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The scientific name of a dog is
Canis lupus familiaris. It is a
domestic animal. It comes
under the category of
mammals as it gives birth to a
baby and feed milk. Originally
dogs are the breed of wolves.
They are considered as the first
animal ever to be domesticated
by the human. There are many
varieties of dogs which are
used as pets by the humans.
They are very helpful in nature
and considered as the mans
best friend. They have been
proved very useful for the
mankind for years. They
understand humans way of
talking and nature very well.
They can eat meat, vegetables,
biscuits, milk and other things
prepared as food especially for
dogs. They perform their duties
very well thats why they are
used as fire dogs, police dogs,
assistance dogs, army dogs,
hunting dogs, messenger dogs,
rescue dogs, herding dogs, etc.