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Interdisciplinary - STEM

Level Topics/Resources Essential Questions

Novice Low/Mid Weather How does weather affect our lives, the clothing
Numbers and Punctuation we wear, and the things we do for fun?
Computation What are the weather differences in other
Metric System hemispheres? Countries?
Calendar How does the concept of punctuality differ by
Time country?
What do calendar formats in______ tell about
that culture?
Novice High Body Parts How do we live a healthy lifestyle? How do
Health/Fitness others view a healthy lifestyle?
History What impact do major historical events have on
Historical Timelines peoples lives and the future of a country?
Science How are specific world events reflected on a
timeline in (target country)?
What Latin derivatives are present in modern
biology and medical terminology?
How are Greek and Latin part of chemical
Intermediate Low Health How do I live a healthy lifestyle?
Fitness Who are innovators in science and technology?
Science/Technology How has the past impacted the present in the
History/Historical Timelines target culture?
Intermediate Mid Personal Technologies How do advances in science and technology
Science/Medicine impact my life today?
Environmental Issues What is the relationship between humans and
Intermediate High Healthcare What role do ethics play in scientific advances?
/Advanced Low Ethical Considerations How have developments in healthcare affected
Treatment of the Elderly our lives and the lives of others globally?
Universal Healthcare How do issues of substance use/abuse affect
Use of Alcohol or Drugs healthcare?
Current Research Topics How do developments in science and
Inventions: Catalysts to technology affect our lives?

Ohio Department of Education, June 2014

Interdisciplinary and STEM - Content Elaborations