Coach. PhD Director.queensmba. Our team-based approach creates a learning environment that mirrors the workplace and provides great opportunities to develop and practise critical team and leadership skills while in the program. please do not hesitate to contact us. and you as a valuable and productive team member. Queen’s MBA 2 QUEEN’S MBA www. You will learn how to effectively build.Message from the Director When talking to prospective students. you will learn how to identify and capitalize on your strengths. you will experience a level of personalization that is far more extensive than that available in other programs. I believe that the key differentiator of our program is our focus on you… you as an effective leader. manage or participate in high-performance teams. they often ask me how the Queen’s MBA program differs from other MBA programs. A.com . If you should have any questions. taking them to levels you may never have imagined. built around you. your strengths and your aspirations. Scott Carson. I invite you to read more about our exceptional program. transformational experience. Queen’s MBA is a powerful.

throughout the program. You will learn how to build on your personal strengths to become an exceptional leader and a valuable team member.Then. and incorporates the theme of cross-functional. At Queen’s. At the start of the Queen’s MBA program.They have learned to fully leverage their personal strengths in the context of teamwork. In today’s workplace. you will work with a Personal Development Coach to help you build on. you will have many experiential opportunities to develop and hone the team and leadership skills that are so critical in today’s business environment. Queen’s full-time MBA is an incomparable and transformational learning experience that provides much more than an exceptional business education.It’s about you. business is conducted in teams and that’s why Queen’s uses a team-based learning approach that will help you become a valuable team member. You will leave the program with a clear understanding of the organizational impact of all business decisions. your personal strengths to become an exceptional leader. with the guidance of our dedicated Team Facilitators. You will be assigned to a student team for the duration of the program and. YOU… …AS AVALUABLE TEAM MEMBER. YOU… …AS AN EXCEPTIONAL LEADER. and fully leverage. All exceptional leaders have one important thing in common. integrated thinking. YOU… …AS AN EFFECTIVE MANAGER. you will experience a leading-edge curriculum that provides a solid foundation in management fundamentals and functions. It is the only MBA program in Canada that can be personalized around your individual strengths and aspirations. In the Queen’s MBA program. you will receive an in-depth assessment of your individual strengths and weaknesses. QUEEN’S MBA 3 . you will learn the keys to successful team-building and teamwork. The Queen’s MBA experience is about you.

a healthy diet.queensmba. That’s why Queen’s offers Fit to Lead. Queen’s MBA The Boston Consulting Group PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING Our approach to Personal Development is built upon the belief that peak performance is best achieved by focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses. Following completion of this assessment.com . At the centre of this approach is a sophisticated personal assessment tool. You will have the opportunity to work with a personal fitness trainer who will help you develop a fitness regimen. Queen’s MBA Reed Business Information 4 QUEEN’S MBA www. These valuable insights lay the foundation for the next phase of your Personal Development process. PERSONAL ASSESSMENT Queen’s has developed an innovative approach to personal development. emotional.DISCOVERING AND LEVERAGING YOUR PERSONAL STRENGTHS The Queen’s MBA experience is truly unique. and after graduation. but this brought a whole new perspective. and an effective plan for achieving work/life balance. and physical wellness. it is easy to forget that your ability to manage and lead is greatly influenced by your health and wellness. “ The Queen’s personal assessment tool was eye-opening for me. FIT TO LEAD In today’s hectic world. I thought I had a handle on my personal strengths. and fully leverage your personal strengths. “ Fit to Lead helps you develop and maintain useful and healthy habits while you’re in the program and long after you’ve finished your MBA. it is the only MBA program that enables you to identify. you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a Personal Development Coach who will help you enhance and fully leverage your individual strengths.” Sarah Milton. an optional program that promotes mental. you will receive one-on-one feedback on your individual strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the program. Beyond its leading-edge curriculum and innovative approaches to learning. enhance.” Craig Roberts.

QUEEN’S MBA 5 . DEVELOP YOUR TEAM AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS Working with your team provides exceptional opportunities to develop and practise your team and leadership skills. You will be provided with proven processes and best practices for overcoming any obstacles that may arise during the year.You and your teammates will be led through a series of exercises designed to get acquainted. work and academic experience. professional Team Facilitator is assigned to each team. and cultural background. At Queen’s. DIVERSITY Each team consists of five or six students and is carefully assembled to maximize diversity in terms of gender.We believe strongly in our team-based approach because it mirrors today’s progressive workplace. and a significant portion of your overall grade is derived from teamwork. projects and presentations. and successfully conduct your first team meeting. they will monitor the team’s effectiveness and provide regular feedback and guidance that is pivotal to the learning process. TEAM SUPPORT AND FACILITATION A great deal of time during the first week of the program is devoted to setting the tone for your learning teams.You will leave the program with a thorough understanding of the best practices for successful team-building and teamwork – well-prepared to be a valuable member of a high-performance team. Each team member is given numerous opportunities to lead projects as well as contribute to projects led by other team members. drawing on the skills and experience of individual team members. Team members collaborate on assignments. A dedicated. gain insight into each member’s preferred thinking style. greatly enhancing the learning experience.UNDERSTANDING THE POWER OF TEAMS Queen’s MBA utilizes an innovative approach to team-based learning that is far more advanced than that used in other MBA programs. you are assigned to a team for the core of the program. formulate a team mission statement and group “norms”. Throughout the year. In the last three years alone. Queen’s MBA has welcomed students from more than 30 countries.

com .queensu.ca. Gallen (St. Switzerland) FRANCE GERMANY HUNGARY INDIA ITALY JAPAN NETHERLANDS SINGAPORE SWITZERLAND Indian School of Business SDA Bocconi School of Management. you will have the option to participate in an international exchange at one of our partner business schools in Europe. India) Peking University (Beijing. Corvinus University of Budapest University of St. China) Indian School of Business (Hyderabad. INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGES Consistent with the program’s global perspective. Erasmus University National University of Singapore University of St. cross-cultural learning experience in a region that is of particular interest to you. or Asia. Gallen University of Mannheim (Mannheim. South America. University of Mannheim WHU Koblenz School of Management. Gallen.PERSONALIZE YOUR MBA EXPERIENCE Queen’s MBA offers three additional ways to personalize your MBA experience around your individual strengths and career aspirations. China) EXCHANGE PARTNERS COUNTRY AUSTRIA BRAZIL CHINA UNIVERSITY WU Wien.The terms and length of each exchange vary from school to school. This provides an exceptional. Bocconi University Nagoya University of Commerce & Business Administration Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). For specific details.Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration Fundação Getulio Vargas CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) Guanghua School of Management. Germany) 6 QUEEN’S MBA www. China Europe International Business School (Shanghai.queensmba. Peking University Tsingua University ESSEC Business School Mannheim Business School. please contact us by email at queensmba@business.

you may instead choose to select a variety of courses from more than one stream.ELECTIVE STREAMS During the final module of the program. • Consulting & Project Management • Marketing • Finance • Innovation & Entrepreneurship QUEEN’S MBA 7 . with the goal of deepening your understanding of the area that most closely aligns with your career aspirations. While most students choose to focus on one elective stream. See our website for more details. These professional designations can help you more fully leverage the power of your Queen’s MBA. you are given the opportunity to choose one of four elective streams. THE FOUR ELECTIVE STREAMS ARE: PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATIONS You may also choose to take advantage of two professional development opportunities while in the Queen’s MBA program. You will have the option of beginning a fast-track to a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation or pursuing a Project Management Professional (PMP) designation.

ON 8 QUEEN’S MBA . Queen’s MBA Vice President. Investment Banking Credit Suisse Toronto.QUEEN’S MBA CLASS OF 2003 Stephen Davy.

NY QUEEN’S MBA 9 .QUEEN’S MBA CLASS OF 2002 Felix Tolstov. Queen’s MBA Vice President CIT New York.

10 QUEEN’S MBA www. Students come from across Canada and numerous countries around the world.Their contributions span science. business.000 graduates spans 150 countries. The extensive alumni network of more than 110. the arts.SCHOOL OF BUSINESS A RICH HISTORY OF INNOVATION AND EXCELLENCE QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY Queen’s is consistently ranked among Canada’s very best universities by both The Globe and Mail and Maclean’s in their annual ratings of Canadian universities. A Queen’s degree opens doors around the world. and government. Queen’s graduates have made indelible marks on the national and international landscape. Since its establishment in 1841 with a royal charter from Queen Victoria. you will have the support of a network of fellow Queen’s University graduates.Wherever you go.com . Queen’s University has had a rich tradition of academic excellence. You will find Queen’s graduates in positions of leadership around the world.queensmba. Queen’s is Canada’s oldest degree-granting institution and has long enjoyed the reputation as “Canada’s Ivy League” university.

and the Association of MBAs. BusinessWeek (USA) ranked Queen’s #1 in Canada for both full-time MBA and Executive MBA. a global organization that is a recognized centre of excellence for management education and development in Europe. while Queen’s masters and doctoral programs are recognized as among the country’s finest. The School has earned international recognition for its innovative and forward-thinking programs. THE LEADING EDGE IN MANAGEMENT EDUCATION In addition to Canada’s premier MBA and Executive MBA programs. Queen’s Bachelor of Commerce program has the highest entry standards of any undergraduate program in Canada. Queen’s School of Business is EQUIS accredited through the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development). As well. Recently.” Gordon Nixon President and CEO RBC Financial Group QUEEN’S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AN INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED BUSINESS SCHOOL Queen’s School of Business is one of the world’s premier business schools. The new Cornell – Queen’s Executive MBA allows participants from both sides of the border to earn both a Queen’s MBA and a Cornell MBA while they continue to work in their current jobs. an international accrediting body based in the UK. Recently. one of the original U. Queen’s School of Business is home to Queen’s Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates – a unique program designed specifically for people with an undergraduate degree in business. and has been consistently ranked among the best in the world.“To be recognized by BusinessWeek as the best in Canada and among the best in the world is a remarkable achievement that reflects the unmatched quality of Queen’s School of Business. INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION Queen’s School of Business is one of a select few schools to be accredited by all three of the world’s leading accrediting bodies. Ranks Queen’s full-time MBA #1 in Canada + #1 internationally – October 2006 Ranks Queen’s Executive MBA #1 in Canada + #23 in the world – November 2007 INTERNATIONAL + NATIONAL RANKINGS FINANCIAL TIMES Ranks Queen’s Executive Development Centre #17 in the world for open-enrollment executive education – May 2008 ENVIRONICS REPORT ON EXECUTIVE EDUCATION IN CANADA – February 2008 Ranks Queen’s full-time MBA #1 in Canada Ranks Queen’s Executive MBA #1 in Canada Ranks Queen’s Executive Development Centre #1 in Canada QUEEN’S MBA 11 .The School is fully accredited by the AACSB (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). reflecting its international strength.These accreditations are touchstones of quality and assurance of the outstanding value of a Queen’s MBA.S. and has continuously introduced new technologies for business education and new ideas in the practice of management. Ivy League schools. The School is consistently ranked among the best in the world. Queen’s launched a new and innovative partnership with Cornell University. Queen’s Executive Development Centre is one of the world’s largest and most respected providers of non-degree executive education. Queen’s School of Business is also a leader in executive development.

and corporate social responsibility. case studies. DESIGN & CREATIVITY • Creativity & Design Workshop • Strategic Innovation & Entrepreneurship • Introduction to the Tri-Colour Fund MODULE 8: INTEGRATED SIMULATION EXERCISE • An Integrated. In addition. innovation. and cross-cultural management challenges. and real-world projects to create an optimal approach to learning. Program content is subject to change. managing change. you will be exposed to leadingedge content in the areas of leadership. international business.com . Queen’s uses a blend of class instruction. MODULE 2: MAKING DECISIONS IN A WORLD OF COMPLEXITY • The Global Environment of Business • Analytic Intelligence • Knowledge Navigation APPLIED INTEGRATION EXERCISE I MODULE 3: FOUNDATIONS OF MANAGEMENT • Financial Accounting • Business Decision Modeling • Managing in Organizations • Managerial Economics APPLIED INTEGRATION EXERCISE II MODULE 4: CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY MODULE 5: FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT • Marketing Management • Operations Management • Management Accounting • Financial Management APPLIED INTEGRATION EXERCISE III MODULE 6: STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP • Strategy Implementation & Change Management • Negotiations & Conflict Management • International Business Strategy • Financial Strategy • IT Strategy APPLIED INTEGRATION EXERCISE IV MODULE 7: INNOVATION.You will also have the opportunity to participate in exciting international student exchanges. Cross-Functional Simulation Exercise MODULE 9: ELECTIVE STREAMS • Consulting & Project Management • Marketing • Finance • Innovation & Entrepreneurship INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE OPPORTUNITIES INTEGRATED CROSS-FUNCTIONAL THINKING Because we take an integrated approach to teaching. MODULE 1: THE ROOTS OF LEADERSHIP • Introduction to Your Personal Development Plan • The Role of the General Manager • Creating High-Performance Teams • Business Communication: Managing Your Message PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING Program Structure and Content GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE The program curriculum provides a broad understanding of the global business environment. A FLEXIBLE BLEND OF TEACHING STYLES Unlike other schools that are wedded to a single teaching style. strategic thinking.queensmba. simulations. 12 QUEEN’S MBA www. you will develop an understanding of the impact of all business decisions across functions.THE ACADEMIC PLAN MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS Queen’s MBA provides a strong foundation of management fundamentals and functions.

program.Optional PRE-MBA “WARM-UP” Queen’s School of Business is pleased to offer pre-MBA “warm-up” sessions in three quantitative areas: • Accounting • Finance • Statistics These not-for-credit one-day sessions are offered to incoming students on the Tuesday.D. QUEEN’S MBA 13 . You may register for these sessions when you sign back your offer of admission.D. At a cost of $125 per session. degrees will be conferred at the completion of the combined program when all requirements for both degrees have been met.D. A maximum of eight students will be admitted to the combined program every year. YEAR TWO: Students take upper year elective courses in the J.D. as well as the second year compulsory course of Appellate Advocacy – Moots. PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE. YEAR THREE: Students complete all of the course obligations in the Queen’s MBA program. program. PROGRAM STRUCTURE YEAR ONE: Students take a first year course load in the J. they represent an excellent opportunity to ease your transition into the program. Application to the combined J. These sessions are optional. and Thursday of the week before the MBA program begins./MBA PROGRAM Queen’s University offers the opportunity to pursue both a Juris Doctorate and an MBA degree in a three-and-a-half-year program. YEAR FOUR: Students fulfill the remaining course requirements in the J. /MBA program requires separate. program.D. The Queen’s MBA and J. Combined J. simultaneous applications to the Faculty of Law and the School of Business.D.Wednesday. FOR MORE INFORMATION. and you may enroll in any or all of them.

As well. The classroom also has a variety of leading-edge multimedia presentation systems and videoconference capability. a high-speed digital copier. and a refrigerator.000-square-foot interactive learning centre for management education. Team rooms are equipped with a printer. completed in 2002. and fax machine. As well. the building’s major donor. there are a number of smaller classrooms and meeting rooms available to the program. OUTSTANDING AMENITIES Queen’s MBA students also have unrestricted access to a well-equipped student lounge which houses printers. 14 QUEEN’S MBA www. An alumnus of Queen’s School of Business. DEDICATED TEAM ROOMS Queen’s provides every MBA student team with a dedicated team room including a personal work station for each team member. DEDICATED CLASSROOM The Queen’s MBA program has a dedicated tiered classroom with both wired and wireless Internet access at every seat. An extensive renovation. there is a small café conveniently located in Goodes Hall. Mel Goodes was the Chairman and CEO of WarnerLambert Company before his retirement in 1999. The centerpiece of the facility is a 110-year-oldVictorian school house.queensmba. transformed the site into an impressive 110.com . whiteboard and flip chart.STATE-OF-THE-ART LEARNING FACILITY GOODES HALL Located on the Queen’s University campus. Goodes Hall is home to Queen’s School of Business. Goodes Hall is named in honour of Mel Goodes. scanner.

QUEEN’S MBA 15 . Team rooms provide a quiet space for individual work as well as team meetings and discussions. as shown in these photos.DEDICATED TEAM ROOMS Queen’s MBA student teams have around-the-clock access to their dedicated team room.

Our experience shows that an overwhelming number of applicants who do visit us realize very quickly that Queen’s is the right choice for them. reducing the need for note-taking. if you wish. diet. you may access the exclusive student web portal to download an electronic copy of the presentation. both during the program and into your career. After class. You will never have to stand in long lines at the bookstore. hard copies of PowerPoint presentations will be waiting at your seat.EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE At Queen’s School of Business. if you choose to take one At Queen’s. and case studies will be waiting on your desk when you arrive. efficient. and fitness regimen • An Academic Advisor who will work with you to select your curriculum and structure your international exchange.queensmba. 16 QUEEN’S MBA www. and effective • A Personal Trainer who. or even check the weather forecast. Before each class. book a meeting room.com . participate in a course discussion board. will work with you to develop a personal lifestyle. you will work with a personal support team that includes: • A Personal Development Coach who will work with you to help discover and develop your areas of strength and improve your areas of weakness • A Career Coach who will provide one-on-one assistance with your job search • A Team Facilitator who will work with you and your team to ensure that you are productive. verify the schedule for the rest of the week. INCOMPARABLE SERVICE AND SUPPORT While in the Queen’s MBA program.This allows you to more actively participate in the class discussion. you will experience world-class customer service. we are committed to providing an exceptional experience for every student. taking care to respond promptly to any questions you may have along the way. to long after graduation. We will guide you through the application process. you will experience one of the best student-to-faculty ratios of any business school in the world. reply to e-mails. From your first contact with us. You will find Queen’s faculty very accessible and committed to your success. Goodes Hall also features a dedicated team of in-house technology support staff who are accessible during regular business hours.We strongly encourage our applicants to visit Queen’s during the application process. course binders. All of your textbooks.

entrepreneur and humanitarian Jerry Greenfield Co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream QUEEN’S MBA STUDENTS HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO MEET RICHARD BRANSON. KENNETH COLE SPEAKING TO QUEEN’S MBA STUDENTS. many of our alumni will volunteer as guest speakers. as virtually all of our students live within a 15-minute walk to campus. and a variety of social events.A CLOSE COMMUNITY You will undoubtedly find many of your classmates in the building at almost any time of day. a networking initiative established by members of the Class of 2004. instead of commuting to and from campus as you would in a larger city. golf. including: Bill Clinton Former President of the United States Richard Branson Founder of Virgin. industry panelists or as participants in mock interview sessions. rock climbing. who are very accommodating when contacted for advice. Through the Fit to Lead program and other organized events. our alumni contribute job postings and advice to Career Connect. Queen’s MBA students have had the opportunity to attend events featuring high-profile speakers. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES High-Profile Speakers In the past. And. Students of the Queen’s MBA program also enjoy interaction with members of our alumni network. QUEEN’S MBA STUDENT WITH BILL CLINTON. entrepreneur and humanitarian Vicente Fox Former President of Mexico Anthony Robbins World-renowned authority on peak performance Kenneth Cole American designer. QUEEN’S MBA 17 . Our graduates understand that by virtue of having been admitted into this program you are deserving of their time. Throughout the year. In addition. you can spend those all important non-working hours socializing and strengthening your network. you will have the opportunity to participate in a number of extracurricular activities including kayaking and canoeing. bike tours.

MBA Direct. etiquette. QUEEN’S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ALUMNI NETWORK The Economist has ranked Queen’s MBA #4 in the world for potential to network. Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument. This network of business professionals numbers in excess of 10. self-assessment. career direction. yield exceptional opportunities for our graduates. • CAP 1 – Program introduction and overview. 18 QUEEN’S MBA www. personality. launching your career. external job search. and creating and marketing your personal brand. • Develop your career strategy: individual assistance creating a career strategy and executing your plan. • CAP 2 – Present yourself effectively – image. CAREER ADVANTAGE PROGRAM (CAP) CAP focuses on the critical pieces of an effective job search. Your Career Manager provides one-on-one coaching to help you explore your career options and chart your career path. This program is an integral part of Queen’s MBA.CAREER MANAGEMENT With an annual enrollment of approximately 70 students. In addition to working with you on your résumé and conducting practice job interviews. Our international reputation. we will provide you with the latest information. Our strong alumni network is often cited as one of the key benefits of attending Queen’s. and Career Leader. A partnership with Knightsbridge Human Capital Management allows student access to their extensive web resources and links. ACCESS TO TOP MBA RECRUITERS Queen’s School of Business typically attracts more than 100 companies to participate in our annual on-campus recruitment activities. building your career plan. • CAP 3 – Creating a strategy for an independent. networking for employment. you will receive the kind of extensive and personalized attention from our Business Career Centre team that is possible only in a program of this size.Top MBA Careers. trends and developments in the industries that interest you. PERSONAL CAREER SUPPORT • Extensive self-assessment instruments are used to identify values. As a Queen’s MBA student. Our role is to augment your career search by ensuring you are equipped with the skills and industry-specific information necessary to help you achieve your goal – the job you desire. including: Vault. interviewing (mock interview practice and specialized interviews). and provides an important tool in your job search. and career preferences: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. clubs. industry and interview panels.000 worldwide. preparing for on-campus recruitment. company visits. • CAP 4 – Motivation. • Individualized coaching: a small class size allows more one-on-one time with the dedicated MBA Career Manager. networking. and give you the opportunity to attend trade shows and industry conferences. team development. and partnerships.com .queensmba. industry forums. you will have access to our exclusive alumni networking website approximately four months prior to your graduation.and extensive industry and alumni network.com. Job postings: year-round access to on-campus recruiting and our exclusive Career Connect job information and postings to help you stay in touch with the employment market. • Learn about career options through speakers. EXTENSIVE CAREER SERVICES AND RESOURCES The Careers tab on the dedicated class portal includes access to well-recognized job search and research resources. competitions.

. ON QUEEN’S MBA 19 . Queen’s MBA President TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage Toronto. It really prepares students for success at the highest levels. . 4% Other .” “There is no doubt in my mind that Queen’s MBA is one of the world’s premier MBA programs. . around the world. . .CAREER SUCCESS The Business Career Centre at Queen’s School of Business takes great pride in the exceptional quality of our graduates and in meeting the needs of our employer community. . . Inc. 96% of our graduates found career-quality jobs within six months of graduation. . 15% QUEEN’S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ALSO PROVIDES SUPPORT FOR GRADUATES WISHING TO PURSUE ENTREPRENEURIAL ENDEAVOURS THROUGH OUR “DARE TO DREAM INTERNSHIP PROGRAM” “Queen’s School of Business grads just seem to be a cut above the rest. In our most recent class. . . . . RBC Financial Group Scotiabank TD Bank Financial Group Tristone Capital Inc. . . . Queen’s MBA graduates find exciting jobs with outstanding organizations across Canada and. . . . . . . . Of these. . . 6% Bio-Pharma . . Queen’s MBA President Barclays Capital NewYork. . . . .T. . . . . . They’re very well-prepared to hit the ground running. . . . 31% Management Consulting . . . 15% found employment outside of Canada. . . 27% Manufacturing . . . . . . . . . . . NY Jim Leech. Queen’s MBA President and Chief Executive Officer Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Toronto. . Canada Hewlett Packard IBM Canada Kraft Canada Inc. . . . Nortel Networks PricewaterhouseCoopers Research in Motion Shoppers Drug Mart Telus UBS Securities Whirlpool Canada EMPLOYMENT BY SECTOR Finance . PLACEMENT LOCATIONS Canada Toronto Montréal Vancouver Calgary Edmonton Kingston London International UK France Italy Australia USA India China United Arab Emirates Peru Portugal THE FOLLOWING IS A PARTIAL LIST OF COMPANIES THAT HAVE POSTED JOBS FOR QUEEN’S MBAs OVER THE PAST THREE YEARS: A. . .” “My Queen’s MBA opened doors and created opportunities that otherwise would not have been accessible.” John See. 17% High Tech/Telecom . . . . . . . . . . . Air Canada Bank of Canada Boston Consulting Group CIBC World Markets Colgate-Palmolive Canada Deloitte Effem Inc. . . . Kearney Ltd. . . . . ON Jerry del Missier. . . Today’s program and experience is one that I would highly recommend. . . . McKinsey & Company Monitor Group PMC-Sierra. . . . . Westwind Partners Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . Accenture Bain and Company BMO Financial Group CIBC Citigroup Corp. increasingly. . . and Investment Bank Credit Suisse First Boston Edward Jones Ernst & Young LLP General Mills Canada GlaxoSmithKline. . Evergreen Capital Partners Genuity Capital Markets Goldman Sachs HSBC Financial Intel Corporation Lafarge North America Merrill Lynch Canada Inc. . . . . . . . . Alcan Bell Canada CAI Capital Management Cisco Systems Canada CPP Investment Board Desjardins Securities Enbridge FedEx Canada Gerdau Ameristeel Great West Life Imperial Oil Johnson & Johnson Manulife Financial Mondiale Asset Management Petro Canada Proctor & Gamble Rogers Communications Inc. . . . . .

United Kingdom.These close relationships continue long after graduation.000 graduates. Queen’s maintains active alumni and ideas from Queen’s School of Business) branches in many countries. you also become part of a much larger family – • Regular mailings of QSB Magazine (Queen’s the alumni network of Queen’s University. • Queen’s Business Club events and activities China. Upon completion of the MBA program. Queen’s University also operates Common Room. an exclusive alumni website designed to foster social and business networking. and the USA. QUEEN’S ALUMNI EVENT IN HONG KONG QUEEN’S EDMONTON ALUMNI EVENT 20 QUEEN’S MBA www. Japan. United Arab Emirates. the faculty and fellow alumni. you will not only have established an invaluable network of classmates. including: Australia. you will also join the Queen’s School of Business alumni network – a powerful network of more than 10. with School of Business alumni magazine) over 110.The program attracts the best and brightest from across Canada and around the world. Over the past three years we have welcomed students from more than 30 countries. Singapore. These include: • Lifetime e-mail address • Access to Alumni Central (Queen’s School of Business exclusive alumni website) • Regular program reunions • Access to Queen’s School of Business faculty through Queen’s By Your Side™ As a graduate of Queen’s School of Business. France. across Canada as well as in New York.QUEEN’S ANNUAL ALUMNI SYMPOSIUM A POWERFUL ALUMNI NETWORK Queen’s MBA students are talented.000 individuals in 150 countries around • Queen’s Leaders Forum (e-newsletter of news the world. Chile. Germany. South Africa.com . motivated professionals from a variety of backgrounds.queensmba.Taiwan. and Hong Kong Tanzania.Today almost 50% of the class comes from outside Canada. As a member of the Queen’s School of Business alumni. Switzerland. you will have access to a number of tools for staying in contact with your school. Mexico. London. Netherlands. The relatively small class size and team-based approach foster supportive and collaborative relationships within the class.

Queen’s MBA Consultant The Boston Consulting Group Toronto.QUEEN’S MBA CLASS OF 2007 Sarah Milton. ON QUEEN’S MBA 21 .

we place a strong emphasis on student participation. students from more than 20 business schools from across the country converge on an unsuspecting Canadian city to participate in the MBA Games. Queen’s participates in a variety of business case competitions. attract prominent guest speakers. Here are some suggestions for you to make the most of your Queen’s experience.com . held in Hamilton. Queen’s captured second place. Queen’s has sent teams to the following competitions: • Best Buy Action-Learning Competition • Boston University Technology Strategy Competition • FEI Case Competition • Krannert Business School Global Supply Chain Management Conference & Case Competition • L’Oréal e-Strat Competition • Molson MBA International Case Competition • Samsung MBA Case Competition • Rotman Net Impact CSR Case Competition • UCLA Global Leadership Competition MBA GAMES Every January. In recent years.BEYOND THE CLASSROOM Extracurricular Experience At Queen’s. and team spirit. In the 2008 MBA Games. CELEBRATING THEIR CASE COMPETITION VICTORY MBA STUDENT CLUBS Clubs are a central part of the Queen’s MBA experience. events that allow our students to put their newly-honed analytical skills into practice and network with industry professionals and fellow MBA students from other schools.You will have the opportunity to play a very active role in extracurricular activities within a close-knit and supportive learning environment. Club members attend trade shows and conferences.This competition is a social high point of the year for many students and is the perfect venue to exhibit Queen’s pride and spirit. we have had very active clubs in the following areas: • Automotive and Aerospace • Biopharma • Biotech • Consulting • Corporate Social Responsibility • Finance • Hi-Tech • International Development • Marketing • New Ventures • Oil & Gas • Toastmasters • Women in Leadership CASE COMPETITIONS Each year. each school competes in three areas: academics (case competition). Over the past few years. and collaborate on career search strategies that augment the services offered by Queen’s Business Career Centre. CELEBRATING AT THE MBA GAMES MOLSON MBA INTERNATIONAL CASE COMPETITION TEAM 22 QUEEN’S MBA www.queensmba. athletics.Throughout the three-day event.

kingstoncanada. CANAD A USA Kingston. Kingston is a university town. The city is centrally located.com SOCIAL EVENTS Although the program is intense and academically rigorous. you have full access to the University’s extensive student services. More than anything. restaurants and cultural resources. Montréal and Ottawa. and a six-hour drive of New York City and Boston. Clearly.LIFE IN KINGSTON Renowned for its rich history and as the fresh-water sailing capital of the world. at the source of the St. Of course. Kingston boasts a superb quality of life due to its big-city amenities. clubs and comprehensive athletic resources.000 students studying at three postsecondary institutions. Canada DOWNTOWN KINGSTON QUEEN’S MBA 23 Photo Courtesy of Ontario Fun Flyers .The majority of Queen’s MBA students live within a 15-minute walk to the MBA facility. home to 25. waterfront location and rich natural landscape. including Queen’s. as a member of the greater Queen’s University family. there is much to experience in the Queen’s MBA program beyond the classroom! For more information about Kingston visit www. within a three-hour drive of Toronto. Kingston is a thriving community of 141. Lawrence River.000 residents nestled on the northeast shore of Lake Ontario.Visitors also enjoy the waterfront pathways and 19th-century buildings and homes that signify Canada’s “Limestone City”. Kingston’s eclectic downtown core offers students a wide array of shops. the organized social events provide downtime and opportunities to get to know your classmates in a more casual setting.

we recognize the need to enable more women to ascend to the senior ranks of management. as well as working with corporations to more effectively attract and retain female talent. We are pleased to see that the enrollment of women in our MBA program is increasing. An MBA can help break down the barriers that exist for women looking to advance their careers.This group of major corporations. with women typically comprising 25-30% of our current class. FORTÉ FOUNDATION Queen’s School of Business is the first Canadian business school to join Forté Foundation. featuring high-profile speakers. These Fellowships include a significant scholarship. and influential non-profit organizations is dedicated to directing women towards business education and business leadership roles. top business schools. allowing women to share strategies for achieving success in their careers while maintaining life balance. Queen’s is making a concerted effort on this issue. QUEEN’S MBA 2008 FORTÉ FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIP RECIPIENTS WOMEN AND THE QUEEN’S MBA At Queen’s School of Business. and provides a wealth of relevant research and online resources.With our continued efforts to assist women in achieving their career goals. The Foundation hosts educational and networking events. In addition to holding Women and the MBA events across Canada. we hope to see these numbers continue to grow. Queen’s awards Forté Foundation Fellowships to two highly qualified women entering the MBA program. MOTIVATIONAL EVENTS AND NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Queen’s School of Business is a proud supporter of the Women of Influence Luncheon Series and the Power Within for Women. serve as motivational and inspirational networking events.queensmba. provides scholarship and intern opportunities. we have also implemented a number of initiatives to attract and support women within our program.These events. Each year.YEKTA PAKDAMAN-HAMEDANI AND LIUBOV PROTOPOPOVA.com . all helping women to achieve success in their careers. CANADIAN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST CASSIE CAMPBELL AT THE POWER WITHIN FOR WOMEN EVENT PREVIOUS RECIPIENTS OF THE FORTÉ FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIP 24 QUEEN’S MBA www.

QUEEN’S MBA CLASS OF 2001 Natalie Marchesan. BC QUEEN’S MBA 25 . Network Operations Capital Management TELUS Vancouver. Queen’s MBA Director.

The Centre also provides a cross-cultural homeaway-from-home atmosphere with a lounge. aerospace. our international students have hailed from Brazil. microelectronics. international students have the support and services of the International Centre. Currently. Canada has an extensive healthcare system and social security network. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider studying in Canada: • Canada is a world leader in higher education. biotechnology. urban transport. advanced software. Every year. kitchen. Canadian universities are internationally renowned for their high-quality teaching and research.Today. Portugal.com . and the United States.INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Study in Canada Canada is quickly becoming the country of choice for students from all parts of the world for its quality of life. Sierra Leone. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CLUBS AT QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY African-Caribbean Students Association American Students Association Arab Students Association Bangladesh Students Association Chinese Students Association Club Italia Egyptian Coptic Club Hellenic Students Association Hillel Queen’s Hong Kong Students Association Indian Students Association Iranian Students Association Irish Club Ismaili Muslim Students Association Japanese Relations Korean Society Mandarin Taiwanese Association Muslim Students Association Pakistani Students Association Palestinian Students Association Philippine Association Polish Students Association Romanian Students Association Shia Islamic Association Sikh Students Association South East Asian Students Association South Asian Association Spanish & Latin American Association Tamil Student Association Thaqalayn Muslim Association Ukrainian Students Association Vietnamese Students Association 26 QUEEN’S MBA www. Peru. • Canada is an international leader in computer and information technologies. New Zealand. and at our International Study Centre in England. United Kingdom. a campus in the United Kingdom. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AT QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY The first international students at Queen’s came from Jamaica in 1849. International students are a vital part of Queen’s MBA. and engineering – specifically. medical devices. • Canadians enjoy a standard of living that is among the highest in the world. India. and the highest studyabroad participation rate of any Canadian university. Czech Republic. food and beverage processing. Canada is host to more than 130. It’s no wonder Queen’s was recently acknowledged as Canada’s “uncontested champion” in international studies by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.queensmba. Quality of life is one of the key Canadian advantages. Lebanon. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AT QUEEN’S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Queen’s School of Business maintains exchange partnerships with over 40 management schools in 23 countries. lasers and opto-electronics. quality of student experience. Italy. In the past three years. Japan.000 international students each year. and quality of academic programs. over 70 international exchange partners. with a reputation for excellence in such sectors as telecommunications. A degree from a university in Canada is recognized worldwide. Pakistan. The Centre offers comprehensive assistance with pre-arrival and arrival into Canada. France. hydroelectric and nuclear power. Nigeria. Queen’s has a student body representing 110 countries. UAE. Jordan. While at Queen’s. Russia. and games and meeting space. hundreds of foreign students from our partner schools spend a term in Kingston. China. transportation. Israel. geomatics – and in the ocean and environmental industries. as well as help in settling into the Kingston community.

Queen’s MBA CEO and Founder Jet Direct Canada Kingston.QUEEN’S MBA CLASS OF 2007 Sushee Perumal. ON QUEEN’S MBA 27 .

and you will find them very responsive to your needs. and their joint efforts have resulted in a tightly integrated academic plan. A Faculty that Works as a Team At Queen’s School of Business. you’ll be learning from a team of professors who work together to integrate knowledge across functional disciplines. award-winning teachers. as well as from the Canadian media including the Financial Post and Maclean’s. both academically and professionally. and editors of leading academic journals. Our faculty teach in North America’s most popular executive programs. OUTSTANDING EDUCATORS The Queen’s faculty have outstanding academic credentials – they are best-selling authors. COMMITTED TO YOUR SUCCESS Queen’s School of Business professors are committed to your success. and groundbreaking researchers.The excellent student-to-professor ratio means you will have unparalleled access to your professors both in and outside of class. and have earned the respect of the business media and business leaders. and alliances. best-selling business authors. 28 QUEEN’S MBA www. tax planning.queensmba.The faculty includes: experts in the fields of corporate turnarounds.com . IN TOUCH WITH THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY Queen’s MBA professors have frequent contact with the business community. Queen’s By Your Side™ you can continue to consult with your professors long after graduation. Many have extensive rosters of private. consult for the world’s leading organizations. researchers. Canadian Business.and public-sector clients in Canada and around the world. And through .Years of working with senior-level executives have given our faculty the ability to bring modern management practices into the classroom. leadership. Several Queen’s School of Business professors have earned recognition for teaching excellence from leading international academic and business organizations. and consultants.AWARD-WINNING FACULTY TEAM AN INTEGRATED ACADEMIC PLAN Queen’s School of Business faculty members work together as teachers. BusinessWeek (USA) and Financial Times (UK) have recognized Queen’s faculty members as among the top management educators in the world.

P.The primary focus of his research is consumer judgement formation and this is a theme that runs through all of his research. and regulatory economics. QUEEN’S MBA 29 . Tina Dacin.where he received several awards and recognitions for his research and teaching. and the Ontario Energy Board. Clarity Systems. DR. and the Network of International Business Schools. LOUIS GAGNON | Financial Strategy & Risk Management Scott Carson is the Director of Queen’s MBA. Journal of Marketing Research. Journal of Business Research. SCOTT CARSON | Business Strategy DR. and has published in and serves on the editorial boards of leading journals. strategic management control systems and supply chain management. Homestead Land Holdings. Journal of Futures Markets. Clinton Free is an expert on financial management. She has consulted with numerous leading organizations including Bank of Montreal. In business. Program Faculty is subject to change. CLINTON FREE | Financial Management Bill Cannon is an award-winning teacher and an authority on banking and financial markets. both in Canada and Europe. DR. and Kingfisher. MBA Programs. Prior to joining Queen’s. Canadian Football League. NCR Teradata. he was on the faculties at Texas A&M University and the University of WisconsinMadison. Shannon Goodspeed is Director of the Queen’s Bachelor of Commerce program and past-Director of the Queen’s MBA program. and is past Dean of the School of Business at Wilfrid Laurier University.He is a strategic consultant to leading organizations in the financial and non-financial sectors. including Journal of Empirical Finance. he was Vice-President and Head of Corporate Finance for CIBC in Toronto and also worked as an executive at Chemical Bank of Canada (J. he has consulted with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and The World Economic Forum in examining the strategic and governance practices of the world’s most influential companies. having produced cases currently in use at Queen’s University and the Royal Military College.DR. Journal of Consumer Research. and he is actively involved in executive development.While on leave from Wilfrid Laurier. Delta Airlines. specifically on the topics of partner selection and partner collaboration. UPS. Journal of Portfolio Management. In addition to his extensive teaching experience at Queen’s. He has consulted with firms including BMW Group Canada. His research has appeared in leading journals including Journal of Marketing. His research and teaching interests are leadership and the relationship between cultural adaptability and international effectiveness. he worked as a senior manager at Royal Bank Financial Group.WILLIAM CANNON | Finance DR. DAVID DETOMASI | International Business Kathryn Brohman joined Queen’s from Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia where she taught Project Management and Information Resource Management. she enjoyed a successful career in Sales and Marketing with Sperry Univac and Hewlett Packard. a Queen’s School of Business Distinguished Faculty Fellow. she has taught Sales and Marketing courses at Mount Royal College. University of Calgary. His research has focused on the design of financial instruments.TINA DACIN | Strategy & Organizations Bill Blake is Associate Dean. She holds a BSc in Civil Engineering and an MBA from Queen’s. Royal Military College and Queen’s. the management of financial intermediaries. He has also been a member of numerous boards of directors in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. focusing on international relations and strategic planning. Louis Gagnon is an expert on market and credit risk management. Prior to joining Queen’s. he was Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Government’s Privatization Secretariat. consumer behaviour and advanced marketing research techniques. Journal of Advertising Research. Empire Life. In the private sector. PETER DACIN | Consumer Behaviour & Marketing MS. DR. KATHRYN BROHMAN | Project Management DR. where she was recognized for both research and teaching excellence. He has provided consulting services to Royal Trust. She has consulted with companies in many industries. and Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. He is also active in case writing. TD Waterhouse. at Queen’s School of Business. Bill has served on the board of directors of Fishery Products International. and the New Brunswick Government. particularly in the areas of performance measurement. He is a Rhodes Scholar and prior to joining Queen’s he spent several years teaching undergraduate and executive courses at the Saïd Business School at Oxford University and the University of New South Wales. BILL BLAKE | Organizational Behaviour DR. She has been very active in her professional career and has participated as a reviewer for several leading journals. An award-winning teacher. specializes in the areas of management of strategic alliances and business networks. the Ontario Government. where he oversaw the bank’s global interest rate risk exposures and developed derivative risk management methodologies and policies. corporate finance. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. Morgan Chase) and the Mercantile Bank (National Bank). Safeway. DR. David Detomasi has taught international business and country analysis at Queen’s University and a variety of courses at the Royal Military College of Canada. SHANNON GOODSPEED | Sales & Marketing Management Peter Dacin is an authority on branding. Bank of Montreal. and Canadian Investment Review. Prior to her teaching career. and the regulation of natural gas pipelines and gas and electricity distributors. He is widely published in leading academic and applied finance journals. she spent nine years at Texas A&M University. Decision Sciences. Her work has been published in the Harvard Business Review. capital budgeting. Communications of the ACM and MIS Q Executive and presented at leading conferences in her field. From 1992 to 2002 he was Dean of Business at Memorial University of Newfoundland and from 2000 to 2002 served as Chair of the Canadian Federation of Business School Deans.

Shoppers Drug Mart. Mattel. He is a frequent guest speaker on labour relations. human resource management. and to the National Bureau of Economic Research on its currency crisis program. the Irish economy. GlaxoSmithKline. He is in high demand as a consultant and third-party neutral.the economics of international talent markets. Canada Post Corporation. She is an active consultant to organizations such as the Auditor General of Canada.she co-authored Fast Forward:Organizational Change in 100 Days. DR. GlaxoSmithKline. He has conducted executive development seminars on financial tools for senior managers at Alcan. JEFF MCGILL | Business Statistics | Strategy & New Ventures Jeff McGill is former Director of Queen’s MBA. She teaches on many programs at Queen’s.queensmba.John has been a consultant to theWorld Bank on various post-communist projects. and Queen’s Executive MBA 2005 Teaching Excellence Awards. co-authored with Adi Ben-Israel from Rutgers School of Business. Canon. SALMAN MUFTI DR. He is the recipient of the Queen’s MBA 2004. She is also a Director for Parteq. and the policy instruments that developing countries can use to tap the potential of skilled emigrants. 30 QUEEN’S MBA www. and TD Canada Trust. and the course she developed on new venture management has been recognized by BusinessWeek as one of the world’s top ten Executive MBA courses. MR. and Acklands-Grainger.SHAWNA O’GRADY | Strategic HR Management & International Business Shawna O’Grady is an authority on team building. The major results of his research have been presented at several international conferences including INFORMS and ISMP meetings. Elspeth Murray leads the new venture related activities at the business school with the latest being the launch of Tricolour Venture Fund. with Dr. John Moore is an experienced executive educator who is highly regarded in the accounting profession. He specializes in the areas of management science and operations management. Queen’s MBA 2005. and dispute resolution. Xerox. Bank of Canada. JOHN MOORE DR.. and later in operationsresearch at CN. open economy macroeconomics. Industry Canada. Winnipeg Commodity Exchange. Mountain Equipment Co-op. Novo Nordisk. BMW. and the cross-cultural aspects of international business. Enbridge. ELSPETH MURRAY DR. He is writing a sequence of research papers that examine the economic impacts of the“brain drain” on developing countries. and as an arbitrator and mediator in business disputes. Mitel. and Chairman of the Queen’s MBA program. MR. LEWIS JOHNSON | Finance | Financial Accounting Lewis Johnson has served as Acting Dean of Queen’s School of Business. and location analysis. RICK JACKSON | Negotiations & Conflict Management DR. the commercialization organization for Queen’s University. DR.com . She is also the author of Border Crossings – Doing Business in the U. mathematical programming. and is frequently featured in the press on matters relating to information technology strategy and management.FACULTY TEAM MR. DuPont. A prolific writer. he regularly advises senior managers in corporations and the public sector. Ministry of Finance. Peter Richardson. MDS. Prior to completing his PhD. Directional Newton Methods: Theory and Applications. he worked for eight years in industry. his work is published in numerous academic journals and he is the author of several books on the stock market. and Canada Post.YURI LEVIN | Management Science | Management Information Systems Yuri Levin is an authority on business modeling. Salman Mufti has extensive teaching experience in both degree and non-degree executive education at Queen’s School of Business. and with other national and international institutes. He has served as an arbitrator under the Ontario Labour Relations Act and Canada Labour Code. Academic Director of the International Study Centre.S. John McHale joined the School from the economics department at Harvard University.He is the author of five accounting textbooks. Bell Canada. In addition to his teaching and management roles at Queen’s School of Business. a student-led early stage investment fund. Oracle. Program Faculty is subject to change. reform of health care and pensions systems. He is a former Director of Queen’s National Executive MBA and of Queen’s fulltime MBA. Shoppers Drug Mart.A four-time winner of the MBATeaching Excellence Award from Queen’s University. arbitration issues. first in new product development with Domtar Limited Research Centre (Montréal). Mosaid. He is frequently published in top OR and Applied Mathematics journals and he is currently writing a research monograph. She is an experienced team facilitator who is in high demand for her original approach to team building. He currently teaches investment courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He also works with members of senior management teams to integrate financial accounting concepts into strategic planning. JOHN MCHALE | Managerial Economics Rick Jackson is an outstanding educator and one of Canada’s leading experts on dispute resolution.In 2002. BMW Canada. His published research has focused on the economics of post-communist transition. Her clients include Microsoft. and most recently. and his research focuses on the valuation of technology stocks and mutual fund performance. New Brunswick Power Corporation. He maintains an active research program with a focus on yield management and statistical methods. an award-winning book on international business. he is also the recipient of the Silver Medal from CMA Canada and was made a Fellow of the Society of Management Accountants of Canada in 2004.

seasoned equity offerings and royalty trust issues. Heinz Co. Her work has been widely published in the Academy of Management Journal. and was for many years a member of its Ethics Committee. Academy of Management Review. Her work has been presented at conferences and published in multiple formats. Her current research interests draw on her past experience in investment banking and focus on factors influencing corporate debt policy. JANA RAVER Selim Topaloglu’s research focuses on the trading behaviour of individuals and institutions.J. DOUGLAS REID | Alliances & Strategic Management MR. DR. and Slovakia. Strategy. He is also a Professional Engineer with a successful consulting practice. Rob Woyzbun. Dr. PETER RICHARDSON | Strategic Management Kelley Packalen specializes in the areas of entrepreneurship. Warner Lambert. Selim’s research is published in the Journal of Finance. and Entrepreneurship DR. and Natural Resources Canada. health economics. relationship conflicts). His research focuses on how companies stabilize their alliances by providing network resources to partners. QUEEN’S MBA 31 . Prior to completing her PhD at Stanford.. as well as in the undergraduate Commerce program. TMW current clients include Cognos Inc. citizenship behaviours) versus engage in actions that undermine each other (e.S. Peter Richardson teaches strategy courses in the Executive MBA programs and in a number of the School’s executive development programs. Zip. and the H.K.g. Journal of Applied Psychology. LYNNETTE PURDA Paul Roman is an expert in operations strategy and management. Paul’s research tends to be applied.DR. While at Nesbitt. handling corporate issues management in theirToronto and Ottawa offices. stemming from consulting projects. and Organizational Dynamics. The Canadian Institute of Mining and Manufacturing Bulletin. aggression. He has written several op-ed columns for The Globe and Mail and the National Post. remains one of the few books to be written on cost improvement. an MPA (Queen’s). and The Army Doctrine andTraining Bulletin. KEN WONG | Marketing Strategy Jana Raver is an authority on interpersonal relations and group processes at work. Approaches to an International Comparison of R&D Expenditures. the U. | Organizational Behaviour MR. Prior to beginning her PhD studies. the multinational pharmaceutical industry. He served on the Board of Directors of Hôtel Dieu Hospital in Kingston. PAUL ROMAN | Operations Management Bo Pazderka is an economist with expertise in the economics of research and development.ca.. He is co-author of several books. He is a 2006 inductee into the Canadian Marketing Hall of Legends and past winner of the National Post’s Leaders In Management Education award. strategy. and a PhD (University of Western Ontario). He regularly judges both the “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Canada’s Best Managed Companies” competitions. He has also worked for a former premier of Ontario and as chief of staff to a cabinet minister. insider trading and initial public offerings. Packalen teaches introductory entrepreneurship and business planning courses in two of the School’s MBA programs. harassment. training and operations. Mr. BO PAZDERKA | Managerial Economics DR. the Supreme Court of Canada. During his years at Queen’s. She has received fellowships for her research from the Kauffman Foundation and Social Science Research Council. Program Faculty is subject to change. He then moved to the advertising side and was Vice President/ Director of Client Services and Strategic Planning for international and national full service agencies. She has been at Queen’s since 2002 and also teaches in the Commerce and MBA for Business Graduates programs. and investor behaviour over the rise and fall of the NASDAQ stock market. One area of her work examines how employees support each other (e.With Elspeth Murray. and has been quoted extensively in the media regarding corporate alliances and other strategic management issues. he has written Fast Forward: Organizational Change in 100 Days. University of Toronto.. she worked in investment banking as part of the oil and gas team at Nesbitt Burns. including It’s No Gamble: The Economic and Social Benefits of Stock Markets. and sits on a number of other advisory/directorship boards. Peter has authored over 75 papers and case studies on strategic management. the Auditor General of Canada.At Queen’s School of Business.g. CIBC Mellon. Export Development Canada. SELIM TOPALOGLU | Finance | Institutional Trading Lynnette Purda completed her PhD in finance at the Rotman School of Management. DR.A previous book.Alcoa. the secondary market activity for NASDAQ IPOs. Australia.Woyzbun is founding partner ofThe | Marketing | Works. she spent two years as a Research Associate at Harvard Business School. Director of Queen’s Business Consulting (QBC). addresses corporations and conventions around the world.. Cost Containment:The Ultimate Strategic Advantage. including France. His initial career was spent in brand management with multinational packaged goods giants. and Microeconomics: The Canadian Context. ROB WOYZBUN | Marketing Strategy Douglas Reid is an authority on corporate alliances and partnerships. He is currently assisting the Canadian Forces in developing policies and processes that will maximize the effectiveness of modeling and simulation tools in support of acquisition. ACNielsen Company of Canada and the Lone Star Group of Restaurants. DR. Reid holds a BSc and MBA (University of Toronto).He consults widely for many organizations including BHP Billiton. DR. Human Resource Management Review. Dr. applying his skills in business process re-engineering to projects ranging from the development of a combat development process for the Canadian Army to enhancing the relationship between operations and maintenance at Syncrude Canada Ltd. Formerly. KELLEY PACKALEN | Organization. Current research topics include: the effects of regulation fair disclosure on institutional and insider trading. She has presented this research at the Bank of Canada and to numerous academic conferences across Canada and the U. and organization theory.A second area focuses on the integration of diverse or dissimilar employees into work groups and organizations. and writes a monthly column for Strategy and periodically for Marketing. He has worked with the Strategic Planning Institute at Harvard University and the Conference Board of Canada. She is also involved in entrepreneurial activities in the community. Ken Wong is one of Canada’s most respected marketing professors. is known for his wealth of experience as a marketing strategist and business planner in the high technology and public sectors. she assisted with mergers and acquisitions. and the transition of the former centrally-planned economies of Central and Eastern Europe to free-market systems. He has worked at universities around the world. DR. analyst behaviour. and includes publications in The Engineering Economist. working closely with senior executives on strategy development and deployment. he was vice president of an international consulting firm.

THE REAL COST OF AN MBA Because Queen’s MBA is a 12-month program. FINANCING Please visit our website for financing information including: • RBC Royal Credit Line for Students • Corporate Sponsorship • Academic Scholarships • Information for International Students ADMISSION DEADLINES Please refer to our website for exact dates. The fee for Queen’s MBA is an all-inclusive fee covering tuition. IELTS. 2) A minimum of two years relevant work experience. the opportunity cost of lost wages is greatly reduced when compared to that of a traditional two-year program.0060 VOICE: 613. 3) An acceptable GMAT.ca PROGRAM MANAGEMENT TEAM BILL BLAKE Associate Dean MBA Programs SCOTT CARSON Program Director LORI GARNIER Associate Director KERRI REGAN Program Manager BRIAN MARCHANT Director Team Facilitation JUANITA SMITH Program Administrator KIM DELANEY Program Assistant RUTH SHERBONEAU Administrative Assistant DAVID EDWARDS Director Career Services JULIA BLACKSTOCK Manager Career Services JOAN ALBLAS Employment Assistant 32 QUEEN’S MBA www. and all other learning materials. Visit www. Questions? We’re here to assist you.APPLICATION | FEES | FINANCING APPLICATION PROCESS The application for Queen’s MBA must be completed on-line. and superior interpersonal and communications skills. Please contact us for personalized application advice. 4) If applicable.2302 E-MAIL: queensmba@business.queensu.com to begin your application.queensmba. A successful applicant will typically meet the following requirements: 1) A four-year (or international equivalent) undergraduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university. or MELAB). text books. leadership potential. and the balance is paid in two installments during the program.com . an acceptable score on one of the approved English facility tests (TOEFL. career progression. The ability to work effectively in a team is also essential. TOLL-FREE: 1. An initial non-refundable deposit is required.queensmba. This reduced cost and improved job prospects make Queen’s MBA an excellent investment in yourself. Round 1 Late November Round 2 Early-February Round 3 Mid-March PLEASE SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS. PROGRAM FEES For complete details on fees and a fee schedule.533. high integrity. please visit our website. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS We are seeking exceptionally motivated candidates who have demonstrated academic excellence.888.621.

and an exceptional reputation. academic excellence. when you tell someone you have an MBA.Remember that for the rest of your life. . innovation. the first question they’ll ask is: “Where did you get it?” You want to give an answer that speaks of tradition.

All proceeds from programs at Queen’s School of Business directly benefit the education of the business leaders of tomorrow.888.533. a non-profit institution dedicated to providing educational opportunities to undergraduate.2302 Fax: 613.ca Web: www. and doctoral students.0060 Voice: 613. Ontario Canada K7L 3N6 Toll-free: 1.621.queensmba. graduate.533.0099 É AU CA NA IMP IM DA R .queensu. D IN CAN TE PRIN A AD A08.QUEEN’S MBA Queen’s School of Business Goodes Hall Queen’s University Kingston.6281 E-mail: queensmba@business.com This graduate degree program is offered by Queen’s School of Business at Queen’s University.

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