NUS 6-v-6 Women Touch Carnival (Girls Under 23) 21st October 2007 Information & Regulations The Soft Copy of the

Rules and the Registration form could be downloaded from 1. Objectives 1.1 To give young players in the touch scene exposure through playing more competitions. 1.2 To develop strong team spirit among players. 1.3 To foster good relationships and nurture sportsmanship in players from different schools. Registration The carnival is limited to the first 12 teams that registered. Each team may register a maximum of 10 players. Registration fee will be S$100.00 + GST ($107) per team. 2.4 Registration fee could be paid in cash or cheque (to be made payable to “National University of Singapore”) by Monday, 15th October 2007. Please contact Kimberley/Huimin if alternative arrangement is required. 2.5 Receipt will be given to all teams on carnival day. 2.6 Registration form and fee could be submitted/mailed (no cash please) to the Organiser at Sports Development Office, NUS Sports & Recreation Centre, 2 Sports Drive 1, Singapore 117561. 2.7 All registered teams are required to report at the registration counter at 8.30am on the day of the carnival day (21st October). 2.8 All registered players will be given event t-shirt.
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This competition is open to all players that are 23 years of age or younger as of 21st October 2007. They must be currently enrolled in the school that they represent.


Rules The rules for this Touch Carnival will be played under the Federation of International Touch Rules (Incorporated – 3rd Edition,, except for the following variations to be applied, stipulated by the organizer.


Rule No. 5: Team Composition and Substitution – Each team shall consist of a maximum of twelve (12) players, no more than six (6) of whom are allowed on the field at any time. Substitution of any player can be made at any point of the game, along the designated sideline. Rule No. 4.3: Duration – Each game is stipulated at ten (10) minutes flat (no half times). The finals will be played in two halves in a 7-1-7 format. Rule 9, the Rollball, Referee Notes, G: The acting-half is not permitted to score touchdowns. They are unrestricted as to where they can run and may cross the scoreline to link up with support players. Should the acting-half be touched or places the ball on the ground, a change of possession will occur at the mark where the half was touched or where the ball touches the ground. Rule No. 9.4: Defending team – All players of the defending team are to retire a distance of not less than 5 metres from the mark for a Rollball. Defending players are not allowed to move forward of the 5-metre position until the half has made contact with the ball. Penalties awarded for all infringements in the rules: In event of infringement by one team, a penalty will be awarded to the non-offending team with a tap ball at the mark of infringement. The offending team loses possession and all players of the offending team are to retire a distance of not less than seven (7) metres from the mark for a tap ball by the attacking team. Offending/defending players are not allowed to move forward of the 7-metre position until the non-offending/attacking player taps the ball. Rule No. 4.8: Extra Time for drawn matches – Extra time ruling will only apply for playoffs: quarters, semis and finals. Start of extra-time – ‘Tap’ ball at centre 4.7.1 For quarter and semi-finals, the team that did not start the game at the onset of the 7-minute game will be entitled to start the game at the onset of extra-time. 4.7.2 For the finals, as both teams had started the game at each half, a coin toss shall be conducted by the referee, in the presence of team captains, to determine the team that will start the game at onset of extra-time.








Scoring during extra-time 4.8.1 At the start of extra-time, if the attacking team scores a touchdown within the first 6 touches, the team against which the score has made will have to score a touchdown within the 6 touches during its possession/attack, failing which will declare the team that has scored the first touchdown during extra-time the winner of the game. 4.8.2 If no touchdown is awarded during the first 6 touches to either team, extra time will persist, till either team scores a touchdown. The team that scores the first touchdown will be declared the winner of the game. 4.8.3 If no touchdown is awarded, the referee will signal for one player to be dropped off every 2 minutes. This will continue until only 3 players are left on the field, and the game will continue until a touchdown is awarded. Substitutions will still be allowed during extra time. Any decision made to the variation of the rules, according to the discretion of the organizer, is final and only stipulated for this 6-vs-6 Touch Carnival.



If you have any enquires, please contact, Ms Kimberley Kiong at +65 98765371 or email: ; Ms Lock Huimin at +65 91374801 or email: ;


Deadline for registration: 15th October 2007.