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Twelve Canned Interview Questions

Q.1 When did you begin writing?

My English Language schoolteacher kept awarding me Gold Stars for essays;

I have always enjoyed writing technical reports in my primary (engineering)
From a commercial perspective I started out in 1991 by submitting a book
manuscript on Mens Health to the Central London offices of two high-profile
international publishers. One of which I delivered by hand;
Then in late 1993 I became a Curriculum Developer, which meant I had to
author many technical training manuals from scratch, covering many topics.

Q.2 When did you commence your international travels?

Apart from a teenage group trip to the Isle of Man, I exited my country for the
first time (with a passport) in January 1980: just days before my 27th birthday;
This journey signaled the start of a 12 month contract in the giant Gawar Field
(oil & gas deposit) that dominates the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia;
Then within 8 weeks of arrival I was organizing my very first visit to Thailand.

Q.3 So what other countries have you visited?

I have visited over 20 in total. If I count the Emirates of the UAE separately then
the exact number is 24 unique territories. Inclusive of my own I have worked in
9 countries, or 10 if we consider Scotland to be separate.

Q.4 Which destinations stand out as special?

Might be easier if I highlight the countries first. I would say my most memorable
journeys have been to Jamaica, Malaysia, China, India, and Libya;
I include Libya because I am very interested in archeology and unique
landscapes, and Libya has plenty of both, especially its remarkable landscapes;
As for specific destinations, Id say the North Coast of Jamaica, Kuantan on the
Eastern side of the Malay Peninsula, Nanning in Chinas Guangxi Autonomous
Region, and Madras (Chennai) on the coast of Southeast India are all special.

Outsourced World: Seducing Goddess Durga During the Clinton Era

By G. R. Wilson
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Twelve Canned Interview Questions

Q.5 Have you always traveled alone?

Mostly, yes. I once flew an Anglo-Indian girlfriend from England to Bangkok so

she could holiday with me. I then repeated this feat by flying a Chinese girlfriend
from London to Bangkok about 10 years later. If you could see how beautiful
both those ladies were, you would understand why. And it must also be said, I
dont have a high opinion of Thai females. Other than that, Ive traveled alone;
Solo is the only way for a man to travel authentically unencumbered by
anothers wants, prejudices, or hang-ups. Free to interact with the local culture,
as and when opportunities present themselves. And local single females always
offer the most accessible route for those wishing to explore a foreign culture.

Q.6 You must have quite a collection of photographs

Yes I certainly do have, although my best date back to the 1980s when I owned a
Nikon FM. One of the best SLR cameras ever made. Sadly, that was stolen from
me in Upper New York State, during a late 1989 visit, after I had become
temporarily separated from my canoe in fast flowing water. While recovering
from rapids I ended up on the opposite bank to my beached canoe. I watched
helpless as my water-proof bag was rummaged by a youngish couple driving an
expensive vehicle. My still pristine Nikon camera was their easy prize;
Looking back I dont appear to have fully recovered from that unfortunate,
almost 30 year old incident. During the interim years I was never able to find an
adequate replacement. That is how good the Nikon FM was (and is). I prefer to
control all my camera settings manually. My aversion to fully-automatic cameras
might be a quirk, but that is my personal bias or quirk. And I still possess
expensive, left-over Nikon lenses (not carried on the day of my camera loss) that
need a Nikon compatible bayonet-lock to connect to;
I recently stumbled upon the Nikon 1 J5. The more I look at this digital camera,
and study its accessories, the more I see its design links to the old FM model. So
the J5 will probably be my next purchase (if I sell enough books!);
My earliest photos were 35 mm slides, and I have an extensive collection of
images taken in Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Jamaica all dating to well before
1990. I guess theyll be worth something to both students and historians by now.

Q.7 Have you ever been married?

This is a status that has doggedly eluded me. I once had a big hangup over my

Outsourced World: Seducing Goddess Durga During the Clinton Era

By G. R. Wilson
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Twelve Canned Interview Questions

Bachelor status, but of course the weight of societal expectations was a major
cause of that. I have been obliged to conclude that marriage is irrationally denied
to some of us by fate or destiny;
My final opportunity to marry a girl sharing my own genetic background,
slipped away in 1980, during a short R&R visit to Cheshire from my desert
posting in Saudi Arabia. My girlfriend of 3 years admitted to sleeping around
during my absence. And in any case, by the mid-1980s, British society was
already in a state of disarray if not collapse, thanks to Radical Feminism;
Having said all that it is also accurate to say my entire career path has been anti-
marriage from the very beginning. When I was young, eminently eligible, and
still back in my home country, my status as an Engineer was unappealing to the
female mind. English women would rather date and marry a Disc Jockey or
Bricklayer than a highly qualified Engineer. A highly peculiar national trait as
true Engineers should in fact be equal to General Practitioners (GPs) in the social
hierarchy. And to make matters worse, I always had to work overtime hours to
earn enough to keep a roof over my head and car on the road. Such is the low
remuneration given to engineers and technicians in Anglo-Saxon economies;
When I did start to earn the necessary dosh to finance marriage, it was only
after I had outsourced myself to the Middle East (mostly Saudi Arabia & UAE)
where access to the opposite sex is always restricted or greatly rationed;
During 1998 I very nearly proposed to a lovely Malaysian girl. I even introduced
her to my Parents and other family members. But when it came to the crunch, the
prospect of having to convert to Islam gave me cold feet, and I backed out.

Q.8 So what brought you to author your new book, Outsourced World?

Haa-haaa. This is quite a long story part of which punctuates the narrative of
the very book we discuss. It begins with me resigning from a well-paid and
secure job in the Western Province of Saudi Arabia. I held a senior position with
Saudi Aramco, the company that vies with Gazprom, ExxonMobil, and
PetroChina for the title of the worlds largest integrated energy company;
At the time (1989-90) I was being dogged by domestic UK property problems of
a serious nature, and a nagging concern constantly evolving technology would
soon leave me high and dry in my field of expertise (as an engineer);
So I resigned to immediately initiate legal proceedings to (hopefully) fix my
property issues, and then to later return to full-time education. My ultimate goal
was to pursue either a specialized degree in an up-and-coming area of
technology or, better still, to pursue a Master of Science degree;
To cut a long story short, I completed my MSc in 1993 at the grand old age of

Outsourced World: Seducing Goddess Durga During the Clinton Era

By G. R. Wilson
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Twelve Canned Interview Questions

40. My enrollment had been delayed for a full academic year because I had just
missed (by 6 weeks) the deadline to join the previous years intake. When my
graduation finally came around, the UK economy was descending into yet
another severe recession, with a concurrent collapse in its housing market. The
1980s financialization and debt bubble was bursting;
So the irony of ironies is that I ended up back in Saudi Arabia, this time with an
MSc contracted to that countrys premier Utility company: SCECO-East.
My 1996 emergence from that comfortable contract into a massively transformed
world shocked me to the core. I became consumed with a desire to comprehend
why the world had changed so much in the short span of just 4 to 6 years. This
constitutes the primary impulse behind my book, Outsourced World.

Q.9 So why wasnt your book published during the late 1990s?

Good question. Well, putting aside all the issues of having to somehow overcome
(as a first time author) the inertia that once dogged the traditional publishing
industry a problem solved about 10 years later by the emergence of e-books,
self-publishing, and DRM-controlled devices like the Amazon Kindle there
was still much more I had to learn about geopolitics and high-level conspiracies,
in order to make better sense of the bigger picture;
Initially, I authored a serialized (3 part) series of articles that were published by
the Nexus Magazine: a colour magazine issued to several thousand Expats who
were subscribers to something called the Expat Network, operating out of
Croydon, South London. This small company, run by three very capable ladies,
was essentially one of the very first to master the task of brokering overseas job
opportunities for its largely British (and Commonwealth) subscribers. Although
later, I am quite sure many North Americans, South Africans, and others ended
up subscribing to the Expat Network;
Those three magazine articles, originally published under the umbrella title:
Trying To Earn A Crust, commenced with the 10th Anniversary edition of
Nexus (September 1999), continued in the December edition, and concluded in
the February 2000 edition. Scanned images of each editions cover form part of
my inaugural blog post at:;
It is my re-write and expansion of those three original articles that now forms the
binding thread running throughout my Outsourced World: Seducing Goddess
Durga During the Clinton Era series, which also happens to be in 3 parts!

Q.10 Where does Durga fit in to your story? Whats the connection?

Outsourced World: Seducing Goddess Durga During the Clinton Era

By G. R. Wilson
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Twelve Canned Interview Questions

Durga is a real person. She was my girlfriend in Saudi Arabia during 1995. At
least, she was until she was unceremoniously thrown out of the country by her
Medical Clinic employers. Her crime? Corresponding with a boyfriend (me)
from inside a strictly orthodox Muslim state;
She hails from Andhra Pradesh, which is one of the adjacent South Indian States
bordering Tamil Nadu to the north;
We found each other through correspondence after she answered a Lonely Hearts
advertisement I had placed in the Femina Magazine Indias homegrown
version of the USAs Cosmopolitan;
Her existence is introduced in Book One, while Book Two tells of our
remarkable and unexpected reuniting in Madras (Chennai) some 15 months later;
I have earmarked Book Three to tell the story of how we met in Saudi Arabia,
how we evaded capture by the Wahhabi morality police, and what was supposed
to happen between us. I am sure some of its pages will end up X-Rated;
There are other relevances linked to her name which some listeners will have
already identified. The goddess Durga conveys immense meaning within
Hinduism. She has huge significance for all practicing Hindus, and is thus highly
revered. Almost as highly as the god of the Yogis, Shiva;
I have often found that Hindu deities do a very good job of encapsulating the
driving energy of destruction that appears to be consuming the Western world
right now. This is because destruction is essentially a feminine energy. I of
course do realize that those raised on a sick diet of Western Feminism will
vehemently deny any such a link. I intend to use Book Three to present my own
interpretations of this malignant influence. I feel eminently qualified to do this
because there cannot be many White skinned, western males who have direct and
authentic experience of the love and lusts of a real-life Durga. When I met her
she was in her prime. A striking woman, with wheatish skin, having great poise
and natural beauty.

Q.11 How would you summarize your book?

Categorized as a memoir, which it surely is, I would say this first title offers a
great deal more. Naturally, this will sound like a boastful claim until such time it
has been validated by the views and opinions of a broad spectrum of readers.
Glowing reader reviews are something I hope to eventually attract (with luck);
Actually, if I tried hard enough I could easily summarize my book in three or
more ways. It would all depend on which perspective I chose to begin with;
Due to word-count constraints my original magazine articles were restricted to

Outsourced World: Seducing Goddess Durga During the Clinton Era

By G. R. Wilson
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Twelve Canned Interview Questions

the role of travelogue. Even so, I still managed to sprinkle each with plenty of
commentary and factual summaries. They now stand as entertaining recordings
of my complex international movements that unfolded during the second and
third quarters of 1996. At that early time I had not yet identified the link which
today allows me leverage my 1996 experiences to better explain the torrent of
economic and geopolitical transformations the 90s decade actually initiated;
As early as 1995-96 a quiet, top-down revolution was already underway. Seeds
were being planted that would take 20 to 25 years to bear fruit for the privileged
1% or 2%. Ever since the collapse of the Tech Bubble, $-Billions have been
siphoned out of the real economy through financial fraud, the manipulation of all
markets, warmongering, rampant money printing, and unregulated outsourcing.
Just a few weeks ago, British Airways was brought to a complete halt thanks to a
malfunction or to technical incompetence by that airlines back office. A
remote facility outsourced to a private facility in Bangalore, India;
In Book One of Outsourced World I essentially prove that the job deprivations
(meaning lack of work opportunities) and the economic austerity we are today
witnessing and experiencing throughout what we loosely call the West have
common roots that can be traced straight back to the 1990s;
I once had a ringside seat to all of this. My struggles to find new employment
after I had extracted myself from the cocoon that is Saudi Arabia, pushed my
face into the stinking cow-pat of the newly formed World Trade Organization,
which helped launch and promote George Herbert Walker Bushs New World
Order. Despite the cigar-smoking attentions of Monika Lewinsky (laugh)
1996 was also the year Bill Clinton was at the height of his political powers, and
when Hillary Clinton was just entering her own megalomaniacal groove;
Book One also contains a useful collation of significant political developments
from that mid-decade period whose lingering effects trouble us to this day. The
way I responded to the eclectic challenges I then faced helped me uncover or
unmask the realities that were being officially covered up, or camouflaged by
palliatives dispensed daily by a compliant mass media;
When I resigned from Saudi Aramco, just before Iraqs invasion of Kuwait, the
world was still delineated by nation states enjoying healthy levels of political and
economic autonomy. But by the time I entered Abu Dhabi in mid-1996 the world
had already fallen under the moronic spell of multiculturalism, globalism, the
death of nationality, the cult of rootless mobility, world citizenry, and the
outsourcing of all manufacturing to China and the Middle East, and the
outsourcing of all services to India and the Philippines.
My engineering background plus 8 yrs of accumulated overseas employment
empowered me to quickly detect massive flaws and hypocrisy in this entire
concept, and well before so-called experts started to boast of such insights on
television. Similarly, I had hitherto detected the fraud and bullcrap underpinning

Outsourced World: Seducing Goddess Durga During the Clinton Era

By G. R. Wilson
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Twelve Canned Interview Questions

the entire Live Aid Concept that had been all the rage during the mid 1980s;
Such momentous changes in global perspectives and expectations do not arrive
by accident. They are always planned, and then promoted by very powerful
persons having immense wealth and political influence. And their lead-times
(from initiation to fulfillment) are typically long; so long that it becomes
necessary to wear a tinfoil hat to make the necessary connections between
disparate events and disparate dates. For example, the changes brought by the
1990s were actually presaged by President Nixons state visit to China in
February 1972, followed by David Rockefeller Seniors own visit to China in
June 1973. At that time, David Rockefeller was CEO of Chase-Manhattan Bank.
Under his tutelage, Chase Bank became a central component of the world's (now
dominant) financial system due to its global network of correspondent banks, the
largest in the world. Also in 1973, Chase established the first branch of an
American bank in Moscow (supposedly the home of International Communism
and thus an ideological enemy of Americas capitalism). But thats not all.
Following personal meetings with Chinas premier Chou En-Lai in Beijing,
David Rockefeller made sure his bank became the National Bank of China's first
correspondent bank in the USA. Note that this is the same New York City
oligarchy who conceived of, and then engineered the outsourcing bandwagon;
In short, my book throws light on the above shenanigans, then adds perspective.

Q.12 What do you hope to achieve with your Outsourced World series?

By describing my own trials and tribulations as I shifted from Saudi Arabia to

Abu Dhabi, to Malaysia and then back to the UAE before picking up that elusive
employment contract which then obliged me to return (briefly) to England to
apply for a Work Visa at the Indian Consulate I hope to satisfy my readers with
an entertaining narrative that some may strongly identify with. And with that
personal thread tying my books diverse chapters together, I have superimposed
an engaging series of relevant tangents and detours that should empower most of
my readers to see that elusive big picture more clearly mostly because I am
presenting all of that in its full and proper context and in Technicolor.
I do hope my short series will help pull back the proverbial curtain on the 1990s
arguably the most transitional decade since the 1940s and clearly the most
conspiratorial since the 1910-1919 debacle. To understand the chaos of today,
one has to understand what the 1990s unleashed. An orgy of seed-planting,
which has since born a harvest of ugly fruit. I suspect my book is one of the very
few to recognize the 1990s brought us not only the Internet, mobile phones, and
digital cameras but a whole lot of crazy stuff that we really do not need.

Outsourced World: Seducing Goddess Durga During the Clinton Era

By G. R. Wilson
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