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Technical Data Bulletin

VB 30198

Vibrating Alarm Bell

The Vibrating Alarm Bell is supplied with the

following standard features:

C Penetrating sound
C 6 and 10 inch sizes
C Heavy-duty construction
C UL listed


Vibrating bells are the most widely recognized fire ARCHITECT/ENGINEER SPECIFICATIONS
system alarm signal in the world. Constructed of high- A ______ inch vibrating alarm bell, Chemetron Fire
grade steel, these alarm bells are designed to sound Systems stock number (see ordering information) shall
an unusually resonant tone and to provide maximum be used as an audible warning device for the protected
decibel output for their diameter. The bells are offered area. It shall be constructed if high-grade steel and
in 6 inch and 10 inch diameters and are available in 24 shall emit a signal with a decibel rating suitable for its
VDC and 120 VAC voltages (6 inch bell only). The 6 location. The mechanism shall be housed in a metal
inch bell emits 92 db at 10 feet (3.1 meters); the 10 casting and shall be covered by the gong. The unit
inch bell emits 94 db at the same distance. shall be mounted on a universal adapter plate that
Each has a heavy-duty mechanism concealed requires gong removal for access to the mounting
beneath the read enamel gong and includes a mount- screws.
ing plate which can accommodate a 4" x 4" electrical
box or other junction box configurations. To simplify
installation, wire leads are color coded and stripped
at the ends.
A weatherproof box is available for outdoor

Ordering Information

Shipping Weight
Stock Number Description lbs (kg)
70030137 6 inch Alarm Bell - 24 VDC Polarized 2.5 (1.1)
70030132 10 inch Alarm Bell - 24 VDC Polarized 3 (1.4)
70030133 6 inch Alarm Bell - 24 VAC 2.5 (1.1)
70030138 Weatherproof Back Box .5 (.23)
Technical Data Bulletin
VB 30198

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