4+ years of Total Experience in development and Implementation of software Application in Client Server / Multi Tier environments using Microsoft Technologies. Expertise in Software Development of Web Based applications/Portals using OOPS Concept in N-Tier architecture. Extensively involved in all phases of Software Development such as Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing and Documentation.

[Technical Experience 4 .1 yrs] • • • • • • • • Having 3.1 + Years of Experience with Microsoft Technology. Having 1 Years of Experience with PHP. Presently Working as a Software Developer in Airware Inc.(US Based Company), NOIDA from May 2009 to till date, Working as a Software Developer in RDPL, OKHLA.from March 2007 to May 2009. Working as a Software engineer in MSS, Gurgaon.from March 2006 to March 2007. Currently developing the project Web Mobile Accounting System the system is being developed in C#. NET,Moss2007, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005. Good experience with object oriented programming techniques.

• • • • •

Around 1.Years Exp in Share Point Server/MOSS Technology. Installation. Share Point Site (Creation / Customization using SharePoint designer). Web Part (Development /Deployment/Unit Testing) Share Point Security (Site level / List level and Item Level) MS InfoPath Form Templates Creation and publishing on the SharePoint sites. Experience of Share Point’s Workflow, master pages, features, Lists, Blog Site, Content Types, Site columns and site templates. • Authentication in MOSS (Windows , Forms and Anonymous)

PROGRAMMING SKILLS • • • • • • • • • • Framework: ASP.NET[1.1,2.0,3.5] Languages: C#, VB.NET, VB, JavaScript,Php,MySql. Reporting Tools: SSRS [SQL server Reporting Services], Crystal Reports8.0. Database: MSQLServer 2000/2005/2008.Microsoft Access. Technical documentation Tool: Microsoft Project Plan. Version Tool: Visual Source Safe. Application Server Share Point Server2007. .NET Development Studio: BIDS[Business intelligent development studio]. Web Server IIS 5.0,IIS7.0. Other: Remoting,WebService,WCF,SSIS(SQL Server integration Tool).AJAX,

SMG web Site /Intranet SMG Development Stage

Windows 2003 Server


SharePoint Server2007.SSIS.) Cingular. Other major functional area of this site is reporting using SSRS. there are two different mode of site distributor and agents. To manage the content of these sites moss2007 server is being used. Role and Responsibilities:  There are three facets of this Web Portal: ASP.Net. Only registered user can access ‘Media Server” after secure login with their valid credentials. • • Payment Gateway: Site integrated with payment gateway(paypal). TMobile 4 Windows 2003 Server Asp. 2) CMS –Web Application will provide the functionality to Create. Portal will provide various feature of collaboration under the roof of” Media Server”. browser based solution for the main distributor and agents of cellular companies in US like Nextel. SQL jobs and web service. Cingular. sqlserver2005. The system is tailor made for the big activating agents to keep track of their commission details. SSRS. TMobile etc.NET) M. 3) Collaboration –it is one of the important features of this web application to provide collaboration among various types of Once site content is approved by the approver. 6 Project Description: • This software is an intranet. and administrator to manage the distributor and agents. SharePoint Designer 2007.    Workflow implementation using SharePoint Designer.WebService. Role and Responsibilities:   Involved in project GUI design. WEB booking engine (WEB) :WEB is major functionality of Web Mobile Accounting. Backgroung Process for automated mails here these functionalities of the site are being managed SSIS. ADO.Vipin Kumar. PAGE 2 OF 4 . organize and maintain the Portal Content to the Administrator/ Super Administrator group only. MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY (. This browser based solution will help our client to maintain their inventory and accounting of their dealers.C.A SKILLS USED: Project Description: 1) Website Front-end – this is an informational website that explains what services are being offered by the Site and entices potential users to join the site online. Data View / user control creation and deployment on the moss site Blog site customization Interaction with Client. content will be available to the end user. In agents site there are different user roles.0 (C#). Implementation of Form Authentication (from SharePoint Custom list) PROJECT: PROJECT NAME: CLIENT: DURATION: OS: SKILLS USED: TEAM SIZE: Web Mobile Accounting System (ASP. and we were responsible for integrating the web with the site and particular section of the site is being used for online phone booking.Net.Net 2. Coding and Unit Testing. MOSS207. Stored procedures / Views Creation using SQL-Server. The web application will have different user types with different levels of access. SQL Server.

automatic email all the dealer and manager. Worked as a team member Design the front end in  Search contents through the database. vb. 6 PAGE 3 OF 4 .  Send. compose. Data which is received from the carrier is uploaded to the system through excel where the user has to only select the file. Interaction with Client. PROJECT: Project Name: DURATION: OS: SKILL USED: PROJECT MEMBERS:     www. reply.A Interaction with Client. Handling the issues of front-end.Vipin Kumar.Artinaclick. 3 Project Description: This project is for IHS India Ltd. SQL Server2k.and maintain the product detail. SQL Server SQL Server 2000. TMobile. PROJECT: PROJECT NAME: CLIENT: DURATION: OS: SKILL USED: PROJECT MEMBERS:   Inventory Management AT&T wireless 6 month Windows 2000 Server Vb.  Open his E-Mails in his own inbox inside this receive and forward E-Mails through this 7 Months Windows 2000 Server IhsIndia 3 Months Windows 2000 Server Asp.webservices. 4 Project Description: This software is an intranet.NET) M. In this Mail Portal Project user can  Connect to the web server and download all the E-Mails. HTML.reporting. browser based solution for the main distributor and agents of cellular companies in US like Nextel. MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY (.order detail.aushabitat. This browser based solution will help our client to maintain their inventory.SSIS)   PROJECT NAME: CLIENT: DURATION: OS: SKILL USED: PROJECT MEMBERS: www.  Use different font sizes and colours for composing E-Mails.  Save his E-Mails in the Database. vb. net.  Merge similar E-Mails.n”connect etc. Coding part. Worked as a team member Database connectivity using Ado.Net Handling the issues of Reports Development(SSRS.C.

A. Traveling.0. K. quotes. Hindi. for computer industry.TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY. I have designed the screens for category search.V.C. I hereby declare that all the information mentioned above is true to the best of my knowledge. VB.C.A Project Description: • This project is about the Art. Worked as a team member • I was involved in design and development of Content Management module and Online Shopping in this module.HTML. and events.C. PERSONAL DETAILS • • • Father’s Name Permanent Add: Languages: Sh. 10+2 from V. I had to upgrade this website from ASP to ASP. SQL Server 7.) From C.V.INTER COLLEGE OON. Bachelor of Science (Maths Hons. net.P.Net.NAGAR]U. PROJECT MEMBERS: 7 Project Description: • The HCL WebStore project was to develop a retail e-Commerce portal. Artist can put their Art on this website for the display and any user can login to this website can make its own gallery of various images can see its images framed and enhance. 10 FROM D.INTER COLLEGE SHAMLI. The focus of this portal is to provide information pertaining to product-related news. 01398-23896 English.A] from U. OS: Windows 2000 Server SKILL USED: Asp.NET) M. Framing and Enhance. shopping lists. Alerts and startup login screen ACADEMIC & PROFESSIONAL QUALIFCATION     Master of Computer Applications [M. Extensive personalization capabilities are part of the portal functionality. AREA OF INTERESTS  Surfing Net. VIPIN KAUSHIK PAGE 4 OF 4 .D. MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY (. latest trends.Vipin Kumar.P Ph.NET and add some new modules (Uploading. PROJECT: HCL COMNET Systems PROJECT NAME: HCL Web Store CLIENT: Worked as Trainee Engineer in IT Group. It is planned to include multi-lingual capabilities depending on the profile of the user during next phase.KAUSHIK VIP+ POSTPURMAFY [M. JavaScript.S UNIVERSITY MEERUT. shopping Cart).

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