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The Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime Legend

In the old days, in Dreamtime, there were only people, and they roamed a flat world.

But one day, the Rainbow Serpent, Goorrialla, woke up and went in search of his tribe. And on his way there, he
created the landscape of mountains and hills.

The other people followed Goorrialla and very soon Goorrialla found his tribe. He danced and when it got late he
slept in his tent. Two boys came to Goorrialla looking for a place to sleep and he invited them into his mouth. After
which Goorrialla sneaked off for fear that he would get caught.

When the tribe awoke the next morning, they were angry and went in search of the boys and Goorrialla. When they
found Goorrialla, they sneaked up on him in his sleep and cut the boys out of his stomach. The boys had been
transformed into parakeets and flew away.

When Goorrialla woke up to find his stomach cut open, he became enraged. He began shaking the mountain, and
rocks began flying towards the people. And the people, as they tried to escape, turned into birds, trees, and animals.

Eventually, Goorrialla tired of this, and escaped into the sea, leaving us, the people, with our brothers, the plants and
animals, to look after.

Glasshouse Mountain Dreamtime Legend

In the Aboriginal legend the Glasshouse Mountains are members of a family with the father being Mount
Tibrogargan and the mother Mount Beerwah. All of the other mountains are sons and daughters with the eldest
being Mount Coonowrin.

Tibrogargan, the father, observes that the sea is rising and asks that Coonowrin the eldest son help their pregnant
mother to safety. Terrified, Coonowrin instead flees. Infuriated by his son's cowardliness, Tibrogargan pursues him
and strikes him with his nulla nulla so hard that he dislocates Coonowrin's neck.

Once the danger passes Coonowrin feels tremendous guilt for his actions and asks his father, brothers and sisters for
forgiveness but they all weep with shame. This is said to explain the many small streams that flow through the area.
Tibrogargan turns his back on Coonowrin and gazes out to sea refusing to look at his son Coonowrin who continues
to hang his head in shame and weeps.

Mt Coolum Dreamtime Legend

Legend has it that two warriors fought over the love of a girl, one of the warriors was Coolum the other Ninderry.

The warriors fought and Coolum died his head became Mudjimba Island and his body laying on its side became the
famous Mount Coolum itself. Ninderry was turned to stone by the elders and gods of the dream time. Maroochy
cried and cried for Coolum making the Maroochydore River. This is the tragic love story of Coolum and Maroochy.