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Advanced Fighting Fantasy

The Luck System - Introduction

Everyone in the world of TITAN has a certain, natural amount of Luck! Luck is a
very important fact of every adventurers life; it shows how favoured by the Gods
he is, and how successful he is in his adventuring. The higher the Base Luck
Score, the luckier the Hero is, and will be. At certain times during the course of
an adventure, a Hero may be called upon to Test his Luck to determine whether
a situation will go for or against him.

Sometimes an adventurer may choose to Test his Luck in an attempt to try and
make a situation go more favourably for him. Or course, there is no guarantee
that this will always happen; thats the way with luck and chance.

Furthermore there is only a certain number of times per day a Hero may Test his
Luck after which point he will simply be considered to have run out of Luck!

Base Luck Roll Score and Luck Use per Day

Every Hero has what is known as a Base Luck Roll. This is marked on the
players <Character Sheet> in the box provided. The Base Luck Roll is an
indication of what a player would normally have to get on the roll of 2d6 in order
for their character to be lucky! Every character starts the game with a Base Luck
Roll of 7. In other words, when they test for Luck they roll two six sided dice, and
if they manage to roll a 7 they can consider their character to have gotten Lucky!
As can be seen from table 20 below, a roll of 7 occurs roughly 17% of the time.
So you really are getting lucky! Dont expect luck to work all the time. Of course
your Base Luck Roll score can change during the course of a campaign, if, for
example you had a Base Luck Roll of 4-10 you would have an 83% chance to be
lucky, much better odds. More details can be found below on how to increase
your Base Luck Roll score.

Table 20: Base Luck Roll Chances

Base Luck Roll Score % Chance
7 17~
68 44~
59 67~
4 10 83~
3 11 94~
2 - 12 100

You can have your character Test his Luck a maximum of 3 times per day. After
this he will always fail, regardless of what methods or magical modifications he
uses, he is simply considered to be out of luck for the rest of the day. The only
way to regain the characters luck rolls is to get a good nights sleep, by which
time the Gods will look down on the poor Hero once more and, may, if they are
feeling generous bestow their good fortune and will in the form of luck for another

day! Note, a good nights rest is at the discretion of your GM. It does not have
to occur over the actual night period when one day ends and another begins.
Your party could be travelling and questing at night and resting during the heat of
the day, this would be especially wise if adventuring in The Deserts of Skulls for
example! However a quick hour or two powernap under a tree on the way from
one town to another does not count as a good nights rest and will not see the
characters luck rolls restored, in all rulings such as these the GM has the final

Testing for Luck

At certain times during an adventure, a Hero may find himself in such a dire
situation that there may be nothing he can do to escape certain injury or even
death. At this point, however, the GM may allow you to Test your Luck and give
you one last chance of avoiding whatever is about to happen.

The way you Test your Luck is as follows:

Roll two dice and add their scores together. If the result falls into the range of
your Base Luck Score, you have tested your Luck successfully and avoided
whatever it was that threatened you. If you roll outside of the range of your Base
Luck Score, however, you have been unlucky; whatever it is that threatens you
is, were sorry to say, going to get you after all.

Each time a Hero Tests his Luck this way, whether he is lucky or unlucky in the
outcome, he must reduce the number of times he can use his luck again that day
by 1. Be careful that your luck doesnt run out entirely!

Luck can also be used in combat to turn an opponents blade away, or to use
yours to wound him more gravely. This shall be covered in the section below on
Luck In Combat.

Luck In Combat

In <Combat>, a Hero may, if he wishes, attempt to Test his Luck, either to inflict
a more serious wound on his opponent or to minimize the effects of a wound
inflicted upon him. Note: this modification does not apply to Might Blows or

If a Hero has just wounded an opponent, he may Test for Luck as described
earlier. If successful, he is Lucky, he has inflicted a server wound, and may add
2 to the die-roll when rolling on the Damage Table (Table 12). If he is Unlucky,
however, he must deduct 1 from his die-roll on the Damage Table.

If the Hero has just been wounded, he may Test for Luck in an attempt to
minimize the damage. If he is Lucky, he may deduct 1 from his opponents die-

roll on the Damage Table (Table 12). If he is Unlucky, however, his opponent
may add 1 to his die-roll.

Remember: A Hero must subtract one use of their daily allotted uses for luck
every time he Tests for Luck.

Getting Lucky! (Raising your Luck Score)

You characters initial Base Luck Score of 7, which as stated above equates to
about a 17% chance to be lucky, might seem a bit depressing to you at first.
However Luck is not meant to be something you succeed at all the time. If it was
you would hardly be getting lucky when you did win! However do not fear,
there are numerous ways to raise your Base Luck Roll from 7 all the way up to 2-
12 (which is 100%).

These Base Luck Roll modifiers come in two forms, firstly in the form of
temporary modifications to your Base Luck Roll score, these are methods which
raise it for say 1 day, or your next roll, and the much rarer, but much more sought
after, permanent modifiers to your Base Luck Roll score!

Temporary Modifications
There are many methods by which you could have your Base Luck Roll score
modified, here are just a few of the most common:
The Luck <Spell> cast by a Wizard or Priest
Potion of fortune (Product of the Potion Brewing <Special Skill>)
At a temple / shrine / sacred place belonging to your Deity
In the presence of a Luck field

Permanent modifiers
These are much harder to come by and we dont want to ruin the surprises your
GM might have up his sleeve for revealing such sources of permanent modifiers
to a Heroes Base Luck Roll score. One such powerful source however, which is
known about by alchemists and Wizards alike is the fabled Luck Potion. This
potion, if one can be obtained, not only increases the characters Base Luck
score by one level (See table 20), but it also increases the number of times that
character may test their Luck by 1 and then restores all the chances remaining
for the current day to their new maximum level, and all of this in permanent!
Much to the dismay of Wizards the knowledge of creating this powerful potion
has been lost to the art of potion brewers, who are these days only able to create
the weaker Potions of Fortune! All we can say is Good Luck in finding one of
these most rare of potions!

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