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The clay should full fill the following requirements:

I ) Clay properties and Functions :

a) Stable Tapping:-

i) The clay must be quick setting type and it must form

uniform monolithic mass after setting.
ii) The Clay must give high refractoriness, tap hole diameter
stay constant should not wear out much so as to maintain
constant flow of metal and slag during course of tapping.
iii) Tap hole must stay stable, there should not be self-
iv) The clay must be resistant to Metal & Slag.
v) The Clay should not form any crack during setting.
vi) The Clay must consist of Low volatile matter. There must
be less smoke and emission of toxic fumes.
vii) The clay should be compatible to old tap hole mass. It
must produce very good tap hole length.
viii) High volume stability is must and it must set without any
shrinkage in the tap hole.

b) Stable Plugging:-

i. It must have good pushability, good Workability and

Quick Hardening.

ii. It must adapt to cast house environment and it should

not get hardened inside the mud gun barrel or in the

c) Easy Drilling:-

i. It must form stable tap hole such that it can be drilled

easily and must form smooth tap hole surface such
that there should not be any splitting during tapping.

d) Protection of Bottom Wall refractory and tap hole


i. The Clay must form long, stable and consistent tap

hole length. The clay must give tap hole length above
3.6 mts more than 80 % of taps and must be above
3.8 mts in all taps

ii. The Clay should not form crack in the mushroom.

II) Technical requirements and Conditions :

A. The supplier has to furnish the following information to

the JSPL before dispatching the material to the operation site.
After technical acceptance by the JSPL based on furnished
data the clearance will be given for dispatching of the batch

i. Date of manufacturing.

ii. Dispatch plan for the material: - Aging of the mud

gun clay must be more than 7 days and lesser than 21 days
from Manufacturing before it is delivered at the operation

iii. The batch wise clay to be tested, the results /

certificates are to be acceptable to the users.
Following tests are recommended for each batch

Drillability test.
Workability Index test.
Pushability of the taphole clay.
Hardenbility test.
Linear change
Cold compression test

iv. The clay chemical composition, physical property and

size analysis for each batch has to be tested and
submitted to the user.
v. The Clay composition must of alumino-silicate system
and binder must be of resin bonded.
vi. The binder must have both thermosetting and
thermoplastic properties. Along with these, additives
like SiC, ZrO2 and Si3N4 etc. are to be used to
increase erosion resistance, slag corrosion resistance
and high temperature.
3. Hot Metal Analysis & Slag Analysis

Elements %
C 4.0-4.5
Si 0.3-1
S 0.03-0.1
P 0.05-0.2
Mn 0.1-0.3
Ti 0.01-0.15
Fe Rest
Temperature 1450-1550 deg C

Elements %
CaO 32-35
SiO2 32-35
MgO 8-10
Al2O3 16-21

FeO 0.3-2
MnO 0.1-1
S(Fes/Mns) 1-1.5
K2O 0.5-1
NA2O 0.1-0.5

Temperature 1500-1580 deg C