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Examine the accounts
receivable per customer

Segregate all the accounts in the
job order slip per customer using

Input all the data of the
customer’s A/R in the

Record the customer’s
updated A/R in the general

tell it immediately to the customer . ANSWERING TELEPHONE Answer and greet! Customer will tell his concerns If you don’t If you know the know the answer answer Tell the client to Answer the please wait for a customer while since immediately to you’ll going to the best you ask to the know regarding employee about his concern his concern After gathering information.

Wheel. Aircon and Aircon and Others Greasing Sum-up the Sum-up the Services Sales Merchandise per Sales per Classification Classification Sum-up all the Sum-up all the Services Sales Merchandise for the month Sales for the month Sum-up all the Sales for the month . Change as to Tires. Oil / Filters. Wheel. Carwash. Align. Oil. Carwash. MAKING MONTHLY SALES REPORT Classify Sales as to Service or Merchandise Classify Service as to Classify Merchandise Under Chasis.

RECORDING SALES AND PURCHASES Segregate the Official Receipts. Job Order Slips and Vouchers Record the Sales with Segregate the Official Receipts as Vouchers as to Cash Sales Purchases and Other Expenses Record the Sales in Job Order Slips without Record the Purchases Official Receipts as in the Subsidiary Credit Sales Purchases Journal Record all Sales in the Subsidiary Sales Journal Record the Sales and Purchases in the General Journal .

or to Old Balance Record the Record the Deposits to Old Deposits to New Balance J.O. MAKING A/R AND PAYMENTS REPORT Examine J.R.’s as to Full and record it as New Payments or Deposits A/R or New Accounts c Receivable Record those J.R. and O.’s J.O.O.O.’s Classify the with O.O.O. of the Monthly Sales Report Classify those paid Look for unpaid J. as Full Deposits as to Payments Deposits to New J. .