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Background of the Study

Stress is inevitable in our daily lives, especially as a student, we often face many

stress that have positive but mostly negative effects on us. The researchers choose this

topic because it is relevant and most of the people nowadays can relate. According to

American Psychological Association, stress is an unbearable experience that can affect

psychological, physiological and behavioral aspects of the person suffering from stress.

Stress can be helpful producing a boost that provides the drive and energy to help

people get through situations but most of the time, stress is harmful. The main factors

why people experience are the things or events that made terrible feeling to them or we

can call it the stressors.

There are many different causes of stress that affect our everyday life. If we

utilize stress management we can learn to overcome stress. Stress is defined as the

mental and physical pressure a person feels from circumstances perceived as threats

called stressors. A stressor is simply a stimulus that causes stress. Stressors can be a

multitude of things that worry people most in their life.

There are several different causes of stress, also known as stressors that

commonly take place in everyday life. Bills, work, relationships, school, family, and

health are all examples of stressors. Many people fret over bills they have to pay. If you

can't pay bills you can lose utilities, vehicles, homes, or even worse go bankrupt. This
causes you to have bad credit, which in the future limits what you can do and buy.

Another big stressor is school, college for example. If you fail in college you hurt not

only yourself, but you or your parents pocket book. Also college decides your future

career and paycheck. Many people build a lot of stress from their place of work. The

worst thing that can happen to you at work is when your duties build up on you. Not only

this but having to satisfy your boss and/or customers. Many people, especially the

elderly, stress over health. Today many people stress over cancer, being that is can be

very fatal and unpredictable. People stress over any type of health issue that could

cause disability or death. These are a few of the many examples of stress that any

person could expect to encounter in everyday life.

Stressors can be psychological and physiological, physiological stressor is the

one who put strain on our body while psychological is in our head. Stressors have a

major influence in our mood, behavior, psychological thinking and can also affect our


Thousands of studies have been conducted to study stress or stressors, new

studies are going to present in this research such as affections of stressors to Senior

High School students of STEM strand and how does the modern technology can also

be a stressor.

Stress is a general term applied to various mental and physiological pressures

experienced by people feel in their lives. Stress defines as mental stress. There are so

many things that can cause a person stress. Just trying to cope with life issues can be

very stressful. It is a good idea to not let with it. Coping is the process of managing
demands that can be external or internal that are appraised as taxing or exceeding the

resources of the person.The individual reduces stress by acting to change whatever

makes the situation stressful. The person might make alternative plans or find a new

and better way to correct the situation. In contrast, a person does not change anything

about the situation. Thinking positively is one emotionfocused coping method people

use to make themselves feel better under stressful conditions.

It is such a big impact for the students, specially the senior high school students

who are experiencing peer pressured by the friends/ people surrounds him/her. Told by

the parents, dream for self. What are the things that affects that causes stress to them,

like academic difficulties, terror professors, distance of transportation, and many more.

We as the researchers would like to conduct this kind of study because we think

that it is the most common type of problem that stresses out the senior high school

students and these are what they usually complaint about. I think that this proposal

should be conducted because they can get the idea what are the common stressors

that are affecting us and strategies on how to combat or lessen the stress that they are


This research is so important to us because we, the researchers, also

experiencing these kind of problems that we want to all of you to battle and be strong

about it, to be aware of what stressor you might experience. We would also like to

empower and to broaden the past research that has been conducted and to add more

knowledge, strategies, points, and lesson to cope with stress also to give

recommendations that will truly will help you in the times of need.
This research wants to help the senior high school student, particularly the

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students figure out the

affections of their stressors to them, it effects and to support them in order to cope up to

their stress and stressors.

Statement of the Problem

Generally this study aims to determine how the stressors affect Senior High

School students - STEM strand of Pamantasanng Lungsod ng Maynila and their coping

mechanism that will combat or lessen the experience of stress. It sought to answer

following sub problems:

1.How the stressors affect Senior High School students of STEM strand?

2.What are the common stressors that can cause stress to students?

3.How to overcome the stress among students?

The researchers are aiming and hoping that this problems are going to be

answered by the end of doing the research.

Scope and Delimitation

The study focuses to the stressors that affecting them that turns into one of their

stressors, to learn the ways on how to handle the stressors that they are experiencing

and their coping mechanisms. The researcher limited the study to 227 respondents out

of 577 that can be either male or female that will be pick from the STEM(Science,

Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Strand of Senior high school Students of

University of the City of Manila in School year 2017-2018.We will not be picking up from

ABM (Accountancy, Business, and Management) or HUMSS (Humanities and Social

Sciences) Strands, Teachers, or University staffs. We chose them because we think

that they are the most stress among all of us because of the different reasons will be

shown below

Significance of the Study

To reseachers, The propose study serves us to identify and rate the stressors

that affects them, also, to gain knowledge on how to cope up with the stressors and

some other recommendations about it. To do some actions oh how can we strengthen

ourselves to stay positive and strong.

To the Senior high school students, We all know that all of our subjects are very

difficult and yet for us, STEM has a most difficult subjects that really stresses them out.

That we would like to hand a help on the tips that they can do to make their subject

more lively and more fun to study with.

To teachers. The propose study will help teachers to have somehow came up an

ideas that will make the Senior high school students specially STEM students to make

more lively like doing some classroom fun activities to make it for the students very

interesting subjects and stress-free even thou it is very stressful. They will give the

students an inspiration to strive harder and not to give up.

To future researcher. The propose study will benefit and help the future

researcher if they formulated new questions and more interesting topics that are related

to stress also, to a given data below which can help to the study that they are

conducting also you may deepen down and furthermore the research.