Project Report 

Merrimack County Department of Corrections
A New Central
Boiler House and
Biomass Boiler
System for
Two Prisons
Boscawen, NH

 Project Goals: To significantly reduce the use of oil for heat and hot water in these two prisons, One
prison was currently active while the other was vacant but being brought back to full use

The Biomass Boiler System:
 1 – Viessmann Vitoflex 300 UF
Model KPT-1250 PDC / Pellet
Boiler with 4.268 million BTU/hr
net output
 Large distribution pipes deliver
hot water from the boiler house to
the two prisons above the ceilings
of two new connector walkways—
all built by Froling Energy
 3,300 gallon buffer tank

Boiler Dashboard

Trucks back into the Toploader storage area to drop off chips.

New England’s Biomass Specialists 603-924-1001

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