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I chose this movie- Crime and Punishment (1998), which is directed by Joseph

Sargent and filming took place in Budapest, Hungary. This movie is remake from the
novel. The novel- “Crime and Punishment” by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
It was first published in 1866 in the literary journal.

“Crime and Punishment” is an excellent social psychology novel and its
publications marks the Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s mature artistic style. Rodion
Romanovich Raskolnikov is the centre of the novel and he has a typical image with a
double personality. He is a poor student but he is very kind and helpful with talent and
sense of justice. But at the same time his character is gloomy and eccentric, "sometimes
even cold and ruthless”, and he wanted to prove that he is a “extraordinary person” so
he began to kill the old woman. We can see that there are two distinct personalities in
him. Why did he commit a crime? He was often exploited by the usury old woman.
After the eradication of evil, his greater mistake is to mercilessly kill the old woman’s
sister who accidentally saw it all. This storyline lets me feel and see a person can
become very gloomy and indifferent and his/her true psychological reaction. However,
if a person realizes his own mistake, we must choose to forgive. Just like the author
characterized the protagonist, he wanted to tell us about everyone needs love and this
world is full of love. This is because love can affect and save everything. "What goes
around comes around” is a constant truth. God will give a good person with a chance
to correct the wrong.

“Crime and punishment” is reflected in a turbulent and dark social state. In such
a social environment, Raskolnikov’s swing and lack of faith. The background of the
novel and movie is in the period of serfdom reform, when Russian society is turbulent,
dark and chaotic. The author, Fyodor Dostoyevsky is best at analysing the human mind
and deep excavation of the inner world. Whether it is evil or good, he has been presented
to me with a deep and true inner monologue. “Crime and punishment” as a spiritual
confession, and it contained with the author's beliefs, philosophy and values. Through
the in-depth analysis of the fall of people's beliefs at the time of society, the tragedy of
Raskolnikov caused by the lack of faith and finally pointed out a path of religious

The content referred to sin, but also referred to affection and family. They
accounted for a large part of the protagonist heart. In fact, the protagonist wanted to kill

he was in a nervous breakdown and he suffered conscience. This is because people cannot overcome their mistakes. Sonya deemed that death does not mean that the problem is solved. and the future bleak. in fact. freedom. However. After watching this film. The reasons that prompted him to become a criminal are the family poverty. fear and suspicion. can be found everywhere. struggling to survive. However. This movie argues that all acts of violence against evil are not a proper way. in fact. social injustice. Sonya who has influenced him so that he went back to the right path. In this novel and movie. I am sympathetic to the experience of the protagonist because he did not want to do such a thing. His spirit is distorted and his heart become sick. it also profoundly depicts out that the complex psychology of Raskolnikov before and after crime. he felt too unfair. Therefore. second. I believe that a lot of people like Raskolnikov in the world. he met with a girl. Sonya is forced to prostitute herself to support herself and the rest of her family. I think Raskolnikov is an honest. Belongs to the first. Therefore. starved to death in cold weather. he decided to confess to the police because of Sonya and his family. . which includes Sonya and Dunya. but the situation is anxiety. take the risk and offense. he hated the whole world.the old woman because he felt that he was very poor and his mother and sister were also suffered. and highly compassionate student. we will suppress our sense of morality. it brings the suffering to her family only. tranquillity. it is a very important issue in society. kind. First. this is the reason for his murder. we may be like him. he originally thought that all his pain will end. In fact. he will embark on the path of crime because of the darkness of society. while destroying others and also destroying themselves. he was afraid his mother and sister bear his sin so he became very hesitant. I discovered this film exposed the pain and sorrow of the poor. In the capitalist society. Dunya is Raskolnikov’s sister and she is forced to agree to marry a philistine in order to support her mother and brother. Finally. women can only be counted as a commodity with abuse. In addition. Belong to the second. the main reason to lead Raskolnikov crime is hate. and even conscience in order to let our beloved people be happiness. I think if we are in that era. This film also describes that there are only three dead ends in front of the poor. However. third. before the murder. Finally. it is the vast majority of poor people. talented. Therefore. I think when necessary.

he eventually returned to God's side. does man have the right to kill someone for a lofty goal or for the benefit of the people? I think people need to pay attention to the problem because everything will have a reason. heavy life. For examples. but if we don’t want to change or cannot find the way to change it and then evil will become more terrible. Through this novel and movie. However. but when his faith was completely broken. So. he divided people into a higher and lower class. is murder guilty? Second. the most important is we must be fair to treat everyone. Evil is very terrible. Raskolnikov has always attributed himself to a class of “superman” which is talented and different. The whole Russian society was in a state of turbulence and chaos. the influence of "Superman Philosophy". first. this movie also describes the suffering of good people in the bottom of society and the distorted soul. I learn about analysis of the underlying causes of lack of faith. it was the refraction and concentration of social culture at that time. When I read and watch the whole work. Therefore. and finally weakened his minds. and the mind and faith of protagonist were unstable. Besides this. First. why do thieves need to steal? People will make mistakes because this world cannot be fair. Actually. Second. when the author was creating literary works. For instance. the new belief system has not yet been established. There are three reasons. He thought that since he belonged to the higher class. he can use these moneys to help his family to get rid of poor and as post-graduate activities. Although he did such a bad thing because of his family. it gives us the meaning is very esoteric. frustration of life and high family expectations. he gave us a stronger sense of freshness . theft. Raskolnikov’s life stress came mainly from the dark future. drug addicts want to robbery. His original thought and action showed that he did not believe in God and believe himself. Raskolnikov told her sister that he wanted to murder and possess the old woman’s money. In the author’s writing era. but his “selfish” and “evil” side has been clearly exposed. he had the right to commit crimes and destroyed the present to pursue a new life. then we find a way to correct it and finally we will be able to overcome it. Obviously. Third. and murder because they need money to buy drugs to satisfy their own desires and survive. Also. Therefore. I think as long as we can recognize our own sin. The main roots are because of the lack of faith or weak. I discover the author consciously warned people must fully understand their depravation so they have to understand the sin. the potential evil and lust in human nature. these pressures are the main motivation for his murder.

Also. the formation of the dual personality of Raskolnikov has several reasons such as family background. she touches deeply one side of Raskolnikov's character. personal character and social reality. Finally. People will do the decision to seek help because of the moral and conscience as a mortgage. Sonya was a very poor girl but she was the “saviour” in this novel and movie. morality also potentially directs people to seek rescue. there are two kinds of people in the world. we have to stubbornly live in insult and damage with God. this movie was also use the dual personality of Raskolnikov to irony and criticism of capitalist crimes. I think. Raskolnikov finally succumb to the noble power of purity and kindness in human nature and eventually his soul was redeemed and released. this novel fully illustrates the moral is another force to let the people take the initiative to seek redemption motives. To me. but from the "crime" to "penalty" and this is his process of contradiction. Furthermore. the most important is the brutality of capitalism led to the protagonist’s tragedy. Of course. Therefore. The guilt and uneasiness of the mind of a person is the real and heaviest punishment. I think. The personality split will be inevitable because this sense of morality makes them aware of their sins so they carry out self-denial. However. a person does whatever he wants without morality. the image of the characters shaped by the author conforms to the reader's expectations. what we can learn from Sonya is understand and forgive all people. At the same time. she has never lost touch with God. Because of the soul of the "punishment". despite such a career. She became a prostitute because of her family. but also it is an opportunity to let his human nature to change. This performance is about the author’s thinking and sentiment for human nature. a person is suffering from the pain of split personality. The reason is whether a person has a sense of morality. Morality is the root cause of personality division. through her compassionate nature and ability to love. the physical punishment is not a real punishment. The reality of society and family background had been prompted him to the road of murder. First. people know how to distinguish between good and evil. for one person. The reason that it can endure is this novel and movie met the reader’s expectations. as Sonya said: "What can I do without God?" In my opinion. Thus. Actually. For example. she saved and transformed him. I think.and excitement. The transformation of human nature made him a psychological contradiction. second. . However.

the hardest thing is to conquer their own. contradictory and hesitant. However. Also. such as let us fall into confusion and anxiety. Therefore. This also tells us that in order to pursue a better life. we can overcome the difficulties in life and achieve our own ideals and aspirations. I think is the sincere and love between people and belief in the heart. . we must overcome our inner fear and then conquer ourselves. life will be filled with many tangled and struggling. But Raskolnikov did it. In the life of the people. the community will only give us many challenge in our life. but also he wanted a better life in future so he eliminated his fear and defeated himself. he bravely out of the shadow of the heart and towards the light. When Raskolnikov felt Sonya and his sister’s love. It lets our mind become probation and cultivation and also we have a deeper analysis and insights of this novel and movie. If the spirit is not strong enough. this novel and movie are such a great soul works. what is the reason that lead to people are not afraid the road of hardships. On the road to the rescue.