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The lion is our national

animal. It is called the king

of the forest. The lion has a
strong body. It is a big
animal. All the animals in the
forest are afraid of it. It is
four-legged. It eats flesh. Its
paws are very strong. Its
footprint's are known as pug-
It has two sharp eyes. It
hunts during the night. It is a
good hunter. It sleeps during
the day. It comes out from
the cave during night for
The lion has a mane but the
lioness has no mane. It kills
the animal when it feels
hunger. The roar of this
animal is very famous. It
roars very loudly. When it
roars, all the animals run
away in fear. It can run very
fast. It is not a greedy
animal. No one can dare to
go near him. It is fond of
Indian lions are famous in
the world. White lions are
found in India but now its
population is numbered.
They are rare in the world.
Gir forest of Gujarat and
Sunderbans delta of Bengal
are famous for lions. Lion is
a protected animal. No one
can kill him. We must be
strong, fearless and brave
like a lion.