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Course Outline

Subject Name : Cost and Management Accounting

Course Code : FIN 1104
Instructor : Samit Paul
Academic Year : 2016 - 2017
Trimester : II
Duration : September 21, 2016 December 19, 2016
Sessions : 20 Sessions of 1.5 hours each
Credit Points : 3 Credit

1. Course Description and Objectives

Managerial Accounting provides several sets of valuable information to management and

act as strategic business partners in supporting managements role in making valuable
managerial decisions and managing the organizations activities to create value.
Measuring, managing, and continuously improving operational activities are critical
issues to an organizations success. Hence the objective of the course is to help the
students (a) develop an appreciation for role of information for decision making and
planning and proactively participating as part of the management team in decision making
and planning process in an organization; (b) understanding how it assist managers in
directing and controlling operational activities and (c) measuring performance of
activities, subunits, managers and others in the organization.

2. Pedagogy

Session wise reading is mandatory. The text book referred should be used as the basic
reading material. Relevant cases will be distributed and discussed during the course. The
students are also expected to make use of the database like Prowess and tool like
`Excel for problem solving.

To make the course practical and as close to real companies, students would be required
to work on assignments based on concepts/models learnt and apply it to the companies in
the real world.

3. Readings

a. Textbook
Managerial Accounting: Ronald W Hilton,G Ramesh, M Jayadev, Tata McGraw-Hill

Course Outline

b. Reference & Additional Readings

1. Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis by Horngren, Datar, Foster, Rajan and Ittner,
2. Cornerstones of Cost Management by Hansen and Mowen, Cengage Learning
Case Studies: Will be distributed before the class

4. Evaluation (Overall in terms of percentage and details in terms of numbers)

Mid Term Examination : 25%

End Term Examination : 30%
Quiz : 15%
Individual Short Assignments : 10%
Group Project : 20%

5. Attendance Policy

100% attendance is compulsory for the course. For details of attendance related to
eligibility for examinations and grades, refer to handbook of information for students.

6. Contact Details of Instructor

Samit Paul, Assistant Professor, E-mail:, Phone no. 66529604

7. Detailed Session Plan

Topic(s) Readings/Tasks
1 Introduction and Accountants Managerial Accounting -Chapter 1&2 of
Role in the Organization and Hilton, Ramesh & Jayadev
Basic Cost Management Concepts
2 Cost Allocation, Appropriation Managerial Accounting -Chapter 17&18 of
and Absorption Hilton, Ramesh & Jayadev
3-4 Activity Based Costing Managerial Accounting -Chapter 5&6 of
Hilton, Ramesh & Jayadev
5-6 Cost Volume Profit Analysis and Managerial Accounting -Chapter 8 of Hilton,
Marginal Costing Ramesh & Jayadev
7-8 Relevant Costing and Decision Managerial Accounting -Chapter 14 of
Making Hilton, Ramesh & Jayadev
9-10 Standard Costing Managerial Accounting -Chapter 10 of
Hilton, Ramesh & Jayadev

Course Outline

11-13 Planning and Budgeting Managerial Accounting -Chapter 9&11 of

Hilton, Ramesh & Jayadev
14-15 Target Costing and Pricing Managerial Accounting -Chapter 15 of
Decision Hilton, Ramesh & Jayadev
16 Services Costing Managerial Accounting -Chapter 1&2 of
Hilton, Ramesh & Jayadev
17-18 Strategy, Balance Score Card Managerial Accounting -Chapter 1&2 of
Hilton, Ramesh & Jayadev
19-20 Management Control Systems Managerial Accounting -Chapter 12&13 of
Hilton, Ramesh & Jayadev

8. Tutorials and Guest Lecture

Will be informed as and when arranged