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Reference Title Author Publisher

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Introduction to the Practice of Moore & Freeman
Statistics McCabe
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Introductory Welding Metallurgy AWS

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Certified Welding Engineer Exam
Recommended Reference Materials
Reference Title Author Publisher
Quality Control, 5th Ed. Besterfield Prentice Hall
Robots & Manufacturing Automation Asfahl John Wiley
Stainless Steel R.A. Lula ASM International, 1986
Statics & Strength of Materials, 3rd Edition, Morrow Prentice Hall
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Statics & Strength of Materials: A Parallel Lawrence J. Merrill Publishing Company
Approach to Understanding Structures Wolf

Weldability of Steels Stout & Doty Welding Research Council

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Second Edition, June 1991
Welding Design, Modules 30-39 CWB Group

Welding Encyclopedia Jefferson AWS

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