*** (21:20:07):Welcome to the True Blood in Dallas Chat Room. True Blood in Dallas says (21:20:18): Welcome and WOW!!!!

True Blood in Dallas says (21:20:25): hahha hi Pams Pamspumps says to (21:20:36): Hey Dallas! True Blood in Dallas says (21:20:35): Sorry time got away from me True Blood in Dallas says (21:20:41): Hey Pams! BabyVampsucker says to (21:21:02): Hey guys!! Pamspumps says to (21:21:03): It happens - had to rewatch that Postmortem too True Blood in Dallas says (21:21:19): for me its loading the music and chatroom lafemmetopaz says to (21:21:46): Hola peeps totalaskarsfan says to (21:21:46): hey dallas Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:21:48): Hello Ladies! True Blood in Dallas says (21:21:46): Lafemme you won the prize last week email me after the show !!!!

lafemmetopaz says to (21:21:49): DAllas True Blood in Dallas says (21:21:55): Helllo lafemmetopaz says to (21:22:00): KEWLLLLLLLLLL Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:22:02): YAY Lafemme!!!! Pamspumps says to (21:22:02): hello truebies True Blood in Dallas says (21:22:02): Hahah Court KC says to (21:22:08): I made it in time!! Cavalavalier says to (21:22:08): Hello Eberyone lafemmetopaz says to (21:22:16): thank you Dal lafemmetopaz says to (21:22:23): Tara was rock solid again tonight True Blood in Dallas says (21:22:22): some one will win again tonight so good behavior! ;-) totalaskarsfan says to (21:22:24): hey everyone True Blood in Dallas says (21:22:28):

hey total lafemmetopaz says to (21:22:36): she kicked Bill to the curve.. literally Pamspumps says to (21:22:53): he is was smoking! lafemmetopaz says to (21:22:58): Dallas so much to talk about True Blood in Dallas says (21:23:03): oh my gosh i know Court KC says to (21:23:13): I'm so glad Pam wasa back tonight! greeneyegirl says to (21:23:16): Howdy Chickees lafemmetopaz says to (21:23:17): 1)I felt for Sookie tonight. Her love and ignorance cost her tonight BillohBill1 says to (21:23:23): WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOoo! redmoonvamp says to (21:23:24): hi everyone! True Blood in Dallas says (21:23:28): let new people call in if youve called the last 3 weeks or so Pamspumps says to (21:23:32): BoB alainanoelle says to (21:23:38): Hi all! Finally got in!

Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:23:41): yes it did - she should have left bill in the shed True Blood in Dallas says (21:23:40): bob the star of tonights show True Blood in Dallas says (21:23:45): deep bow Cavalavalier says to (21:23:48): What did you all think of Tara Tonight. I thought her charatcer was spot on. I lovevd that she was able to take contorl and the lead. She was very strong willed. I loved it when she kicked bill oout of the back of that truck. Her pertectiveness of Soo True Blood in Dallas says (21:23:49): heelo this is bob BillohBill1 says to (21:23:52): HELLO THIS IS BOB! HEY DALLAS! WOOOOWWW! greeneyegirl says to (21:23:58): Hey Dallas I knwo I promised to call last time would u like me to call tonight? Court KC says to (21:23:59): Loved Tara too!! lafemmetopaz says to (21:24:01): I loved Tara tonight Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:24:03): Tara was awesome tonight! alainanoelle says to (21:24:08): Tara was great! BillohBill1 says to (21:24:09): GEG! CAN YOU PIPE IT DOWN ON THE PRINT?

greeneyegirl says to (21:24:11): BOB! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:24:14): It was the old season 1 Tara that we all love so much alainanoelle says to (21:24:18): Did you see how strong she is? greeneyegirl says to (21:24:19): Face palms you BillohBill1 says to (21:24:20): I agree Brandy! redmoonvamp says to (21:24:23): Tara was a lionesse tonight! V becomes her! lafemmetopaz says to (21:24:23): I dont think Tara and bill's relationship will ever be the same True Blood in Dallas says (21:24:24): sure geg have you not been on this season ? alainanoelle says to (21:24:29): She picked Bill up single handed! BillohBill1 says to (21:24:30): No LaFemme Court KC says to (21:24:30): I agree too Brandy! greeneyegirl says to (21:24:31): I will not be ignored MK lafemmetopaz says to (21:24:32):

She never liked him.. now it is True Blood in Dallas says (21:24:32): give me last 4 of phone number alainanoelle says to (21:24:38): Hi GEG! anelson53546 says to (21:24:40): Loved tonights epi! greeneyegirl says to (21:24:41): NO Dallas I have not ChoChoMojo says to (21:24:44): Hello Dallas! :-)) lafemmetopaz says to (21:24:46): huh... Bill? True Blood in Dallas says (21:24:48): hey cho greeneyegirl says to (21:24:54): Hey Alaina@ BillohBill1 says to (21:25:03): I agree, Tara never liked Bill lafemmetopaz says to (21:25:10): OOOOO.. okay Cavalavalier says to (21:25:14): I loved teh Sam storyline also. It was good to see him take a stand. He was definetly the Alpha male tongoiht TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:25:14): HELLO BON TEMPS!!!

greeneyegirl says to (21:25:17): Dallas last four 4061 lafemmetopaz says to (21:25:20): I loved Sam tonight too redmoonvamp says to (21:25:21): i think tonight's episode was even better than the last one! BillohBill1 says to (21:25:23): Great show tonight! True Blood in Dallas says (21:25:21): ok sweets greeneyegirl says to (21:25:30): Truebee doo alainanoelle says to (21:25:30): It was so good. ChoChoMojo says to (21:25:31): HELLO MK, Truebie, GEG, and EVERYONE! Court KC says to (21:25:32): I'm glad Tommy went with Sam... lafemmetopaz says to (21:25:37): Part of me wishes Daphne would come back BillohBill1 says to (21:25:37): CHOCHO! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:25:39): Hiya, Questa! lafemmetopaz says to (21:25:40):

I liked her with Sam Pamspumps says to (21:25:41): Why was is so short?? alainanoelle says to (21:25:41): I loved the Bill and Lorena postmortem. greeneyegirl says to (21:25:46): Questa! lafemmetopaz says to (21:25:50): Alaino..that was funny BillohBill1 says to (21:25:51): The post mortem was fantastic! Court KC says to (21:25:51): And liked this epi much more than last weeks! anelson53546 says to (21:25:53): Goodbye to the eveil vamp ho, Lorena ChoChoMojo says to (21:25:57): BOB you think Sook is the same as book right? lafemmetopaz says to (21:25:57): court.. really? Pamspumps says to (21:25:59): wow typos out the arse tonight Sai-en says to (21:26:00): Hello everyone, Shreveport checking in! BillohBill1 says to (21:26:09): DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!

Court KC says to (21:26:10): Yes!! redmoonvamp says to (21:26:13): And yay Lorena got what was coming for her! Sai-en says to (21:26:15): OMG tonite's episode was awesome! BillohBill1 says to (21:26:22): I don't know Questa, Do we think she is fairy? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:26:22): Good riddance Vamp Ho and the Mag, but RIP Cooter Court KC says to (21:26:27): Finally Lorena got it! ChoChoMojo says to (21:26:28): I do! txladyjane says to (21:26:28): hey just saying hello ALL just got back from Vacation and caught up but I have to be up at 430 am so I need sleep...take care all and have a good night!!! alainanoelle says to (21:26:34): I'm so glad Lorena is gone! BillohBill1 says to (21:26:37): GOODNIGHT LADY JANE! lafemmetopaz says to (21:26:41): Rusell was great tonigh ChoChoMojo says to (21:26:45): Interesting twist on VB in the sun though! BillohBill1 says to (21:26:45):

Oh Alaina, me too. Relieved. txladyjane says to (21:26:50): I liked Lorena thou Court KC says to (21:26:51): Russell ROCKED! Scary!! BillohBill1 says to (21:26:54): And she didn't even have to muck up Russell's pool! lafemmetopaz says to (21:26:56): txladyjane.. me too smokeycokey says to (21:26:56): i know im suppose to like sookie but i dont txladyjane says to (21:26:57): Russell is great alainanoelle says to (21:27:00): Russell is getting very full of himself! redmoonvamp says to (21:27:02): lol! BillohBill1 says to (21:27:08): Love Russell. alainanoelle says to (21:27:10): No more magistar either! txladyjane says to (21:27:11): over and out lafemmetopaz says to (21:27:13): Russell can tell the year of the vamp from the blood smell

greeneyegirl says to (21:27:14): Russell is a meglomanic TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:27:15): I kinda love Russell lafemmetopaz says to (21:27:18): that is just kewl Pamspumps says to (21:27:19): Russell is the oldest thing on the planet BillohBill1 says to (21:27:20): Franklin should wake up next werek with a headache TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:27:21): great character alainanoelle says to (21:27:23): Coot is toast too! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:27:23): russell does seem to be getting a little out of hand Court KC says to (21:27:26): Russell has a long way to fall!! alainanoelle says to (21:27:32): Lots of deaths tonight! Cavalavalier says to (21:27:36): I think the "bill in the Sun" has to do with what Claudine siad about don't let him take your light BillohBill1 says to (21:27:44): Who tied up the Magister? Was it Eric Vamp Speed? Court KC says to (21:27:51):

Prob right cavala TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:27:52): Nope, Russell redmoonvamp says to (21:27:52): Franklin will have such a bad aftertaste when he wakes up! Pamspumps says to (21:27:53): Russell lafemmetopaz says to (21:27:54): lol if I was almost 3k.. I would be little cocky too Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:27:54): no russell alainanoelle says to (21:27:57): I agree Cavalalier FangsNRoses says to (21:27:59): Nothing like blood love! lafemmetopaz says to (21:28:02): Russell has seen everything EVERYTHING alainanoelle says to (21:28:08): He should have burned right away! BillohBill1 says to (21:28:08): Oh that's good! If Sookie gives Bill too much blood, she'll lose her powers? Court KC says to (21:28:12): Franklin is going to be upset!! BillohBill1 says to (21:28:23): Very good Cava!

FangsNRoses says to (21:28:27): I meant nothing like BLOODY love! redmoonvamp says to (21:28:29): And Hurray for Alcide! Cavalavalier says to (21:28:36): Thanks :) lafemmetopaz says to (21:28:38): Alcide is a wimp BillohBill1 says to (21:28:40): Where did Alcide find clothes? I was pissed! Pamspumps says to (21:28:40): Looks like Bill is going to be stalkerish next episode redmoonvamp says to (21:28:46): He took a stand tonight! Court KC says to (21:28:49): Alcide needs to JUMP IN! lafemmetopaz says to (21:28:50): and Debbie should have left him.. he wouldnt' give her kids TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:28:51): I know, BOB! WTF BillohBill1 says to (21:28:55): No pumps, I think he has the talk with her, and looks like he left crying. alainanoelle says to (21:28:55): I like Alcide..he needs more lines though. lafemmetopaz says to (21:29:00):

that's a deal breaker TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:29:09): Again, they are all about the Mickens flesh, but no Alcide booty Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:29:09): bill is a stalker the rest of the book series too - always poppin' out of the shadows Pamspumps says to (21:29:16): true Court KC says to (21:29:21): I'm over Bill. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:29:22): prob keeps a change in the vea BillohBill1 says to (21:29:26): Lafemme, agree'd. She wanted a pup TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:29:29): van Pamspumps says to (21:29:38): what if they make him superstalker though- ew redmoonvamp says to (21:29:42): I'm over Bill just like Court Kc! SheiroQ says to (21:29:43): Yay, chat let me in. lafemmetopaz says to (21:29:50): I like the contrasts between Russell ideology and the Authority's alainanoelle says to (21:29:56): She wanted a pup which is why she messed around with so many other weres.

Marleneemm says to (21:29:58): Dallas:Good evening All~ I'm a Super happy camper! Lorena & The Magister are DEAD~ now Just Russell has to DIE!! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:30:01): *pounces Stina* lafemmetopaz says to (21:30:02): I agree on some things... TaraThorntonBT says to (21:30:03): and who is the Authority?? alainanoelle says to (21:30:07): Looking for good genes! lafemmetopaz says to (21:30:09): as Russell said FangsNRoses says to (21:30:15): Aren't we all excited we got to see Daddy Mickens' dirty drawers again? smokeycokey says to (21:30:17): i like russell SheiroQ says to (21:30:18): *falls over* Hey Sheri. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:30:18): wish i could stay but....i will try to be back. got to put the kiddos to bed alainanoelle says to (21:30:23): Ewww! BillohBill1 says to (21:30:27): Bye Brandy! True Blood in Dallas says (21:30:26):

sounds ?? alainanoelle says to (21:30:29): He is so gross! True Blood in Dallas says (21:30:28): sounds ??? True Blood in Dallas says (21:30:32): sound??? BillohBill1 says to (21:30:34): Hang on Dallas Court KC says to (21:30:35): Daddy mickens needs some new drawers!! robi says to (21:30:38): Nope, no sound yet True Blood in Dallas says (21:30:37): sound ? ChoChoMojo says to (21:30:42): I have sound! True Blood in Dallas says (21:30:41): sound ? lafemmetopaz says to (21:30:44): Marlee. why do you not like Russell? Cavalavalier says to (21:30:45): i have sound Pamspumps says to (21:30:45): yes sound

robi says to (21:30:48): (howdie Bob) True Blood in Dallas says (21:30:48): thnaks Cho!! redmoonvamp says to (21:30:57): show's started? ChoChoMojo says to (21:30:58): No Prob! :-)) BillohBill1 says to (21:31:03): SOUND! alainanoelle says to (21:31:03): Sound is on! Pamspumps says to (21:31:05): russell killed Papa Viking Marleneemm says to (21:31:09): Group:Wonderful news last wednesday~~~ I found my Sister!!! I was adopted as a baby and so was she,we found each other after 4 years. greeneyegirl says to (21:31:09): sound?? Pamspumps says to (21:31:11): me not likey him FangsNRoses says to (21:31:14): no sound here Sai-en says to (21:31:19): what a night!!!! Lisnoe says to (21:31:20):

yes sound smokeycokey says to (21:31:21): if they kill every interesting charcter the show will be boring Pamspumps says to (21:31:22): grats marle TES2008 says to (21:31:23): Hi gang. alainanoelle says to (21:31:25): Cool Marleneemm! SheiroQ says to (21:31:27): Refreshed and got sound. ChoChoMojo says to (21:31:28): Hey TES alainanoelle says to (21:31:32): Hi TES! lafemmetopaz says to (21:31:34): Dallas BillohBill1 says to (21:31:35): marlene that is fantastic! TaraThorntonBT says to (21:31:36): Good evening Peeps Marleneemm says to (21:31:39): Pampu russell didx kill Eric's dad. TES2008 says to (21:31:41): Happy SINday.

redmoonvamp says to (21:31:41): just refreshed! lafemmetopaz says to (21:31:42): TES.... alainanoelle says to (21:31:42): Hola Dallas! Sai-en says to (21:31:43): good evening Tara Lisnoe says to (21:31:45): what's up with show being so short? lafemmetopaz says to (21:31:46): Marlee doesn't like Russell joesephinebt says to (21:31:49): Hello Sai-en says to (21:31:50): Hello Daaaallas lafemmetopaz says to (21:31:53): quel surprise joesephinebt says to (21:31:56): Can I asked a Question? BillohBill1 says to (21:32:05): Dallas, don't spill your martini tonight robi says to (21:32:06): alright, restarted...sound YAY! Pamspumps says to (21:32:08):

Russell had his wolves kills his Papa TES2008 says to (21:32:09): They cheated us out of 10 minutes as they have the last 2 seasons. Court KC says to (21:32:09): They always have a short show during the season. redmoonvamp says to (21:32:10): Quelle merveilleuse surprise! BillohBill1 says to (21:32:12): HELLO THIS IS DALLAS TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:32:14): Hello, Dallas! Marleneemm says to (21:32:16): No SOUND what gives???? ChoChoMojo says to (21:32:17): I know TES!! alainanoelle says to (21:32:24): I know TES..what is up with that! TES2008 says to (21:32:28): Only 5 epis left. *Sighs* BillohBill1 says to (21:32:31): mARLENE, RELOAD TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:32:32): I have sound TaraThorntonBT says to (21:32:32): try refreshing your page

alainanoelle says to (21:32:32): I liked the post mortum! Lisnoe says to (21:32:33): Hate short shows ChoChoMojo says to (21:32:33): Sigh is right redmoonvamp says to (21:32:36): no sound for me either! Pamspumps says to (21:32:38): for a stupid crown- when he could get one ay Burger King for free Court KC says to (21:32:46): loved the post mortem! alainanoelle says to (21:32:51): It was pathetically funny! joesephinebt says to (21:32:54): DALLAS I AM OFFICIALLY TEAM ERIC! BillohBill1 says to (21:32:55): You ca use your windows ound alainanoelle says to (21:33:04):

Bill and Lorena were so loving! joesephinebt says to (21:33:05): Oops sorry about the caps lock alainanoelle says to (21:33:07): LOL!

1EvilJessica says to (21:33:08): what about the damn corn fritters? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:33:09): LOL Did you pick your own strawberries, Dallas? BillohBill1 says to (21:33:10): Open the sound with your windows player, that work too. TES2008 says to (21:33:11): Summer told Hoyt to taste her biscuits...great line. TaraThorntonBT says to (21:33:20): pick up line of the year Lisnoe says to (21:33:21): I still like Bill BillohBill1 says to (21:33:21): TES! TaraThorntonBT says to (21:33:22): LOL lafemmetopaz says to (21:33:22): TES.. and Jason loved them Court KC says to (21:33:25): biscuits!! Marleneemm says to (21:33:26): just did!! All is well. I'm happy BillohBill1 says to (21:33:29): What is with all the sundresses? alainanoelle says to (21:33:31):

Hi BOB! Pamspumps says to (21:33:32): Summer mutilated the word strawberry Louisianagirl29 says to (21:33:32): Hey Dallas! Cavalavalier says to (21:33:34): One of the big things i liked as a change from the books is that sookie does not have a blood tupe, she was o- in the books I am pretty sure. lafemmetopaz says to (21:33:36): are you gonna churn some butter BillohBill1 says to (21:33:38): Alaina! Louisianagirl29 says to (21:33:41): Hey everyone! TES2008 says to (21:33:45): You think Summer is a witch and put a spell on the biscuits? BillohBill1 says to (21:33:52): LOL TES TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:33:53): sound fadin in and out for anyone else? 1EvilJessica says to (21:34:00): good one TES alainanoelle says to (21:34:01): Maybe she is a witch! Court KC says to (21:34:02): sound is very muffled.

BillohBill1 says to (21:34:04): Sounds is good here. Marleneemm says to (21:34:05): i said that THE MAGISTER & LORENA would DIE tontihg ChoChoMojo says to (21:34:07): Little bit alainanoelle says to (21:34:08): Bill is the darkness. redmoonvamp says to (21:34:09): well looks like Sookie has no blood type! TES2008 says to (21:34:16): So long to Lorena and the Magister. Pamspumps says to (21:34:17): only witches can make good biscuits SheiroQ says to (21:34:18): Yes Sheri Lisnoe says to (21:34:18): Sound reminds me of being under water a little... BillohBill1 says to (21:34:24): And Coot RIP Coot! alainanoelle says to (21:34:27): I liked how the fairy world reacts to him joesephinebt says to (21:34:28): The Phone number to call into the show does not work, I tried it last week can you have a phonenumber that works. It said it wasnt a real number. Court KC says to (21:34:28):

ditto lisnoe Marleneemm says to (21:34:30): Sookie not habing a blood type freaked me out alainanoelle says to (21:34:31): By Coot! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:34:37): Gran made good biscuits TES2008 says to (21:34:38): Was anybody else laughing at Sookie dancing w/ Claudine? Louisianagirl29 says to (21:34:41): She had some big biscuits redmoonvamp says to (21:34:48): it freeked me out too! TaraThorntonBT says to (21:34:50): LOL big biscuits 1EvilJessica says to (21:34:52): Yes!! the wicked witch of Bon Temps is dead!! SheiroQ says to (21:34:58): *waves to Dallas* Lisnoe says to (21:34:58): Maybe it's not Bill who will steal Sookie's light, maybe it's Russell? 1EvilJessica says to (21:35:01): ::: does the happy dance:::: Pamspumps says to (21:35:01): I gots big biscuits too

Marleneemm says to (21:35:07): We'vee had MORE than 52 redmoonvamp says to (21:35:08): And yay we welcome Claudine! TES2008 says to (21:35:08): Also, even though I'm Team Eric and I do not hate Bill, I was laughing when Tara kicked Bill out of the truck. She did it with such Ummmpf. Pamspumps says to (21:35:09): want one?? alainanoelle says to (21:35:10): Nah..it's Bill Court KC says to (21:35:16): I agree - Ruselll wants to steal Sookie's light... TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:35:16): My biscuits are small but mighty 1EvilJessica says to (21:35:23): YES!! Welcome Claudine!!! :) BillohBill1 says to (21:35:30): I still love Bill. I read the books too! LOL redmoonvamp says to (21:35:37): And what a surprise when Bill didn't burn in the sun! BillohBill1 says to (21:35:39): Sookie needs to be protected! LMAO ChoChoMojo says to (21:35:41): I agree with BOB TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:35:41):

I do, too, BOB!!! Court KC says to (21:35:45): loved meeting Claudine... joesephinebt says to (21:35:48): how do i call into the show if the phone number is a non working phone number Pamspumps says to (21:35:53): bill= stalker Marleneemm says to (21:35:55): I thought I wasn't going to like tonight's show~ but NO I loved it! 1EvilJessica says to (21:35:58): it's because of her blood red ;) TES2008 says to (21:36:05): Bill has never gorged on Sookie's blood so perhaps all that Sooks blood gave Bill some protection vs the sun. ChoChoMojo says to (21:36:07): I don't think he is a stalker Cavalavalier says to (21:36:08): I think Summer could be a crazy stalker ex rclaurel says to (21:36:09): she said the darkness steals the light Pamspumps says to (21:36:15): but at least he's hotter then those TMZ guys lafemmetopaz says to (21:36:16): TES. .I thought that too Lisnoe says to (21:36:18): I agree chocho

redmoonvamp says to (21:36:21): i know! Powerfull stuff that blood of hers! smokeycokey says to (21:36:22): this was my least fav show so far 1EvilJessica says to (21:36:29): LMAO@Pamspumps alainanoelle says to (21:36:29): Bill is a pawn. lafemmetopaz says to (21:36:31): Lorena.. "you're delicious" Marleneemm says to (21:36:40): Something is in Sookie's blood~ Like it had "Sunscreen in it" TES2008 says to (21:36:45): Lorena tasted how different Sookie is and again I want to know what happened to Barry the Bellboy? ChoChoMojo says to (21:36:47): He knows he needs to protect Sookie no matter what.. bug diff. than stalking. Lisnoe says to (21:36:53): But did she say who wanted to steal her darkness? Russell is the one who's obsessed about Sookie Pamspumps says to (21:36:54): Apple = heaven alainanoelle says to (21:36:59): Right TES.I thought that too! ChoChoMojo says to (21:37:00): big* TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:37:04):

Barry doesn't come back til Rhodes, does he? lafemmetopaz says to (21:37:04): lisnoe.. nope lafemmetopaz says to (21:37:08): She said "he" 1EvilJessica says to (21:37:14): lol its that fairy blood, has 110 SPF sunscreen in it redmoonvamp says to (21:37:19): That was the best line of the night when Lorena said:"you're delicious"! smeykunz says to (21:37:21): *showing up for my Illinois kryptonite* BillohBill1 says to (21:37:24): Who the hell knows anelson53546 says to (21:37:29): yes he does BillohBill1 says to (21:37:31): ANDY! Court KC says to (21:37:37): what about Jason asking Lafayette for Meth! Lisnoe says to (21:37:39): Bill saw Sookie do those microwave hands and never really said anything about it...remember with Marlena Pamspumps says to (21:37:40): luv campblood! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:37:43): ANDY!!! RIP Cooter!

SheiroQ says to (21:37:44): LOVE Dark Bill. Hallelujah. And he can walk in the sun now. TES2008 says to (21:37:48): So it's interesting that Sooks never learned to swim. greeneyegirl says to (21:37:50): Stina ! Marleneemm says to (21:37:52): 110SPF sunscreen~ NICE!! SheiroQ says to (21:37:59): GEG! LOL 1EvilJessica says to (21:37:59): :) TES2008 says to (21:38:01): Claudine mentioned "water that killed them" or something like that. joesephinebt says to (21:38:06): DALLAS YOUR PODCAST SUX, YOU INTERUPT YOUR GUESTS WHICH IS VERY RUDE AND YOU TALK OVER YOUR GUESTS WHI lafemmetopaz says to (21:38:07): All I think is Sookie. she didnt believe Russell or her blind love.. cough. obsession resulted in her saving bill Marleneemm says to (21:38:15): Tes: that is something cCharlene left out Court KC says to (21:38:21): "it wasn't the water that killed them" Claudine joesephinebt says to (21:38:22): IS VERY RUDE I DONT PLAN ON LISTENING ANYMORE TO YOUR SUCKY CAST

Pamspumps says to (21:38:22): joese suck it Louisianagirl29 says to (21:38:29): She got a hint about her parents death TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:38:29): Lafayette coulda saved Sookie. He's still got a trunk full of Russell V Lisnoe says to (21:38:30): I will just have to hold out hope that it's Russell and not Bill who Claudine was warning Sookie about TaraThorntonBT says to (21:38:30): The book should be in my ouse next week redmoonvamp says to (21:38:33): Another good one is " Crystal's middle name must be Meth"!!! lafemmetopaz says to (21:38:39): THAT'S ME lafemmetopaz says to (21:38:43): kewlllllll TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:38:48): YAY TaraThorntonBT says to (21:38:50): congrats lafemmetopaz says to (21:38:57): ahhh, thanks. I appreciate the gify lafemmetopaz says to (21:39:00): gift.. Marleneemm says to (21:39:05):

Joseph: SUCK OFF<GOODBYE. Court KC says to (21:39:24): not sure why someone who doesn't like the show is listening? Pamspumps says to (21:39:24): joese= Steve Newlin AnnieFox says to (21:39:25): Go sam!!! The hero!! <3 lafemmetopaz says to (21:39:30): wow.. we have a spammer.. we are officially kewl totalaskarsfan says to (21:39:35): wondering what eric's going to do with the info from hadley and wondering what she actually told him 1EvilJessica says to (21:39:37): hehehhe gifty TaraThorntonBT says to (21:39:45): did eric turn hadley? 1EvilJessica says to (21:39:49): LOL@lafe alainanoelle says to (21:39:50): No Tara Court KC says to (21:39:52): no kidding skars fan! BillohBill1 says to (21:39:56): No Tara, he just chowed on her. AnnieFox says to (21:40:00): does anyone think bill might have had something to do with sookies' parents death? (int the show)

TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:40:00): Don't think so, Tara Lisnoe says to (21:40:02): Nice they had Hadley whisper to Eric...geez, thanks for nothing! redmoonvamp says to (21:40:03): And "That one's got some balls" talking about Sam in dog mode! TaraThorntonBT says to (21:40:04): you sure he was pretty close to dead Marleneemm says to (21:40:05): Blood that LaFayette has came from QSA~NOT RUssell Team Bill says to (21:40:08): Yes why is a True Blood hater in this room? BillohBill1 says to (21:40:11): I hope not Annie, I sure as hell hope not Pamspumps says to (21:40:13): Big balls! 1EvilJessica says to (21:40:13): I's reckon she told him that Sookie is a fairy BillohBill1 says to (21:40:29): BECCA! greeneyegirl says to (21:40:35): Becca! robi says to (21:40:37): I HEART BECCA TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:40:40):

BECCA BillohBill1 says to (21:40:42): mE TOO rOBI! Court KC says to (21:40:43): go Becca! smeykunz says to (21:40:45): BECCA!!!!! AnnieFox says to (21:40:46): i know, bill, i feel like you were that relationship, that all my friends always said you were no good for me, and I always defended you, and now, you pull this ***? what's a girl to do! my heart is torn! TaraThorntonBT says to (21:40:48): Hey Becca fellow Canuk redmoonvamp says to (21:40:49): Becca spilled the beans! 1EvilJessica says to (21:40:49): becca!! :) greeneyegirl says to (21:40:56): Truby baby Lisnoe says to (21:40:57): So we're supposing the Queen told Hadley? Team Bill says to (21:41:01): How did Hadley know Sookie is a Fairy Marleneemm says to (21:41:06): AnnieFox: Bill didn't have anything to do with Sookie's parent's death~That was 2 "water faries" sabby77 says to (21:41:09): so mad today's episode ended 10 mins early ;'-(

lafemmetopaz says to (21:41:12): yes Lisnoe anelson53546 says to (21:41:18): Hadley's Sookie's cousin BillohBill1 says to (21:41:20): Hadley didn't have any fairy powers in the book, right? redmoonvamp says to (21:41:25): Hadley's family to Sookie! AnnieFox says to (21:41:28): @marlene, obv in the books. but who's to say AB will folow the books, derrrr 1EvilJessica says to (21:41:30): thanks anelson jus gettin ready to say that :P alainanoelle says to (21:41:31): Right BOB. alainanoelle says to (21:41:40): And she became a vampire in the books. robi says to (21:41:42): I think she had "something" BOB, just not much alainanoelle says to (21:41:47): I wonder if she will in the show. Sai-en says to (21:41:52): Yes Hadley is Sookie's cousin. BillohBill1 says to (21:41:54): This is the third season, forget about them following the books. It is two different entities Team Bill says to (21:41:59):

Hadley only new abowt Sookies mind reading in the books Marleneemm says to (21:42:02): Annie~ That could be~~but I don't think so. robi says to (21:42:06): Thank you BoB! Totally right. smeykunz says to (21:42:06): Amen BoB robi says to (21:42:18): People keep forgetting that Book does not equal show. ChoChoMojo says to (21:42:27): I am liking show better than the books! lafemmetopaz says to (21:42:31): I agree Pamspumps says to (21:42:34): there is something in the Stackhouse family blood that makes Vamps fall in love with them AnnieFox says to (21:42:35): seriously, im talking about SHOW not books. thanks Lisnoe says to (21:42:35): I have read the books and I am so enjoying how different the show is lafemmetopaz says to (21:42:35): Love Dennis O hara robi says to (21:42:37): With fairness, they end up where they need to be, but by TOTAL different details. Just saying anelson53546 says to (21:42:39): I kije hey r not the same-keeps ya guessing

TaraThorntonBT says to (21:42:41): same here TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:42:44): Agree! Love O'Hare and Ellis! smeykunz says to (21:42:45): I'm with you Questa, except for fae land LOL Marleneemm says to (21:42:49): Robi: YOU'RE RIGHT. Books/Show TWO different things BillohBill1 says to (21:42:51): Love Russell! TaraThorntonBT says to (21:42:56): It was nice to see AB follow the books somewhat tonight ChoChoMojo says to (21:43:02): That was a bit meh Shan redmoonvamp says to (21:43:03): Alan Ball's twist on True blood is brilliant! Team Bill says to (21:43:03): I know the books don't = the show and I am gladd because I am Team Bill after all BillohBill1 says to (21:43:06): I gope the Fae stuff doesn't turn out to be another Maenad Lisnoe says to (21:43:08): Books were okay, but the show is soooo much better...more interesting Pamspumps says to (21:43:09): 5 :( JeremyOfKansas says to (21:43:09):

How do they still his light?! SheiroQ says to (21:43:10): Twitter went silent when Dennis O Hare was in the scene. He was awesome. robi says to (21:43:11): Agreeed RedmoonVamp TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:43:14): LOVED the way they dealt w/ the back of the van! robi says to (21:43:26): BoB - Peas and Carrots doll. ChoChoMojo says to (21:43:28): Yes Truebie! Pamspumps says to (21:43:29): splat Marleneemm says to (21:43:31): BOB: What Eddington's Death ~ He killed Eric's parents & Sister! Team Bill says to (21:43:33): The show is better then the books JeremyOfKansas says to (21:43:35): What's Sookie's Light? TaraThorntonBT says to (21:43:36): Lotsa Goo BillohBill1 says to (21:43:37): I wonder if Tara's ankle hurts from kicking Bill out of the van? LOL Lisnoe says to (21:43:39): I still think Bill truly loves Sookie

JeremyOfKansas says to (21:43:40): Is Bill actually AFTER her LIGHT? TaraThorntonBT says to (21:43:41): nope TaraThorntonBT says to (21:43:45): ankle is fine AnnieFox says to (21:43:48): ok, lets SHUT UP about th ebook sjust for tonight, can we just discuss the show? TaraThorntonBT says to (21:43:49): *grin* Team Bill says to (21:43:52): I am glad Sookie was the one to kill Larana BillohBill1 says to (21:43:53): LOL Tara! sabby77 says to (21:43:56): Finally Lorena died BillohBill1 says to (21:43:59): Me too Team Bill BillohBill1 says to (21:44:02): Had to be that way 1EvilJessica says to (21:44:06): LOVED Sookie staking Lorena, karma is a BITCH alainanoelle says to (21:44:06): Bill got his revenge on Lorena. JeremyOfKansas says to (21:44:08):

What's Sookie's Light? :/ Lisnoe says to (21:44:09): Glad Lorena is bye-bye alainanoelle says to (21:44:10): Finally! BillohBill1 says to (21:44:15): LOL ANNIE! Team Bill says to (21:44:15): Tera is a much better Bitch this season!!!!!!! redmoonvamp says to (21:44:16): He's after her Fairy blood that's like a drung to him! ChoChoMojo says to (21:44:18): It was nice that Bill got to help her a bit though greeneyegirl says to (21:44:30): Bob wasnt Lorena in your pool BillohBill1 says to (21:44:32): Where did Bill get his strength? robi says to (21:44:35): OH THE HEAD!!!!! B MOVIE CLASSIC. THumbs up ChoChoMojo says to (21:44:35): It was finally freeing for him I think Marleneemm says to (21:44:39): Wonderful Episode!! Wanted to kill Lorena from the start~hated her. alainanoelle says to (21:44:40): I thought Sookie wasn't going to stake Lorena at first.

TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:44:40): *does NSync dance for Lorena* Bye Bye Bye sabby77 says to (21:44:44): Bill better not be out of the picture after this smeykunz says to (21:44:45): Good point MK alainanoelle says to (21:44:49): She hesitated. 1EvilJessica says to (21:44:50): I SO hope that Bill proves that he TRULY loves her (Sookie) totalaskarsfan says to (21:44:51): i wondered that too bob JeremyOfKansas says to (21:44:52): Does Bill know she's a faery though? Does he? Lisnoe says to (21:45:01): JeremyofKansa, I am guessing her light is that unknown powers Sookie has alainanoelle says to (21:45:07): He must know. Pamspumps says to (21:45:07): Fairy blood makes Vamps infatuated with them- hence why Bill/Queen love those girls AnnieFox says to (21:45:07): thats the million dollar question jeremey! Marleneemm says to (21:45:08): Bill's not gone~ Don't worry TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:45:10):

I don't think so, Jeremy Team Bill says to (21:45:12): Do you think that Fairy blood and taking Sookies llight will make Bill the 1 Vamp that can walk in the light? BillohBill1 says to (21:45:15): Yes Alaina, she did, cause Sookie doesn't want to kill anyone, the I love you to Bill set Sookie off, LOL TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:45:16): He knows she is different BillohBill1 says to (21:45:31): Interesting theory Team Bill TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:45:32): Graveyard sex!!!! 1EvilJessica says to (21:45:32): but he did save her in the hospital like in the books robi says to (21:45:33): Close to book, just different (see my previous posts). Great. AnnieFox says to (21:45:34): i was thinking Bill was going to be a daywalker or something, qwhen they showed him in the light int he preview JeremyOfKansas says to (21:45:35): So what was the faery demention she was in? Pamspumps says to (21:45:38): no rape scene redmoonvamp says to (21:45:42): i think Bill's not gonna be Sookie's love interest anymore but i can still see him in the show! JeremyOfKansas says to (21:45:43):

dimension* Holy crap, can't spell. AnnieFox says to (21:45:47): season 3 is the one season with the LEAST sex! lol ChoChoMojo says to (21:45:49): I don't think he knows because he was surprised by being in the light. (About her being Fairy) TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:45:51): MUCH BETTER!!! alainanoelle says to (21:45:53): I'm glad it was different. Team Bill says to (21:46:07): Why else would bill be studing Sookies family tree? Lisnoe says to (21:46:07): Am guessing Bill may figure it out AnnieFox says to (21:46:12): yay pam is back!!!!!! robi says to (21:46:13): CH is amazing at showing UGLY, show can not get away with that. robi says to (21:46:17): Becca - well said! Lisnoe says to (21:46:20): Remember he reads all those mythology books sabby77 says to (21:46:23): I always wanted bill and sookie to stay together Lisnoe says to (21:46:37): Sabby77: Me too!

lafemmetopaz says to (21:46:38): sabby why? 1EvilJessica says to (21:46:40): so does Jessica :::winks:::: Court KC says to (21:46:42): Lisnoe - who reads the myth books? greeneyegirl says to (21:46:45): Truby cant find yur insightful tweets lafemmetopaz says to (21:46:50): Sookie has so much more to do in her life TES2008 says to (21:46:51): I'm already looking forward to Season 4 and I have very high hopes for it. lafemmetopaz says to (21:46:56): Its a coming of age. Pamspumps says to (21:46:58): if Bill raped Sookie on the show- he would be hated by all Team Bill says to (21:47:00): Are we going to get to see more faries this season? alainanoelle says to (21:47:00): Me too TES! Louisianagirl29 says to (21:47:04): Sookie, it's time to move on girlfriend! sabby77 says to (21:47:08): he was her first love! i dont want her with eric ugh alainanoelle says to (21:47:08):

I hope! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:47:10): Sorry, GEG. I watched on DVR, so I was 15 minutes behind all night alainanoelle says to (21:47:13): I want Claude! lafemmetopaz says to (21:47:15): sabby77 lafemmetopaz says to (21:47:16): lol Pamspumps says to (21:47:18): they want us to like Bill Marleneemm says to (21:47:19): Bill & Sookie won't end up togehter~ Eric's in the background. greeneyegirl says to (21:47:19): Damn Truby AnnieFox says to (21:47:22): ahhh bill why!!!!!!!! why why why! JeremyOfKansas says to (21:47:22): But what dimension was she in with Claude? Where is that? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:47:25): LMAO Lisnoe says to (21:47:26): Court KC - remember in the Lorena episode with their history and she brought home the dancer in the flapper outfit lafemmetopaz says to (21:47:26): first love doesnt' mean "true love"

Court KC says to (21:47:31): thanks. redmoonvamp says to (21:47:33): Sookie's gotta go for Alcide next! BillohBill1 says to (21:47:34): Agree'd LaFemme Team Bill says to (21:47:35): Yes he would, I would change to Team Eric if Bill raped Sookie greeneyegirl says to (21:47:36): i look forwrd to your insightful tweets TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:47:44): Thanks, sweetie! AnnieFox says to (21:47:48): i really am torn. Am i really tream eric now?? really? Cavalavalier says to (21:47:51): Remeber when bill said in season 1 "I can smell the sunlight on your skin.." I hope that it comes out that she is a 'Sky Fairy" BillohBill1 says to (21:47:54): Sookie forgacve Bill for the trunk issue, I did too. Lisnoe says to (21:47:57): Bill was sitting in a chair reading a book of mythology/creatures... greeneyegirl says to (21:48:05): Can anyone stand the mickens sl TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:48:08): GEG- I spent the week in a wolf costume infiltrating the compound Court KC says to (21:48:10):

good memory TES2008 says to (21:48:11): Nope geg. JeremyOfKansas says to (21:48:14): But what dimension was she in? Is that in the books? BillohBill1 says to (21:48:14): aNNIE lol Marleneemm says to (21:48:15): Eric & Sookie go back longer then Bill & Sookie greeneyegirl says to (21:48:20): LMAO Truby greeneyegirl says to (21:48:26): Hey TES! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:48:26): Mickens = meh. redmoonvamp says to (21:48:30): i don't think anyone can stand the Mickens! ChoChoMojo says to (21:48:31): Read them Jeremy! :-P robi says to (21:48:32): Anna Paquin has been doing AMAZING this season (wan't a fan last, but MAN O MAN - her expressions DEAD ON!) TES2008 says to (21:48:32): Hey geg. :) TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:48:34): tighties = gag

Court KC says to (21:48:38): can't wait til Sooke & Eric! JeremyOfKansas says to (21:48:38): amgad! I need to. greeneyegirl says to (21:48:39): ROBI! alainanoelle says to (21:48:40): Mickens is so gross. lafemmetopaz says to (21:48:44): amen Dallas JeremyOfKansas says to (21:48:45): I'm going to Lawrence tomorrow, maybe I can buy the second book. lafemmetopaz says to (21:48:46): predators robi says to (21:48:47): GEG! sabby77 says to (21:48:52): at least bill came back to heal sookie smh BillohBill1 says to (21:48:53): CAN SOMEONE GIVE THE MICKENS FAMILY A BOTTLE OF BLEACH! AnnieFox says to (21:48:54): SAM THE HERO! rescue dog away!!! Team Bill says to (21:48:54): How is that ? Eric & Sookie go back longer TES2008 says to (21:48:59):

I noticed that Anna Paquin's top teeth are very white and her bottom set are still yellow... Marleneemm says to (21:49:01): I'm still on the wiki Louisianagirl29 says to (21:49:01): Hey Dallas SheiroQ says to (21:49:01): GEG - Dooby was adorable in were-costume! *winks* TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:49:02): Who on the show ISN'T an animal? anelson53546 says to (21:49:02): I live on the west coast, so probably will rewatch it later 2nite redmoonvamp says to (21:49:03): And we got a sight of those dirty undies again! :P AnnieFox says to (21:49:09): lmao at billohbill~~!!!!!!!!!!!1 Cavalavalier says to (21:49:12): LOL Bill JeremyOfKansas says to (21:49:15): I wanna know what the dimension is! Pamspumps says to (21:49:22): Animal lover here DrainMyVein says to (21:49:24): I like the other characters, but everytime they cut away from Bill I want to scream Marleneemm says to (21:49:24): Glad that Sam got Tommy away from Mickens

JeremyOfKansas says to (21:49:25): Are Vampires and Faery's forever pitted against each other- is it a way of the ages?! JeremyOfKansas says to (21:49:27): * Faints!* Team Bill says to (21:49:32): Bottom teeth are implants before the white teeth craze greeneyegirl says to (21:49:35): FANGY ! ChoChoMojo says to (21:49:36): Well Jermey they can travel dimensions sabby77 says to (21:49:37): team bill JeremyOfKansas says to (21:49:43): What are the multiple dimensions then? :/ AnnieFox says to (21:49:48): really missed jessica this episode! 1EvilJessica says to (21:49:48): NNNnnaahhhh its nothing like the vamps and the weres :::winks:::: TES2008 says to (21:49:50): Anybody excited to learn more about The Authority? greeneyegirl says to (21:49:52): alrighty lets cut tothe chase ladies ALCIDE! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:49:56): Shifters are animals. Weres, too. Dallas is taking away Sookie's whole dating pool! ChoChoMojo says to (21:49:57):

I am sure it was somewhere in between perhaps BillohBill1 says to (21:50:02): WHY DID ALCIDE FIND HIS CLOTHES! alainanoelle says to (21:50:03): Who is the Authority? Court KC says to (21:50:04): Who is "The Authority"??!!!! Lisnoe says to (21:50:08): Am guessing the Authority is Nan Flannigan robi says to (21:50:11): I love teh "How humans use to taste" when watching Baby Vamp blog...linked? greeneyegirl says to (21:50:11): BOB I was so damn mad about that Marleneemm says to (21:50:14): Who is the Authority??? Is this the same as the Council???? sabby77 says to (21:50:14): lol alainanoelle says to (21:50:14): Someone above the vamps? FangsNRoses says to (21:50:16): Alcide GEG.... too many clothes! TES2008 says to (21:50:17): I think Nan works for The Authority... Team Bill says to (21:50:17): I want jessica to bite Hoits new girl

AnnieFox says to (21:50:18): YES TES WHO is the AUTHORITY?? lafemmetopaz says to (21:50:20): Nan better be older than 3k Pamspumps says to (21:50:28): ugly coveralls for that tight hot body TES2008 says to (21:50:33): Are they vamps aged older than 3,000 years? greeneyegirl says to (21:50:34): Fangy ...he needs to be naked more Court KC says to (21:50:36): That'd be good TeamBill alainanoelle says to (21:50:37): Is Nan the Authority or just a rep? Louisianagirl29 says to (21:50:38): Authority = NaN FLANAGAN redmoonvamp says to (21:50:41): I agree with you FANGS! 1EvilJessica says to (21:50:43): OOOhhh good idea Team Bill!! :::winks:::: Marleneemm says to (21:50:44): Nan is the "Mouthpiece for the Authority" lafemmetopaz says to (21:50:49): TES... Russell is oldest we've seen in the book and Show Team Bill says to (21:50:55):

What episode is Eric going to kill the King? JeremyOfKansas says to (21:50:59): Nan Flannigan(Who I still can't separate from her role in Judging Amy) Is probably A PART of the authority- but I think there's more to it. Remember, it's essentially a religious sect. TES2008 says to (21:51:10): So far lafemme. That's why I'm asking if The Authority is made up of vamps older than him. Pamspumps says to (21:51:11): Authority has the power that is given to them. It can be taken away lafemmetopaz says to (21:51:15): you see Godric's Zen idelogy and Russell's darwin's ideology Marleneemm says to (21:51:17): TeamBill: I hope next one!? AnnieFox says to (21:51:19): yes, i think that it had a religious tone, to the magister talking about the aithority BillohBill1 says to (21:51:20): i WONDER IF THEY'LL HAVE THAT hEAD THE pYTHONESS THAT WAS IN THE BOOKS? greeneyegirl says to (21:51:23): The Pond..I think was odd like a woodstock moment AnnieFox says to (21:51:24): how old is nan flannigan? JeremyOfKansas says to (21:51:27): Godric's ideology is not Zen Buddhism. -_TES2008 says to (21:51:31): May BOB. ChoChoMojo says to (21:51:35): What book was rhodes?

TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:51:37): I don't want Russell dead. I'll miss Talbot! rclaurel says to (21:51:39): Russell will be in season 4 BillohBill1 says to (21:51:40): id not like Claudine Team Bill says to (21:51:41): The pond was strange Marleneemm says to (21:51:41): Like claudine greeneyegirl says to (21:51:41): anyone have mushroooms around that pond TES2008 says to (21:51:43): Claudine was meh... Lisnoe says to (21:51:44): JeremyofKansas - you're probably onto something...Nan may not be the one in charge BillohBill1 says to (21:51:49): DALLAS IS FAE, FOR THGOSE NEWBIES IN THE CHAT ROOM greeneyegirl says to (21:51:51): Tes I agree anelson53546 says to (21:51:53): I liked her BillohBill1 says to (21:51:54): REPEAT DALLAS IS FAE! JeremyOfKansas says to (21:51:56):

Lisnoe- you mean that woman from Judging Amy. lol! Lisnoe says to (21:51:58): Fairyland was kinda cartoony to me TES2008 says to (21:51:59): I expected more...and the dancing was corny. greeneyegirl says to (21:52:02): BOB LMAO robi says to (21:52:04): Bob...HUSH thats on the downlow!!! alainanoelle says to (21:52:06): I had hoped for a different Claudine. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:52:07): Reminded of Maryann sabby77 says to (21:52:09): claudine looked nothing like they discribed her in the book lafemmetopaz says to (21:52:10): Jeremy.. Godric I was referring to his "we can all get along" ideology SheiroQ says to (21:52:10): HUSH BOB! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:52:10): dancing FangsNRoses says to (21:52:11): Naked fairy games... gotta love i! redmoonvamp says to (21:52:14): Claudine left Sookie in the dark! Mostly!

AnnieFox says to (21:52:14): i giggled during th esurreal woods scene Team Bill says to (21:52:14): I have mushrooms left over from my teen years!!! lafemmetopaz says to (21:52:16): how that contrasts with Russell JeremyOfKansas says to (21:52:17): I have to admit- I thought the Faery Land was a bit hokey to. greeneyegirl says to (21:52:24): the dancing wsa a poor initation of Maryann orgys greeneyegirl says to (21:52:27): imitation Sai-en says to (21:52:29): Fairlyland was pretty corny. I wish they could have done that scene better. ChoChoMojo says to (21:52:31): It was dream like BillohBill1 says to (21:52:32): Yes, people, I thought I got ahold of the bad acide from the Woodstock concert! TES2008 says to (21:52:33): True geg... BillohBill1 says to (21:52:37): acid, LOL DrainMyVein says to (21:52:39): can we dance?? I thought what?? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:52:40):

Jinx, GEG AnnieFox says to (21:52:41): so not trueblood-ish Team Bill says to (21:52:44): Do all faries just dance Pamspumps says to (21:52:46): Faeland was sucky greeneyegirl says to (21:52:54): Truby you is my soul sister JeremyOfKansas says to (21:52:54): So do the Faery's travel to other dimensions in ACTUAL physical form? Or is it just in mind or spirit form, like astral travel? lafemmetopaz says to (21:52:56): I was hoping they would play the Kinks "come dancing" BillohBill1 says to (21:52:57): Lots of girls holding hands in Fae land TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:52:59): *blushes* AnnieFox says to (21:53:02): i dont know if that was faeland.. Marleneemm says to (21:53:03): Still more to discover of Fae land TES2008 says to (21:53:04): LOL lafemme Lisnoe says to (21:53:05): Figured Sookie would have said where am I before she said let's dance

BillohBill1 says to (21:53:06): Maybe my husband would like it there DrainMyVein says to (21:53:07): and the topless girls?? LOL AnnieFox says to (21:53:10): i thin the lake lead to faeland sabby77 says to (21:53:13): CORNY scene TaraThorntonBT says to (21:53:14): the scene was like a drug trip greeneyegirl says to (21:53:16): Fae land has no shame alainanoelle says to (21:53:16): It was the graveyard! DrainMyVein says to (21:53:19): hehehe alainanoelle says to (21:53:21): Right? ChoChoMojo says to (21:53:22): I agree Annie greeneyegirl says to (21:53:23): DMV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JeremyOfKansas says to (21:53:26): Oh- I'll gurantee you that Sookie will dive into water at some point and find herself in Faery Land. robi says to (21:53:28):

it was TOTALLY a 6th Feet Under ...life/death date. I giggled DrainMyVein says to (21:53:29): that is what my husband said.. are they in teh graveyard? LOL Lisnoe says to (21:53:30): Maybe the pond is the portal to faeland Sai-en says to (21:53:31): The visual representation of Fairyland was disappointing. I did feel the empact of the mood of Fairyland, well done there. But the visual representation of it. Marleneemm says to (21:53:36): alain/ GOOD CATCH!!! DrainMyVein says to (21:53:36): Hello! LOL AnnieFox says to (21:53:36): that was like, half world TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:53:37): I think so, Lis greeneyegirl says to (21:53:41): hey wwas that the pool from LOST that jack jumped into ? TES2008 says to (21:53:42): It looks like it lisnoe Pamspumps says to (21:53:49): geg- lol alainanoelle says to (21:53:51): I thought I saw the sign ChoChoMojo says to (21:53:51): HAHA GEG

redmoonvamp says to (21:53:52): i agree that that scene was lacking faeism! Lisnoe says to (21:53:56): Greeney - nice! greeneyegirl says to (21:54:01): I think I smell a crossover Court KC says to (21:54:02): geg - it was - and Hurley is on the other side. AnnieFox says to (21:54:04): i want to see sookies grandfather Team Bill says to (21:54:08): When is Sookie supose to join the Fae? When she really dies? BillohBill1 says to (21:54:08): Didn't you guys see the light pool? It said Faeland, this way...... greeneyegirl says to (21:54:11): Court KC LMAO AnnieFox says to (21:54:14): lol at BOB TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:54:15): I love that Faeland is actual Caesar's Palace alainanoelle says to (21:54:21): It was like the fairies were just hanging out near their portal to fairy land Cavalavalier says to (21:54:22): I would say that Sookie was in "Limbo" she had a choice to go with the Fairy's or go back TES2008 says to (21:54:22):

Many people don't want to read the books. DrainMyVein says to (21:54:28): lol that pool is DEEP! lol greeneyegirl says to (21:54:33): no Bob it was on the Island and on the other side was BEN BillohBill1 says to (21:54:40): The books are good, give them a read, except 6, 7, kind of stinky TES2008 says to (21:54:40): Many of my family members are huge fans of TB and have no interest in reading the books 1EvilJessica says to (21:54:40): yaaa they have a hard time gettin that southern twang TES Court KC says to (21:54:40): I'm on book 5... :-) Pamspumps says to (21:54:42): agree Dallas alainanoelle says to (21:54:42): Claudine told Sook she was in the hospital Marleneemm says to (21:54:44): Dallas: Non book readers don't understand the SHOW or the books Louisianagirl29 says to (21:54:45): GO DALLAS!! AnnieFox says to (21:54:47): imma laugh if theres a smoke monster attacking faeland lafemmetopaz says to (21:54:49): TES... that's sad

Lisnoe says to (21:54:51): Maybe the darkness was really the smoke monster lafemmetopaz says to (21:54:51): its our culture Pamspumps says to (21:54:59): reading is for losers BillohBill1 says to (21:55:01): LOL Annie! lafemmetopaz says to (21:55:02): lol pams greeneyegirl says to (21:55:04): Oh Crap the smoke monster is in th ebasement of fangtasia AnnieFox says to (21:55:04): ooh lisnoe beat you alainanoelle says to (21:55:05): The darkness is Bill or vampires TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:55:05): lol pam TaraThorntonBT says to (21:55:06): LOL pams Court KC says to (21:55:10): Annie - exactly! MIB is coming! Team Bill says to (21:55:12): If Sookie went with the Ferries, would she die in her human life Louisianagirl29 says to (21:55:16):

READ THE BOOKS PEOPLE TES2008 says to (21:55:16): Many of them said they don't want to be spoiled although I'm telling them that the show is different. Pamspumps says to (21:55:22): READ the BOOKS!! lafemmetopaz says to (21:55:24): We know the marrow inside the bone ..because of the books 1EvilJessica says to (21:55:30): thats what Im getting TeamBill sabby77 says to (21:55:32): The books are more enlightening TES2008 says to (21:55:34): Yup lafemma lafemmetopaz says to (21:55:36): Most of movies are based on books BillohBill1 says to (21:55:42): Agree'd LaFemme and Becca Team Bill says to (21:55:42): I have read the books and I like the show better Lisnoe says to (21:55:43): I think the darkness could be Russell and his intentions to take over the human world Court KC says to (21:55:50): Sometimes I get a little confused in the books. JeremyOfKansas says to (21:55:51): The books aren't the same thing- this is a chat about the show. GTFO it much?

TaraThorntonBT says to (21:55:52): *nomming on the books* they are soo good alainanoelle says to (21:55:53): Could be Lisnoe Marleneemm says to (21:55:55): Books & Show GO HAND IN HAND sabby77 says to (21:56:01): I like the show better too ChoChoMojo says to (21:56:02): Be nice! :-) Team Bill says to (21:56:07): Lisone, great insite DrainMyVein says to (21:56:07): Bill was in the room and that is when it got dark TaraThorntonBT says to (21:56:09): eact marleneemm AnnieFox says to (21:56:10): show-time! kcnickles says to (21:56:11): me too Team Bill alainanoelle says to (21:56:11): Russell is bigger and badder on the show..he has an agenda TruebieDoobyDoo says to (21:56:12): I read them, but I don't love the books *ducks* AnnieFox says to (21:56:15):

talk show talk show Pamspumps says to (21:56:15): Don't read Fanfiction though- it will jack you up!! Lisnoe says to (21:56:17): I agree the books are an easy read...read them all this summer..being a teacher means time to read for fun DrainMyVein says to (21:56:21): not that he is my darkness.. he is my sunshine. LOL AnnieFox says to (21:56:27): talk the eopisode tongiht duddddeee BillohBill1 says to (21:56:29): I can't read the fanfiction anymore redmoonvamp says to (21:56:30): i stopped reading the books in order to see the series with an unbiased vision and i will read all the books at one point! Court KC says to (21:56:33): want to read a little FanFic!! Marleneemm says to (21:56:34): Pamspumps: Read it and write it. totalaskarsfan says to (21:56:37): i love the fanfiction AnnieFox says to (21:56:38): good idea redmoon lafemmetopaz says to (21:56:41): Lisnoe.. I have some great recommended series for you lafemmetopaz says to (21:56:49):

vamp and other urban fantasy stuff Pamspumps says to (21:56:53): I love fancfiction but I get it all confused- lol JeremyOfKansas says to (21:56:57): I still want to know if there is some deep thing about vampries and fae's not liking each other, having a conflict tha goes back or something. BillohBill1 says to (21:57:01): Me too Pamspumps, LOL Lisnoe says to (21:57:06): Thanks lafemmetopaz Marleneemm says to (21:57:13): have to post a 22 chapter story I finished 2 weeks ago Louisianagirl29 says to (21:57:16): THE BOOKS ARE THE GREATEST BOOKS I EVER READ AND THE SHOW IS GREAT TOO! I CAN'T GET ENOUGH BillohBill1 says to (21:57:21): No Jeremy, the Vamps just find the fae tasty as hell AnnieFox says to (21:57:30): i have an idea, let's talk about tonights show! Team Bill says to (21:57:31): Who will take the blame for killing the maggg. Will they also blame Bill Lisnoe says to (21:57:37): I think vampires are attracted to fairies like cats are to catnip Pamspumps says to (21:57:37): Fanfict kept me occupied between seasons lafemmetopaz says to (21:57:38):

annie..lol lafemmetopaz says to (21:57:40): we have been kcnickles says to (21:57:41): lol BoB AnnieFox says to (21:57:41): russel has some issues lafemmetopaz says to (21:57:46): what... alainanoelle says to (21:57:48): Pam is OK! I'm so glad! BillohBill1 says to (21:57:49): KC!!! totalaskarsfan says to (21:57:49): me too pams Team Bill says to (21:57:50): MMMMM Cat Nip lafemmetopaz says to (21:57:54): Annie...why do you say that 1EvilJessica says to (21:57:54): lol Lisnoe Marleneemm says to (21:57:56): Vamps find Fairys like cocaine. Lisnoe says to (21:58:03): Team Bill - they probably will try to blame it on Bill somehow

kcnickles says to (21:58:05): ITS ME! AnnieFox says to (21:58:05): because, it just happened, and theres sooo much to talk about alainanoelle says to (21:58:10): How about Lafayette's speech in the hospital? greeneyegirl says to (21:58:11): KC ! 1EvilJessica says to (21:58:12): ::::fangs pop out::::: MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Faes TES2008 says to (21:58:14): At least Pam got some Tiffany jewelry out of the Magister before Russ cut his head off. Pamspumps says to (21:58:15): or Crystal (meth) lafemmetopaz says to (21:58:19): Why does Russ have issues BillohBill1 says to (21:58:19): Did Becca say she was Team Snookie from Jersey shore? TaraThorntonBT says to (21:58:24): LOL tes lafemmetopaz says to (21:58:27): TES... I agree AnnieFox says to (21:58:27): ahaha hoyt has one line,and it rocked JeremyOfKansas says to (21:58:30):

Anyone catch the preview with Lafayette's mom saying someone had some power? DrainMyVein says to (21:58:32): LOL I love Pam redmoonvamp says to (21:58:33): this show makes me laugh and yell and cry and go through all kinds of emotions! just when you think it's gonna go one way, it goes the other way! AnnieFox says to (21:58:40): russell, has control issues Team Bill says to (21:58:41): I want to see Jesus back witl Laf kcnickles says to (21:58:45): Hey GEG! TaraThorntonBT says to (21:58:51): OMG the tara S/L TaraThorntonBT says to (21:58:53): LOL lafemmetopaz says to (21:58:54): how so Annie? DrainMyVein says to (21:58:55): am I horrible for wanting to concentrate on the Bill Sookie story line? lol greeneyegirl says to (21:58:56): how are you KC Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:58:57): tara did fabulous alainanoelle says to (21:58:58): Jesus..he's something else.

Pamspumps says to (21:59:03): Tara- was super strong d/t Frankies sangira Lisnoe says to (21:59:04): The preview had lots of hints...will have to watch it again Court KC says to (21:59:05): Russell has "small man's" disease. TaraThorntonBT says to (21:59:05): I love what AB has done with her character this season AnnieFox says to (21:59:06): redmoon= i went through those emotions with my relationship to bill greeneyegirl says to (21:59:06): DMV you didnt say hi... :( alainanoelle says to (21:59:13): Not just a hospital worker kcnickles says to (21:59:13): good, hope you are. Team Bill says to (21:59:14): Tara did kick ass AnnieFox says to (21:59:17): exactly court... power complex much JeremyOfKansas says to (21:59:17): I think he's deep into Santeria. If you read an interview with Alan Ball(Comic con I think) he actually says your going to see some more magic. TaraThorntonBT says to (21:59:17): the OMFG moment DrainMyVein says to (21:59:19):

everytime they cute to Jason I want to go snooze! DrainMyVein says to (21:59:22): I said Hello TaraThorntonBT says to (21:59:23): ahh crap DrainMyVein says to (21:59:25): it's just moving fast! lol TaraThorntonBT says to (21:59:29): Franklin ain;t dead Marleneemm says to (21:59:29): I can't even think of the Final Episode of the Show greeneyegirl says to (21:59:29): Jason and sam wer a snore Lisnoe says to (21:59:33): Love how Tara was trying to die and now she's fighting to not die greeneyegirl says to (21:59:34): are redmoonvamp says to (21:59:36): Jesus will be back with Laffy! They are too good for each other! AnnieFox says to (21:59:42): NO WAY sam was GREAT! what ahero! JeremyOfKansas says to (21:59:45): Jesus be up to someting. Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (21:59:46): they are just making jason out ot be such a loser

Pamspumps says to (21:59:47): Witchy biscuits!!! Lisnoe says to (21:59:48): I think Tara knows she didn't kill Franklin Team Bill says to (21:59:54): Farnklin is not dead and Tera know knows it JeremyOfKansas says to (21:59:54): Gotta hid your jewelry if you be dating a mexican! JeremyOfKansas says to (21:59:56): LAWL TaraThorntonBT says to (22:00:00): she knows now lisnoe TES2008 says to (22:00:04): I think Summer's biscuits had some magic hoodoo in them. lafemmetopaz says to (22:00:04): Annie...we'll have to disagree Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:00:05): oooohhhh witchy biscuits - i like it! lafemmetopaz says to (22:00:07): I love SAm Court KC says to (22:00:09): love Franklin! Can't wait til he gets back! 1EvilJessica says to (22:00:19): lol speakin of witchy biscuits, can we say witchy corn fritters? TaraThorntonBT says to (22:00:20):

I love what AB did with franklin alainanoelle says to (22:00:25): Franklin is going to be pissed! Court KC says to (22:00:27): is Hoyt's girlfriend a witch? TES2008 says to (22:00:27): Yup, Franklin will be back. He's kissing Tara when she's in the tub. lafemmetopaz says to (22:00:27): I like Russell because of his truths TaraThorntonBT says to (22:00:28): AHAHAHA Bill asked for it AnnieFox says to (22:00:29): the silver earrings, match my chains Louisianagirl29 says to (22:00:31): HIS HEAD BURST LIKE A WATER BALLOON Pamspumps says to (22:00:32): I make witchy biscuits! They are made with Bisquick lafemmetopaz says to (22:00:34): He was right about the Magister Marleneemm says to (22:00:37): Tara got some balls on her lafemmetopaz says to (22:00:39): and about Society lafemmetopaz says to (22:00:44): I don't agree with genecide

kcnickles says to (22:00:47): some of the scenes from last week, they didn't show tonight, did anyone else catch that? sabby77 says to (22:00:47): I still want to know Y bill didnt burn! Team Bill says to (22:00:50): Summer is going to turn out to be a witch and she wants Hoit to help her get the Vamps lafemmetopaz says to (22:00:51): but he's a true predator ChoChoMojo says to (22:00:52): HAHHA TaraThorntonBT says to (22:00:55): OK Bill does have one hell of a bod tis season AnnieFox says to (22:00:55): lafemme-- his truths? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:00:55): LMAO SHOWER greeneyegirl says to (22:00:56): Becca we agree SM is a handsome man Pamspumps says to (22:00:56): Who had bigger balls- Tara or Sam?? Lisnoe says to (22:00:57): I agree TaraThortonBT...she has too much street smarts to not figure out that Franklin's not dead BillohBill1 says to (22:00:58): Becca wants to take a shower with Eric, LMHO! Court KC says to (22:01:01):

thanks team bill alainanoelle says to (22:01:01): Shower! 1EvilJessica says to (22:01:02): did Melinda put something in the corn fritters to do something to Tommy's performance? BillohBill1 says to (22:01:02): AGREE! redmoonvamp says to (22:01:03): Franklin's so messed up! Love his weirdness! SheiroQ says to (22:01:05): Hahahaahahaha! Schower! BillohBill1 says to (22:01:05): TEAM BILL AnnieFox says to (22:01:07): his truths like the vamps enslaving humans>? greeneyegirl says to (22:01:08): No Bob we all do BillohBill1 says to (22:01:09): MY FARMER!! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:01:09): tara alainanoelle says to (22:01:10): Where is Eric? Court KC says to (22:01:14): Stephen M. is handsome!

TES2008 says to (22:01:14): The show is chock full of handsome men. Warrior07 says to (22:01:15): pain and pleasure TaraThorntonBT says to (22:01:16): bandy lafemmetopaz says to (22:01:17): he didnt' save enslaving TES2008 says to (22:01:17): Thank you Alan Ball. lafemmetopaz says to (22:01:21): I don't agree with that greeneyegirl says to (22:01:21): hey whos on frontiervilee...LMAO Team Bill says to (22:01:21): YESSSSS BILL is even more fantastic naked Pamspumps says to (22:01:26): Eric is in my bed waiting for me!! SheiroQ says to (22:01:30): shower *schuts up* lafemmetopaz says to (22:01:31): but humans have screwed this world up lafemmetopaz says to (22:01:32): earth BillohBill1 says to (22:01:33):

NAKED, FARMING AND IN THE SUN, TEAM BILL! LMAO! JeremyOfKansas says to (22:01:33): Summ is a WITCH! Burn her! ChoChoMojo says to (22:01:33): Me GEG AnnieFox says to (22:01:35): im pretty sure russel would love to slave the human race Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:01:38): so jealous PAM Team Bill says to (22:01:42): I miss Sam's body from last year Lisnoe says to (22:01:43): Yeah Bill naked! Pamspumps says to (22:01:45): I share AnnieFox says to (22:01:46): so, let's destroy them? Warrior07 says to (22:01:50): yes greeneyegirl says to (22:01:51): Quest are you addicted like MK Marleneemm says to (22:01:52): Bill didn't "Burn" cause of Sookie's blood~ something in it that preveneted it??? BUT WHAT??? alainanoelle says to (22:01:52): Nah..just eliminate it Annie! LOL!

DrainMyVein says to (22:01:52): I wonder if the vamp that eventually turns Sookie will be able to be in the light? lafemmetopaz says to (22:01:54): he didn't say destroy them AnnieFox says to (22:01:56): im sorry, but russell, has some issues! Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:01:56): good to know ChoChoMojo says to (22:01:56): Yeah! TaraThorntonBT says to (22:01:59): we are still like sisters BillohBill1 says to (22:02:04): Bill had Lorena SPF lafemmetopaz says to (22:02:04): he said for them to not be in control JeremyOfKansas says to (22:02:05): Sookie becomes a vampire?! JeremyOfKansas says to (22:02:08): AMGAD! BillohBill1 says to (22:02:15): I believe that was ROBI's quote Team Bill says to (22:02:20): Sookies Blood will help Bill become a Day Walker Warrior07 says to (22:02:23):

where are all the zombies at in the show Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:02:25): Sookie will never be a vampire TaraThorntonBT says to (22:02:26): remember all of the 3 past seasons have taken past over a 6 week span AnnieFox says to (22:02:32): lafemme, lets see how crazy russell gets, shall we =) lafemmetopaz says to (22:02:34): I look it at this way kcnickles says to (22:02:38): I would like to see that team bill redmoonvamp says to (22:02:39): Is the Faerie effect on Bill gonna last or just go as Bill digests her blood! lafemmetopaz says to (22:02:41): he's been alive almost 3k Louisianagirl29 says to (22:02:43): A WITCH WOULD NOT PICK STRAWBERRIES FROM THE CHURCH GARDEN Court KC says to (22:02:45): 6 weeks! Yikes! Team Bill says to (22:02:45): Zombies are not real LOL Marleneemm says to (22:02:50): Annie: YOU"RE RIGHT ~ Russell's got issues. and he's a killer~ He killed Eric's family Warrior07 says to (22:02:52): why not

SheiroQ says to (22:02:53): Sookie is all about tanning. Bill has Powers! BillohBill1 says to (22:02:53): LOL lOUISIANA!!! Pamspumps says to (22:02:54): Alrene needs to be turned so she can have a true daywalker Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:02:55): idk Bill stays a daywalker and i doubt he gets her blood again anytime soon Warrior07 says to (22:03:00): lol alainanoelle says to (22:03:01): Sound/ lafemmetopaz says to (22:03:05): that would date him... roman maybe mediterraen Team Bill says to (22:03:06): A witch Church? Lisnoe says to (22:03:08): I bet Sookie's blood wears off after he feeds a few times Warrior07 says to (22:03:12): i guess there are no cute sombies BabyVampsucker says to (22:03:16): no sound? AnnieFox says to (22:03:17): being 3K has nto changed him, look at what he did to erics family Warrior07 says to (22:03:17):

ZOMBIES JeremyOfKansas says to (22:03:24): Well, that's the most he's ever fed of her. AnnieFox says to (22:03:29): that was, 2K years Lisnoe says to (22:03:30): Looks like Bill and Sookie are over...for now. Louisianagirl29 says to (22:03:34): DID YOU GUYS SEE RENE IN THE PROMO AnnieFox says to (22:03:34): or 1 k BillohBill1 says to (22:03:34): bILL WAS GRUNTING AND FEEDING alainanoelle says to (22:03:38): No sound! lafemmetopaz says to (22:03:38): Annie. being 3k means he's seen EVERYTING lafemmetopaz says to (22:03:42): EVERYTHING TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:03:53): Bill took a lot of Sookie's blood, but gave a lot back. Hello, BOND Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:03:53): yeah - what was up with the rene thing? Pamspumps says to (22:03:56): he's not seen my undies

AnnieFox says to (22:04:00): SO?? that doesnt make him wise, espcially when he has ISSUES Warrior07 says to (22:04:00): I THOUGHT VAMPIRES COULD NOT GO OUT AN NIGHT redmoonvamp says to (22:04:02): well not everything but a whole lot of it! alainanoelle says to (22:04:02): I find Russell to be facinating 1EvilJessica says to (22:04:05): yes, we have seen the true meaning of best friends! lafemmetopaz says to (22:04:08): he wants to change the power structure Warrior07 says to (22:04:10): DAY TIME alainanoelle says to (22:04:11): Evil but very interesting Marleneemm says to (22:04:13): Russell's older than Godric and Eric AnnieFox says to (22:04:16): yeah, to himself! greeneyegirl says to (22:04:16): Truby theyare such givers alainanoelle says to (22:04:17): Right BabyVampsucker says to (22:04:18):

SOUND PLZ TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:04:25): LMAO, GEG BillohBill1 says to (22:04:28): Now Russell on the show is not like Russell in the book. alainanoelle says to (22:04:28): almost 3 thousand years old lafemmetopaz says to (22:04:30): I think it does give him some incite into human behavior that no other vamp has AnnieFox says to (22:04:30): reminds me of napoelan greeneyegirl says to (22:04:32): Hey Dallas I am Maryann! lafemmetopaz says to (22:04:35): what? sabby77 says to (22:04:50): doesnt tara actually date franklin in the books? DrainMyVein says to (22:04:52): I think whoever eventually turns sookie will be able to be outside. That fairy lady kept saying don't let him take your light! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:04:54): sound is good, Baby V. try refreshing BabyVampsucker says to (22:05:00): OK lafemmetopaz says to (22:05:01): sabby.. its mickey

Court KC says to (22:05:02): sabby - she does. BillohBill1 says to (22:05:12): Sabby, yes, but she is dating another vamp, and he gives her to Franklin, cause he doesn't want her anymore sabby77 says to (22:05:13): ohh yeah anelson53546 says to (22:05:15): Tara dates Franklin very shortly in the books Team Bill says to (22:05:16): I miss Maryann I wanted her to become Human again and wait tables at Sam's place redmoonvamp says to (22:05:20): I still can't get no sound! Guess i'll have to resort to listening the podcast on iTunes! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:05:30): They combined the two characters, and made it better! AnnieFox says to (22:05:31): he reminds me of napoleom, installed himself intop power and has some control and size issues Pamspumps says to (22:05:31): refresh lafemmetopaz says to (22:05:31): lol Team Bill Warrior07 says to (22:05:31): VAMPIRES ARE REAL lafemmetopaz says to (22:05:33): you mean Daphne TaraThorntonBT says to (22:05:34):

sabby she dates franklin in the books and then gets passed to mickey as a debt re payment from mott Warrior07 says to (22:05:36): http://www.fvza.org/ BillohBill1 says to (22:05:38): Redmoon, use your windows plkayer Marleneemm says to (22:06:01): rest of Season is going to be GOOD. lafemmetopaz says to (22:06:06): Annie... Napoleon wanted control because he's been on the other end of it Warrior07 says to (22:06:11): From 1868 to 1975, the Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency (FVZA),, also known as "the Vanguard," was responsible for controlling the nation's vampire and zombie populations while overseeing scientific research into the undead. This site is a tribute to the m

lafemmetopaz says to (22:06:25): and there were some good things to come from his rule lafemmetopaz says to (22:06:32): The exploration of Egypt is one Pamspumps says to (22:06:38): Why does jason always bump his head?? AnnieFox says to (22:06:38): eiii lafemme Warrior07 says to (22:06:39): men and women who served in the FVZA, especially the over 4000 Agents who lost their lives fighting to keep our country safe. In addition to paying tribute to the FVZA, this site hopes to call attention to dangerous research being done at the Santa Rosa I

lafemmetopaz says to (22:06:43):

and Napoleon was a self made man Team Bill says to (22:06:49): This season is getting better. Episode 3 or 4, I was getting worried lafemmetopaz says to (22:06:51): he rose up from the ranks Marleneemm says to (22:07:00): Pamspumps: He trying to think 1EvilJessica says to (22:07:02): HAHAHAHAHA! That was the funniest scene tonight Pamspumps redmoonvamp says to (22:07:09): Jason's checking if it got a brain in it! alainanoelle says to (22:07:14): The last two episodes have been the best so far this season Warrior07 says to (22:07:15): research that runs the risk of bringing back a scourge of vampires worse than any before. Pamspumps says to (22:07:15): he also keeps calling Hoyt Bubba Louisianagirl29 says to (22:07:16): AS ALWAYS LOVE YOU DALLAS GOTTA GET THE KIDS TO BED AND WACTH THE EPISODE AGAIN BEFORE BED. NIGHT TRUEBIES lafemmetopaz says to (22:07:17): and Napoleon was a military genius Marleneemm says to (22:07:20): jason hates that he's "Dumb" 1EvilJessica says to (22:07:28): or Jasons checking to see if hes still alive?

Court KC says to (22:07:32): noticed that Pam's Pumps AnnieFox says to (22:07:32): anyway, back on topic! DrainMyVein says to (22:07:34): He isn't "responsible". LOL alainanoelle says to (22:07:38): Night Louisiana Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:07:38): i agree jason s/l has been lacking lately - but i it should be getting meatier! panther time Pamspumps says to (22:07:45): I am not smart enough to be depressed lafemmetopaz says to (22:07:45): Yep, annie AnnieFox says to (22:07:46): russell=crazy power mongerer Team Bill says to (22:07:46): Jason looked better last season when he was naked all the time AnnieFox says to (22:07:52): does anyone else find summer creeeppy Lisnoe says to (22:07:52): Meow! lafemmetopaz says to (22:07:53): my point is not everyone is all good or all bad BillohBill1 says to (22:07:56):

LOL Team Bill Marleneemm says to (22:07:58): Annie: Good Call Warrior07 says to (22:07:58): In 1616, Italian scientist Ludovico Fatinelli published his Treatise on Vampires, in which he speculated that vampirism was caused by a microscopic pathogen. He was burned at the stake for heresy. Fortunately, science plowed ahead, undeterred. The informa

BillohBill1 says to (22:08:00): Jason needs a good bath! redmoonvamp says to (22:08:02): i just wish that Jason would get a bit wiser! alainanoelle says to (22:08:02): The guy in jail..is he the one who's going to get Jason? Louisianagirl29 says to (22:08:03): NIGHT SHA AnnieFox says to (22:08:05): did i say BAD? necessarily? i dont recall. just crazy lafemmetopaz says to (22:08:06): there are some truths to what Russell says Cavalavalier says to (22:08:07): I found summer very creepy Lisnoe says to (22:08:10): Anniefox- Summer's a little too perky Pamspumps says to (22:08:17): witchy biscuits Marleneemm says to (22:08:20):

Cava: Same Here greeneyegirl says to (22:08:22): Summer is really creepy especially AUgust Warrior07 says to (22:08:23): The information included in this section is the result of the work of countless dedicated men and women.

The Virus

HVV source: TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:08:24): Ryan hasn't had good nudity since Season 1 AnnieFox says to (22:08:25): Ooo is summer a witch?? alainanoelle says to (22:08:26): Jason ate one! Team Bill says to (22:08:27): Stupid is what stupid does (Jason) TES2008 says to (22:08:35): Summer's "satan in a Sunday hat" as Lafs would say. redmoonvamp says to (22:08:43): LOL Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:08:44): i didn't think of summer has a witch - but anything is possible BillohBill1 says to (22:08:45): Do you think so TES?

alainanoelle says to (22:08:45): So is Jesus! Warrior07 says to (22:08:48): Like Rabies, HVV belongs to the order Mononegavirales, viruses with a nonsegmented, negativestranded RNA genome. Viruses in this group have a distinct bullet shape. The virus' natural host is a flea commonly found on cave-dwelling bats, especially the va

Pamspumps says to (22:08:51): uhoh jason ate the witchy biscuit Lisnoe says to (22:08:54): Ha Greeneyegirl! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:08:57): Summer is just annoying lafemmetopaz says to (22:08:59): how did we get a spammer in here TES2008 says to (22:09:00): Yup BOB. I wouldn't be surprised if she's a witch. BillohBill1 says to (22:09:02): LOL P{umps anelson53546 says to (22:09:05): wondering how witches willl be introduced Team Bill says to (22:09:09): I also think Jesus is a witch Warrior07 says to (22:09:11): vampire bat. In the most common scenario, a bat which has been bitten by the flea passes the virus on to livestock and humans through AnnieFox says to (22:09:17):

wow stfu 1EvilJessica says to (22:09:18): so will jason fall in love w/ summer now that he ate the witchy biscuits? Pamspumps says to (22:09:24): warrior- needs to suck my witchy biscuit TES2008 says to (22:09:28): They're giving the Summer character air time, this deep into the season so Summer will be around more and more I think. JeremyOfKansas says to (22:09:28): Warrior, I don't think vampires are really real. AnnieFox says to (22:09:31): I missed jessica this epsiode Court KC says to (22:09:32): I agree Team Bill - Jesus is a witch Warrior07 says to (22:09:33): Unlike many other viruses, the HVV virus is not airborne. Airborne viruses can travel from one host to another through the air and quickly cause an outbreak by infecting a significant number of people through the air ventilation systems in large public bu

Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:09:33): well there is more than one witch that causes the trouble Team Bill says to (22:09:35): Maybee Louisianagirl29 says to (22:09:37): LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULEZ JeremyOfKansas says to (22:09:37): Summer is a WITCH!

BillohBill1 says to (22:09:40): YAY Me=E!!! TES2008 says to (22:09:43): WTF with these spammers tonight? BillohBill1 says to (22:09:44): HELLO THIS IS BOB! redmoonvamp says to (22:09:45): Summer's got something from that witch from the Church of the Sun! lafemmetopaz says to (22:09:45): I'm feel for Team Bill greeneyegirl says to (22:09:47): BOB! alainanoelle says to (22:09:48): Warrior..you need to go home. lafemmetopaz says to (22:09:51): ....not really TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:09:51): BOB lafemmetopaz says to (22:09:52): lol lafemmetopaz says to (22:09:55): Dallas Marleneemm says to (22:09:55): JOK: We don't know that lafemmetopaz says to (22:09:57):

whatever Cavalavalier says to (22:09:57): LOL- Can't you picture summer as one of those girls that no matter how much you want to break up they wont leave you alone, for goodness sake, one daye and she is "Sprucing up" Jason's house LOL Pamspumps says to (22:09:59): It is Steve Newlin- spamming us Court KC says to (22:10:00): i agree warrior - go home! DrainMyVein says to (22:10:01): Bill is awesome, needs no defending Warrior07 says to (22:10:01): While in theory HVV infection is possible through any exchange of bodily fluids, transmission occurs through the bite of an infected person in virtually every case. Lisnoe says to (22:10:04): Good point redmoon robi says to (22:10:10): I HEART BON greeneyegirl says to (22:10:12): BOB! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:10:14): LOL, Pams JeremyOfKansas says to (22:10:16): Warrior= no ones reading? lafemmetopaz says to (22:10:18): Bill is the anti hero robi says to (22:10:20):

Bon!HA! Hello this is BOB Warrior07 says to (22:10:20): Stage One: Infection. Within hours of being bitten, the victim develops a headache, fever, chills and other flu-like symptoms as the body lafemmetopaz says to (22:10:23): or is Eric? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:10:30): Happy dancing for BoB AnnieFox says to (22:10:31): im so DISAPOINTED in you bill. you little *** greeneyegirl says to (22:10:32): WOOHOO SheiroQ says to (22:10:32): Wooo BOB!! Lisnoe says to (22:10:34): Summer did make a point to mention Hoyt's vampire girlfrien kcnickles says to (22:10:34): I agree DMV Warrior07 says to (22:10:35): tries to fight off the infection. These symptoms can be easily confused with more common viral infections, although the presence of bite marks on Pamspumps says to (22:10:41): Boot Warrior- no church of the lighties allowed DrainMyVein says to (22:10:43): LOL BOB!!!!!!! sabby77 says to (22:10:45):

no matter wat bill does i will always be team bill Warrior07 says to (22:10:49): the body are usually enough to confirm the diagnosis. This stage generally lasts between six and twelve hours, during which the vaccine is 100 percent effective. Team Bill says to (22:10:54): Summer will be like jason as a witch. (not very bright) TES2008 says to (22:11:01): Alan Ball is a Bill's Babe 100% so the Bill fans will always be happy. JeremyOfKansas says to (22:11:02): Warrior- sell me what your smoking. ChoChoMojo says to (22:11:09): lol Marleneemm says to (22:11:10): BOB: speak louder Warrior07 says to (22:11:12): Stage Two: Vampiric Coma. Within 24 hours of being bitten, the victim will slip into a vampiric coma. During this phase, the pulse slows, breathing is shallow and the pupils are dilated. The greeneyegirl says to (22:11:13): Warrior 7 what planet are you from? lafemmetopaz says to (22:11:16): TES.. its figures JeremyOfKansas says to (22:11:23): Pretty sure he Pamspumps says to (22:11:25): Warrior7 is Steve Newlin JeremyOfKansas says to (22:11:26):

s copy pasting. alainanoelle says to (22:11:27): Warrior..go home Warrior07 says to (22:11:27): EARTH JeremyOfKansas says to (22:11:27): LOL lafemmetopaz says to (22:11:30): the gay guys is a sap lafemmetopaz says to (22:11:32): lol Warrior07 says to (22:11:38): large numbers of people mistakenly buried alive while in vampiric comas gave rise to the myth that vampires sleep in coffins. While it is commonly thought that anyone infected with HVV turns into a vampire, in fact only a small percentage of AnnieFox says to (22:11:50): i forgive you bill redmoonvamp says to (22:11:51): Or Warrior's from Mars! TES2008 says to (22:11:52): Especially after the comments he made at Comic-Con. I have very high hopes for Season 4....by the end of Season 4, we'll see how ratings are doing. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:11:56): Suckin on it like Roseanne Barr on a chicken bone Warrior07 says to (22:12:02): people survive vampiric comas. Generally, the young, the old and the feeble never come out of their vampiric comas and eventually die. The vast majority of people who survive vampiric

alainanoelle says to (22:12:04): He knows he is too Dallas TaraThorntonBT says to (22:12:06): LOL warrior is newlin Lisnoe says to (22:12:09): Bill is a vampire after all DrainMyVein says to (22:12:10): Bill is what he is, and Sookie loves him for hat DrainMyVein says to (22:12:12): that alainanoelle says to (22:12:17): Bill knows he isn't right for Sookie AnnieFox says to (22:12:20): can i DANCE? Lisnoe says to (22:12:30): It's their nature to survive at all costs Warrior07 says to (22:12:31): comas are males between the ages of 18 to 35. Vampiric comas last about a day; the victim usually comes out of the coma the night after its onset. The vaccine is 50 percent effective when alainanoelle says to (22:12:32): He just wanted to be human again through Sook Pamspumps says to (22:12:33): warrior has skillz in copy/paste lafemmetopaz says to (22:12:39): amen Marleneemm says to (22:12:39):

Alain: YOU're rgiht Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:12:40): HA PAM! Team Bill says to (22:12:44): I agree, Sookie wil;l always love Bill, 1EvilJessica says to (22:12:46): sooo will Sookie meet a male fairy and end up w/ one of her own? TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:12:49): Again, if you take away all non-humans, Sookie has no dating pool DrainMyVein says to (22:12:49): AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warrior07 says to (22:12:52): administered during Stage Two of the infection: the longer the victim has been in the coma, the less effective the vaccine. lafemmetopaz says to (22:12:54): that's the whole ideology is JeremyOfKansas says to (22:12:55): Not really, I could coy paste it faster. redmoonvamp says to (22:12:56): Glad that Pam's all right! JeremyOfKansas says to (22:12:59): Bads h i t guy. Pamspumps says to (22:13:00): me too DrainMyVein says to (22:13:00): she knows what Bill is!

lafemmetopaz says to (22:13:04): TB Sookie hasn't really gotten this yet lafemmetopaz says to (22:13:08): Now I think she does Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:13:11): sookie - always cares for bill , but i think that Eric is the best fit. Warrior07 says to (22:13:12): Stage Three: Transformation. A bite victim who survives the coma will awaken fully transformed into a vampire. An acclimation period follows, characterized by confusion, Team Bill says to (22:13:17): No because she can still read their thoughts JeremyOfKansas says to (22:13:22): STFU warrior Marleneemm says to (22:13:23): Warrior& :Where you getting all this from?????? Pamspumps says to (22:13:23): Alcide didn't hike his leg Court KC says to (22:13:25): I am tired of Sookie saving Bill lafemmetopaz says to (22:13:27): he's a dog TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:13:28): Warrior, seriously, STFU Warrior07 says to (22:13:30): despondency and paranoia. Most vampires begin to hunt within 24 hours of transformation. The vaccine is of no use at this point.

greeneyegirl says to (22:13:31): Alcide who cares alainanoelle says to (22:13:36): That was funny! TES2008 says to (22:13:39): Tara is still strong from Frankie's blood. greeneyegirl says to (22:13:42): I love alcide Team Bill says to (22:13:42): I think the show will end up with Sookie getting married to Sam TES2008 says to (22:13:49): She was able to carry Burrito Bill with no problem. Pamspumps says to (22:13:49): no redmoonvamp says to (22:13:50): Sookie did yell like a banshie at the end of the show! alainanoelle says to (22:13:50): The vampire blood empowered Tara greeneyegirl says to (22:13:51): there will be TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:13:58): Betty White's tracksuit lafemmetopaz says to (22:13:59): I'm not a fan of Alcide AnnieFox says to (22:13:59):

cant wait to see franklin again.. come on, you knows hes still "alive" lafemmetopaz says to (22:14:02): yes Lisnoe says to (22:14:02): Mmmmm Burito Bil Warrior07 says to (22:14:05): In 1800 France, an infected woman is given a transfusion of goat's blood, a desperate, futile measure to ward off the disease Court KC says to (22:14:06): Anna is good SCREAMER! Marleneemm says to (22:14:07): TeamBill : NOPE. Sorry SAM/Sookie won't marry./ AnnieFox says to (22:14:13): i always loved annas screams! alainanoelle says to (22:14:14): He is and he'll find Tara JeremyOfKansas says to (22:14:17): Okay, can we geta mod to ban warrior DrainMyVein says to (22:14:19): I'm going to buy my husband a track jacket Pamspumps says to (22:14:20): Im gonna be alcides coveralls DrainMyVein says to (22:14:20):

lolol greeneyegirl says to (22:14:22): BOB ! Team Bill says to (22:14:32): Alcied is so hot, how could you not be a fan. You must like girls lafemmetopaz says to (22:14:34): I like the actor who plays Alcide Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:14:36): will have to rewatch for that jacket TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:14:38): I love that Dallas is outing MK Warrior07 says to (22:14:40): While the Vanguard was primarily devoted to containment of vampires and zombies, the agency did on occasion conduct werewolf investigations. In fact, werewolf incidents became such a concern that the lafemmetopaz says to (22:14:41): I'm not a fan of the character Pamspumps says to (22:14:49): come out of the RP closet greeneyegirl says to (22:14:51): I lost the chat AnnieFox says to (22:14:53): i agree lafemme greeneyegirl says to (22:14:54): im back Team Bill says to (22:14:55): Go get emmmm Dallis

Warrior07 says to (22:14:58): FVZA Academy curriculum was expanded in 1937 to include werewolf training. To this day, werewolves remain among the most poorly understood of the creatures of the night. We hope to rectify that lafemmetopaz says to (22:14:58): I think Stephen is a very good actor. not a fan of the bill character AnnieFox says to (22:15:02): if hes says "imt eh good guy: one more time! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:15:03): *pounces geg* alainanoelle says to (22:15:08): I agree lafemme greeneyegirl says to (22:15:09): TrubY redmoonvamp says to (22:15:16): they sure picked a gorgeous actor to play Alcide! Court KC says to (22:15:19): night night all! AnnieFox says to (22:15:21): i heart billll alainanoelle says to (22:15:22): What happened? JeremyOfKansas says to (22:15:28): wHe's talking about the federal vampire and zombie agency. Team Bill says to (22:15:28): Bill can bite me any time redmoonvamp says to (22:15:31):

night KC!!! Lisnoe says to (22:15:31): Weird... lafemmetopaz says to (22:15:32): Peeps didn't like Quinn. but Quinn was more of man and more Alcide ever was JeremyOfKansas says to (22:15:32): Found the wiki for the crap he's spewing. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:15:33): what happened? ChoChoMojo says to (22:15:34): What about Sam? Warrior07 says to (22:15:37): As frightening and powerful as vampires and zombies are, it is the werewolf that truly occupies the top of the food chain here. A rare blend of power and savagery, the werewolf combines the most JeremyOfKansas says to (22:15:37): http://zombie.wikia.com/wiki/Federal_Vampire_and_Zombie_Agency TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:15:39): are we all done? TES2008 says to (22:15:39): What else jumped out of this episode? greeneyegirl says to (22:15:39): Dallas last 4 digits 4061 JeremyOfKansas says to (22:15:43): In fact- he's getting it off zombiepedia. Cavalavalier says to (22:15:48): Choco-Loved Sam tongiht

lafemmetopaz says to (22:15:49): TES TES2008 says to (22:15:50): Eric still looks ultra sexy in that blue sweater... lafemmetopaz says to (22:15:51): Russell? greeneyegirl says to (22:15:55): she is talking about the Island...BOB Warrior07 says to (22:15:56): formidable traits of its undead cousins, and then some. In fact, it's said the only thing a zombie fears is a werewolf. One reason there are virtually no existing tales of encounters with werewolves in the wild is TES2008 says to (22:16:00): Yes lafemme? anelson53546 says to (22:16:04): Warryur, u r serioudly getting annoying lafemmetopaz says to (22:16:10): Eric giving Hadley 3 star michelin rating greeneyegirl says to (22:16:12): BOB Frontierville! Lisnoe says to (22:16:13): I vote Russell alainanoelle says to (22:16:16): I thought it was Bill Warrior07 says to (22:16:20): that anyone who had such an encounter did not live to tell about it. ChoChoMojo says to (22:16:21):

YeeHaw! lafemmetopaz says to (22:16:21): I vote Russell too Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:16:21): even though Eric has been wearing the same shirt for three episodes AnnieFox says to (22:16:26): my fav farmer too Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:16:30): i do still love it lafemmetopaz says to (22:16:31): I think Russell wants to use her as Felipe does alainanoelle says to (22:16:41): I have to watch the encore in a few minutes AnnieFox says to (22:16:48): oh sookie, fi yuor blood makes vamps sun-proof, good luck!! Pamspumps says to (22:16:49): warrior is probably that douche at the beginning spouting how much he dislikes the blog Team Bill says to (22:16:50): IfHadled had fairy blood, Eroc would have given her 5 stars Warrior07 says to (22:16:55): Werewolf myths have been around perhaps even longer than those of vampires and zombies. Ancient Greek mythology tells of Lycaon, a man transformed into a wolf after eating human flesh. The word werewolf is ChoChoMojo says to (22:16:57): Smoked a tiny bit lafemmetopaz says to (22:17:00):

he was lafemmetopaz says to (22:17:04): he was smokin redmoonvamp says to (22:17:09): Eric's had bloody cheeks for 3 episodes too! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:17:10): Very smokin Pamspumps says to (22:17:13): it was shady Warrior07 says to (22:17:15): thought to be derived from the Old English "wer," meaning man. While the specific attributes of werewolves vary across different cultures, the beast itself is generally the same: a part-man, part-wolf creature of the ChoChoMojo says to (22:17:15): Yeaaaaah Lisnoe says to (22:17:17): Bill wasn't all toasty like in Season 1 Marleneemm says to (22:17:18): TeamBill: Hadley doestn't have Fairy blood lafemmetopaz says to (22:17:33): Did anyone notice the blood on Eric and Sophie Anne Warrior07 says to (22:17:37): night who preys on humans. But just as with vampires and zombies, most of the myths surrounding werewolves do not hold up to scrutiny. alainanoelle says to (22:17:43): I did AnnieFox says to (22:17:46):

on teh FB page, someone just wrote that sookie is a wtich. lol lafemmetopaz says to (22:17:47): they were up during the day.. started bleeding Warrior07 says to (22:17:51):

You must use a silver bullet to kill a werewolf Source: Silver is identified with the moon and therefore is ideal to slay a creature transformed under the light of the full moon. redmoonvamp says to (22:17:55): Jason doesn't have fairy blood either i think! Team Bill says to (22:18:00): Are they blood cousons? TES2008 says to (22:18:03): Yes lafemme....the bleeds struck again. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:18:04): Anyone else wish Hadley would just go back to Hazzard County already? Pamspumps says to (22:18:06): they get the bleeds if they dont sleep dring the day 1EvilJessica says to (22:18:08): he doesnt redmoon greeneyegirl says to (22:18:09): BOB! ChoChoMojo says to (22:18:12): LOL Truebie Warrior07 says to (22:18:13):

Fact: To kill a werewolf, you must use bullets or cartridges with serious stopping power, but they need not be made of silver. anelson53546 says to (22:18:16): Json does-its hos zest for life Lisnoe says to (22:18:19): Perhaps Jason and Sookie are really not blood siblings? Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:18:23): is there a way to block a user - this warrior business is getting so flippin' old. alainanoelle says to (22:18:25): jason said he wasn't responsible Warrior07 says to (22:18:29): Werewolves only appear during a full moon Source: Long-running superstitions about the full moon's effects on animals and people. alainanoelle says to (22:18:30): In the hospital 1EvilJessica says to (22:18:30): LOL YYYaaa jason's too dumb to get depressed :P lafemmetopaz says to (22:18:39): maybe it skips a sibling TES2008 says to (22:18:40): Click on Warrior's name and choose "ignore". Team Bill says to (22:18:42): If Hadley does not have Fairy blood, Why does the Queen love her so Lisnoe says to (22:18:43): Maybe they cast a spell on Jason to make him believe that Sookie was born at home... Marleneemm says to (22:18:45):

warrior7:We know all this stuff~ go bye bye Warrior07 says to (22:18:46): Fact: Werewolves can appear at any time. ChoChoMojo says to (22:18:48): I just did that too TES! TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:18:50): Hi, Dallas JeremyOfKansas says to (22:18:56): Warrior- how's zombiepedia working for you? lol. alainanoelle says to (22:18:58): What about their fairy dresses? Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:18:59): thanks TES alainanoelle says to (22:19:03): Sook and Claudine TES2008 says to (22:19:04): You're welcome. 1EvilJessica says to (22:19:06): and then u have to click send brandy anelson53546 says to (22:19:06): he meant not a resopnsible person-they are real siblings Warrior07 says to (22:19:12): A werewolf will revert back to its human form by sunrise Source: Numerous Hollywood movies. Fact: A werewolf will remain a werewolf until the day it dies.

lafemmetopaz says to (22:19:14): did anyone see the promo Team Bill says to (22:19:18): Sookies mom had an affair with a fairy alainanoelle says to (22:19:20): I did JeremyOfKansas says to (22:19:21): zombiepedia ftl. lafemmetopaz says to (22:19:26): Russell what he has Bill do.. or to choose? Lisnoe says to (22:19:26): Promo looked really interesting Marleneemm says to (22:19:28): Yes the're sister/brother Warrior07 says to (22:19:34): You can become a werewolf by performing a magic ritual. Source: Association of werewolves with black magic, Satanism and the occult. Fact: You can only become a werewolf by being bitten by a werewolf Sai-en says to (22:19:42): add @BillTrackJacket Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:19:47): it is sookie's grandma that has the affair with the fairy Harley Dickerson says to (22:19:47): READ THE BOOKS! Marleneemm says to (22:19:48):

books & show go HAND IN HAND Pamspumps says to (22:19:50): Alan reads the books! TES2008 says to (22:19:51): At this point, I really wouldn't be surprised if another male vamp has the amnesia in Season 4. greeneyegirl says to (22:19:55): Someone made the twitter account L:MAO Warrior07 says to (22:19:56): If you are unarmed and attacked by a werewolf, your only chance for survival is to climb an ash tree or run into a field of rye. lafemmetopaz says to (22:20:02): I will never forgive him for no "pink spandex" lafemmetopaz says to (22:20:05): lol ChoChoMojo says to (22:20:06): Ahh hope not TES redmoonvamp says to (22:20:08): but looks like Sookie got the fairy part of the family and Jason all the human side! TES2008 says to (22:20:09): LOL lafemme Warrior07 says to (22:20:12): Source: The ash tree myth probably stems from Greek mythology, as it was an ash tree that a man of Anthus' family hung his clothes on before swimming across a lake in Arcadia and being transformed into a werewolf. The rye superstition may have come from t

Lisnoe says to (22:20:18): But maybe in the show sookie and Jason won't be blood reatives...

Harley Dickerson says to (22:20:20): whats the link to the reviewer? Team Bill says to (22:20:25): Sookies Gran Had the affair in the books. The show might be different ChoChoMojo says to (22:20:26): Eric has really grown on me 1EvilJessica says to (22:20:26): HAHAHAHA! Maybe thats y Jason is SO dumb lafemmetopaz says to (22:20:28): I read that.. I was like..huh? Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:20:31): i tell everyone to read the books Pamspumps says to (22:20:31): some peeps are stupid greeneyegirl says to (22:20:31): MK Warrior07 says to (22:20:34): Fact: Werewolves are poor tree-climbers, but they are not bothered by rye. lafemmetopaz says to (22:20:39): book 3 is my favorite actually greeneyegirl says to (22:20:42): Alcide is MINE! Harley Dickerson says to (22:20:47): book 4 Pamspumps says to (22:20:47):

book 4 is my fav Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:20:48): book 4 is my favorite TES2008 says to (22:20:49): I know many people who are counting on Season 4 to host many key Eric and Sooks moments. Marleneemm says to (22:20:49): Dallas: newbies who don't read the books get ME nUTS~ I don''t like them Pamspumps says to (22:21:00): he drives Warrior07 says to (22:21:03): The Science of Zombies Part I Perhaps because they were easier to control and kill, zombies never acquired the cachet of their undead cousins, the vampires. This phenomenon extended to science: zombie research was considered a less glamorous field and con Pamspumps says to (22:21:04): he pees lafemmetopaz says to (22:21:04): No one reminds Alcide and Debbie 1EvilJessica says to (22:21:07): LOL Harley Dickerson says to (22:21:10): cause he doesnt Pamspumps says to (22:21:15): he needs to have his prostate checked Lisnoe says to (22:21:16):

Maybe Alcide was marking his territory Harley Dickerson says to (22:21:20): hahahahaha Warrior07 says to (22:21:23): However, this should not make us complacent. Most experts believe that in today's world, a zombie outbreak is far more likely than a vampire outbreak. TruebieDoobyDoo says to (22:21:23): He shoulda lifted a leg Team Bill says to (22:21:25): I want Sookie to stay with Bill in the show lafemmetopaz says to (22:21:27): that's me ChoChoMojo says to (22:21:29): LOL Truebie Cavalavalier says to (22:21:32): I was thinking that myself. Maybe they are going to make it that they are really cousins instead of brother and sister. It was sort of a setup, by Jason saying she was born at home..never been sick or in the hospital JeremyOfKansas says to (22:21:35): Warrior07 is a loose who copy pastes nonsense. This is probably due to sexual abuse he suffered from as a child- source: My tarot cards. Lisnoe says to (22:21:36): Yeah Lafem Warrior07 says to (22:21:37): The zombie virus comes from the same Mononegavirales family as the Human Vampiric Virus. The virus is propagated mainly through ticks of the family Ixodidae. The prevalence of these ticks in tropical climes is the main reason for the large number of outbr

TES2008 says to (22:21:43): I'm sure you'll get your way Team Bill since Alan Ball is a Bill's Babe. Warrior07 says to (22:21:49): YOU ARE RIGHT AnnieFox says to (22:21:53): i really gotta say once again, sam rocked the house today! JeremyOfKansas says to (22:21:55): Warrior07- A poor copy paster from the zombiepedia, he is also not even of the age to vote. He is actually a juvenile- Source: Tarot cards. Harley Dickerson says to (22:21:56): nope book 4 Brandy Lee Betancourt says to (22:21:58): jason just has different powers

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